Black Golden Retriever: Flat Coated Retrievers Quick Facts

What is a Black Golden Retriever

Whether you’re a dog lover or a dog owner, black golden retrievers sure are captivating to the eye. If you love the retriever breed, you’ll have no issue falling in love with a black golden retriever too!

A black golden retriever is a bred version of the Golden Retriever. They have almost distinct physical traits, except instead of being the typical “golden shade”, they’re black or dark brown.

Many people mistake the black golden retriever as a flat coated retriever, due to their noticeably similar shades of coat, however, they are completely different breeds. A black golden retriever is more connected to the breed of golden retrievers, sharing similar genetics, yet have changed their coat color changed over time due to a recessive gene.

Differences Between Golden Retrievers and Flat Coated Retrievers

Although both of these dogs can appear similar to some, there are a few things to look out for that will differentiate the two apart. Continue reading to learn more about these differences:

Golden RetrieversFlat Coated Retrievers
Physical DifferencesThe golden retriever is usually a consistent golden - light, yellow-toned colored dog.

Their eye color is usually light brown, however, some can be found with dark-colored eyes.
The flat coated retriever is usually a consistent dark brown-black colored dog.

Their eye color is usually dark, ranging from a chocolate color - dark brown or black.
LifespanA golden retriever's average lifespan is 8 - 12 years.A flat coated retriever's average lifespan is 8 - 14 years.
Size (Withers Height)Golden retrievers are large dogs.

The average size is 21 - 24 inches (53 - 60 cm)
Flat coated retrievers are medium-sized dogs.

The average size is 22 - 25 inches (55 - 63 cm)
WeightOn average, both female and male golden retrievers can reach a weight between 25 - 35kgs. (55 - 77 lbs)Just like the golden retriever, both female and male flat coated retrievers can also reach a weight between 25 - 35kgs. (55 - 77 lbs)
TemperamentThe temperament of a golden retriever is friendly, gentle, obedient, and smart.

Golden retrievers make great household pets, especially if you’re a parent of many animals.

Due to their playful nature, they’re able to easily adapt to their surroundings.
The temperament of a flat coated retriever is intelligent, confident, playful and cheerful.

Similar to golden retrievers, this breed of dog makes as both great companions for humans, but also a fantastic gun dog!

Flat coated retrievers mean no harm.
Health ProblemsSome of the health problems you may face when owning a golden retriever are luxating patella, cancer, and hip dysplasia.Some of the health problems you may face when owning a flat coated retriever are gastric torsion, and also the common hip dysplasia.
SheddingThese dogs shed often and will require regular brushing.Flat coated retrievers also shed regularly and need to be maintained often.
PregnancyOn average, the golden retriever’s gestation period will last up to 63 days.On average, the flat coated retriever’s gestation period will last up to 63 days.

How Much Exercise Does a Flat Coated Retriever Need?

A flat coated retriever requires regular exercise daily, for an hour or more if possible.

Naturally bred as a gun dog (A type of dog that assists hunters), these highly active pups enjoy running around keeping active!

If you’re thinking about purchasing a flat coated retriever, consider whether you have a large enough area for them throughout the day, as well as the time required for exercise to keep them active and healthy.

Are Flat Coated Retrievers Good With Cats?

Flat coated retrievers are friendly, pet smart animals that enjoy the company of both humans, other dogs and yes… cats!

Although they do get along with cats, you should remember that this doesn’t necessarily mean that cats will get along with the dog. It’s common for cats to despise their highly active personalities.

So whether you’re wondering if a flat coated retriever will get along with your household cat, or if you’re simply curious about the possible interaction, rest assured that this breed of dog does indeed get along with cats.

Are Flat Coated Retrievers Aggressive?

Generally, flat coated retrievers are not aggressive animals. However, they are protective of their family (both humans and their pairs), thus, they can make as an ideal watchdog.

Also, these retrievers are gun dogs at heart, which means if trained properly, they can successfully assist in hunting game (birds or other prey required).

However, it is extremely rare for a flat coated retriever to become aggressive and you should not need to worry if you’re considering to purchase one.

Are Flat Coated Retrievers Hypoallergenic?

The flat coated retriever breed is not hypoallergenic (prone to allergies) dogs.

Do Flat Coated Retrievers Have Webbed Feet?

Yes, flat coated retrievers have webbed feet, in fact, a large majority of dogs have webbed feet (kinda). Let me explain…

Flat coated retrievers are not only awesome on land, but are pretty decent in the water as well! The reason they’re such good swimmers is because of their, you guess it, webbed feet!

Fun Fact: The entire paw of a dog has different roles to play, however, the webbing assists flat coated retrievers with stabilizing their running and swimming!

When Should You Neuter a Flat Coated Retriever?

If you have to neuter your flat coated retriever, it’s recommended to do it when the dog is still a puppy. Typically, it’s suggested to neuter them around the ages of 3 – 9 months old.

What Is The Purpose Of a Golden Retriever?

It’s no doubt you’ve either seen a golden retriever, owned one, or heard the breed before, but knowing their purpose is another question. Well, golden retrievers can serve many purposes, however, they are naturally gun dogs at heart.

Aside from being a gun dog, they also adapt well as household pets and many people all over the world can account for that. With their obedient, willing behavior and friendly temperament, golden retrievers fit right in with the family!

Apart from that, you may also notice the breed of golden retrievers to be used for assisting humans with other things such as:

  • Working as a show dog
  • Assisting the blind and deaf as a guide dog
  • Being a disability assistance dog
  • Working as a detection or sniffer dog
  • Comfort therapy dog
  • Search and rescue dog

Is a Black Golden Retriever The Same as a Golden Retriever?

Yes and no. Yes, as they share the almost identical genetics, and no because their coat is a different color to golden retrievers, which is a black – dark brown color.

How Much Does a Golden Retriever Dog Cost?

Considering you live in the United States, expect to pay anywhere between $450 – $2500 USD or more for a single dog.

The cost of a single golden retriever, will, of course, vary depending on:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Location of purchase (VETS, online, shows, etc)
  • Vaccinated

This also does not account for additional costs required such as:

  • VETS
  • Neutering
  • Vaccination
  • Food & Water
  • Cage or similar factors

The golden retriever is a common breed of dogs amongst breeders, which means you should find many located within pet stores, online, or other avenues throughout America.

These dogs can also be quite expensive to purchase, simply due to their capabilities of being service dogs. For this reason alone, you should consider whether or not you have the ability to afford the dog and the lifestyle required for it.

Is a Golden Retriever Easy to Train?

Yes, these beautiful dogs are indeed easy to train and can be done in no time! In fact, the golden retriever is one of these easiest breeds of animals to train, which is mainly why they’re often used as service dogs.

These dogs can begin being trained from as young as 8 weeks of age, however, they usually are more successful from 14 weeks onwards. With consistent perseverance, you can expect your dog to be trained between 6 – 10 weeks!

If you’re thinking about training your golden retriever, spend an hour or two a day training your pup, remembering to use a gentle tone of voice and always rewarding them with plenty of cuddles, appraise and of course… TREATS!

When Does a Golden Retriever Calm Down?

Although they can be cute and tiny puppies, this won’t always last for long. There will come a time when your golden retriever becomes super active and starts acting extremely sporadic (as adolescents usually do)…

If this is the case with your golden retriever, you should expect them to calm down from 2 – 3 years of age.

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