20 Best Backyard Fire Pits Reviews and Buying Guide

The Best Backyard Fire Pits

A fire pit adds beauty and flair to your outdoor space. This allows you to introduce more warmth to your patio seating area or backyard, especially during the cold days of the winter. Fire pits are also great focal points for those amiable gatherings, chattering with friends, or roasting some delicious weenies.

Here in this guide, we will be looking at the best fire pits out there in the market. Our best pick is the Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit – Large 19.5 Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Smokeless Fire pit. This fire pit stands out for its portability, easy assembly with impressive combustion airflow efficiency.

The fire pits we will be reviewing are among the top products you can get – from design to efficiency.

20 Best Fire Pits Reviews

1. Solo Stove Bonfire Fire Pit – Large 19.5 Inch Stainless Steel Outdoor Smokeless Fire pit

This is an environmentally-friendly fire pit that uses wood as fuel. It has an excellent minimalist outdoor design (which is patented) and a unique airflow system being a single-unit fire pit. Its combustion efficiency and airflow are enhanced courtesy of its double-wall design.

The stove’s bottom is outfitted with vents to bring in fresh oxygen to sustain the fire. At the same time, warmer air is sent up back into the fire through the walls of the stove.It has impressive burning efficiency and emits lesser smoke. This saves you the rigor of battling half-burnt logs. Therefore, this implies more time spent by your fire pit as your clothes wouldn’t be ridden with that notorious smoke smell.

The Solo Stove Bonfire fire pit is easier to use with significant portability. This fire pit has singular construction. So you wouldn’t have to bother about assembly or procuring parts. It is sturdy with a nice heat output.


  • This fire pit has enhanced airflow efficiency with a patented design
  • It doesn’t smell like your regular fire pit
  • It doesn’t have much smoke and has complete burn
  • Minimal assembly and set up required


  • The ash makes cleaning quite challenging
  • The shiny polish leaves too quickly
  • Has a questionable proneness to rusting being that it is stainless steel

2. Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit, 26&quot, Antique Bronze

The Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit, 26&quot, Antique Bronze has a sizable square tapered firebox, coming with accessories like weather cover and poker. The poker helps in controlling the flames and firewood while the weather cover keeps it from the elements.

It has a notable crosshatch pattern. Yes, its steel construction contributes significantly to its sturdiness. It is suitable for your backyard regardless of the size.The Landmann 25282 Barrone Fire Pit, 26&quot, Antique Bronze has a fire bowl depth of 10 inches that readily fits your logs.

This fire pit has impressive heat resistance and is resilient to the elements as well. It is attractive, courtesy of its hand-rubbed antique bronze finish.

This fire pit localizes the spark, with the barrone efficient in containing flying embers. This can be attributed to its expanded metal spark guard design.

The crosshatch pattern reasonably enhances the airflow. Its vents improve the durability of the fire by replenishing it with oxygen.


  • It controls sparks making this fire pit safer
  • Improved air circulation makes the fire to last longer with the wood-burning more evenly
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • Its hand-rubbed antique bronze finish makes it really attractive adding more aesthetic flair to your backyard


  • It is not flexible or easily movable
  • It is not easy to clean the ashes from the log immediately
  • Smoke may be a problem

3. Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit, Black

This fire pit has a 12.5” deep fire bowl with a width of 24 inches. The bowl is adorned with a unique design of cutout moons and shiny stars. It is sturdy, made from steel with 3 legs for improved stability, with the overall fire pit weighing less than 35 pounds.

This three-leg support reduces the chances of your fire pit wobbling, making it versatile and fit for a variety of bases. This way, even if the ground you are resting your fire pit on isn’t level, the support still keeps it stable.This sturdy steel construction and sand paint finish equip it with the required resilience to withstand weather elements and heat.

It gives you a 360-degree view of the fire coming with accessories like spark screen, cooking grate, and poker.

The Landmann 28345 Big Sky Stars and Moons Firepit, Black is mobile, the safety ring, and complete circle handle makes it easy to grab and move about your backyard.

The mesh guard adds that protective edge by controlling the embers, ensuring the sparks flying from the fire does not threaten you.


  • It is sturdy, lightweight and durable
  • The safety ring and complete circle handle enhances its mobility
  • The moon cut and star design increases the airflow


  • The paint may flak quickly
  • It needs repeated sanding

4. Landmann 26364 23-1/2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit, Black

The Landmann Garden Lights – Savannah fire pit is made from steel and is commendably resistant to heat and extreme weather. It has 4 flanged legs, which enables it to sit better (with superior stability)on its resting surface.This fire pit has a matte black finish to improve its attractiveness, while the clean black sand paint finish also enhances its durability. Landmann Garden Lights – Savannah fire pit has an open wave design with lower-level vents aiding the circulation of flair and the sustenance of the flame.

This design gives you a full 360-degree of the flame. You don’t have to worry about stickers as this fire pit is furnished with a spark screen to control the sparks. The ring handle makes this fire pit more portable and easier to move. It also includes additional accessories like poker.


  • It is easy to assemble
  • The parts are safely protected in bubble wraps, making it more durable
  • It has impressive rust resistance
  • It has an impressive open wave design which makes it easier for oxygen to penetrate the lower vents


  • The legs are too short and get hot easily
  • Sparks can escape outside through the screen of the spark guard
  • If you spread 5 lbs of sand on the pit bowl’s bottom as recommended by the manufacturer, it becomes difficult removing the ash

5. Landmann 28347 Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit, Black, 12.5-inches Deep

The Landmann 28347 Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit has a nice sturdy design. Its attractive wildlife silhouette makes it stand out from other Landmann fire pits. This wildlife silhouette improves its combustion efficiency, allowing more air to revitalize the fire.The fire bowl has a depth of 12 inches and a width of 24 inches with a weight of 32 pounds. It comes with a full enclosure spark guard aided with a lifting hoop. Its sand paint finish enhances its longevity, enabling the fire pit to withstand heat and rust.

A safety ring and complete circular handle make it more convenient to hold the fire pit and move it about. Its mesh guard contributes to controlling flying embers. Notably, the Landmann 28347 Big Sky Wildlife Fire Pit is equipped with a porcelain cooking grate (for enjoyable outdoor cooking) and a sizable 37” steel poker (giving you better control over the flames and firewood).


  • Its wildlife cutout design makes it more eye-catching
  • Comes with a big steel poker and porcelain cooking grate
  • It is durable and sturdy
  • It is portable and lightweight


  • It can rust easily
  • Paint is prone to flaking around the rims

6. Landmann USA 21860 Bromley Fire Pit, Black

This fire pit has a diamond cutout design and is sizable with a fire bowl depth of 7 inches. This depth can hold enough firewood logs to keep you sustainably warm outdoors.

The diamond-cut design, aside from its aesthetic value, helps improve air circulation, enabling the firewood to burn more evenly and longer.The Landmann USA 21860 Bromley Fire Pit has good support with the fire bowl held reliably by four sturdy legs. This fire pit also has a supporting ring, thereby reducing the chances of your fire pit tipping.

The sturdy steel construction aids its tolerance to high heat. It includes accessories like poker, which helps control the firewood. Overall, the Landmann USA 21860 Bromley Fire Pit is portable and robust, weighing 52 pounds.

As common to Landmann fire pits, the top is equipped with a mesh guard to keep the ashes from flying out unrestrained.


  • It has a notably sturdy construction
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It is very tolerant of extreme temperature
  • The fire bowl can hold enough wood to enable you enjoy outdoor longer


  • The black finish is not very durable
  • The holes on the legs may not line up appropriately

7. BALI OUTDOORS LP Gas Fire Table 30-in W 50000-BTU Propane Gas Fireplace Outdoor Fire Pit

This is a propane gas fire table fit with sturdy aluminum construction and highly resistant to weather and heat, making it suitable for sustainable outdoor usage.

It comes with a 30- inch square tabletop with a height of 25 inches. Its dark finish and texture bring more style to your backyard. It is durable with a powder-coated steel design, boosting its resistance to corrosion.It has a door design leading to its 20lbs propane tank, which (as well as the control panel) is neatly concealed inside its decorative base. The burner of this fire pit is furnished with an adjustable heater with a capacity to burn at 50,000 BTUs. This saves you the trouble of removing ashes. The control panel works with piezo ignition.

This fire pit comes with a stainless steel bowel to keep off the rain from your fire pit. It is flexible with a table covered lid that improves the seating arrangement around it. Also, this fire pit has removable table tiles, which make it easier to vary the design as you like.


  • This table is highly flexible
  • It has nice texture and finish, making it attractive
  • Easy to maintain
  • Control panel and removable tiles enhance the design
  • Notably durable and resistant to rust


  • Tiles may be wrongly placed
  • The lids could be dented and warped upon arrival

8. Double Flame Patio Fire Pit | Wood-Burning, Smoke-less, Portable, Stainless Steel Fire Pit for Backyard | Made in America

The Double Flame 19″ Patio fire pit is equipped with double stainless steel walls for combustion efficiency. With these double walls, the hot air is transported upward along the rim (outfitted with vents).

Upon combining with the smoke at the upper layers, the secondary combustion occurs. This oxidization technology significantly reduces the smoke emanating from this fire pit.This fire pit is durable with sturdy stainless steel design. Such heavy-duty improves its durability with the steel being resistant to rust. The Double Flame 19″ Patio fire pit weighs 42 lbs making it portable to take along for your outdoor events like beach adventures, camping, or open-air barbecues.

This fire pit has an optional 15” swing-away grill, which makes it easier to cook great meals outdoor. This grill is made from stainless steel and is accommodating, furnished with a heat-resistant handle getting it safer and easier to handle.


  • It is portable and flexible
  • Impressive combustion technology courtesy of double stainless steel walls
  • Good for outdoor grilling
  • Despite the double-wall design, heat radiation is impressive


  • It can rust easily
  • It can be smoky at times

9. Endless Summer, GAD1401G LP Gas Outdoor Fire Table, Multicolor

This fire pit has an impressive balance of elegance and functionality. The stainless steel makeup is firm and durable, with a significantly heavy-duty design. The 30, 000 BTU stainless steel burner takes off the workload of tending to ashes. This ensures you are not missing that classic fire sensation.

This Endless Summer fire pit features a stylish wicker design furnished with handcrafted tile and steel mantel. This fire pit has an accessible gas tank (hidden by a sleek panel) with an easy-to-open door nicely concealing the control panel as well. It has excellent weather resistance.This fire pit weighs approximately 51 lbs. Interestingly, it features lava rocks. This enhances the aesthetic feel of the flames. The assembly for this Endless Summer, GAD1401G LP fire pit is quick and easy, as one person can readily do it.

This fire pit has a fire area of 16×16 inches. Therefore the heat radiation is commendable, although a significant percentage of the flames are concentrated in the middle of the fire pit.


  • It has a dial for adjustable flame control
  • The assembly is easy and quick
  • It is sturdy and durable
  • It has a pretty design that will add more flair to your garden


  • The design is a bit technical, making it challenging to use for first-timers
  • The ignition can be challenging as well

10. Blue Rhino Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit (Copper Fireglass)

The Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fireplace is a modern fire pit designed with a push-button electronic ignition system. This fire pit is durable and can last long outdoors, with a cover protecting it from the direct effect of weather elements. The fire is impressive as this fire pit can emit as high as 30,000 BTUs of heat.

The suave panels hide the propane tank, and the burner is fitted with stone tiles, improvising a sizable ledge around it. This provides ample space for laying your stuff around the flames like beverages and s snacks.This fire pit is attractive courtesy of its replaceable lava rock design, evenly distributing the flames. Should you not be comfortable with the lava rocks, you can still achieve a better aesthetic essence by replacing the rocks with glass beads.

With a weight of 65 lbs, it is sturdy, yet remarkably lightweight. The assembly is simplified and can be executed with little technical experience.


  • It emits a great amount of heat, significantly warming your outdoor space
  • It is sturdy but yet portable
  • It is weatherproof with impressive anti-color properties
  • Electronic ignition makes it easy to start the fire


  • Propane is relatively expensive to get
  • The decorative panels and flashy lava rocks could make it appear flamboyant for homeowners who prefer minimalist designs

11. Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit with UV and Weather Resistant Durable Cover, 24-Inch Diameter 58,000 BTU

This fire pit is made from premium steel further enhanced with enamel protect, which safeguards the integrity of the fire pit, enabling it to last longer. The burner features fasteners and is made from high-quality stainless steel. It is CSA approved.

The full kit of the Outland Firebowl 883 Mega Outdoor Propane comes with a pre-attached 10-Ft hose. This is beneficial in concealing the propane tank. The flame height can be varied by the adjustable regulator, which features a chrome valve knob.Also included in the package is a cover for the fire pit. This cover is weatherproof with admirable UV resistance. The flame can be made to flicker beautifully with the 6.6-Lb natural lava rock design.

This fire pit has easy assembly and is portable. The flame is not smoky (and notably clean) despite having a heat capacity of 58,000 BTU/HR. This fire pit environmentally-friendly and is suitable for your outdoor events like campfires courtesy of its spark-free propane.


  • It is easy to clean, and you wouldn’t have to bother about ash and firewood
  • The flame is clean and not smoky, and its height is adjustable
  • It is easy to assemble and safe to use during campfire bans
  • It features a cover that is UV resistant
  • The flickering effect of the flame is enhanced with the natural lava rocks


  • Propane can be expensive
  • The heat radiation can be low

12. Outland Living Series 401 Brown 44-Inch Outdoor Propane Gas Fire Pit Table, Black Tempered Tabletop w/Arctic Ice Glass Rocks and Resin Wicker Panels, Espresso Brown/Rectangle

This fire pit adds vigor and grace to your outdoor space. This fire pit needs minimal maintenance with a durable and robust design. The fire pit is essentially made of a sturdy aluminum frame construction. This aluminum frame is further powder coated to enhance its durability and resistance to corrosion.

The table has a dimension of L 44” x W 32” x H 23”. The full package for the Outland Living Series 401 Brown 44-Inch Outdoor Propane gas fire pit table comes with a 15.5 lb Arctic Ice decorative glass rock set, 8 mm black tempered glass tabletop, and pre-attached 3-Ft hose with regulator.

This fire pit features a stainless steel burner with a heat capacity of 35,000 BTU. It is not challenging to control the smoke-free flame, and the ignition works via a push-button spark. The flame height can be regulated by the chrome manual control valve.


  • It is smoke free
  • Reasonably resistant to rust
  • The arctic ice glass rocks accessories make the fire pit’s design more attractive
  • The propane tank is tidily concealed in an inner compartment equipped readily accessible doors and user-friendly pull rings
  • The chrome-plated valve knob makes it easy to alter the height of the flame


  • It doesn’t come with a cover
  • You have to buy your propane tank and gas lids separately

13. Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit

This is a very portable and mobile fire pit, with a collapsible design. Weighing just 7 pounds, you can easily carry this fire pit with you on the go.

Agreeably, this fire pit is fairly sturdy for such a lightweight design. The steel fire bowl has a diameter of 22 inches. It is powered by either wood or charcoal.

The Fire Sense folding fire pit is made from steel and painted to improve its resistance to corrosion. It has foldable legs, giving you the convenience to pack it for your outdoor events. This fire pit is generously outfitted with accessories. It comes with a mesh fire screen, which prevents the sparks from flying uncontrolled.Aside from that safety measure, the Fire Sense 22-Inch Folding Fire Pit comes with a cooking grate for making your outdoor dishes as well as a grate for wood burning. It is also equipped with a screen lift tool and carrying bag for moving it around.

The legs come already assembled on brackets. These are fitted to the fire bowl. You can fold the legs, but you can’t take them off fully.


  • It is very portable with a collapsible design making it easier to take it about
  • It has lots of accessories compared to other fire pits


  • It is not very sturdy, and the lid can warp easily
  • Resistance to rust can be poor

14. Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop-Up Fire Pit | Portable and Lightweight | Fullsize 24 Inch | Never Rust FirePit | Included Heat Shield for Leave No Trace Fires (Pop-Up Fire Pit + Heat Shield)

The fire pit is unique for its portability. It weighs less than 9 lbs. For the dimensions, it features a large square fire pit of 24”x24”. It is built from a combination of stainless steel and aircraft aluminum. The heat shield is effective in protecting the fire from directly affecting the base it is resting on.

The Campfire Defender Protect Preserve Pop-Up Fire Pit has an impressive airflow (with significantly reduced smoke) as the fire pit burns on a heavy-duty stainless steel mesh.The design of this fire pit meets standard protocols and regulations for fire pans, particularly the Forest Service regulations, and the BLM (Bureau of Land Management) protocol. The base of the fire pit has a commendable clearance from the ground with a burn area of 576sq inches.

This fire pit has an easy assembly, even taking less than a minute with quick cooling once the fire goes off. This fire pit is very packable coming with nice accessories, including a 27″x5″x5″ case for carrying it about once packed.


  • The fire pit has a unique design which makes it very portable
  • The heavy-duty stainless steel mesh improves the airflow while significantly reducing emitted smoke
  • It cools off quickly upon extinguishing your fire


  • Wire mesh needs significant care
  • It is not very sturdy

15. Heininger 5995 58,000 BTU Portable Propane Outdoor Fire Pit

The Heininger 5995 has an impressive makeup. It is strong yet lightweight with a width of 19 inches and a fire bowl depth of 12 inches. It has a portable built, making it ideal for tailgating, camping, or your backyard patios. It can be used in burn bans as this fire pit is CSA approved.This fire pit is made from rugged premium materials with a heat capacity of 58,000 BTU. It has a smokeless flame and burns cleanly. This makes it a low-maintenance fire pit with a quick design. The design of this fire pit is enhanced with lava rocks achieving a beautiful flickering flame.

This fire pit features a propane hose that is supplied with an adjustment knob. This fire pit is safer to use courtesy of its propane tank stabilizer ring (with a diameter of 12 inches).


  • It is a low-maintenance fire with quick assembly
  • It is portable with an easily movable lightweight design
  • The flame is smoke-free and burns cleanly


  • The hose needs to be longer
  • The rocks can pour out while you carry it out
  • It takes a reasonable time to heat up
  • Easy to trip the regulator making it quite challenging lighting it up

16. Catalina Creations 29″ Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit with Cover and Accessories

The Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire Pit is a sturdy fire pit with a width of 30 inches and a height of 20 inches. It is provided with 4 sturdy legs giving it the necessary stability for even rugged usage.

It has a strong cast iron cauldron (having a rustic bronze-colored finish), which has notable resistance to heat. This iron cauldron further boosted with a premium quality steel base.This steel base has a hi-temp paint coating, which goes a long way in improving its durability. Overall, the fire pit weighs 45 pounds, making it fairly lightweight.

This fire pit features a mesh spark screen with a diameter of 24 inches. This does well to protect you and your loved ones (sitting around the fire pit) from the flying sparks from the fire pit. Worthy of note is that the mesh screen is detachable.

The design is attractive, featuring moon cutouts and whimsical stars. Agreed, this will add more grace to your patio décor. The Catalina Creations Heavy Duty Cast Iron Fire has vital accessories that you will find highly beneficial. This includes log grate, screen lifting tool, outdoor cover to protect against the elements.


  • Hi-temp paint coating makes it more resistant to rust and corrosion
  • Comes with a lot of needed accessories
  • Mesh screen helps controlling flying embers
  • There is no assembly required
  • The moon cut and whimsical star designs aside from their aesthetic vigor improve air circulation


  • This fire built comes pre-assembled, thereby lacking flexibility and portability
  • Requires significant maintenance

17. Ohio Flame 30″ Patriot Fire Pit (Made in USA) – Natural Steel Finish

The Ohio Flame Fire Pit is a good combo of sleekness and sturdiness. It has a unique design with no assembly needed being that it comes as a whole unit (combining two-piece welded design). The design is sturdy and rugged, made from high-quality steel construction with reduced chances of wear of breakage of parts.

This prominently reduces the need for maintenance. Overall, the Ohio Flame Fire Pit has commendable durability. The thickness of the steel is about 3/16″. While the base of the fire pit has a diameter of 18’’.Admittedly, it will darken with time as the natural steel finish will inevitably take on a natural iron oxide patina. This fire pit is completely an American design, crafted by an indigenous artisan.

The Ohio Fire Pit features a rain drain, which significantly allows for seeping water to pass through.


  • This fire pit is very sturdy and built to last a lifetime
  • Minimal need for maintenance
  • It is handcrafted and 100% American
  • Has a rain drain for water disposal


  • Too basic design with little or no sophistication
  • The steel is prone to rust and discoloration

18. Esschert Design FF90 Fire Bowl, X-Large

The Esschert Design Fire Bowl blends into your backyard and patio, enhancing the elegance. This giant fire bowl is made from cast iron (which is painted) with a sizable secure base. The fire bowl has a diameter of 30 inches and a height of 11 inches.

It has a sturdy design and a weight of 80.2 pounds, with the metal having a thickness of 14 inches. The fire pit produces good amount of heat to keep you warm during your time out. Its low clearance ensures that you have a complete view of the fire from above.The Esschert Design Fire Bowl is not packaged altogether. As it comes, the base is usually separate from the bowl – you can join both of them with the appropriated screws. This gives you the flexibility to possibly disassemble it and take it outdoors easily.

Admittedly, being that it is made of cast iron, which is not very rust-resistant, although the paint tries to limit its propensity for rusting – especially in the center of the bowl.


  • It has a heavy-duty design (for longevity), yet it is flexible
  • It produces a good amount of heat
  • Provision made for water drainage


  • Owing to its thermal mass, it doesn’t easily heat up
  • No facility to control flying sparks
  • You may need to install a wire grate on the bottom of the bowl to improve air circulation

19. Best Choice Products 57in 50,000 BTU Rectangular Extruded Aluminum Gas Fire Pit Table w/ Nylon Cover and Glass Beads – Black

This Best Choice Fire Pit is made from heavy-duty extruded aluminum. This gives it high weather resistance, notably increasing its durability. This fire pit works with push-button ignition. Weighing 77 pounds, this is clearly a heavy-duty fire pit with sturdy construction.This fire pit features a steel burner with adjustable control giving off a heat capacity of 50,000 BTU. The door conceals the 20-pound propane tank with the tank very accessible. It is adorned with glass beads, which add elegance to the design as this bead glow against the flame, creating a pleasing sight.

The fire pit is supplied with a protective cover (made of nylon), which protects the fire pit when you are not using it. This Best Choice Fire Pit has notable versatility, further equipped with a lid that can deputize as a base for resting your food and drinks.


  • It is weather-resistant and long-lasting
  • Glass beads enhance the look of the fire
  • Versatile with lid included
  • Comes with a nylon protective cover


  • The push-button ignition gets bad too easily
  • Tabletop is prone to deterioration
  • The warranty period escorting this product is too short for you to get repairs in case of abnormalities

20. Sunnydaze Portable Outdoor Fire Pit Bowl – 29 Inch Round Bonfire Wood Burning Patio & Backyard Firepit for Outside with Spark Screen, Fireplace Poker, Folding Stand, and Carrying Case Cover

This is a lightweight fire pit with substantial portability. It weighs 12 pounds while the fire bowl has a diameter of 29 inches and a height of 24 inches. The Sunnydaze Portable Outdoor Fire Pit is made from heavy-duty steel metal.

This fire pit has good endurance, which can be attributed to its high-temperature paint finish as well. This increases its rust resistance.This fire pit has a collapsible design. This means you can readily fold it and take it outdoor for that memorable campfire. It even comes with a carrying bag for easy outdoor transportation. Aside from this, the assembly is fluid and simple.

The Sunnydaze Portable Outdoor Fire Pit has lots of accessories, including a mesh spark screen (for controlling flying sparks), folding stand, and a poker (for managing the flame). The carrying bag can conveniently contain the fire pit (when folded) and all the additional accessories.


  • The folding stand makes it very portable and mobile
  • The four-leg design makes it appreciably stable
  • Very easy assembling


  • The height of the Weber grate may be a little odd for you
  • Air circulation is not too impressive
  • Rust resistance needs to be improved

How to Choose the Best Fire Pit

There are major considerations that should guide your choice of a fire pit. These factors (aside from cost) determine the compatibility of the fire pit with your objectives for it and if the fire pit will stand the test of time. This way, you can get maximal value for your money.


It is crucial to get the size of your fire pit right. In most cases, the ideal size of your fire pit is determined by the spaciousness of the location (mostly your backyard). Yes, you also have to factor in your budget.

The generality of built-in fire pits have diameters ranging from 36-58 inches. Store-bought variants have their diameter running from 24-30 inches.

For the height, you can buy taller models or go for those with low clearance (that is they are closer to the floor). For those aiming to place your feet on the firepit’s lip, then lower clearance fire pits (with your seat higher) are preferable. These low-to-ground models can be about 18 inches.

You shouldn’t ignore the quantity of space required for circulation and seating. It is optimal to procure an average of 6 feet around the edges to give the appropriate space to move around the area or locate your chair flexibly.


It is crucial to select the most suitable material for your fire pit, depending on what you are using it for, how often you are prepared for maintenance practices, and also your backyard’s architectural design.

Some of the most common types of materials for your fire pits include cast iron, steel, stone, and copper. Let us look deeper into these choices of materials.

  • Steel

Steel is commonly used for the construction of the fire pit while it can be additionally deployed on the fire table legs as an accent. Commonly, this type of steel is powder-coated or painted to increase its resistance to rust and corrosion – overall increasing its longevity.

Steel fire pits are more mobile and flexible to move around considering their lightweight design. They are the ideal fire pit choice for homeowners keen on portability.

  • Copper

One great feature of copper is the warmth it exudes even when the fire is not lit. The letdown about copper is its durability. It requires heavy maintenance to keep its hue and warmth. When left in your backyard with no cleaning, it quickly takes on a green film on its surface from oxidation.

  • Stone

Stone may be the most popular fire pit material there is. They are not lightweight like steel. Therefore, they may not be ideal for those seeking portable fire pits that they could move easily around the yard.

Nonetheless, stone has superior natural resistance to rust and is suitable for those seeking low-maintenance fire pits. It is however unwise to expose the stone fire pits to extreme weather elements. Repeated freezing and thawing can cause the stones to crack.

  • Cast Iron

Cast iron has admirable efficiency in distributing heat. This type of fire pits is heavy and sturdy, thereby reducing their propensity to being knocked over. This is an excellent safety addition.

The unfortunate implication of this is that they are not very mobile and flexible. They are more even prone to rust. Cast iron fire pits are great options for those seeking heavy fire pit designs with that classic natural look.


Interestingly, the fuel type of your fire pit determines the type and sound of the fire, as well as the aroma that remains with you. The common fuel types include wood, natural gas or propane.

  • Wood

Wood fuel gives the best aroma and that exciting crackling noise from the fire. Logs of 25 inches are good enough for your fire pits if you are using wood fuel.

More interestingly, wood is cheaper, gives you an enhanced glow, and is more natural. However, the disadvantage of wood fuel is that maintaining the fire can be challenging (as well as triggering the fire). Also, some people may not be very comfortable with the smoke emanating from the wood.

Propane or natural gas pits can be used on open porches with overhead roofs, and are generally neater, with no pile of wood, ashes, smoke or debris to contend with.

  • Natural gas or propane

Gas fire pits have a nice decorative design where the bowl fillers are made from lava rocks, smooth stones, or glass beads. This kind enhances the flame.

If you don’t want to struggle with starting your fire pit (as in the case of wood), then you may resort to using natural gas or propane fire pits. They allow you to manage the fire and its intensity.

Admittedly, you don’t get such control when you are using wood. Gas-powered fire pits also don’t produce debris and ash, making cleaning them more comfortable. The disadvantage of this type of fire pits is that they don’t give off as much heat as wood, and they are far more expensive.

Accessories and Attachment

Most fire pits come with grills and other accessories like screen and poker. The screen is vital in controlling flying sparks emanating from the fire. If not curtailed or localized to the fire pit, these embers can be dangerous to those sitting around the fire.

It is also helpful if your fire pit comes with a poker, which is helpful in controlling the flame. Some pit fires, especially the portable ones with a collapsible design (where the legs can be folded) come with carrying bags. This makes it easier to take your fire pit outdoor for events like going to the beach and camping.

The grill is a huge addition for outdoor cooking. If you want to leave your fire pit permanently outdoors, then you may want to shield it from the direct effects of the elements when you are not using it. A vinyl cover is excellent for this.


There are several styles to pick from for your fire pits. The most popular designs feature a combination of square models and fire bowls, mirroring low tables. This type has space to lay a plate or drink. There are also multi-level styles of fire pits that combine beverage cooler and fire pits.

For easy mobility or flexibility, you should go for bowl versions. Should you have ample spaciousness in your backyard, you can go for a significantly stationary square pit to achieve that warm gathering destination. These are sturdier and heavy-duty models.

This is common with propane fire pits where the propane tank is neatly hidden behind an accessible door. In other scenarios, while some fire pits have manual ignition (typical for those that use wood logs), others use push-button ignition systems (common with gas fire pits).

It is all left to you to choose which design best fits your preferred style, your purpose for the fire pit, and your budget as well.

Where Should It Go

The placement of your fire pit is significant. There are code requirements that will decide how you operate your fire pit and where you site your fire pit being that fire pits are classified as recreational fires.

It is forbidden to use fire pits inside your home. This is highly frowned at by the Hearth, Patio, and Barbecue Association (HPBA). There should be an appreciable distance between your fire pit and your home or another highly inflammable structure.

Also, it is not recommended to site your fire pit on a wooden or directly on your lawn. If you are going to use your fire pits in burn bans, then they should be CSA (Canadian Standards Association) approved.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Many homeowners don’t want to be bogged down with the perpetual maintenance of their fire pits. Hence you see many people prefer low-maintenance fire pits. Stainless steel fire pits require very minimal maintenance.

They have relatively high corrosion resistance and are also resistant to moisture. Stainless steel fire pits are very easy to clean as well. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that stainless steel fire pits are expensive. Copper fire pits require high maintenance.

Regarding the cleaning, if you use fire pits with wood fuel, you should expect to regularly clean ash. This is not the case with gas fire pits.

There is more information you need to know about backyard fire pits.

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