Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix (Pomchi)-Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament

Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

Many people love Pomeranians, others got their hearts set on chihuahuas. But what if there’s a middle ground? What if there’s a breed that combines the best features of both those dog species? Enter the Pomchi.

The Pomchi or Pomeranian Chihuahua mix is a designer dog that brings out the best in these two breeds. We’re talking energetic, playful, and super cute designer dogs that fill the house with life. And above all, they’re devoted to their humans. In fact, you couldn’t go wrong with the Pomchi no matter what taste you have in designer dogs.

These cute dogs go by different names as well. These include Pom-Chi, Chimeranian, and Pomahuahua among others. So what’s up with these designer dogs? How do you take care of them?

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

When it comes to size, the Pomchi take after both their diminutive parents. They are small in size and weigh about 4 to 12 pounds on average. But the most striking physical characteristic that distinguishes this designer dog is undoubtedly it’s color. They come in a variety of colors ranging from sable to white, black, cream, and tan.

Another thing about this dog that you need to know is that it tends to form a close bond with a member of the household and stay loyal to them. It’s just how they are. They still get along fine with the rest of the family, but their devotion is often to that close friend they chose. Whether that’s a good or bad trait, depends on whom you ask.

One last thing, Pomchis are talkative dogs. They yap a lot. You might need to start training them at an early stage to get them to control their yapping.


The lifespan of the Pomchi varies wildly depending on which parent they take after. Chihuahuas are known for their longevity and can live between 12 and 20 years. Pomeranians have a slightly shorter lifespan than that.

With proper care and the right genes, your Pomchi can live up to 16 years. Make sure to take them on regular checkups at the vets, give them all the shots and take care of them and their personal hygiene.

Grooming Needs

The dogs have a double coat which gives them their cuddly and fluffy appearance. But this comes at a cost. If you have allergies, then this long coat might be a problem around the house. Also care and maintenance just doubled with the double coat. You need to comb this fluffy hair at least once a week.

This double coat also has an impact on the dog’s tolerance for both hot and cold weather. The high temperature often makes the dog exhausted and increases the risk of dehydration. So make sure you keep it cool. The coat doesn’t help in cold temperatures either. The dog has a small stature which means it gets exposed to the elements easily.


One thing about Pomchis that stands out is their great personality. They have an energetic way about them that makes them the life of the party. Their temperament, however, is a totally toss up. If they take more genes from their Chihuahua side of the family, then they might show irritability and blow a fuse faster than you can imagine.

With all this spunk, they still prefer a cuddle and some quiet time with their preferred member of the family. They do enjoy lying on the couch and watching TV or sharing a moment with you. This is especially true if they have more Pomeranian genes than Chihuahua in their blood.

This temperament gets better with training the same way yapping gets less the more they get used to you and the household. So taken all together, these dogs are good pets all around.

Exercise Needs

High-energy dogs need a lot of exercises. These are not the kind of dogs to be happy sitting around all day while you play your game or watch Netflix. Far from it. They need plenty of exercise and activities for a dog this size.

You need to take them out for a walk between 2 and 3 times a day or there will be hell to pay. Also get them toys since they have a creative mind and like to play with the toys when you’re not around or don’t have time for them. They also like to play fetch a lot so the time they spend in the park or the backyard is sacred to them.

Health Risks

As with many designer dogs, the health risks are double those in pure breeds. Remember, you’re not just getting a dog with a single set of genes. Designer dogs get their genes from two sources. And that means they’re subject to the diseases the afflict both their parents, the Pomeranians and Chihuahuas.

In that case, your Pomchi is prone to such health risks as hypothyroidism, cataracts, epilepsy, dental and gum disease, and progressive retinal atrophy among others.

With proper healthcare and regular visits to the vet, many of these diseases can be stopped in their tracks before they become too serious or fatal. Others are the product of bad hygiene. So make sure to care for the dog’s oral health and protect it from harsh weather conditions.


Once again the contradictions of the Pomchi might be a challenge when you consider what food or diet it needs. As a small dog, it might not need much food. But that’s a wrong conclusion. This is an energetic dog who spends many waking hours running around and making a big fuss. So the diet should reflect that. It should be in small portions but high in nutrients.

Keep in mind that the dog’s dietary needs change as it gets older. As a puppy, it will not need to eat much but it needs to have food all the time. As it gets older, it can have two meals a day but they have to be full meals packed with calories and proteins.

Are Pomeranian Chihuahua Mixes Protective?

You can say they’re really protective of that person they form a close bond with in the family. They still are friendly enough with the rest of the household, but it’s that special person that gets their full attention and devotion.

The chihuahua side of the dog also comes into play when the dog thinks that the family is in danger. It will attack ferociously any intruder and get agitated easily. It will take some time for the dog to calm down again.

How Much Does a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Cost?

As far as designer dogs are concerned, price should be the last thing on your mind. The word designer means rare. Pure breds are easy to come by and don’t cost much. But this is a designer dog so it will cost you a pretty penny.

For a small dog like this, you can buy a puppy for $500 at most. Make sure to check the full history of the parents. Health issues tend to crop up a few generations down the line.

Is a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Right for Me?

Well, to answer this question you need to ask yourself two questions first. Am I allergic to long hair? If the answer is yes, then this is not the right dog for you. Their double coat is a problem for people with allergies.

The other thing to consider is how active do you consider yourself to be. Are you the kind of outdoorsy person who loves to go hiking? Or do you prefer to stay indoors even on the weekend? The Pomchi belongs to the first category.

It’s an energetic dog that likes the fresh air of the park and chasing butterflies. It doesn’t like to sit at home unless the weather outside is too unbearable for it. So if you’re that type too, then the Pomchi is your soulmate.

Best Climate for a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix

As we saw when talking about the Pomchi’s double coat and grooming, this double coat doesn’t help it much in the cold winter months due to its small size and it makes it twice as hot in the dog days of the summer.

So always keep your dog indoors when the weather goes extreme. It enjoys moderate temperatures and doesn’t like it when it gets chilly or it gets too hot. An air conditioned room is the right place for it during the winter and summer months.

The Attention a Pomeranian Chihuahua Mix Needs

Well, to put it in simple words, the Pomchi needs all the attention it can get. What dog doesn’t, right? But with this small and cuddly dog, it certainly loves the attention. Its favorite place is in the center where all eyes are on him.

This is not a cat that sulks and prefers to be alone. The dog doesn’t like to be alone. It craves company and thrives on attention. Make sure to spend a lot of time with it since it gets restless on its own.

Compatibility with kids

Few dogs get along well with kids as Pomchis. Thanks to their small size, they are easy to handle. They don’t bite and apart from their yapping, they are a great companion for children. One thing to take care of is make sure the dog is trained in advance.

This is due to the wild genes the designer dog might get from its Chihuahua parent. So before you leave the dog unattended with the kids, put it through some training first.

Compatibility with Other Animals

The same thing applies to life with other animals in the house. As an energetic dog, the Pomchi gets along with other pets even those much larger in size. It doesn’t have a mean streak and makes friends easily. However, again training is essential for any bonding between the designer dog and other animals to work out.

When introducing the Pomchi to other pets in the house or the other way round, make sure to do it slowly and prevent any chance for competition or conflict. Make sure the animals are bonded before you leave them alone.

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