The Best Electronic Drum Kits for 10 Year Olds

The Best Electronic Drum Kits for 10 Year Olds

One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is passing down the things you enjoy to your kids. What better to pass down than the love of music? While some kids might rebel against their parents’ “lame” tastes, others may embrace it and even take up an instrument as a result. This is great until you realize the noise involved, especially if they’re interested in drums. So what do you do in this case? What’s the best drum kit for your 10-year-old?

We recommend the Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit with Super-Solid Aluminum Rack. This reasonably-priced electronic drum kit features nine pieces to give your kids a full drum set feel while taking up considerably less space. The 385 drum sounds and 40 different ready-to-lay kit settings make for countless different playing combinations.

We’re also going to look at several other electronic drum kits your kids might be interested in.

Five Great Benefits of Electronic Drum Kits

  1. Electronic Drum Kits Give You Increased Control Over Volume

As a parent, one of the scariest thoughts you can have when buying a drumset for your kids is the noise. Let’s be honest. Drums aren’t exactly a gentle instrument, and the idea of your kids pounding away on the instrument can make you want to immediately reach for an aspirin before they even start. Luckily, electronic drum kits have a solution for this problem.

The drum pads and cymbals in these kits make minimal acoustic noise when played. What’s more, the sound volume can be adjusted to suit almost any scenario. This makes electronic kits ideal for small stages, larger venues, or anywhere else where volume could be an issue. Many kits even come with headphone jacks for earbuds or studio headphones. This makes late-night practicing much less of a disturbance for the rest of the family (and the neighbors).

  1. Access an Impressive Array of Sounds Quickly

Admittedly, tuning and dampening your instrument is quite tedious and probably the least fun aspect of playing drums. Drum tuning is the process of adjusting the pitch or frequency of your drums. Drum dampening is done by adding something to the drumhead to alter the sound. Both these processes are used to change the sound of the drum to better match the style of play you want.

Using an electronic drum kit allows you to change the sound of your drums with the simple push of a button. Your kids can now switch back and forth from the sounds of arena rock to techno beats to high quality acoustics. Some kits have hundreds of different drum and effect sounds which will give you the ability to play a broad range of styles. How fun!

  1. Electronic Drum Kits Allow You to Both Free Practice and Play Along

Everyone knows that to get better at anything, you have to take the time to practice. Playing drums is no exception. Practice can be admittedly dull, with warmups and other exercises leaving a lot to be desired, especially for young kids. Using electronic drum kits can actually make practicing more fun and engaging for you children.

Many electronic drum kits come with added features such as metronomes with adjustable tempos. They may also have “mix-in” jacks to connect iPods or other mp3 players and let your kids play along to their favorite songs. Some even have recording features so they can play back their practice sessions and listen to their performance. That’s a great way to improve.

  1. The Freedom to Practice Almost Anywhere

While drumming is a very fun instrument to take up, what’s not nearly as fun is hauling the kit from one place to another. That is, of course, unless you become a big enough deal to have drum techs move the kits for you. Chances are your kids aren’t that skilled right away, so if you don’t want to have your car overloaded with clunky drums, an electronic kit is a great option.

Whether your kids are taking their kit on vacation, bringing it back and forth between relatives’ homes, or taking it to a friend’s for band practice, electronic drum kits travel easily. Most kits come with a soft carry bag and a case or two for the legs. Assembly is normally easy enough that anyone can do it, making them an ideal on-the-go option.

  1. Built to be Convenient in Small Spaces

If you don’t have room to fit an entire traditional drum kit in your car, you probably don’t have room to fit it in your house either. Even starter drum kits are sizable, and the smaller your living space, the more challenging it can be to get your kids comfortably behind the kit.

In addition to being conveniently portable, electronic kits don’t have to be as large as standard acoustic kits. While acoustic drums rely on their size to produce sound, electronic kits use programming and touch sensitivity instead. That makes these kits an excellent choice for anyone who is faced with a challenge when it comes to making room at home.

Five Electronic Drum Kits in Review

We’ve just gone over the myriad of advantages electronic drum kits can offer both you and your kids. Now it’s time to pick out a kit for them. What should you look for as you start this exciting journey? What offers the best value and features for your money? Let’s take a look now.

  1. Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit with Super-Solid Aluminum Rack

The Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit with Super Solid Aluminum Rack offers up high performance and a lot of extra features while not breaking the bank. It’s no wonder then it’s our top pick for 10-year-olds looking to play electronic drums. The Nitro Mesh Kit is part of Alesis’s line of all-mesh electronic kits designed to provide a realistic playing experience.

The kit comes with pro performance mesh drumheads, including an eight-inch snare drum, three 10-inch cymbals, three eight-inch mesh toms, one custom-designed hi-hat, and kick pedals. The kit is built on a durable four-post aluminum frame and is equipped with 385 sounds, a full connectivity jack, and 40 Melodics drum lessons. Your kids will feel like pros in no time!


  • This kit also boasts an aux input and a performance recorder to help develop a child’s playing skills.
  • The 40 ready-to-play kit settings have both classic and modern sounds with 60 play-along tracks.
  • The connection cables, drum key, drumsticks, and power supply are all included.


  • Some users have reported the kick drum as unresponsive right out of the box.
  • Others have said the cymbal parts are brittle and can break easily.
  1. Pyle Pro Portable Electronic Tabletop Drum Kit

If space is a concern for you, our next product may be the solution. The Pyle Pro Portable Electronic Tabletop Drum Kit is an all-in-one kit in one easily stored or transported unit. The Pyle Pro features snare drum, tom-tom, hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal sounds. It comes with hi-hat and bass drum pedals as well to give your kids a full kit feeling while sitting at the table.

The Pyle Pro has 55 preset drum kit configurations as well as 10 custom slots to create your own individualized sounds. This kit also features the ability to record, save, and edit your kids’ playing sessions, making it a great practice kit. You’ll also quite like the Drum Trainer mode, as it can help new drummers get comfortable with their instrument.


  • As a fully portable unit, the Pyle Pro can run on either the included power supply or six C-cell batteries.
  • The digital control panel allows the user to create limitless unique audio configurations.
  • Its USB works with both Macs and PCs to act as a MIDI connection.


  • Some users have encountered issues with the power switch failing after a short time.
  • Others have found a noticeable sound delay with the drum pads and pedals.
  1. Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set with Realistic Kick Pedal

Next up we have another full kit, the Carlsbro CSD130 Electronic Drum Set with Realistic Kick Pedal. This complete eight-piece drum kit is ready to play within minutes. It even comes with a foldable stand to make storage simple. The pads and cymbals rotate into position when your kids are ready to rock out.

The CSD130 includes impressive stereo outputs that can be directly connected to most any amplifier, recording console, or PA system. It also comes with the Commander 130 Drum Module, which acts as the brain of the unit. The Commander 130 houses 250 different drum sounds, 20 preset kit configurations, and 10 slots for fully customized kit sounds.


  • The 20 built-in demo songs with mutable drum tracks are awesome to practice along with.
  • There’s an aux input, headphone and line outputs, MIDI in/out, and USB interfacing included.
  • The fully adjustable crosstalk, dynamic, and sensitivity settings work for any playing style.


  • Some users reported the snare and kick drum pads cut out randomly at times.
  • Others stated the drum pads are loose and do not stay in position once set up.
  1. Walmeck Portable USB Stereo Digital Electronic Drum Pad

As an alternative tabletop drum kit option, you can look into the Walmeck Portable USB Stereo Digital Electronic Drum Pad. The Walmeck Portable is a tabletop kit meant for kids and beginning drummers alike. This portable option features built-in double speakers with bass boost effects. The seven silicone drum pads range from toms and snares to crash and ride cymbals.

The Walmeck falls short of the other kits we’ve reviewed when talking about its preset options, as it only six different kit tones and six demo songs built in. It does support both recording and playback functions, and the included adjustable metronome makes it a good practice kit. The pad positions can also be flipped to suit left-handed and right-handed players.


  • The lightweight kit weighs in at just over three pounds, making transporting it easy.
  • The kit comes with drumsticks, two wired pedals, a 3.5mm audio cable, and a USB cable.
  • Select from demo songs in genres like hard rock, funk, electronic, brush, and Latin.


  • Some users mentioned the drum pad flip feature does not respond well.
  • Others have experienced issues with one of the two built-in speakers failing.
  1. RockJam Mesh Head Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit

Our final product is the RockJam Mesh Head Eight-Piece Electronic Drum Kit. This full kit features mesh drumheads on each of the three tom pads as well as the snare pad. The RockJam also has three high-quality rubberized cymbal pads which each have a manual choke mechanism. The kit is completed by two heavy-duty pedals, one for the hi-hat and the other for the bass drum.

The RockJam comes with a sound module with 30 different drum kit sounds programmed in, as well as a number of demo songs to practice along with in a variety of genres. It features a USB to MIDI out, which allows the player to externally connect to different music creation programs. It also has both a headphone out and line out for quieter or louder jam sessions.


  • The responsive touch-sensitive sound allows for both soft rolls and hard-hitting beats.
  • The mesh heads mute sound while giving a real drum skin experience at the same time.
  • This kit comes with a stand, drumsticks, the power supply, a cable snake, and instructions.


  • Some users have said the assembly instructions are unclear and confusing.
  • Others have experienced issues with the snare pad sounding without being hit.


As we’ve shown, the Alesis Drums Nitro Mesh Kit with Super-Solid Aluminum Rack is an incredible starter drum kit for your kids. With its compact construction, numerous presets, and generous accessories, the Alesis offers a complete drumming experience that won’t break the bank (or your ears). This kit is a great option for kids whether they’re taking up the drums as a serious passion or just want to have some fun after school.

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