What is a Sewing Machine Used For? (Different Types Uses)

If you are passionate about sewing, you’ve probably considered getting a sewing machine. Sewing machines are remarkable appliances that reduce the amount of time that would have otherwise been spent manually sewing. They are the reason why the clothing industry is as efficient and productive as it is today.

Generally speaking, a sewing machine is used to sew fabric materials together with thread. However, sewing machines are often specialized, which means depending on the sewing machine that you have, you may be able to sew lighter fabrics like cotton and lace or heavier fabrics like leather, denim, and quilts.

There are many different types, brands, and models of sewing machines. Apart from outlining some of the reasons why you need a sewing machine, this guide will also highlight some of the most popular types of sewing machines and what they are used for.

Sewing Machine Uses (7 Reasons Why You Need)

1. You Will be Able to Sew Faster and Take a Shorter Time on Your Sewing Projects

Machine sewing takes a lot less time than hand sewing. This is exactly what you need if you often find yourself running short of time when handling sewing projects. It is also important especially if you want to pursue sewing as a business. The shorter the amount of time you spend on projects, the more projects you will be able to do to completion.

2. Sewing Machines Make it Easier to Sew Heavy-duty Fabrics Like Leather, Denim, and Wool

Some heavy-duty fabrics like leather, denim, and wool are very difficult to work with by hand. With a sewing machine, working with such heavy fabrics is a simple task. Your machine will also allow you to use double thread on such fabrics, which will make your stitches stronger and more durable.

3. You Can Use Fancy Stitches on Complex Projects with a Sewing Machine

With a sewing machine, you have the option of using decorative and complex stitches on your projects. Some sewing machines allow you to make bindings, decorative ribbons, beautiful laces, faux ribbon effects, and beautiful embroidery within a very short time. This is a feat that would be very difficult if you tried to do it by hand.

4. Machine Sewing is Neater and More Accurate than Hand Sewing

Because the entire job is done by a machine, the finished product in a machine sewing project is usually neater and more accurate. On the other hand, because hand stitching is purely manual, the final piece will inevitably have some errors.

5. A Sewing Machine Saves You Money

When you invest in a sewing machine, you are actually saving money in the long run. Your sewing machine will allow you to repair clothes and other items around the house that you would have otherwise needed to replace. This will give you more value for money for your purchases.

6. If You Have a Sewing Business, a Sewing Machine Will Help Make You Look More Professional

If you are running a sewing business, you need to invest in a sewing machine. Apart from making you look more professional to prospective clients, it will also increase your speed and the quality of your work. Plus, people are willing to pay more for higher-quality work.

7. You Can Use Your Sewing Machine for Crafts Projects

Apart from sewing clothes, you can also use your sewing machine to create crafts projects like soft toys, costumes, blankets, quilts, and more. This opens you up to a whole world of creative projects that you can explore.

What is a Serger Sewing Machine Used for?

A serger sewing machine is a special type of sewing machine that simultaneously sews, trims off the seam allowances, and finished raw fabric edges at the same time. This results in professional-looking stitches while also saving you a lot of time.

Serger sewing machines make overclock stitches that standard sewing machines cannot create. In this way, it complements the functions of a basic sewing machine.

You can use a serger sewing machine to:

  • Sew different types of hems such as rolled hems
  • Attach elastic to clothing
  • Attach zippers
  • Gather fabric with differential feed
  • Sew knits on stretchy fabrics
  • Make decorative stitches
  • Sew quilt binding
  • Make cover and chain stitches

What is a Blind Stitch Sewing Machine Used for?

A blind stitch sewing machine is a specialized sewing machine that is designed to perform blind hemming. A blind hem is a hem where the stitches are not visible from the outside of the garment.

With a blind stitch sewing machine, you are able to blind hem your projects quickly and efficiently. You can also use it to manipulate your fabrics in other ways. For example, you can use it to attach the lining to the waistband of a garment that you are working on.

That said, because blind stitch sewing machines are so specialized, it is only worth getting one if you often do this type of stitching. Additionally, most modern standard sewing machines can also do blind stitches, albeit a little slower than blind stitch sewing machines. Therefore, this is only a great option if specialization and high efficiency are what you are after.

What is a Walking Foot Sewing Machine Used for?

A walking food sewing machine is a special type of sewing machine that has feet that look like it’s walking as you sew. The feet are made up of two pieces that move independently of each other, ensuring that fabric material is evenly fed in at all times.

Walking foot sewing machines are often used by quilters to help with stitch-in-the-ditch stitching, straight line quilting, adding quilt bindings, and working with fabrics like mink or knits. They are also used for topstitching through multiple layers of fabric or trying to match plaids across seams.

What is a Zig-zag Sewing Machine Used for?

A zigzag sewing machine is a type of sewing machine that is used to form a zigzag seam with stitches that are at an angle to each other. It creates beautiful stitches that are very firm. Zig zag sewing machines are used to stitch applique, lace, and in needlework. They are also used to quilt hair padding and to hem edges.

What is a Lockstitch Sewing Machine Used for?

A lockstitch sewing machine is a sewing machine that binds fabrics together using two spools of thread and a needle with an eye. It makes strong, straight seams. Lockstitch sewing machines were the first types of sewing machines to be patented and manufactured commercially, which explains why they can be commonly found in most homes today.

Lockstitch sewing machines can be used to make almost any type of apparel. They also work well for stitching formed underwear. You can also use it to stitch collars, pockets, and bottom hems.

What is a Cylinder Arm Sewing Machine Used for?

Cylinder arm sewing machines are specialized sewing machines that are designed to sew hard-to-reach areas and corners. They have an open sewing area around the cylinder arm that makes it easy to turn and maneuver whatever product you are working on without having to fold or roll it.

A cylinder arm sewing machine is used for complex projects that require a high degree of maneuverability, such as leather bags. You can also use it to sew gussets and around corners on your projects.

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