Winter White Dwarf Hamsters as Pets: 18 Questions & Answers

Winter White Dwarf Hamsters as Pets-Everything You Need to Know

Did you know that a Hamster is one of the most popular animals to keep as a pet? They’re small, cute, and cuddly; and they know how to entertain themselves when you leave the house. However, there’s a special type of hamster that might intrigue you.

Winter White Dwarf Hamsters are an interesting species. Although these tiny furry friends only live up to two or three years, they live very great lives both in and out of captivity.

It’s a fascinating animal, and there’s much to explore when learning about them; so let’s find out more!

Are Winter White Hamsters Good for Beginners?

Hamsters are fairly easy to take care of, and the Winter White Hamster is no different. Caring for this species of hamster can be simple because they tend to be pretty active at night, and can rest most of the sunlight away.

This makes the Winter White Hamster a simple animal to take care of for a beginner pet owner. It all comes down to how their living space is, and if they have enough food, water, and social interaction.

Speaking of social interaction, there’s a suggestion to keep Dwarf White Hamster away from adult hamsters. The size of an adult hamster may frighten the Dwarf hamster, which would cause aggression, and possible quarrels between the two.

In addition, they can be challenging to pick up for small children because of their size; however, once caught, it’s an easy grip-and-hold from there.

So to be a good pet owner from the start, make sure that there’s clean water, food, and enough social interaction for your Winter White Hamster.

Winter White Dwarf Size

The typical size of the Winter White Dwarf is approximately 2 to 3 inches in length, and just a little over 1 ounce in weight! This is caused be specialized breeding; the number of chromosomes that it has is the number one determinant of how to create such a petit hamster.

In addition to their size, compared to other hamsters, the Winter White’s tend to have a different appearance to them. They have a rounder oval-looking body type, with short hairs or fur that cover both the body, legs, and feet.

Another defining feature to pair with its size is the nose. White Winter Dwarf Hamsters tend to have a small and narrow – or Romanesque – profile type of nose, which differs from the round and flat nose of nose of most hamster.

Their size is what gives them their “dwarf” status; thus; allowing them to stand out as more of a cute and cuddly animal, when compared to an adult hamster.

How Long Can A Winter White Hamster Live?

The range of how long a Winter White Hamster lives is 12 months in the wild, and up to 2 years when they have an owner. There have been some pet owners that have expressed having their furry friend alive with them for even three or four years!

So what does it take to maintain, and possibly extend the life of a Winter White Dwarf Hamster? Three major factors: food, exercise, and mental stimulation.

Their diet should consist mainly of what hamsters enjoy ingesting. This is important to keep their small digestive tracts running smoothly.

Also, exercise is one of the most important factors, just like for us! After eating and resting for most of the day, providing a wheel, or a large enough cage for it to literally run around is necessary for maintaining a healthy weight.

And mental simulation is the final component. The point of the simulation is to provide some fun for the hamster’s brain. Toys are usually a good bet to start with, as well as your own interaction to help create a healthy and long life for the hamster.

Are Winter White Dwarfs Friendly?

Winter White Dwarf Hamsters are known to be pretty affectionate. They are animals that enjoy both physical and mental connection with their caretaker.

For this reason, Winter White Dwarfs can be friendly. What makes them unfriendly depends on certain circumstances.

Constantly picking up and putting down the Winter White Dwarf can sometimes seem pretty irritating, so it’s best to choose one of two times to take your hamster from its home and love one them. They’ll enjoy the pleasure, and won’t be agitated when you give it.

In addition, too firm of a grip could deter the White Dwarf away. They are small creatures that can run out of your hands very quickly. This attribute about them may seem a bit unfriendly, but they do this for their own safety.

So when handling a White Dwarf Hamster, be sure to use soft and calm hands for a friendly result.

How Big Should A Winter White Hamster Cage Be?

Determining the size of the cage for a Winter White Hamster Cage can be a tricky situation because the hamster itself is so small, that it has the capability to squeeze through the gate openings! No matter, because there is a remedy for this.

The average size of a Winter White Hamster cage, at a minimum, is typically 24 inches long by 12 inches wide.

This provides an ample amount of room for the hamster to run around and utilize all of the energy that it has stored up inside of itself.

At this size, the hamster should be comfortable; however, keep in mind that they are very small, and if the gate opening is too wide, they will find their way out.

So an alternative to the gate cage is a 20-gallon aquarium container. This option is viable too considering that the hamster won’t be able to get out. Simply make sure that it has enough ventilation, and it will be able to move about with space and freedom.

Do Winter White Hamsters Like to Be Held?

Yes, Winter White Hamsters enjoy being held!

What makes this an enjoyable situation for them is the interaction. Winter White Hamsters enjoy being close to a bigger source of energy and heat; this is determined to be a source of comfort for them.

In addition, hold their tiny body is a form of both physical and mental interaction for them.

The simulation of being petted and rubbed soothes and relaxes their body; thus, enhancing their overall mental and physical health, which is to both your and their benefit!

Just know that if things get tough, or they simply want to get down, they will attempt to leave the safety of your hands, and you should let them.

Once they fidgeting starts, simply place them back into their cage and so they’ll have the freedom to run and roam.

What Do Winter White Hamsters Like to Eat?

You want your Winter White Hamster to have a solid and diverse diet in order to keep their bodies healthy and strong.

So with that being said, Winter White Hamsters enjoy eating plant-based foods and insects.

Plants are a hamsters main source of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins, just like it is for us! A great start to the Winter Hamster diet are mostly vegetables, which can consist of dark or light crispy greens, carrots, broccoli, or even cauliflower.

These vegetables are harder to chew, which is great for the hamster’s teeth, which never stop growing. Also bugs like mealworms and small insects are also awesome choices for feeding your hamster!

Word of caution: refrain from giving your little one fruits, bread, corn, and dairy. These foods have a high component of sugar in them, which could cause diabetes, which Winter White Hamsters are prone to getting.

How Often Should I Feed My Winter White Dwarf Hamster?

A Winter White Dwarf Hamster should be fed everyday, at least once a day.

Remember, they are small, and have small internal organs; therefore, they do not require three square meals a day. What they do require is simplicity in their food choices, and being fed at least once a day.

The best time to feed your hamster is late morning or early afternoon. This is the time to give them their fresh vegetables, a teaspoon of mealworms, or a small amount of hard food, like a stick.

Of course this time frame can vary based on both your hamster and your schedule; so long as they are being fed everyday around the same time is what matters the most.

The best time to give them a treat is closer to sunset. Hamsters are nocturnal creatures, so giving them a bit of sugar at the top of their night will grant them energy to use and have fun with!

Do Winter White Dwarf Hamsters Bite?

With respect, yes, Winter White Dwarf Hamsters do bite. However, it’s not in the manner that you’re currently thinking.

First, they have very small teeth, so it isn’t so much of a bite as it is a nibble. The nibble usually isn’t strong enough to draw blood, so you’re safe on that end, however, you will feel it.

The question then is “why is it nibbling you?”

The White Dwarf could see you as a threat; it could be frightened by you or another entity, or my personal favorite reason, your fingers smell like food! All of these are viable reasons for a hamster nibble.

There are ways of combating this unwanted feature. Washing your hands before picking it up is a prominent solution. Also, always pick up the hamster slowly and securely to keep them calm.

If all else fails, simply put gloves on to protect yourself from the nibble of the White Dwarf hamster.

How Can You Tell If A White Dwarf Hamster Is A Male or Female?

There’s only one true way to determine the sex of a White Dwarf Hamster, and that’s to flip it over and take a good look at the underside of the hamster.

When doing this, you want to take notice of anogenital distance, or the amount of space between the hamster’s anus and genitals.

Males tend to have more space than females – about one to two inches of space -, while the space for a female is much shorter, thus, a lot closer, which could make it difficult to distinguish.

Also, check the underside on the belly for nipples. If you find some, you’re dealing with a female, considering that only female Dwarf hamsters have nipples.

Another easy way of determining the sex of the hamster is to once again, turn it over and place it in a upright postition to check for a scrotum and testicles. If you find a pair, then it’s definitely a male; if one is absent, then you for sure have a female on your hands.

Will My Winter White Hamster Turn White?

For most of the year, only the underside on the belly of the Winter White Hamster is white, while the rest of the surrounding fur can be various colors, including gray, dark gray, or even brown.

But yes, the Winter White Hamster will turn white. What triggers their fur to turn white is temperature.

Once the temperature in the environment drops to a certain threshold, then the hamster’s mechanism will begin. Their fur will start changing from the belly, and radiate to the surrounding fur until it’s completely white.

Which is where the name “Winter White Hamster” comes from!

In the wild, this is used as a defense mechanism to help them camouflage into their environment to hide from predators.

How long the day last is another factor for their fur changing colors. When the days are colder and shorter, their fur will change colors, and end up being just as white as the fallen snow.

What Do Winter White Hamsters Like To Play With?

Toys! Winter White Hamster find toys to be very amusing because of their abilities to move at the hamster’s will, their physical property of being much bigger, but not harmful to hamsters, as well as providing sounds that could possibly come from the toy itself.

In addition, “shreddable” are an informal toy that the hamster can hone in on and have ultimate from with.

The sound of the shredding provides the hamster with mental stimulation, as well as a form or releasing any aggression that it may have pent up.

There are several types of toys to choose from. Here are just a few that you could use:

  • Hamster wheel
  • Tunnel arena
  • Squeaky toys
  • Small cars
  • Knot nibblers
  • Puzzle playground

Some shreddables that are good for them can be:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Thick shreds of paper

Do White Winter Hamsters Get Lonely?

To be direct, White Winter Hamsters do not usually get lonely. The reason for this type of solitary strengths comes from their environmental origin.

Hamsters are originally found in the desert. Because of the dry and humid terrain that the desert provides, food and water can be scarce; thus, making it easier to move along in solitude, which also makes them pretty territorial animals.

In addition, in order to keep up with Winter White, you must be quick because they have a lot of energy. With optimal speed, if another can’t keep up, then they once again become lone animals, which they don’t seem to have a problem with.

Are Winter White Hamsters Cuddly?

Indeed, Winter White Dwarf Hamster are definitely cuddlers. They are fond of the physical interaction that comes with cuddling. This interaction has the capability of creating a special bond between you and your little furry friend as well.

I’ll also add that cuddling provides the WInter White Hamster with security. When being held, their tiny bodies being that high off of the ground will create anxiety for them, and if they jump, it may shock the both of you.

Are Winter White Hamsters Easy to Tame?

For the most part, yes, Winter White Hamster can be easy to tame once you learn about them.

When it comes into contact with a new friend or caretaker, they will tend to get nervous and anxious; and remember, they will nip at you if they are anxious.

The best way to tame them is to simply learn about how the operate, why they operate in that mannery, caring for them properly, and providing them with a stable and diverse diet for optimal obedience and easy caretaking.

You can start by simply building trust with them.

Provide them with a safe environment, as well as some food, then give them some space; that’s the quickest way to create trust between you and your pet.

Should Winter White Hamsters Be Kept In Pairs?

Keeping Winter White Hamsters in the same area can be a tricky situation. As previously mentioned, they are naturally solitary creatures, and tend to enjoy their own space and territory.

Also, White Dwarf Hamsters are known to both fight with one another, as well as breed with one another as the opportunity presents itself.

Through all of these considerable attributes, Winter White Dwarf Hamsters can be kept in pairs, as well as alone, and there are methods to safely keeping Winter Dwarf Hamsters while in pairs.

First, make sure that they are the same sex; boys with the boys and girls with the girls. This will reduce the amount of fighting that could occur, as well as rapid breeding sessions.

Take note that males are easier to keep in pairs and groups than females are.

How Many Babies Do Winter White Hamsters Have?

Yes, Winter White Dwarf Hamsters can give birth, and they do it to the smallest and cutest hamsters you’ll ever see!

When these hamsters give birth, it happens in litters. Each litter is a group of baby hamsters, and they tend to come out in groups. Winter White Dwarf Hamsters give birth to 4 to 6 babies per litter; 5 to 9 pups on the high end.

The gestation period of a female Winter White Hamster is approximately 21 days. A female can become pregnant after within four to five weeks old, and they become sterile after twelve months.

Do Winter White Dwarf Hamsters Hibernate?

Winter White Dwarf Hamsters have not been known to hibernate.

Since they are nocturnal animals, White Dwarf Hamsters sleep during the day, and are awake at night when most of their activity is commenced.

However, during the winter months, the cold temperature makes them want to cuddle up a little bit more, and allows them to sleep for a couple of hours per day, which gives off the impression that they are hibernating, although they are not.

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