Top 150 Wedding Wishes for the Bride and Groom

Weddings are beautiful especially when spent with the people closest in your heart who are as excited as you are for the new journey in life you’re about to embark. And what makes the occasion better are the heartfelt wishes and prayers shared by families and friends to wish the couple a happy married life ahead.

Here’s a collection of the top 150 wedding wishes for the bride and groom that anyone can share on a wedding day.

150 Wedding Wishes

  1. To my best friend, let me wish you love and happiness as your new life as a wife begins today. Best wishes to the newly weds!
  2. Hello newly weds! Thanks guys for allowing me to share this beautiful day with the both of you. Your love for each other has filled the room. I wish you all the best as you embark on this beautiful union.
  3. For the bride and groom, this special event in your lives may come and go but keep all the love in your heart and let it forever grow. Best wishes to you guys as you build your new lives together.
  4. To the newly weds, may the love and joy you share today shine through the years you’ll share together. I hope your home to be filled with lasting happiness and contentment. Cheers!
  5. I wish you, the bride and groom, a satisfying marriage and a lifetime of love and happiness as you grow old together. Best wishes!
  6. My best friend, there’s nothing I hope for than for you and your groom to grow stronger in love every single day. May your years ahead be filled with lasting love and joy. Let’s toast for the newlyweds!
  7. Now that you’re married, I hope that you two spend as much time together as you can and build your home with blissful love. You are my favorite lovebirds! Congratulations!
  8. Your beautiful wedding is as beautiful as the love you share. I had a pleasure witnessing the abundance of love that connects the two of you. Happy wedding day!
  9. Seeing the purest smiles on your faces today made me realize how much love you have for each other. You two are surely meant to be together. Here’s to one of the most beautiful couples I have ever met! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding!
  10. To the most beautiful bride today, I hope for your marriage to be love-filled no matter how strong the storm gets. Always remember that I am here to support you guys when you need me to. I hope the both of you get a wonderful life together.
  11. I have always believed that good things happen to good people and I’ve seen another proof of that today. You guys have showered everyone around you with kindness and I am one of the many who are delighted to see you happy together. Cheers to a beautiful marriage!
  12. You guys are well-deserving of each other. I am happy that today cinches the love you have built through the years! I am wishing you overflowing joy and happiness today and for the rest of your lives together!
  13. I am sending you, my favorite couple, my warmest wishes that you both enjoy the night after this joyous celebration and that you guys enjoy the new path you’ll walk on together until forever. Congratulations!
  14. First, I would like to thank the most beautiful woman and most handsome man in this room tonight for the free food that satisfy all our tummies. But aside from the good food you shared with us, today you made us feel the sweetness and romance in your veins. Your love for each other is palpable. The look in your eyes and the smiles on your face are more than enough proof of how special you are to each other. You both are an inspiration. Happy wedding day!
  15. My friend, welcome to a life wherein you get to sleep with your worst enemy! I am kidding, of course. Today, you’re giving up your freedom for your one true love and there’s nothing more romantic and noble than that. I’m glad that you have chosen the right one. Congratulations on your happy wedding!
  16. Hey girl, I guess there’s no turning back now. You just locked yourself inside the pillars of marriage! But I hope you made the right choice and I believe you did. You two look perfectly good together. Cheers to the newly weds!
  17. I believe there’s no secret to a happy married life. Just two people who have pledged their lives for each other no matter the odds. So my prayer is for the both of you to choose love even when everything’s not going the way you planned them to be. I hope to see you together until we all grow our hair white. Congratulations!
  18. May your marriage be blessed with love through all the days of your life. May God be your source of strength and courage when the waters are rough. Cheers to your wonderful union!
  19. To my beautiful friend, I hope you are enjoying your wedding day. There’s nothing I wish for you than the greatest happiness and joy in your chosen life. Let’s toast to your wonderful years as a wife!
  20. It is my kindest wish for the Heaven to bless your marriage with an abundance of joy. May God look over your beautiful union and guide you to the path of everlasting love. Happy wedding day to the both of you!
  21. Your love story is one of my favorites. You are a living proof that love can be true and forever. Let’s cheers to the wonderful years you’re bound to share together!
  22. My only wish for the newlyweds is for you to have a blast and enjoy the rest of your night because tomorrow is the beginning of a new journey you’ll battle for life. Marriage is hard work. It’s not all easy! But although there are bumpy roads along the way, marriage is the most rewarding gift you can share with each other. So you better take care of it and nourish it forever.
  23. I am happy for you, my best friend, for being married to the man of your dreams. I wish you a wonderful life with your Prince Charming. I can still remember how you made me jump in excitement upon hearing the news of your wedding! And now that we’re here, I can’t help but shed my tears of joy because all I want is for you to be happy. Congratulations girlfriend!
  24. Now that the greatest adventure of your life has begun, I pray that you stick together and keep on loving each other every single day. I hope that your wedding be filled with cherished memories and love you’ll hold onto until old age. Cheers to a happy wedding!
  25. On your special day, let me send you my warmest wishes. I hope you guys never doubt each other’s love and allow the light of love to shine upon your darkest days. Congratulations on such a beautiful union!
  26. My wedding wish for the love birds here is that they realize how lucky they are to have found each other. Not every one of us are given the chance to be with the person our heart desires. So let me raise a glass for the lovely couple celebrating their wonderful union today. Congratulations!
  27. Love is definitely best when shared by two. So to my best friend, I am happy that you’ve met the girl of your dreams. You’re lucky enough she said “I do.” Congratulations on your marriage bro!
  28. A wedding is like a dream that leaves happy memories. I wish the memories you collect today will last forever together with the love you share with each other. Let’s toast to a happy married life!
  29. For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, you really make a great couple! Happy wedding day!
  30. Man, may your love story be as magical and charming as in fairy tales I read every night to my dear child! Congratulations and I hope you’ll be blessed with a baby soon!
  31. Now that you’re married, I hope you let support and understanding stay with you forever. Remember that beginning today, you’re already a team of two. It’s the point of no return so buckle your seatbelts. There’s not turning back! Have a lovely married life!
  32. I am sending my best wishes to the two very exceptional people I have ever met. Nothing makes me prouder than to tell the world you are my friends. Enjoy a fulfilling married life!
  33. You guys are truly a perfect pair. You are an inspiration to us. Have a blissful honeymoon.
  34. I believe that marriage is not just a union with the person you love. It’s also accepting his or hers beliefs, habits and preferences. So I wish you guys would be patient to each other forever!
  35. I think God intentionally made the two of you to be together. I wish that after tonight, you wake up with a hangover of love that would never fade away! Happy wedding!
  36. Wishing for your love to continue blooming until your last breath. Congratulations on your new life as husband and wife!
  37. If there’s one marriage advice I would like to give you, it is for you to always remember to feel each other‘s heart and soul when your marriage is sailing in troubled waters. Let your marriage live as long as the sun does and never turn your back on it. Have a happy married life!
  38. I wish that the both of you walk along together hand in hand and always cherish the love you had that led you to this wedding day. It is, indeed, a blessing to find true love and to share one dream with a life partner. Happy wedding!
  39. I can only wish you all the good things on your wedding day. May your marriage be filled with delight and happy moments!
  40. Cheers to a great married life ahead of you lovebirds. From now on, you guys would never feel alone as you will always stay near each other. I envy the kind of love you share! May God bless you with endless love!
  41. To the beautiful newly weds, you’re the finest couple I’ve ever seen. I’m sure you deserve a happy marriage life. Congratulations!
  42. Today, you start a new journey in your life as husband and wife. My only wish is for you to enjoy the rest of this happy occasion and wish you a lot of happy years together!
  43. Married life isn’t easy so I hope you guys are ready to protect it against all odds. Trust me on this, It’s worth it. Congratulations on your wedding!
  44. My wish is simple. May you be just as happy as in your wedding photos!
  45. Bro, growing old together is not as simple as you may think. But congratulations! You had me convinced that your love will conquer everything!
  46. Before you go to your honeymoon, let me remind you that marriage is hard work. But I know that you guys can handle it. Wishing you the best of all and don’t forget to be happy!
  47. Thank you my friends for allowing me to be here with you. Watching you together is like witnessing the start of something beautiful. Best wishes!
  48. You guys are one of the most amazing and harmonious couples in the entire universe. Looking at you, I only see love. Congratulations on a happy wedding!
  49. Nothing can be better than walking down the aisle, knowing that the man on the other end is waiting patiently to take your hand. I am so happy you got to be married to the only man you ever wanted in this lifetime. I wish your love to last forever!
  50. My wish for you on your wedding day is to always believe that your love will conquer anything. May you have a lasting and satisfying marriage!
  51. Happy wedding day beautiful couple! Your love is so pure and inspiring. I have no doubt that it will last forever!
  52. To the most wonderful friends in my life, may your marriage be blessed with joy and happiness. Congratulations!
  53. Lucky are those who are blessed with their true love. I am glad you guys are one of them. I can see genuine love when you’re holding hands and laughing at each other’s jokes. I hope you’re having a blast on your wedding day!
  54. Congratulations dear newlyweds! I wish you to always remember the love you had before this grand day and keep it growing until forever.
  55. Today is surely a beautiful day to you love birds. Your happiness is evident in your eyes. Your love for each other has illuminated you from the inside. I am glad to have witnessed a love so pure like what you have.
  56. To love somebody is a hard work. You have to always make sure that this person is healthy, happy and satisfied, because it is the most important thing in the world for you. I wish you to never be tired of this. Wishing you all the best on your wedding day!
  57. We’ve been friends since childhood and I am so thrilled to celebrate this wonderful day with you both. Who would have thought that you would be married one day? But it happened! I am so happy for you guys. Congratulations!
  58. To the bride and groom, I wish for this day to be the start of the best time of your life. We’re so thrilled to celebrate this wonderful day with you both!
  59. Wishing you all the best in your life together. You are blessed with genuine love, a gift you must cherish for a lifetime. Congratulations on your wedding!
  60. I wish for you, newlyweds, to always find a way to laughter. Laughter is the best cure to an angry wife! Congratulations!
  61. True love is hard to find so we you found it, it is your duty to keep it and nourish it. I hope that’s what you two would do. I wish you to always have the strength to fight the odds and find your way to each other no matter what. It’s always worth it.
  62. My wish is for the love in your marriage to continue growing. Marriage means nothing without love. So I hope your love grow stronger with every day, your friendship be endless, and may your life together be full of understanding and support. Congratulations on your wedding!
  63. To the newlyweds, if one day you wake up and everything seems so difficult, delight in the fact that you have each other to have and to hold forever. It is the most beautiful thing in the world to have someone to stay by your side in sickness and in health. Happy wedding day!
  64. You guys are the most beautiful example of true love. To be a part of this beautiful event is an honor to me. Best wishes!
  65. The moment you started dating each other, I knew you were a match made in heaven. I can almost feel your endless love for each other under my skin. I wish for you to always keep the same connection between you two. Congratulations on your wedding!
  66. All of us probably wants to have the perfect wedding. But I believe there is no perfect one. The only thing we can do is to make it last forever. My wish is for you to have a lasting and satisfying marriage in this lifetime. Have a happy married life ahead!
  67. Now that you’re married, I hope don’t you ever forget to make each other happy in every day of your new life. Life is much easier when you both are happy.
  68. You guys are such an amazing couple. I wish you to always have the strength to make your marriage work. I admire you and wish you all the best!
  69. Perhaps, the hardest part of marriage is to stay together when times get harder. But seeing you today, I wouldn’t bother about that. You’re doing great at loving and forgiving each other. I believe you have enough love for your marriage to work.
  70. Love is a beautiful thing and it’s more beautiful when two people share it. Thank you for reminding us what great love is. Congratulations to the newlyweds!
  71. An amazing couple like you is hard to beat! I honestly think that you are a match made in heaven! I wish you the best of all.
  72. I believe God has blessed the day the two of you met. He showered you with love that’s wild, enormous and absolutely amazing! I’m so happy you’re married!
  73. Your marriage, I think, is definitely meant to happen. You appear so insanely in love with each other. I am very happy for you guys!
  74. I genuinely feel a lot of emotions this day. It’s so wonderful to see you both embark on a new exciting journey. My deepest love and very best wishes to you both!
  75. Hi newlyweds! First, thank you for allowing us to watch you get married as we eat and drink! I’m wishing you lots of love and happiness. Be excellent to each other even if times get hard. Cheers to your happily ever after!
  76. My newlywed best friend, I wish for your love to bloom until your last breath. May goodwill and friendship always stay in your marriage! Let’s toast to the most wonderful wedding of the year!
  77. To the beautiful bride, thanks for the free booze! I wish you a long and happy marriage!
  78. It is my honor to be invited in a wedding full of genuine love. Thank you for sending the invites. I wouldn’t miss it for the world! Best wishes!
  79. I’m so happy to see a lovely couple finally get married. May your love bloom forever. Wishing you all the best!
  80. Congratulations on such a beautiful wedding! May your love story be as charming as the both of you!
  81. Happy wedding day! My wish is for you to remain as happy as you are today. Congratulations!
  82. My warmest congratulations to the newlyweds! May your marriage be blessed with everlasting love!
  83. I am happy to have witnessed a wedding as happy and bright as yours. I wish you well as you further your new life together!
  84. Congratulations to the newlyweds! My wish is that you both hold on tight to the love you have and nurture it until you grow. Never lose it. It’s a priceless piece of gem you can never find it elsewhere. I am happy for the both of you!
  85. If there’s one advice I can give for the newlyweds, that is to never let go of your love for each other. Congratulations on your wedding!
  86. I wish your wedding to be unforgettable and full of love as you start your new life as husband and wife. I wish nothing could go wrong on your special day and that you have a lasting marriage for life.
  87. Seeing you seal your love today made me believe in true love. You are an inspiration. I hope to find the same love like you two share. Happy wedding day!
  88. Two lovebirds stepping into a new life together is such a wonderful view. May your love last forever.
  89. My wish for you, bride and groom, is for your guys to spend your life like a never ending honeymoon. Congratulations!
  90. Loving each other unconditionally is probably what led you to this moment. I am so happy to see my best friend tie the knot with the man she loves. I am proud of you for making the right choice girlfriend. I hope you are enjoying your special day.
  91. Today, a new life begins for the both of you. I wish you lots of love and laughter. Congratulations on your wedding!
  92. On this special days, two hearts have joined to become one. My wish is for you to keep your heart linked to each other no matter what. Congratulations!
  93. Best wishes to a very beautiful couple! My heart melts as I see you pour your heart out for each other. You are so lucky to be together.
  94. Your wedding day is one of the most beautiful day you’ll remember for your entire life. My wish is for you to remember this event as a day full of love so you’ll be reminded how much love you have for each other when your marriage gets rough. Happy wedding day!
  95. You are two lucky souls to have experienced the miracle of love. My wish is for your luck to continue and for your marriage to be blessed with love until eternity.
  96. Best wishes! I pray for your love to grow every year your spend together. Congratulations on your wedding and good luck!
  97. Now that your hearts are joined as one, I wish for you to find more happiness and pleasure together. May your life be filled with only tenderness and love. Let’s toast to your happily ever after!
  98. After years of being together, I am happy to see you finally settle. I wish for you marriage to go smoothly. Because of you, I became a believer that real love does exist!
  99. You are the perfect picture of true love. I envy the kind of love your share! Happy wedding day!

100. Marriage is the beginning of a completely new way of life. I wish you go through each changes together without giving up on each other. Congratulations on such a happy wedding day!

101. Congratulations to the happy couple! Wishing you all the love and happiness that marriage brings!

102. To my best friend, I wish that the love you share today would be a strong knot to bind you during tough times. May you live a happily ever after.

103. My wish for the newlyweds is for you to remain caring and loving through the years. Good luck to your new life as one!

104. For the newlyweds, I hope you are having a really amazing day. May God bless you with a wonderful life together. Congratulations!

105. There’s only one wish I have for you, love birds. That is for you to keep the vow you made today. Keep loving each other until death do you part. Have a blessed marriage!

106. After you said I Do, I hope you realized that you are now one and not two. I wish you would never let each other down. Cheers to a happy forever!

107. For the groom, bro, you’re really lucky to have met the woman of your dreams. I wish for the both of you to overcome all the hardships that marriage brings. Keep your real genuine love and never give up on each other! Let’s toast to your lasting marriage!

108. Congratulations newlyweds! I wish for the both of you to remain young in love until old age. Continue being happy together. Have a blast for the rest of the night!

109. May your love be sweeter than your wedding cake. I wish you only the best!

110. In your eyes I see how much love you have for each other. Keep it up and never give up!

111. May your marriage be blessed with love and tenderness. Congratulations!

112. To the bride and groom, the love you share makes me think that your marriage is only bound to success. I am so glad to witness the unconditional love you have for each other. Congratulations on your wedding!

113. Today, you’re opening up a new chapter in your life. May the pages be filled with happiness and laughter. I hope you pack more happiness and joy as you embark on your marriage journey. Cheers!

114. Today is the day when two souls intertwine. And as you two become one, I wish you nothing but a blissful marriage and a future so bright and joyful! Happy wedding day!

115. Seeing your faces so happy and excited today is enough to prove your love for each other. I wish the smiles on your face would never change!

116. I wish your marriage would be as perfect and joyful as your wedding day. I hope you stay in love for eternity! Congratulations!

117. Today is the day when both your dreams would come true. I wish for you to be able to build an amazing and wonderful family!

118. Congratulations to the wonderful two of you! Your new journey begins today and there’s nothing I wish for than more love and tenderness in your marriage. Have a blast on your wedding day!

119. To my best friend, I know that it is your dream to tie the knot with your first love. I am so happy that your dream came true today. This calls for congratulations and probably champagne! Cheers!

120. Now that you’re married, I wish for your love to become stronger through the years and for you to share every possible kind of happiness to each other. Congratulations!

121. Before you go to your honeymoon, let me share you a recipe to marriage: a heap of love, a dash of humor, a touch of romance, and a spoonful of understanding. Memorize this recipe and may your marriage be blessed with an abundance of love and contentment! Happy wedding day!

122. My wish is for your love to forever grow. Congratulations to the perfect couple!

123. Wishing you a happy marriage that can withstand the storms of life. May your love be steadfast and strong. Congratulations!

124. Congratulations on finding each other! Wishing you joy and happiness on your wedding day. Your greatest adventure has just begun! It’s so exciting!

125.Congratulations to the love birds! May your wedding be filled with special memories you can treasure forever!

126. To the bride and groom, congratulations on tying the knot! My wish is for you to enjoy your honeymoon and to have millions of honeymoon nights until old age!

127. Happy wedding day! You guys are so great together. May your journey be bound to a happily ever after. I am so happy for you two!

128. A wedding is a beautiful thing. What makes it more beautiful is two love birds becoming one like you. Congratulations!

129. Wishing you a marriage filled with love and tenderness. From the first time you two met, I knew you were a match made in heaven. My heartfelt congratulations!

130. Let me send my warmest congratulations and love to the newlyweds. My only wish for your is to enjoy your first night as husband and wife!

131. Congratulations on your wedding day! Don’t forget that a married life can be tough so remember to pack more love and patience for every year you spend together. Best wishes!

132. Right now, I am really feeling so much joy for the two of you as your lives intertwine in marriage! Wishing you all the best!

133. Your marriage is a step forward into the future of being together. May your married life be inspiring and wonderful as your wedding day!

134. Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness and endless nights of sex and chocolates! Happy wedding day!

135. To the lovebirds, may your years ahead be filled with lasting joy. Let’s toast to a happy married life!

136. Hey bride and groom, let me send you my best wishes on this wonderful journey! I hope you put God in the center of your marriage as you build your new life together.

137. My best friend, thank you for letting me share in this wonderful day with you. I can never be happier for you. I wish you all the best in your new life as a wife and future mother!

138. Wishing you joy, love and tenderness as you take a step forward to your journey of forever. Enjoy your wedding day!

139. I only wish for your love today to continue shining through the years. I am glad to see you guys happy in love!

140. When you two are knotted as one, both families and friends share in oneness of their marital union; may this marriage be a bridge to usher happiness, peace and prosperity.

141. Today, a new book of your life as a couple has started. I pray that you fill your story with sweet pages of love and romance. Happy wedding day!

142. Marriage is one tough subject we all can’t perfect. But as you take your first step to this never ending journey, may you find hope and faith in each other’s arms along the way.

143. Wishing for your lives to be filled with laughter, smiles, kisses, hugs, respect understanding and faithfulness through the years. Good luck on your married life!

144. Congratulations beautiful couple! My wish is for you to always find more reasons to love each other as you wake up every morning. Let’s toast to more wonderful years together!

145. My wish is for you to honor and love your spouse no matter the odds. Congratulations on your beautiful wedding day!

146. Wishing you a long and happy marriage, my best friend. No couple is as perfect as you. I will pray for your happiness everyday.

147. Your marriage marks the end of your old love story. Now, you’re entering a new chapter of romance that you must cherish forever. Wishing you the very best of everything!

148. My best friend, I never thought I would feel this happy for you. Looking at your beautiful face in that gorgeous wedding dress reminds me of the joy I felt when I got married. I know exactly what you’re feeling right now and my only wish is for you to have that same level of happiness as you embark a new journey called married life.

149. Happy wedding day newlyweds! I know you’re excited to go on a honeymoon but let me first wish you a stress-free married life that’s filled with romance and sexy nights! Congratulations!

150. Marriage is a mix of happiness and sorrow. But I wish for your marriage to be filled with more comedy than melodrama.


Whether it’s your best friend, brother, sister, daughter or son getting married, preparing a short wedding wish is important to send them love and happiness as they take the first step to their married life. You may think your messages are something they would just forget after the wedding night but you might be wrong.

Wedding wishes are special and are surely appreciated by newly married couples. So the next time you are invited to a wedding, grab a pen and draft a genuine wedding wish!