How to Become the Generous Husband That Your Wife Needs

It is easy to say that you are a husband who is generous to your wife. I used to think that way, too. I used to see myself as a husband who gave everything to my wife.

But what is everything? We often see material things as the only things that are needed by our wives. Yes,they are important. But being generous means giving all that you can to your loving partner. You can read the list below to find out the ways on how you can become a generous husband that your wife really needs:

How to Become the Generous Husband That Your Wife Needs

Let’s start with the basics.

We should keep in mind that being husband means giving all that our wives need. Abraham Maslow is one of the well-known psychologists who developed the pyramid or hierarchy of needs. According to him, the first level is the basic or physiological needs. These include food,water, warmth, and sex.

The basic needs must be satisfied first before fulfilling the other needs. We can be a generous husband by providing all of these to our wives.

Food, water

When it comes to food, most men are not that picky. We can eat almost anything that is served in front of us. But when it comes to women, it gets harder and harder each day, right? The key here is patience, understanding, and nature of giving. Since we generally do not have a preference of what and where to eat, you can be generous to her by giving her the first choice of what food to eat and what restaurant she likes to eat in.

What if she lets you decide? This is where patience comes in. There is no unique way to do this. You just have to give her the first restaurants that come to mind and hope that she agrees right away. Do not ever make this an issue. A generous husband is loving, giving and patient to his spouse.


Warmth is basically the shelter that you live in. We need to provide shelter for our family. How will a generous husband approach this? By having her decide on the design, the furniture, and other interior allocation of your home. The structural integrity will, of course, come from you. You will ensure the stability and strength of the material and structure of the house.

But when it comes to the interior, a generous husband will gladly talk with his wife about the designs, furniture, and appliances to be purchased. Being generous does not mean going overboard with everything that she requests from you. Being generous is talking to her about her needs, knowing the priorities, and providing for her. You can communicate with her regarding the order of purchase and the ones that will be settled later.


Oftentimes, we think that it is to our advantage that we have sex. To a certain point, yes. Husbands love sex. And we will happily oblige our own wives to meet this need.

But women are wired differently when it comes to sex. Men, generally, are aroused visually. This means that husbands easily get excited by what we see. Wives, however, become sexually activated by emotional and physical activities other than the visuals.

According to Psychology Today, we should focus more on the arousal rather than the orgasm. To reach the peak of orgasm, you must understand that you should bring the wife to a state of arousal. This arousal can last for minutes or even the whole day.

As husbands, it is our job to meet this sexual need of our wives. The first thing that you have to do is talk to your wife about it. How is she stimulated? What does she want you to do? What is the thing that prevents her from reaching her arousal peak? Take note of these and make sure that you apply them in your next love-making session.

You should also be sensitive to her responses while you are doing the deed. She may not say it, but her body will not lie. Recognize the positive reactions that she has. If she is enjoying something that you are doing, be generous and maximize her arousal by doing it to her regularly.

Now that you have given her the basic needs, it is time to do an extra effort to be a more generous husband to your wife.

Here are some other things you can do to make her happy.

1.Tell her that she looks beautiful everyday.

I often find myself at a loss for words when my wife suddenly asks me if she looks beautiful or not. My normal response to her question is, “Yes, sure honey. You look gorgeous!” And the following scene will be something like my wife telling me that she is not appreciated anymore and she no longer looks great.

You may agree with me or not, but the fact of the matter is, your wife is not what she used to be when you were first together. She may have gotten older. She may have changed. But this is still the woman that you married. She is still the most beautiful woman in the world for you. Don’t ever forget that.

Compliment her every time you get a chance. If she is wearing new perfume, say something nice about it. If she is wearing new clothes, compliment them. Be intentional when it comes to flattering and praising your wife’s look. It is for you that she makes herself look good.

2.Give her a massage.

There’s nothing like a good massage in the home, right? Take your massage skills to the next level by doing it at least once a month to your spouse. You can do it before you have breakfast or before you go to sleep. She will definitely appreciate the gesture, especially if you do not usually do this to her.

3.Give her the remote.

One of our most prized possessions in the house is the remote control. Once we get home, all we want is to watch our favorite TV show or sport. But if you want to be a generous husband, you must prioritize her needs first. If she wants to watch other channels, give her the remote and let her choose the show that she wants.

4.Surprise her with her favorite snack.

Great things come in small packages. Your wife will surely see you as a generous husband if you give her the snack that she always wants to eat. Coming from work, pass by the restaurant or grocery store where she usually buys the snack and make sure to give it to her the very first minute that you come home.

5.Forget about petty arguments.

A generous husband will just let some arguments go. Clothes that are not washed or ironed, calls that have been missed, forgotten grocery items—these arguments should be immediately disregarded and not prolonged.

6.Let her have the last piece.

Whether it is French fries, a bag of chips, or a set of tacos, you should just let her have the last bite. Make her feel satisfied with the food that you are sharing with her.

7.What’s yours is hers.

Always tell her that everything you own is also hers. When you buy food, she can always eat it whenever she wants. If she likes to use the car, don’t let anything stop her from going where she needs to be.

8.Allow her to go out with her friends.

You can be a generous husband if you allow her to spend time with her family and friends. She needs some time to be with the people that she loves other than you. It also gives her the freedom to do the things that she was doing before you became husband and wife.

9.Thank her.

Being married can make us accustomed to our wives doing things for us without having the need to thank them. But saying thanks can still make her feel appreciated. Don’t forget to thank her for every meal she cooks, every chore she does, and every gift she buys for you.

10.Support her dreams.

You should know the dreams and aspirations of your wife. Ask her about her personal goals, her dreams, and her aspirations in life. Support her in the things that she wants to have and become.  Don’t let married life prevent her from reaching her lifelong ambitions and desires.

11.Give a gift even if there is no occasion.

The best surprises are those that are presented with no special occasion at all. That is because they are really unexpected! It does not have to be expensive. It is the thought that counts.

12.Forgive her.

A generous husband is someone who does not hold back on forgiveness. Married life is full of mistakes, hurts and missed expectations. But is also a relationship full of love and compassion. Don’t let quarrels get in the way of your marriage. Forgive her when she has done something wrong.


These are just a few ways of becoming a generous husband to your wife. Make her enjoy her married life more by being the kind partner that she needs. Keep in mind that being generous means providing for her, giving her time and space, and allowing her to be herself even in marriage.