Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles, Couples, and Everyone

Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day was not always the so-called Hallmark holiday it is today. Since the Middle Ages, Valentine’s Day has been a day for people to express affection towards one another By the 1800s, intricate gifts of flowers and lace came into play. Today there are more options than you can wrap your head around, so what should you do for Valentine’s Day?

There’s no right or wrong way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Your day is completely dependent on your individual style and situation. You may be the type to want to go out and do something special or celebrate at home in an intimate setting. Even single people have options to celebrate Valentine’s Day in their own way.

In this article, we’ll give you many great ideas to make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one. These include suggestions for your husband or wife as well as ways to treat yourself if you’re single. We even have a list of ideas if you’ve decided to enjoy the holiday at home. Let’s get started with the celebrations.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Wife

Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to show your wife how much you love and appreciate her. Any man can go out to the store and buy his wife jewelry for a gift, so you may want to do something a little more special. Here’s a short list of ways you can wow your wife and have her bragging to her friends for days.

Have a Rose Bouquet Delivered to Her Office

If your wife has to work on Valentine’s Day, surprise her by sending her a bouquet of roses. She will absolutely love this romantic gift from you. Her coworkers are sure to be impressed as well, and maybe a little jealous.

Send Her a Sweet Text

At some point during her day, send your wife a text reading “thinking of you”. You can follow it up an hour or so later with a little more intimate message if that’s your style. Whatever tells her she’s on your mind suffices.

Make a Sappy Social Media Post

Post something heartfelt for her on social media if you use one of its many platforms. You can be funny if you’d like, but make it something meaningful. Keep in mind this is public, so don’t post anything that could be embarrassing.

Take the Afternoon Off

If you have to go to work and your wife doesn’t, surprise her by taking half the day off. Sacrificing your work time for your wife will go a long way towards showing her just how much you care.

Have a Movie Night at Home

Need something a little lowkey to do on Valentine’s Day? Rent her favorite movie or pull it up on your computer. Let her choose the snack. Enjoy the movie together on the couch or in bed. After it ends, make out like teenagers.

Make Heart-Shaped Memories

Craft a heart-shaped memory for each month or year you’ve been with your wife. Write one reason you love her on each heart. You could make note of your first kiss or the birth of your first child. You could also go a more playful route and tell her she has an amazing booty.

Talk to Your Wife About Her Day

Ask your wife about her day at work. Listen to all of details as she tells you. Return the gesture by telling her about your day. Sharing with her like this will mean a great deal to her.

Get Her a Gift Card to Go Shopping

Here’s a fun idea. Buy your wife a gift card to her favorite clothing store. Don’t make the mistake of buying her clothes or lingerie yourself. No matter how long you’ve been together, you’ll probably never have a full grasp on her style. It’s better to let her make the choice herself.

Plan the Basics of a Vacation

Want to get away? Discuss the basics of a romantic vacation for the two of you. Then reveal these exciting plans on Valentine’s Day. Let your wife fill in the details you’ve left open with activities she’d like to do.

Do the Household Chores

It’s time to get busy. Take out the garbage and clean your house or apartment, and don’t forget to dust and do the dishes, too. This may not seem like much, but it’s hard for your wife to have a special day for herself when the trash is laying around. If you have plans for a big romantic gesture in the evening, finishing the chores early can make a world of difference.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Husband

Men have traditionally taken the reigns of Valentine’s Day celebration planning. They get the perfect gift, send flowers, and make dinner reservations at that exclusive restaurant. If you’re a woman looking to give your special guy a break, here are some ways you can surprise him for Valentine’s Day.

Leave a Surprise in His Bag

Give him something to smile about to by leaving a small surprise in your husband’s work bag. This could be a candy bar or a trinket of some kind. You could even leave a silly drawing of a sloth wearing running shoes. Why not, right? If none of these seem appropriate to you, just write a note saying how much you love and appreciate him.

Stage a Romantic Treasure Hunt

When your husband gets home from work, leave him a clue somewhere for a treasure hunt to start the evening. The clues can recall your first date, your first kiss, or where he proposed. The treasure at the end of the hunt can be whatever you want to make it.

Make or Order Breakfast in Bed

Start your husband’s day off with a bang with breakfast in bed. Make some heart-shaped pancakes or eggs and bacon along with some orange juice. If you’re really not a morning person, order out for breakfast and spend some time cuddled up together.

Let Your Husband Do Something He Enjoys

Your husband undoubtedly has something that he enjoys doing that you don’t really like. It could be spending time at a local driving range, watching sports, or playing poker with his friends. This year, give your man some time to do what he wants as part of a special Valentine’s Day surprise.

Book Something Once-in-a-Lifetime

If there’s something truly unique you know your husband would love, now’s the time to pull out the big guns and get it for him. This once-in-a-lifetime experience will make him the envy of all his friends.

Send Your Husband Something Funny Online

A simple but kind gesture, find the latest cute cat or dog video, a funny article he’d enjoy, or a meme that will make him laugh, and then send it to him. It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it brings a little bit of happiness.

Give a Back Rub

You don’t have to be a pro masseuse for this one. Skip the rose petals, lotions, and oils and just give your husband a back rub.He is certainly sure to appreciate it.

Stick Sweet Post-It Notes

Take some Post-It notes and write down heartfelt compliments and memories on each one. Hide the notes throughout the house. Leave them on his laptop, in a clothing drawer, attached to the microwave, and wherever else you want. You could even write some innuendos on one or two of them.

Remind Your Husband You’re Proud of Him

Few things make a man happier than knowing his wife is proud of him. Write down a list of things that make you delighted to be with your husband. Choose concrete reasons. Don’t be vague about your remarks.

Get Him That One Thing He Really Wants

Your husband has probably hinted at one time or another about something he really wants. It could be service for his car, the latest tech gadget, or something to help with fitness. Fulfilling his wish would make it an unforgettable Valentine’s Day in many ways.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Singles

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you have to be excluded from the Valentine’s Day festivities. As much as this day is a romantic holiday for couples, it can be just as much a celebration of self in many ways. Here are some unique activities you can do have a nice Valentine’s Day as a single person.

Take a Spa Day

Pamper yourself on Valentine’s Day by treating yourself to a self-care day. This could entail a trip to the spa, a yoga class, or even something like paddle-boarding lessons. Take some time to put yourself first because self-care is symbolic of love.

Spend Time with Loved Ones

If you have family members without plans, cheer them up by visiting. The love and support of those close to you is truly special and irreplaceable. Take this Valentine’s Day to celebrate these connections. Remember to cherish them every other day as well.

Do Some Self-Reflection

Take some time to think about the type of relationship you want for yourself in the future. Make sure you go beyond the surface of things. For instance, consider a future partner’s family relationships and living approach. Understanding what you want is the first step towards attracting it in your life.

Make the Day About You

Make Valentine’s Day your day to do whatever you want. Think of it as a time to something that makes you content and happy.

Treat Yourself to Something Special

If there’s something in stores or on Amazon you really want, use Valentine’s Day as an opportunity to get it. Don’t wait for someone else to get you something you want. As they say, treat yourself.

Celebrate Being Single

Change the perception you have of Valentine’s Day. Not being in a relationship now does not mean you won’t be in a relationship in the future. Being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing, either. After all, it gives you the time to focus on yourself, so take advantage of it.

Take Stock of Your Friends

Valentine’s Day is about both romantic and non-romantic kinds of love. Don’t forget about your friendships. These connections are precious and deserve to be celebrated. Maybe you organize a pot luck with a close group of friends or meet up at a favorite hangout spot. There are countless options.

Recognize Your Strength

Celebrate your courage to leave unhealthy relationships in the past. Take the day to reflect on yourself and recognize your own strength. Think about how past loves have helped to make you a better person now.

Pay It Forward

Valentine’s Day is the holiday of love, so pass the love along to others. After all, Valentine’s Day falls on the same week as National Random Acts of Kindness Day. Sometimes showing love to others – even those we don’t know – can be very fulfilling.

Empower Yourself

Recognize your own power and remember to love yourself, especially on Valentine’s Day. The love you get from others is directly tied to the love you give yourself. Take the day to exercise self-love. Make sure to be positive and fill your mind with self-affirming thoughts.

Valentine’s Day Ideas for Teachers

Your child and the rest of their classmates might want to do something special for a teacher on Valentine’s Day. Any gifts you give should be cutesy and fun instead of romantic. No one wants to accidentally give off the wrong impression. Try any of these awesome gift ideas!

Gift Card

If each of the students pitches in a few dollars, they should be able to afford a gift card for $25 to $50. That’s enough for a favorite teacher to get himself or herself something nice on Valentine’s Day.

Restaurant Voucher

Although it can be a little more expensive, a restaurant voucher or dining gift card is another great idea. This way, the teacher can treat themselves and another loved one to a nice meal at a restaurant. Parents might want to pitch in for some of the cost so the voucher is $50 or up. This way, it feeds two people.

Movie Tickets

A night at the movies is always fun! Your child and their peers could buy the teacher two tickets to a movie that’s coming out. Just make sure you know what kinds of movies the teacher enjoys for this gift to be a success. Otherwise, a movie ticket gift card is just as good.

Small Box of Chocolates

The candy route is always appreciated, but children shouldn’t go overboard. A small box of chocolates is a nice gesture and one the teacher will be very happy to receive.

Homemade Card from the Class

Instead of spending money, children can go the homemade route. If everyone takes the time after school to work on a nice card for the teacher, this will surely make Valentine’s Day much more special.

Bouquet of Flowers

Finally, you can’t go wrong with flowers. Since roses have romantic connotations, it’s better to purchase different flowers instead. Many lovely varieties are in full bloom in February, such as colorful water lilies, the multicolored zinnia, or pretty red amaryllis.

Valentine’s Day Ideas at Home

If you don’t make your dinner reservations weeks in advance, you may be waiting for a table for hours on Valentine’s Day. Perhaps you’re one of the unlucky folks who finds themselves in that situation. Maybe you’ve decided rather than go out, you want to do something special for Valentine’s Day at home. Here are some ideas to make the night one to remember.

Create the Atmosphere

Set the mood for the evening with candles, flowers, and other small decorations. Aim for a fancy restaurant vibe with dinner. Think multiple courses or a fondue selection. Try to recreate the atmosphere of the restaurant at your dining room table. Dress up in your best clothes for the finishing touch.

Have an Indoor Picnic

For a night that’s a bit more relaxed, spend your evening together on the living room floor. Set up an air mattress and have a picnic-style dinner there.

Set up a Ballroom at Home

Turn the living room into a fancy ballroom. Move your furniture out of the way, set up a playlist, and dance like it’s prom night or your wedding night. If you don’t know how to dance, watch some video tutorials alone or take the night to learn together.

Relive Your Wedding Day

Take a little time from the evening to look back through your wedding album. Seeing these wedding photos or watching your wedding video could restart old romantic fires. If you plan on doing this, have some champagne on hand and treat it as a small celebration.

Have a Dessert Cook-off

Take turns finding a dessert recipe you’d like to try and have a dessert cook-off. Make your desserts side by side in the kitchen, but don’t treat it as a race. When the desserts are done, taste test both to see which one you think is better. If you aren’t feeling the idea of a competition, then bake some something together.

Nerf Gun Fight

Make the night a bit more fun and active by having a Nerf gun fight. Sneaking around the house trying to shoot each other with Nerf darts could be a lot of fun and only a little painful. You would just have to decide with your husband or wife what the winner gets as a prize. This is a great way to bring out your inner child.

Reread Your Old Messages

Do you still have texts, emails, or letters from when you first started dating? Valentine’s Day could be the perfect time to sit down together and read through these old memories. Looking back, parts of these exchanges may be extra sweet or even make you laugh. Enjoy the moment together.

Play Video Games Together

Gamer couples can stay in on Valentine’s Day and play their favorite video games together. This is a fun way to be competitive from the comfort of your couch.

Enjoy the Sunset

Watch the sun set from your porch with some hot chocolate or tea. There’s nothing like sitting next to the person you love most as the sun goes down. You can set up a campfire after dark, wrap yourselves in a warm blanket, and just enjoy each other’s company.

Valentine’s Day Game Ideas

Valentine’s Day is a time for romance and excitement. Put some fun in your day by playing games with your sweetheart, family, or friends.

You may be hosting a party and need ideas for games. You could also be looking for something you can do with that one special someone. Check out these games that may be exactly what you’re looking for.

All Paired Up

This game is great for both kids’ parties as well as adult parties. All Paired Up can act as an icebreaker for singles as well.

The premise is simple. Cut hearts out of construction paper and then slice them in half down the middle. Try to make each cut different from the one before. All of the halves are then placed into a bowl and as each guest arrives, they take a half. Throughout the party, guests have to search for who has the other half of their heart. Cute, right?

Who’s Who?

Who’s Who is a party game intended for movie buffs. All the game requires are some Post-It notes and a pen.

Write the title of a movie on each Post-It note. As guests begin to arrive at your party, they get a Post-It note stuck to their back. Your guests have no idea which movie they have. Throughout the night, guests ask each other questions to try and determine what their movie is. Theme the game for Valentine’s Day by using romantic movies.

Name the Love Song

Name the Love Song works in a similar fashion to Who’s Who. For this game, write down a few lines of classic love songs on pieces of paper. Start the game when your guests are mostly sitting in the same general area and chatting.

You can either give everyone a piece of paper with song lyrics on it or have someone pull them from a hat. Each party guest takes turns reading the lyrics in a highly dramatic fashion. The guests will try to guess the song titles, and the one with the most correct answers at the end wins.

Red Hands

If you’re looking for a game you can play with your significant other, Red Hands is a mobile game that runs on a single device. The game plays similarly to a classic game of Chicken.

Players sit on opposite sides of the screen. One acts as the attacker while the other is a defender. The attacker taps their side of the screen to slap the hand of the defender. The defender taps their side of the screen to try and dodge the attacker’s slaps. Hope you two are feeling competitive!


Just like Red Hands, Bounden is a mobile game that two people play on one device. Each person takes hold of one end of the phone, but both parties need to work together.

Using the pretext of dance, you tilt the device as you spin, twirl, and move your body to follow a path of rings on-screen. The game includes video tutorials featuring the Dutch National Ballet. There are eight different dance videos in total to try with your partner.

Related Questions

What is the most popular Valentine’s Day candy? Reader’s Digest says the most popular Valentine’s Day candy in America is Conversation Hearts. Over eight billion Conversation Hearts are manufactured in preparation for February 14th. Just over 10 percent of Valentine’s Day candy sales are for Conversation Hearts. Heart-shaped boxes of chocolate come in second at 9.6 percent.

How much does the average person spend on Valentine’s Day? According to the National Retail Federation, in a 2017 article published on ABC News, Valentine’s Day spending in 2017 exceeded $18.2 billion. That figure averaged out to $136.57 spent per person. The NRF estimated that 54 percent of Americans celebrated the holiday that year.

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