Mike Zhang. Founder of FamilyLifeShare.

Who I Am

Hi, I’m Mike. A husband, father, dog owner, and blogger. 

Why I Start This Blog

I aim to share cool knowledge and unique experiences about family life, marriage, parenting, dogs, and blogging. I want to provide high-quality content to people who are looking for these topics.

I take my roles as parents, kids, and citizens in our society. The world is diverse, and as an ordinary person, I hope to share my happiness and opinions with others on my own.

How I Write for This Blog

Creating Content with Purpose: I delve deep into each subject, ensuring my articles are not only informative but also meaningful and actionable.

Expertise and Research: Using my own experiences and detailed research, I create articles that truly change understanding or behavior.

Quality Over Quantity: I focus more on quality, making sure every article meets the reader’s needs and interests.

Transparency in Affiliate Marketing: My reviews and recommendations are unbiased, based on thorough evaluation and personal experience.

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