12 Best Backyard Grill Gazebos Reviews and Buying Guide

The Best Backyard Grill Gazebos

Grill Gazebos are excellent for doing your grilling outdoors under a lovely shade. This keeps you from direct exposure to the sun, especially during the hot summer days. Most grill gazebos have UV protection and have enhanced air circulation system.

In this extensive guide, we will be identifying our top picks among the grill gazebos out there in the market. Our best overall pick is the Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F 8′ X 5′ Soft Top Brown Double Tiered Canopy Grill Gazebo With 4Pcs Led. This grill gazebo is sturdy, easy to clean, and UV treated. It has satisfying air circulation as it is double vented, making it more stable.

12 Best Grill Gazebo Reviews

1. Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F 8′ X 5′ Soft Top Brown Double Tiered Canopy Grill Gazebo With 4Pcs Led

This grill gazebo is reasonably spacious, having a soft canopy and impressive double-tiered vented roof design with smoke ventilation.

The Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F has a sturdy built which enhances its resilience. of course, it is waterproof with a reliable UV protected shade. I am impressed with the rust resistance of this grill gazebo’s frame. It is made from powder-coated steel.This grill gazebo gives you sufficient shade for your summer grilling with a polyester canopy. You don’t require significant technical proficiency to set up this grill gazebo. The 8′ x 5′ footprint is accommodating for the conventional outdoor grill sizes you would install in your exterior. This grill is durable and sturdy.

This grill gazebo has an overall weight rating of 44.1lb. The Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F has four LED lights which are inbuilt. 12 AAA batteries power these LED lights.

This grill gazebo is equipped with two shelves and tool hooks (at the right height) where you can keep accessories like cutleries, plates, tongs, as well as food and beverages.


  • The Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F’s polyester canopy is easy to clean.
  • It has enhanced stability courtesy its steel support poles.
  • Being double tired and slanted, this grill gazebo has improved wind resistance and ability to stay debris-free.
  • Its inbuilt LED light facility allows you to grill into the night.


  • Mobility under this grill gazebo can be challenging if you are over 6’4″ in height.

2. Palm Springs Deluxe 8FT Double-Tier Barbecue Canopy

This gazebo is dedicated to housing barbecues. Here, the gazebo has a 8′ x 4′ footprint with a two-tier canopy design. This Palm Springs gazebo consists of powder-coated steel construction and 2 iron meshes, which improve its durability and stability. This is primarily during strong winds.

This gazebo comes with 8 x pegs so you can firmly secure this grill gazebo to the ground. It weighs 39.5lbs.I was impressed with how easy it was to clean the meshed shelving (which significantly reduced water collection). The Palm Springs Deluxe has a smoke vent, which improves your ventilation and escape of smoke when grilling.

The 180gsm polyester canopy is fire treated and can be easily moved. Nonetheless, this grill gazebo doesn’t have storage hooks on its shelving.


  • The Palm Springs Deluxe grill gazebo has excellent rust resistance, which can be attributed to its powdered-coated steel construction.
  • The meshed shelves can’t pool water and are easier cleaning.
  • This grill gazebo is ideal for smaller spaces.
  • The 180gsm polyester canopy is treated to be fire retardant.


  • The shelving doesn’t have storage hooks. This makes it challenging to store your accessories while grilling.
  • There is lack of flexibility for the leg height as it is not adjustable.

3. MasterCanopy Grill Gazebo 8 x 5 Double Tiered Outdoor BBQ Gazebo Canopy with LED Light (Khaki with Brown Edge)

This budget-friendly grill gazebo has a double tier canopy and is made of a rustproof steel frame that is powder-coated. The canopy has good UV resistance as it is designed from Rip Lock fabric. This has waterproof properties and is CPAI-84 fire retardant.

The MasterCanopy Gazebo has two nice shelves that can keep your accessories like food, beverages, and grill accessories. This gazebo weighs 69 pounds.It has easy assembly and can be readily built or dismantled as you deem fit. Its double-tiered canopy impressively improves the smoke ventilation and sturdiness. Nevertheless, this canopy can’t withstand heavy winds as competently as the SunJoy.


  • The canopy is UV treated, which allows you to grill comfortably even in hot afternoons.
  • The cover is CPAI-84 fire retardant.
  • It has ease of installation and lightweight.
  • It is waterproof; thus, you can still grill in the rain without worrying about leaks


  • It may not survive heavy winds and rains.
  • The design of the roof makes it susceptible to water retention.
  • It doesn’t have in-built LED Light, which limits your grilling during the night, although you can make do with the absorbable lamp.
  • It is not suited to bigger grills.

4. Sojag Outdoor 6′ x 8′ Messina Grill Steel Hardtop Gazebo with Shelving, Dark Grey

This grill gazebo has a stylish outlook made with galvanized steel while featuring steel roof panels. It is sturdy, being an all-seasoned gazebo with a two-tiered roof, enhancing your outdoor space. This grill gazebo is flame resistant and satisfies the CPAI-84 flame-resistance international benchmark.The Sojag grill gazebo is made from a powder-coated aluminum gazebo frame. This has good UV treatment and has anti-corrosion properties. It is equipped with double sideways gazebo shelves with outdoor counter space being procured by the grill tent.

With the appropriate anchoring, this gazebo can withstand strong winds and rains. Nonetheless, to improve the durability of this gazebo, it is recommended that you frequently remove the snow that has pooled up in the roof. It weighs 172 lb with a maximum outside height of 8’6″.


  • It is sturdy with enhanced rust resistance.
  • It is UV treated and can withstand heavy wind when adequately anchored.
  • It is flame resistant.
  • It is equipped with sideways shelves for improved convenience storing your accessories.
  • Its two-tiered roof improves the smoke ventilation.
  • This grill gazebo very aesthetically pleasing.


  • Assembly can be challenging and most times needs at least 2 people to set up.
  • The assembly manual is quite technical to understand.

5. Mainstays Grill Gazebo, Light Brown

This lightweight grill gazebo is easy to install, featuring a double-tiered roof for better air circulation. It is made of a heavy-duty steel frame, which enhances its resistance to scratches and corrosion. This gazebo features a two-piece sidebar where you can conveniently keep your grilling accessories.

I like the fact that the adjustable awning gives you improved sunshade and space. Anchoring this gazebo is easy as it comes with already-fitted holes in the bottom.This makes it resilient to strong winds, improving its ruggedness and preventing those ugly scenarios where a storm pulls off your grill gazebo. This gazebo has a treated 180g polyester canopy top, which is fire retardant.

Its aesthetic properties are protected even upon sustained exposure to sunlight, as this grill gazebo isn’t prone to fading. This can be attributed to the color fastness of this grill gazebo.


  • The vented roof improves smoke ventilation allowing for the circulation of air to the gazebo.
  • The Dual fold-out side canopies make this grill gazebo one of the most flexible gazebos I have seen.
  • Doesn’t fade too fast courtesy its colorfastness, and its canopy is fire retardant.


  • It is quite disappointing that you can only get the awning in tan only.
  • No LED light for night grilling.

6. Keymaya 8’x5′ Grill Gazebo Shelter for Patio and Outdoor Living BBQ Shelter Tent, Double Tier Soft Top Canopy and Steel Frame with Bar Counters, Bonus LED Light (Khaki)

The Keymaya grill gazebo is made from Rip Lock fabric canopy roof. This significantly improves its ruggedness and solidity. The canopy roof is CPAI-84 Standard fire-retardant and is also UV treated. Maintenance is seamless with this gazebo as you can readily clean the canopy yourself.

This grill gazebo has two sideways shelves which are useful for accommodating your grilling equipment and accessories. It has LED lights for improved visibility at night.The steel construction of this gazebo makes it stronger, tougher with heightened stability. The two-tiered is significant in making your gazebo stable during very windy conditions.

This Mainstays Grill Gazebo can take care of your BBQ, barbecue parties, or can even be deployed for commercial use. Its powder-coated design greatly improves it with rust resistance. Take note, however, that while the canopy is water repellent, it is not waterproof.


  • Improved ventilation courtesy the double-tier design makes it easier for the smoke to get off and fresh cooling air introduced.
  • The installation is a simplified process, although the instruction manual isn’t too easy to follow.
  • It has LED lights allowing for late-night grilling.


  • This grill gazebo is not waterproof. Therefore, it might impressively withstand low and medium rain, but in a heavy downpour, leaks would occur.

7. COBANA 8’ by 5’Steel Outdoor Backyard BBQ Grill Gazebo with 2-Tier Soft Top Canopy, Gray

The Cobana grill gazebo has a durable polyester canopy with interior waterproof painting properties. This grill gazebo has dual 45″ by 9.8″ grid metal shelves by its sides, making it easier to keep your accessories.

Its sturdiness improves its rust resistance, making it more stable against heavy winds. You have to screw up tent pegs holes that are drilled in each foot to make the gazebo more formidable to winds.The package comes with 1x Grill Gazebo and 1 x Assembly Instructions, which are easy to observe. It has good waterproof capacity, although there is the possibility of leaks when water pools in the roof of the canopy. This gazebo comes with additional support at the back, which is rare among many gazebos I have seen.


  • I appreciated the wind and corrosion resistance as well as the weight capacity, all of which are the product of the powder-coated steel design.
  • This grill gazebo has a double-layer top equipped with a big vent. This enhances the exchange of air, giving your gazebo the additional stability it needs against the wind.
  • The polyester canopy is easy to clean, and it is not prone to fading due to its interior waterproof painting.


  • This grill gazebo is prone to water leakage, especially during heavy rains as the water pools rather than running off.
  • Assembly can be challenging.

8. SORARA Grill Gazebo 9′ x 5′ Outdoor Backyard BBQ Soft Top Gazebo with Steel Canopy, Grey

The Sorara grill gazebo is an all-season heavy-duty grill gazebo with an open design to aid natural ventilation. Obviously, it designed in such a way to protect the occupants from the direct glare of the sun and rain while giving the smoke from your grill an easier escape route. This gazebo has four legs, with each leg having a dimension of 1.5 inches.It is made from Drylac powder-coated steel, which makes it resistant to corrosion and rust. The canopy is designed with 100% solution-dyed Polyester fabric (with PVC coating), which has admirable outdoor performance. This grill gazebo weighs 75 pounds.

This grill gazebo comes with frame-mounted side tables and hanging metal spice rack. This makes storage easy while grilling outdoors.

I admired the flexibility of this grill gazebo. There are no problems detaching it from the frame. This is particularly when winter sets in.


  • This grill gazebo is flexible and easy to maneuver, especially the tarp canopy and ball socket.
  • It is outfitted with spice racks and accessory hooks which are valuable additions for outdoor storage.
  • Maintenance is easy.


  • It doesn’t have an optimal ventilation system, precisely lacking vents for smoke escape when you are grilling.

9. FDW 8’x 5’BBQ Grill Gazebo Barbecue Canopy Tent w/Air Vent, Brown

This grill gazebo has durable UV protection 300D oxford fabric, which gives you the needed shade for your outdoor grilling during hot summer and light rain. This gazebo has a capacity of 3-4 people and is easy to move.With a weight of 52.1 pounds, it is obvious this is a notably lightweight grill gazebo. It features outdoor charcoal grill cover with sturdy steel construction that is sustainably resistant to rust and weather elements. Its canopy is made from polyethylene fabric. Sadly, this is neither fire retardant nor fireproof.

This gazebo has a double vented roof, which gives it’s a stylish finish while making it easier for cool air to circulate when you are grilling. Take note that it is not an all-season grill gazebo. Therefore, it is advisable to promptly store it when not in use.


  • This grill gazebo has impressive flexibility and ease of movement, being very lightweight.
  • It is easy to assemble when you want to grill and disintegrate when you want to store it.
  • It has a double vented roof which improves the air circulation.


  • This gazebo is not sturdy and will struggle against strong wind and heavy rain as the fabric easily stretches under a heavy downpour.
  • Its canopy is not fire retardant.
  • The durability is poor.

10. Sunjoy 8′ x 5′ Sylvan Soft top Grill Gazebo, Green Top

This is an expansive gazebo that can accommodate all grills. The canopy is made of polyether and is flame retardant. It is fitted with side shelves for you to rest your plates, cutleries, drinks, and other grilling equipment.

The polyether canopy is made from 100% polyester fabric and can withstand sustained exposure to intense sunlight without fading. It is UV treated as well.The variety of color options for this grill gazebo ensures that your choice can easily blend into your landscaping or your backyard furniture.

This Sunjoy gazebo is lightweight made from a durable steel frame (with a powdered coat finish), which makes it convenient to move about. It is rust-free, reducing the need for maintenance. Overall, this grill gazebo is stylish and functional.


  • It is flame retardant, which increases security.
  • There are many color options for a stylish finish.
  • It is easy to assemble and move around.


  • The canopy fabric is susceptible to stretching from extreme weather elements.
  • The pitch of the canopy, which is reasonably steep, doesn’t do much to prevent sagging from rainfall.
  • The canopy fabric is overall not durable.

11. Garden Winds Grill Shelter Replacement Canopy for Model L-GZ238PST-11

This is a replacement canopy designed strictly as a replacement for Grill Gazebo model number L-GZ238PST-11. Therefore it is incompatible with another model. This replacement canopy has impressive high-performance pockets and superior seam strength.

Typically, this canopy has double layer pockets with each hem equipped with dual ultra-stitch rows. This limits the possibility of the pocket bursting.The superior seam strength is achieved from reinforced 4 ply thread stitching. This canopy is fire-retardant, meeting the CPAI-84 international safety standards.

This canopy gives you excellent protection from direct sunlight with a UPF 50+ rating. The durability is commendable as the canopies are made of 350 denier outdoor fabric. This gives you an all-season shade outdoor for your grilling


  • This canopy has superior seam strength with dura pockets protected from bursting.
  • It has decent UV protection of UPF 50+.
  • It has good durability courtesy of its 350 denier outdoor fabric composition.


  • This canopy is totally restricted to the Grill Gazebo model number L-GZ238PST-11 and will not work for any other frame.

12. Sunjoy Replacement Canopy Set for Grill Gazebo

The Sunjoy Replacement Canopy is made from 100% durable polyester and is resistant to the elements. This canopy takes minimal effort to maintain and is ideal for spending quality time outdoors protected from the UV rays of the sun. This canopy weighs 2.9 pounds.Pros

  • It has easy to clean, needing minimal maintenance.
  • It is weather-resistant.
  • It is durable


  • This canopy is very selective and barely fits another frame.

Things to Consider When Buying Grill Gazebos

There are many factors to consider when buying grill gazebos. Critical considerations include the materials the grill gazebo is made of, the ideal size you need for your outdoor space, the ease of assembly, the purpose, and air circulation. Let us learn more about these.


The material your grill gazebo is made from significantly determines its durability. The common grill gazebo materials include metal, wood, and plastic. There are powdered-coated steel gazebos, aluminum gazebos, and wrought-iron gazebos for the metallic category.

Powdered-coated steel gazebos have a layer of epoxy resin covering, which is valuable for its anti-corrosion properties. Aluminum gazebos are lightweight with impressive resistance to rust. Wrought-iron gazebos are sturdy with enhanced wind resistance, but they have to be painted with anti-corrosion products.

Wooden gazebos are more fashionable. Exotic woods have inherent fungi resistance, while minimal maintenance is required for heat-treated wood. Hardwood, just like coniferous wood, requires special finishes like varnishes and paints.

You also have to decide on which canopy to go for. Polyester and polyethylene cover are the two most popularly used canopies. Polyester is more suited to high-end grill gazebos, while polyethylene canopies are much cheaper.

Another consideration when choosing materials for your grill gazebo is how well the gazebo would blend into your landscaping or how well it matches your furniture.


The availability of outdoor space (possibly in your backyard) will determine the size of the gazebo. Here you have to factor in the dimensions of your gazebo and if you want to leave more space in your garden.

Measure the dimensions of your garden (or intended location of your grill gazebo), also determining the number of people you want to host in your gazebo at a time comfortably.

Depending on the shape, some of the smallest grill gazebos are in the region of 8′ x 8′. Bigger gazebos commonly have oval and rectangular shapes in the region of 20′ x 40′. Nonetheless, the ideal grill gazebo has a width of 5ft and a length of 8 ft.


You have to aim for stability in your gazebo design to make it more resilient and durable. Sturdier gazebos last longer. This is why most gazebos have double vent designs/ Go for windproof gazebos and those models that can sustain heavy weight loads.

If you buy a gazebo that has excellent weight rating, then you don’t have to take your gazebo off during the winter when less sturdy gazebos struggle due to sustained snowy conditions.


Buy gazebos that are not technically challenging to assemble or build up. The right grill gazebo should come with a pack of tools that make installation seamless.

If you are not going to be dismantling your gazebo frequently (for those who could set up their gazebo all through the year), you wouldn’t have to bother much about ease of assembly.

However, if you don’t want a permanent grill gazebo, say you just want to set it up as the needs come up (possibly for your backyard party or a barbecue event), then you should purchase grill gazebos that you can easily install and dismantle as you like.

Air Circulation

It is important that your gazebo is well ventilated. The type of canopy and body design majorly determine the air circulation inside your grill gazebo.

Vented acrylic fabric canopy is a popular option if you want to enhance airflow with impressive weather resistance. Typically if you desire improved ventilation, then you should buy gazebos with two-tiered canopies. Most grill gazebos have open-space designs so the smoke can easily escape.

If the roof is vented, it reduces the strain on the gazebo’s frame from the wind, while improving the air circulation. Zippered gazebos allow them to be opened for improved airflow.

Nonetheless, you can choose to install fans in your gazebos to enhance air circulation.

Shelves and Hooks

If you have quite a sizable number of accessories to outfit your grill gazebo with, then you need to buy gazebos with sufficient accessory hooks and shelves. Hook designs in your grill gazebo help you hang accessories like your light and fan.

Most gazebos come with hanging metal spice racks where you can keep your ingredients while grilling. Buying grill gazebos with shelves can help keep your food, beverages, and even cutlery.


The purpose of your grill gazebo and the manner of usage should majorly influence your choice of a gazebo. For example, if you are going to grill at night, you need to buy grill gazebos with LED light fitting.

If you are going to be cooking often in your grill gazebo during hot afternoons, you should buy gazebos with significant UV protection, especially those with a rating of UPF 50+. If you would be hosting family events and bigger social gatherings in your grill gazebo, then you agree you need to buy a bigger size.


Our best pick is the Sunjoy L-GG001PST-F 8′ X 5′ Soft Top Brown Double Tiered Canopy Grill Gazebo With 4Pcs Led. Its slant roof design improves the drainage, avoiding water retention, and keeping it debris free. It also has LED lighting (powered durably by 12 AAA batteries) for convenient late-night grilling.

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