What to Do If Your Dog Has a Broken Toe? (Read This First!)

What to Do If Your Dog Has a Broken Toe

Do you think your dog has a broken toe, but you’re unsure what to do or the signs to look out for? One of the most common injuries in a dogs’ life is a broken toe. But why? Broken toes in dogs are common because of the amount of usage and strain placed on the paws daily.

If you suspect your dog has a broken toe, start by analyzing your dog’s foot — before deciding on the next course of action. Notice whether your dog is limping, whimpering, or is unable to use one of his paws – as these are all signs that the toe is broken.

After analyzing your dogs’ foot to see if the toe is broken, start planning your next move. If you’re able to afford a visit to the Vet, we recommend doing so. Otherwise, you might be able to utilize some at-home remedies, if you’re confident enough. Continue reading to learn about these home remedies and everything else you should know about a dog and broken toes.

Will a Dog’s Broken Toe Heal on its Own?

If your dog has a broken toe, it’s unlikely that it’ll heal on its own, especially if daily pressure is applied to the paw. It can take anywhere between 1 – 2 months for a dog’s broken toe to heal properly, and that’s after proper care.

Depending on how bad your dog has broken his/her toe, will partially determine the healing duration. If surgery is required, you can expect a longer healing time. However, if a splint can be used, this might take a shorter amount of time.

Should I Take My Dog to the Vet for a Broken Toe?

It’s always recommended that you take your dog to the vet for a broken toe. When you visit your veterinarian, they can advise you on the severity of your dog’s broken toe, and what to expect moving forward.

If your dog requires surgery, taking your dog to the vet is another good reason to understand the importance. On occasions, however, where you live rurally or an appointment will require wait-time — you might be able to treat your dog at home.

When you notice your dog’s broken toe, examine the area and identify whether you can simply splint his paw until you’re able to attend an appointment. We speak more about home remedies for dog broken toes below.

How Long Does it Take For a Dog’s Broken Toe to Heal?

It can take anywhere between 4 – 8 weeks for a dog’s broken toe to completely heal. Although, this does depend on your dog’s age, breed, and severity of the broken toe.

If your dog’s broken toe can be healed through splint treatment, you can expect a full recovery within 2 months. Other times, however, when surgery is necessary — recovery time might be longer. Your vet will confirm with you how long to expect for your furry friend’s toe to heal.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Dog’s Broken Toe?

Here in the US, fixing a dog’s broken toe can cost you anything between $180 – $1200. The costs vary depending on the severity of your dog’s toe, what treatment is required, and any additional care. Because no case is the same to fix a dog’s broken toe, the price-range varies significantly.

How Does a Dog’s Broken Toe Heal?

On a good occasion, a dog’s broken toe heals overtime through compression bands and splints. Splints help to slowly align the fractured bone back into the correct position, by remaining firmly and tightly around the impacted area.

As your dog grows, so will the bone — naturally repairing itself. On other occasions, however, the situation might require surgery. If your dog’s broken toe is noticeably displaced, pins might be necessary.

A dog’s broken toe will also heal when accompanied by medication. Such medications include anti-inflammatories to help reduce swelling, as well as medicine that helps soothe the pain.

How To Tell If Your Dog Has a Broken Toe?

Unlike other dog injuries, if your dog has a broken toe, you’ll be able to tell immediately. You can tell if your dog has a broken toe (or problem with the toe) by his walk, swelling near the toe, or an obvious bone sticking out from the skin.

Another sign you can tell a dog has a broken toe is a change in temperament. He/she will demonstrate emotional cues such as whining, whimpering, or a complete inability to eat/drink due to being in pain.

How Do You Splint a Dog’s Broken Toe?

Splinting a dog’s broken toe isn’t as hard as you may think. Here’s how to splint a dog’s broken toe:

1. Assess the Severity of the Broken Toe.

So long as there are no significant bones sticking out, you’ll be safe to apply the splint treatment for your dog’s broken toe. Do this by assessing the severity of the toe, and ensuring nothing are poking through the skin.

2. Collect the Required Materials.

For at-home splint treatment for a dogs’ broken toe, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Gauze
  • Self-adhesive tape
  • Splint

3. Prep the Area with Gauze.

With a broken toe, you should firmly wrap the gauze around the broken (and surrounding) areas. Doing so acts as padding before applying the splint.

4. Apply the Splint.

Your splint can be any firm straight object. Ensure there are no sharp edges, and gently place the splint along the fractured wound.

5. Wrap More Gauze to Hold the Splint in Place.

To ensure security, gently wrap more gauze around the splint, ensuring to go in circular motions. Once you’ve completed this, use the self-adhesive tape and you’re done.

6. Check for Swelling.

For the next 24 hours, monitor your treated area for signs of swelling or pus. If this occurs, you should carefully remove the bandage and re-apply.

How to Care For Dog Broken Toe?

Wondering how to care for a dog with a broken toe? Thankfully, it’s not as hard as you may think. You can care for your dog and his broken toe by promoting lots of rest.

Do this by limiting daily activity, and encouraging plenty of lazy-days. You’ll want your pooch to avoid applying pressure and strain on the broken toe during the healing duration.

Other ways you can care for a dogs’ broken toe is by providing lots of tenderness, love, and care. Your dog will likely be extremely sensitive around this time, meaning you should give him lots of hugs and attention.

If you’re unsure what else you can do, remember these tips:

  • Keep his fluids up with lots of water
  • Offer treats from time to time
  • Close off areas in your home where your dog will try to run and jump
  • Apply paw-balm (if required)
  • Assist your dog with grooming during this time

How to Exercise a Dog With a Broken Toe?

If your dog has a broken toe, exercise should not be a priority activity. To help your dog’s healing and recovery process, all exercise should have refrained until the bone has healed properly.

Dog Broken Toe Home Treatment

If you’re confident enough to treat your dogs’ broken toes in the comfort of your home, you could choose to splint the toe. If possible, however, we recommend booking an appointment with a trusted veterinarian to provide the adequate care needed for your pooch.

Despite the mixed opinions, many people choose at-home treatment for affordability and flexibility. So long as the bones aren’t sticking out from your dogs’ skin, then you might be able to carefully tend to your dog — so long as you know what you’re doing!

Will a Dog Walk on a Broken Toe?

Unsure whether your dog can walk on a broken toe? Technically, your dog can walk on a broken toe, but it won’t be anything like his usual walk. As a result, your dog will probably choose not to attempt to walk at all.

If your dog does have a broken toe and is attempting to walk — the first thing you’ll notice is an abnormal stroll. A dog with a broken toe will either limp, hobble, or be completely unable to walk.

Looking out for these signs can help you identify whether or not your dog is trying to walk on a broken toe. You can also remember that he/she may whimper, whine, or moan when trying to walk — because he/she will be in significant pain.

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