Clear Signs That Your Wife Doesn’t Love You

You promised to love each other for the rest of your lives. And then, something went awfully wrong. The feeling is not the same anymore. It seems like your wife has changed her mind. What could have happened?

Here Are Certain Signs Your Wife Doesn’t Love You

1.She does not include you in her dreams.

When you got married, you incorporated another person into your already colorful life. You are sharing your characters, your behaviors, and your attributes with one another. You are also making decisions not only for yourself, but also for the wife you married.

To know if your wife loves you, you should ask her this question. What are your dreams in life? You should pay careful attention to all that she says. Look for words that will assure you that you are included in her aspirations. “We,” “you and I,” and “our” should be in her statement.

If all that you hear is about herself and what she will do to attain her goals, then that is a tell-tale sign that she does not love you.

2.She does not object to anything that you do.

As a husband, it will feel extra good when your wife allows you to do everything you want. You can go drink with your buddies, stay as long as you want at parties, and even go on business trips and be away from your house for a number of days.

But it can feel peculiar when your wife does not object to the things that you do, even if they will ruin your marriage. Why is she not getting angry when I don’t come home every day? Why does she not question me when I stay late in the office? Why doesn’t she object when I go on camping trips with my friends almost every week?

A wife that is okay with everything you do away from the house must be the ideal wife. But it can also mean that she does not love you. She does not care about spending time with you. She is not worried that you are away from home. And she even does not question you on why you take a lot of trips for your work. If this situation happens to you, it can be a clear sign that she does not love you.

3.She is not interested in you.

You are supposed to share everything as husband and wife—from your work to your goals, and even to the little things that you do every day. For a husband, it feels good when the wife asks you how your day was. When something is wrong, the wife should notice it by the changes in your mood, your actions and in your thinking.

If she does not recognize these changes, or she does not bother inquiring about what happened to you, it might be because she does not love you. Even if she is undergoing problems of her own, she will still be concerned with what is going on with you. If nothing matters to her except herself, then you should question her love for you as well.

4.She does not call you or send you texts.

A relationship should be built on trust. You cannot guard your wife 24 hours a day and seven days a week. You just have to put your faith in her and not think that she will develop extramarital affairs with another man.

An article from WebMD advises that couples should talk to each other about privacy boundaries that you should not pass even as husband and wife. But this solution means that you will communicate your concerns to each other and set boundaries that you both are comfortable with.

If your wife does not even call you once or send you a single text of where she or what she is doing, then it is a clear sign that she does not love you. She does not involve you in what she is busy with. She does not care enough to inform you of her whereabouts. When you question her about it, she just shrugs it off and says that you are overreacting.

But a couple should definitely be open to one another, especially on your location and what you do. A single text or call will just last one to two minutes. Can’t you just spare that little amount of time so that your loved one will not worry? It may be because the feeling she has for you is not there anymore.

5.She always does not want to have sex.

This can be tricky at times, because it can be caused by an unknown disease or condition that she does not want you to know about. You should be open about it so that you can work things out or go to professionals who can treat your wife like therapists, physicians or sexual medicine doctors.

But if she does not provide you with any other reason, then you have a serious problem on your hands. Sex is part of marriage. You should fully enjoy each other physically and intimately. Sex should not be a hindrance to your relationship. Instead of preventing yourselves from being bonded in marriage, she should not stop you from being close to her.

6.She does not prioritize you.

The wife should be the priority of the husband, and the husband should be the priority of the wife. The children should be next, then work, and then finally hobbies and interests. Nothing should be in the way of spending time with your spouse. When you have to choose between work or spouse, it should always be the spouse. The same goes when picking between hobbies or spouse.

If you are not her priority, it means that there are things that are more important than her husband. If she has always been like this before you got married, then you can talk to her about it. If she has changed, then it is a sign that she does not love you anymore.

7.The fighting never stops.

This is a tragic and stressful sign that your wife does not love you. All the shouting does not end. The hateful words and anger never stop. Instead of fixing the problem and repairing the relationship, you are more focused on blaming the other person and harming the emotions of your spouse.

If your wife does not want to do anything to resolve your issues as a couple, it is a sign that she does not love you. Someone who would like to reconcile with her spouse will do everything she can to restore the relationship. But if she just walks out of the house every time and goes back to fight with you some more, then you must clear things up with her.

8.She disrespects you.

Men desire respect more than love. It is innate in a man to want to be respected. When you disrespect a man, you are disrespecting him as a whole being. It means more when the wife is the one disrespecting her husband.

Your wife is the one that should love you and respect you most. She knows who you are and your personality. She distinguishes between what you like and what you don’t like. And she should know what would disrespect you. She should avoid responses that will make you feel disrespected. But if she purposely does it to annoy you, then she does not love you anymore.

To disrespect you in front of other people is a whole new level of insult. As a wife, she has the responsibility to care for you and protect you from the harsh words of other people. If she is the one belittling you and your capabilities as a husband and as a person in general, then it means that she does not love you.


It is a shot in the heart when you find out that your wife does not love you. It hurts a lot and you will feel even more pain as you go along. You only have two choices. You can either fight for your love or give up.

Or you can actually do both. You can do everything you can to bring back the same feeling that your wife had for you when you got married. If she still doesn’t love you after all that you do, then you need to accept this fact and start to move on. The earlier you admit this truth to yourself, the easier it will be to get on with your life.