16 Best Garage Floor Mats Reviews and Buying Guide

The Best Garage Floor Mats

Remodeling an entire garage floor space is not a realistic cost option for many homeowners, but thankfully, garage floor mats do the job of adding protection (and smartening up the appearance of a dull, concrete floor) for a fraction of the budget. No two mats are made the same either, so whether you need a heavy-duty surface to park your car or a soft-to-the-touch texture for your newly converted gym, then a lot of the current floor mat designs out there have you covered.

One that we believe fits the bill as a versatile, all-rounder garage floor mat is the Armor All AAGFMC20 Charcoal 20′ x 7’4″ Garage Floor Mat which comes in various sizes for a more customizable fit in your garage space. As it’s both lightweight and ultra durable, it’s also a multifunctional garage flooring option that will last many years.

In this guide, we’ll look at the pros and cons of the following garage floor mats:

16 Garage Floor Mat Reviews

1. Armor All AAGFMC20 Charcoal 20′ x 7’4″ Garage Floor Mat

This 20 by 7ft 4 inch floor mat is one of five size options in the Armor All brand of garage floor mats, which makes this a truly customizable flooring option for homeowners. This size can perfectly accommodate most vehicles, making it a popular choice for the majority of buyers needing to protect their floors against all the elements dragged in after a long winter drive.The fact that these can be seamlessly cut to size (with a guarantee of no fraying) means these are a dream to work with, whether you plan to use these for large parking mats or as a way to cover up a small patch of damaged floor.

We also love that the Armor All mats look soft enough to walk on barefoot while having all the resilience to absorb rain, oil melted snow and everything in between. Whatever weather your car tires drag into your garage, these tough and super-durable fabric mats with waterproof backing won’t disappoint.


  • Super absorbent
  • Attractive carpet-like surface with waterproof backing
  • Suitable for heavy-duty use
  • 5 sizes to choose from
  • Cut to size without fraying
  • Easy to clean


  • Corners may roll up upon first use

2. Drymate Max MAXGMC17 Garage Floor Mat

Similar to the Armor All style of garage mats, this is a fabric floor mat that can handle all the rainwater and liquids thrown at it and it will do a pretty good job of ensuring they stay absorbed in the mat and not spilling on to your garage floor.

Compared to previous Drymate Max carpets, the MAXCMC17 is thankfully made a lot thicker for greater absorption and protection. The mat’s surface material is perhaps one thing the manufacturers should have perfected a tad more, however, since the fibers are quite stringy and tend to easily trap small leaves and debris. As a result, vacuuming the DryMate floor mat may not always achieve flawless results.Somewhat difficult maintenance aside, this is an attractive and absorbent floor mat for the price. Equally adept to handle car run-off and to protect epoxy flooring in your garage for as long as possible – if your epoxy floor coating is brand new, just make sure that the epoxy has fully cured as the floor mat’s bonded backing may stick to the floor when the epoxy is still tacky.


  • Waterproof
  • Ultra durable
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable


  • Hard to clean
  • On the smaller side

3. HDX 7.5 ft. x 14 ft. Diamond Black Universal Garage Flooring

This HDX Diamond Black garage flooring may only be mimicking the appearance of textured metal with its diamond groove design, but as floor mats go, it is also made of similarly tough stuff.

The HDX floor mat is made with formulated polyvinyl, making it extra sturdy and built to handle even the heaviest of 4 by 4 wheels rolling over it on a daily basis. The high quality polyvinyl is also resistant to a lot of the toxins you tend to find in garages – making it an ideal choice for workshop environments with paints and other substances.Unlike other mats that arrived rolled, this mat easily lays out flat without curling on you and has a surprisingly sturdy nature considering it is only 1/8 of an inch thick. It stays in place effectively on its own, but if you want your HDX floor mat to be a permanent fixture in your garage, you can always glue it down for extra security with an acrylic vinyl based adhesive or tape down the edges with double-sided acrylic tape.


  • Durable, hard-wearing designed
  • Stays in place, doesn’t slip
  • Suitable for heavy-duty needs
  • Multi-purpose


  • Tricky to cut to size

4. TruContain Containment Mat for Snow Ice Water and Mud -Garage Floor Mat (7’9″x16′)

This TruContain Containment mat does as promised by catching mud, snow and rainwater run-off and keeping it contained within the mat (and not on your bare concrete or epoxy garage floor).

The 7 ft 9 by 16 ft mat is made with a heat-welded 23oz PVC-infused fabric (1.18 inches thick) to ensure a flexible yet robust design and the 1.25 inch high edges make sure unwanted elements stay where they should.Since this PVC infused mat is essentially one giant waterproof covering, cleaning and maintaining your floor mat couldn’t be easier, so when mud tracks and slush have got it looking particularly filthy, simply take it outside and hose it down.

A separate floor squeegee that comes with the mat can help with removing the excess water when you clean it too. As much as the TruContain mat gives off the appearance of a section of tarp, the raised foam tubing around the edges and overall heavyweight design make this a high quality piece of tarp if ever we saw one and an affordable form of protection for your floors.


  • Super easy to clean
  • Universal grey color
  • Built for all-weather use
  • Inexpensive


  • Tends to wrinkle/ curl up

5. AutoFloorGuard AFG7916 Black 7’9″ x 16′ AFG Compact Size Containment mat

This AutoFloorGuard containment mat is a welcome upgrade from its previous model that promises to catch everything your car can throw at it – from oil and grime to thick mud and snow run-off.

This sturdier model of AutoFloorGuard containment mat has gone through extensive testing to bring out a mat of heavier optimized fabric material with improved durability and wrinkle reduction, so your mat can keep its appearance use after use.Despite its tough commercial grade fabric material, the AutoFloorGuard rolls out as easily as a yoga mat, so installing one in your garage can be done in a matter of minutes. Unlike rubber containment floor mats, this won’t fade as quickly overtime – even after trapping numerous water and dirt leaks.

A noticeable downside, however, is how inconvenient this can be to clean, since the turned up corners can collect a lot of moisture, there is a slight risk of mold and mildew forming, so users need to be prepared to clean this mat a tad more regularly than others.


  • Highly-absorbent fabric surface
  • Attractive reduced-wrinkle appearance
  • Absorbent inner-foam collects fluids to prevent leaks


  • Hard to clean
  • Limited warranty
  • Takes a while to dry out

6. IncStores Nitro Commercial Grade Garage Flooring Rolls Coin & Diamond Roll Out Utiliy Floor Mats

Not all homeowners can afford to have corner-to-corner garage flooring installed, but IncStores have made it possible for those on a budget to protect their floors without breaking the bank.

If you’re in the market for a floor mat that covers more than just the space of your parked car, these commercial grade floor rolls are an ideal choice for covering as wide an area of your garage space as possible, and you can purchase the larger sized rolls or fit multiple mats side by side.These Nitro Commercial grade floor rolls come in a variety of colors and a choice of coin or diamond texture cuttings to provide much-needed friction on an otherwise smooth and thoroughly waterproof surface. The larger sized rolls cover as much as several hundred square feet so you are getting an incredible amount of coverage and protection for your garage floors for the price.

The cost of these premium grade rolls aren’t cheap, but these are a significant saving compared with the cost of a professionally installed epoxy floor coating.


  • Great value compared with competitor roll-out flooring
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Available in 2 anti-slip coin and diamond designs
  • 7 year warranty


  • Thinner and more expensive than other floor mats

7. ProsourceFit Puzzle Exercise Mat, EVA Foam Interlocking Tiles, Protective Flooring for Gym Equipment and Cushion for Workouts

If single floor mats and rugs aren’t your thing, these incredibly versatile interlocking puzzle tiles could be a great option for protecting – or maybe just revamping – your floor space. And best of all, they’re suitable for use anywhere you need them, not just in the garage.

This type of tile flooring looks equally at home in the gym or a children’s play area as it does in a garage workshop, and this is the thanks to the gentle EVA foam cushioned material that’s made for living spaces.As their name suggests, the ProSourceFit Puzzle mats fit together as easily as fitting jigsaw pieces together (your little ones may even be able to help you out with the installation it’s that easy!).

And once these are in place, the high-density foam material not only protects the floor from spillages or heavy-duty gym equipment (or kids from hard floor surfaces for that matter), it also absorbs noise, which is perfect for reducing the volume on your husband’s gym workout or your kid’s raucous birthday party! For an affordable and super mobile form of home flooring, this is hard to beat.


  • Simple assembly
  • Noise-reducing
  • Water-resistant
  • Non-slip when in place
  • Multi-purpose flooring


  • Surface texture isn’t the softest

8. Performance Tool W88980 Anti-Fatigue Grip Mat Roll (SM) (12 square feet)

These Performance Tool mats are great for lending a bit of protection and added comfort to garage floors, but they can work equally well in other utility areas of the home, such as the laundry room or kitchen when housework requires you to be on your knees for long periods.

This particular rolled mat covers 12 square feet which can be ideal for setting up next to designated work areas in your garage workshop or basement, but these can be cut to any size and also comes in rolls that cover 30 square feet.Owing to the highly durable 12mm EVA foam material, these Anti-Fatigue grip mats never tire of whatever they come into contact with – heavy vehicles, oil or rainwater. The high-density material also helps to keep noise to a minimum which is perfect if you like to spend every hour God sends in your garage workshop.

As its name suggests, this mat can certainly put up with a lot without wearing away and the diamond cut texture even lends a more attractive finish compared to similar floor mats.


  • Reduces noise
  • Highly durable 12mm thick material
  • Water-resistant
  • Easily cut to size


  • Unpleasant smell fresh out of the package

9. New Pig 25201 Universal Light-Weight Absorbent Mat Roll

Busy DIY-ers and on the go families don’t need the extra hassle of cleaning off every stain and spill in the garage, which is why this super absorbent floor mat acts like a sponge and does half the clean-up duties for you.

The New Pig mat comes in rolls measuring 50 ft in total, but you can trim these down to any size your need for your garage, thanks to the handy perforations along every 10 inches of the material which make cutting to size even simpler than with other floor mats.Just because this roll of mat has conveniently perforated sections though, this isn’t to say the New Pig is a weak performer. Lightweight and easy to customize it may be, but this is a thoroughly absorbent and durable floor mat (eight layers worth of durable polypropylene holding it together to be precise) so even when its completely soaked in rainwater or oil, this mat still won’t fall apart on you.

As fantastic as it is at holding in large amounts of liquid, these New Pig mats aren’t the toughest when it comes to bearing the repeated tread of car tires, but for lightweight short-term floor protection, these are top notch.


  • Super simple to cut to size
  • Quick absorbing effect
  • Reduces clean-up time


  • Not suited for heavy duty use

10. Pro Lift C-5006 Foldable EVA Mat – Anti Fatigue EVA Foam Sheet (6 fold) – Great for Garage, Picnicking, Gardening, Camping and Outdoor Activities, Black/Red

It’s important to say right out of the gate that this foldable mat was not built for heavy duty use like resting heavy gym equipment on and certainly not for bearing the weight of parked vehicles. However, for what it was designed for, the foldable Pro Lift mat is a great little accessory to have around your home and garage space.

When rested out flat, this EVA foam mat makes for a great resting mat outdoors during picnics or for camping, but its unique 6-fold feature also makes this a super versatile leaning pad (and stool) to make DIY jobs a little less of a chore.The Pro Lift is made up of six foldable blocks to vary the thickness, comfort and height levels needed for jobs around the home, so whether you need a kneel rest for car repair work in your garage or a comfy makeshift stool while pulling out weeds in the garden, this is the little helper you’ve been looking for.

The tough yet cushioned EVA foam material is also shock and water resistant, making it simple to clean and maintain if and when accidents happen!


  • Versatile multi-purpose mat
  • Tough impact-resistant material
  • Waterproof
  • Foldable and portable


  • Small surface area
  • Not sited for heavy duty use

11. KALASONEER Oil Spill Mat,Absorbent Oil Mat Reusable Washable,Contains Liquids, Protects Driveway Surface,Garage or Shop,Parking,Floor(36inches x 60inches)

A lot of the garage floor mats in this list promise to be able to handle oil spills, but few floor mat varieties have made this a key feature of their function. So what makes the KALASONEER oil spill mat stand out from its rival absorbent floor mats?

In all honesty, there are no drastically unique absorbing powers here – this spill mat has a superb waterproof layer that holds in sizeable quantities of oil and other pesky solvents to ensure they don’t stain the floor beneath.However, this is certainly one of the more aesthetically pleasing designs of high-absorbing garage floor mats out there. This mat has the appearance of carpet like fabric, which stands out from the rugged rubber mats on the market.

It can also be easily trimmed to size if you need to isolate one part of your garage for protection. If you’re after a more attractive floor mat to carry out oil changes and similarly messy car maintenance work than other leading brands of absorbent mats then the KALASONEER is a fine choice.


  • Catches and contains oil and other liquid spills
  • Non-slip, non-skid backing
  • Easy to clean-up Attractive appearance
  • Great value for the size


  • Comparatively thin material

12. Drymate MMC5472 Maintenance Mat, 54″ x 72″, Charcoal

The Drymate Maintenance mat is not built to absorb large quantities of liquid (and is certainly not large or durable enough to take the weight of a parked car). But if you’re on the lookout for a budget price mat that allows you to work in comfort, then the Drymate does the job.

This is a basic, reliable maintenance mat that does as described and allows you to carry out repair work on cold hard concrete, wet ground or uneven and uncomfortable surfaces. The sift fabric surface keeps you dry whilst the waterproof backing ensures wherever you’re working, you’ll stay securely in place.The DryMate’s attractive charcoal color and carpet-like fabric surface makes this one of the better looking maintenance mats on the market, and certainly one of the more convenient styles too.

At just 54 by 72 inches and super lightweight in its design, the DryMate can be rolled up with ease and isn’t too bulky to store in your car when it’s not in use. It may not be the thickest of mat material, but the DryMate is reassuringly puncture-resistant, as well as being soft enough to lean and lie on for long periods.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable and puncture-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Multi-purpose
  • Attractive charcoal color


  • Thin material

13. Speedway Garage Tile Interlocking Garage Flooring 6 LOCK Diamond Tile Silver 25 pack

While the EVA foam interlocking tiles on this list work fine for casual light duty use, these Speedway Garage tiles are what you’ll need if you’re after long-lasting tiles that can handle the pressure of heavyweight objects – from heavy-duty tools and gym equipment to parked cars.

Interlocking tiles can be notoriously hit and miss with homeowners where garage flooring is concerned since tiles can’t always be relied upon to fit securely with one another, but you’ll be pleased to know that this is where the Speedway 6 lock tiles differ.Rather than simply ‘jigsawing’ together, the Speedway Garage tiles are kept in place with the secure 6 tab lock system to ensure no sliver of daylight is left between each tile for a more professional and finished look.

The close grid connection of the Speedway tiles also makes mold and mildew less likely to grow between them compared with other looser styles of interlocking tiles. These are an attractive and versatile floor design for your garage and while not the cheapest option, the high rolling weight capacity and easy setup make these a worthwhile purchase.


  • Convenient interlocking structure
  • Non-slip design
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Diamond cut texture for extra friction


  • Pricey compared to other floor mat options

14. Club Clean Floor Protector – Garage Mat – Floor Mat – Keep your floors clean! Size: 5ft by 8ft

At 5 ft by 8 ft this garage mat was never going to cover the entire length of a standard vehicle in your garage (with the exception of motorbikes and golf carts perhaps!), but this does a great job of protecting your floors as advertised by ensuring no spills leak through and ensuring that floors remain stain and grime-free wherever things tend to get messiest.

This floor mat is made from a protective layer of woven microfiber bonded to an impermeable membrane to ensure everything from car oil to battery acid spills stay absorbed within the mat.Perhaps you’ve noticed unwelcome stains or discoloration beginning to form in a certain part of the garage such as where you keep your yard tools or where the compost or garbage cans usually gather?

These simple but effective Club Clean Floor protectors can spruce up tired-looking areas and protect corners of your garage from further damage. Since these can be trimmed to size, they can be used under your car to catch oil spills during repairs or simply add some TLC to a designated area that needs it.


  • Easy installation
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Leak-proof material
  • Simple to wash/clean
  • Easily cut to size


  • Limited size

15. SuperMats SuperLock Heavy Duty Weightlifting Mat

These ultra resilient SuperMats rubber tiles are mainly intended as a hard-wearing gym floor solution, but these would also be strong enough to take the weight of a standard sized car too.

In fact, customers have commented on the surprisingly minimal signs of wear and tear after multiple years of heavy duty use from both fitness apparatus and the use of a car. But as its name recommends to us, these tiles come in handy as more than a budget car mat.If you’ve always had plans to convert your garage or basement into a gym, then these interlocking tiles are the simple and cost-effective way to do it. Since they come in puzzle piece tiles, you don’t need to commit to installing an entire floor’s worth – only the space you need-  and voila, you have a durable, sound-canceling and shock resistant mat to practice on (and occasionally drop!) your dumbbells without causing any damage to the floors.


  • Durable commercial grade rubber construction
  • Suitable for heavy duty use
  • Can withstand the weight of a parked car
  • Virtually seamless interlocking system


  • Composite rubber can flake off with use
  • Strong chemical smell fresh out of the packaging

16. Maxsa Innovations 37358 Park Right 21″ x 11″ x 2″ Parking Mat, Black

Many of the car mats on this list are portable by their design, but if you’re in need of a small ultra portable parking mat that helps you park safely and securely in your garage then this is all you really need.

This is the ideal purchase for vehicle owners on a budget that perhaps doesn’t stretch to a full-length floor mat – sometimes simplicity is the key to safety when it comes to parking your car and this Maxsa Innovations parking mat fits that description perfectly.The double bumpers of this non-slip mat help you park in confidence by letting you know when your car is in the right position. These mats are also designed to accommodate most sized tires from standard saloon cars to SUV’s and other large vehicles.

The reflective strip aids with visibility when parking in dim light and the raised edge tray-like design in between the parking bumpers collects rainwater and other run-off from tires to leave your floors with minimal mess. The Maxsa parking mats also come in bright red and yellow varieties if you need them to stand out even better (or maybe even to match your equally bright garage décor!)


  • Fits the majority of tires
  • Anti-drip tray feature
  • Reflective strip
  • Helps prevent skid marks
  • Perfect for homeowners on a tight budget


  • Small size
  • Would require purchase of 4 for all tires

What to Consider

Everything from the size of the mat to how you install it will affect your total costs, so make sure you consider the following per your budget and design plans:

Mat Thickness

Standard garage floor mats are usually 1/2 an inch thick whilst the heavy-duty floor mats tend to be 3/4 of an inch thick. Generally, the thicker the floor mat, the better quality and higher performance for withstanding the weight and movement of vehicles. Standard thickness floor mats though are perfectly suited for garage workshops, living spaces or converted gyms.

Mat Sizes

No-one has identical garage dimensions to their neighbor which is why most floor mat styles come in rolls and mats that can be cut to size to accommodate your space. Do you need to cover a specific area of your garage floor i.e. the size of a parking space or do you want a complete overhaul of your space? Depending on your design plans, you may only need a single rug or a pack of interlocking tiles if you want to cover a larger area.

Installing Mats

Installing your garage floor mat may be as simple as laying a new rug down (or several rugs next to each other) in which case labor is pretty minimal. If you need to cut your mat to size to meet specific measurements, however, then you may find it easier to have a second person assist you in trimming floor mats to size or helping to connect floor tiles safely and securely.

Generally though, garage floor mat installation can be a fuss-free one-person job.


The majority of garage floor mats are affordable, but you may find that mats made with commercial grade strength and durability will cost a little more.

Different styles of mats cater to different purposes and will vary in price, but whichever floor mat style you choose, it’s important that – irrespective of cost – to pick one with a non-slip design to prevent accidents. Whatever your budget, be sure to pick a floor mat that is at least non-slip and waterproof.

Is This a Long-term Investment?

Most garage floor mats are made with durable materials that are expected to endure spills and general wear and tear, so yes, these should be a long-term purchase. Garage floor mats are also designed to be easy to clean so that you can simply wash and dry them for repeated use. Super durable floor mats should be waterproof, shock absorbing and retain their texture and appearance with repeated use.

Benefits Of Garage Floor Mats

With pre-installed garage floorings such as an epoxy finish or fixed tiles, there is no going back, but the great thing about garage floor mats is their versatility. Just roll them up and move them if you want a change.

Plus, if you take good enough care of them, you can even take them with you when you move into your next home, so they’re a great investment in the long run! Here are some other benefits to having garage floor mats:

Non-slip – floor mats are designed to stay in place once they’re laid down so that they can not only take the weight of a moving vehicle without skidding, but so you can be confident you and your family won’t skid or trip up on an uneven surface.

Absorb sound – unlike an epoxy or hardwood flooring finish, adding garage mats (of varying thickness) will effectively soundproof your garage floors. Dense materials like vinyl, rubber and foam are perfect sound absorbers, as they help to isolate the clattering sounds of footsteps and other noises – perfect for homeowners with a workshop or drum kit in the garage!

Hides cracks and stains – the cost of filling in cracks and chips in your garage floor can add up immensely, whereas floor mat achieves an instant seamless look, and provides a great cover-up for stains that can’t be fixed in a hurry, so guests and neighbors can be none the wiser to your unseemly garage floor.

Easy to clean – when spillages and stains occur, garage floor mats can be removed and hosed down away from your garage (sparing your car and garage tools the risk of corrosion and rust each time you need to wash the floors). Many floor mat varieties are water-resistant and help to absorb oil and other spills before this reaches your base garage floor.

Good looks – floor mats give you the option to switch up your décor style without committing to a luxury price. Some mats come in heavy-duty rough textures, but many have an attractive professional appearance, not dissimilar to the kind you might see in a car showroom.

Types of Garage Floor Mats

Floor mats come in various sizes and designs to suit each purpose. They’re typically made from:

  • Fabric
  • Rubber
  • Vinyl
  • High-density EVA (Ethylene-vinyl-acetate) foam

They come in the form of individually rolled rugs that can be cut to size or interlocking tiles for greater convenience. Floor mats can also be custom made to your specifications, but this should be weighed against the costs of installing a brand new epoxy garage floor.

What is the Best Way to Clean Rubber Car Mats?

Discussing floor mats probably has you curious about how you should be taking care of the mini rubber floor mats in your car too, and why not? It’s important that these last you as long as possible over the years (and with countless family car journeys in your future, you’re gonna need all the pro cleaning tips you can get!).

You can get specialized rubber mat cleaner, but you can refresh your car mats quite thoroughly with the following home-made steps:

  • Rinse off the dirt with a high-pressure hose
  • Make a solution of equal parts water and dish soap and scrub thoroughly with a compact scrubbing brush (for pungent smells/spills,use vinegar as a disinfectant)
  • Once you have scrubbed both sides of the mat with the solution, rinse off the excess and spray vinegar onto the rubber mat while damp, as this will provide an additional deep clean
  • Finally, wipe the mats dry with a microfiber towel or leave them to dry naturally in the sun

Cleaning Garage Floor Mats: What Not to Do

Garage floor mats aren’t like carpet that can simply be vacuumed or steam-cleaned back to their former glory – using these normal household appliances on your garage mat may actually damage or warp the material of some mats (especially rubber and vinyl varieties), causing some of the features you bought it for like waterproofing or a non-slip surface to become compromised.

Always be sure to read the care instructions before buying your floor mats or tiles so you can have them last as long as possible.

Since fabric mats are the closest thing to traditional carpeted floor or rugs, these can be vacuumed clean of debris, but avoid using this on vinyl, rubber or EVA foam floor mats!

Most of the time, the latter mats can be hosed down of grit and grime with a power washer, and for particularly stubborn stains, an industrial cleaner that’s specialized for rubber or vinyl can be used. (A quick home-made cleaning solution that is suitable for rubber floors is simply a bucket of warm water mixed with a 1/4 cup of mild dish soap or neutral PH cleaner).

If you are going to vacuum a rubber floor mat, we’d recommend using a rolling, soft-beater brush style of vacuum for a gentler clean.


Above all other garage floor mats on the list, we’ve singled out the Armor All AAGFMC20 as the best choice for buyers. Not only does the mat provide a generous surface area of protection compared with other brands in its price range, but we also believe the Armor All is the most versatile mat of choice for your garage needs.

It’s soft enough for comfortable gym flooring yet but tough enough to bear the weight and movement of your vehicle. Add to this the relatively pain-free cleaning process and longevity of this floor mat since moisture dries so quickly and this cements our reasoning that this is a premium garage floor mat for a bargain price.

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