When to Euthanize A Dog With Kidney Failure? (Explained)

When to Euthanize A Dog With Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a serious problem not just for dogs but most mammals. It’s a painful health condition that tends to get worse and worse if not treated early. Since dogs cannot talk, it sometimes can be hard to know what they’re going through with this disease.

You should consider euthanizing your dog if it’s suffering from kidney failure after you have exhausted all other forms of treatment. This means you have to go through all other forms of therapy first and if they don’t work and the dog continues to get worse, only then would you euthanize it.

It’s not an easy question to answer for sure. When exactly would you know it’s time to give up and just let the dog go? When is it better for it to ease its pain and end its suffering? As tough as these questions are, sometimes they have to be faced and answered.

When to Euthanize a Dog With Kidney Failure?

One of the toughest questions that any dog owner faces is when to euthanize a dog suffering from kidney failure. You have tried everything. Medication, therapy, surgery even. But nothing seems to work. The dog’s health keeps deteriorating. It’s not getting better. And worst of all, it seems to be in great agony.

When you have tried everything you and the medical profession can, and there’s nothing more anybody can do to improve the condition of the dog, that’s when it’s time to make that difficult decision. You just have to let go and have the dog euthanized. It’s the humane thing to do.

Early Signs of Dog Kidney Failure

Kidney failure is a dangerous and sometimes fatal disease that you need to be wary of. Some dog breeds are more susceptible to it than others. But when it happens, you need to act fast. So how do you detect the early signs of dog kidney failure?

You’ll notice that your dog is not as active as before. Lethargy becomes the rule of the dog’s life. It’s the new normal. The dog likes to lie down and look tired and exhausted all the time. Then you’ll notice that the dog is losing weight. It eats as usual but it still loses weight and looks wasted.

Symptoms of Dog Kidney Failure

As the disease progresses into the late stages, your dog will exhibit more symptoms. You’ll notice that the dog’s gums are pale. Its breath will also change. It now smells like chemicals. Then the dog will lose its appetite gradually. Before long its loss of weight and appetite will become too obvious to ignore.

More symptoms will follow. After the dog eats it might vomit its meal. It will also get more thirsty. But it might drink less water too. And overall the dog will look frail and prone to lie down more.

What Can Cause a Dog’s Kidney Failure?

There are many reasons a dog might get kidney failure. The most prominent of those are the dog’s genes. Some breeds are more prone to the disease than others. In that case, there’s not much you can do but wait for the inevitable and try to delay it as long as you can.

But other times dogs might get kidney failure because they’re drinking contaminated water or their food is not up to standards. Lack of exercise can also play a role in that as well as the diet the dog is on.

How Long Can Dogs Live with Kidney Failure?

It depends. Other factors come in such as how old is the dog and whether they have other pre-existing conditions. Heart conditions for example could shorten the life expectancy of a dog struggling with kidney failure. But on average a dog with kidney problems has anything between a few months to a year at most to live especially if the disease is in its late stages.

That doesn’t mean that you should give up on the dog. Advances in medical technology and therapies can help a dog suffering from kidney disease to get better or at least have a stable life. You should not give up hope until you have exhausted all possible ways of treatment.

How Long Can a Dog Live with Stage 4 Kidney Disease?

Kidney disease is treatable if detected early. Changes to lifestyle and diet as well as medication can help the dog get back to normal. If that doesn’t help, surgery can be effective. However, if a dog reaches stage 4 kidney disease, that is a serious matter and their life expectancy dwindles fast.

On average with the right treatment and care and attention, the dog could live up to a year or two or maybe a little longer. As mentioned the dog has to go through regular treatment and dialysis to help them cope and stay relatively healthy.  Don’t give up hope and try to make the dog as comfortable as you can.

Is Dog Kidney Failure Painful?

The short answer to that is yes. It is a very painful condition and the dog suffers a lot of pain. You might not know it because the dog can not tell you how much pain they’re in. But you can see the signs. The dog looks forlorn, despondent, and spends most of the time lying down.

Its appetite suffers as well and it’s always thirsty. But most of all, the look in their eyes can tell you how much pain they’re suffering. So give them comfort and spend more time with them. Try to find easy games to play together that don’t put the dog out.

Why Does My Dog with Kidney Disease Shake?

As the disease progresses the dog tends to lose a lot of weight. They also eat less and can’t keep up their energy levels. All of these factors contribute to the dog’s overall health. It will lose a lot of its muscle structure and its bones become fragile.

When the dog stands or walks, it is usually a wobbly walk and the dog shakes a lot. That’s just a symptom of weakness and lack of stamina. Since it doesn’t eat much, it will lack the strength to go about the day.

Cost to Treat Dog Kidney Failure

The cost to treat dog kidney failure varies depending on where you are and the stage of the disease. In most cases, it would cost you anything between USD 3,000 and 4,500. This includes medications, kidney dialysis, and other treatments. If surgery is involved, it might increase the costs a lot more.

What Should Dogs with Kidney Disease not Eat?

If your dog has a kidney disease you should take precautions regarding the dog’s diet. Foods that are high in sodium should be taken off the menu altogether. This includes any treats that are salty such as cheese, deli meat, and other treats that have high levels of sodium. Focus on natural food as opposed to processed meat.

Natural Remedies for Dog Kidney failure

Normally you’d try to find natural remedies for your dog. Some include parsley which promotes urination. Kali and silica are also good natural sources that fortify the kidneys and purify the dog’s blood. As always consult with your vet before you use a remedy you read about online or heard from a friend of a friend. This is your dog’s health and you need to verify every remedy before you apply it.

How to Prevent Dog Kidney Failure?

For the most part, it’s all about diet and exercise. If the dog doesn’t have a natural propensity to develop kidney failure, then all you have to do is give the dog the right food and ensure it gets the right amount of exercise.

Water is important to cleanse the kidneys. Don’t let the dog go thirsty especially during the hot summer months. Dehydration is an important factor in kidney stones formation which could lead to kidney failure.

How Do You Know When Your Dog is about to Die from Kidney Failure?

As the dog’s health deteriorates, the signs are there. You won’t need a medical opinion to know that the inevitable cannot be fought off. The dog cannot stand up or even walk around. It barely eats and can’t keep anything inside. It’s totally wasted and its hide looks matted.

The dog will sleep a lot during those last days. Its vision becomes blurry and it will hardly recognize you anymore.

How Can I Help My Dog with Kidney Failure?

The best way to help the dog is to follow your vet’s instructions. Provide a comfortable place for the dog and give it the medication on time. It will require a lot of care to get better or at least to make sure it doesn’t suffer.

Give the dog the food recommended by the vet and make sure it doesn’t go thirsty. Think of ways to keep the dog entertained without engaging it in demanding activities. With the right care and attention, your dog can enjoy a comfortable life even with kidney failure.

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