True Signs That Your Husband Doesn’t Love You Anymore

When you married your husband, you imagined your new life to be full of hope and love. You never expected a spouse that could come to terms with the idea that he does not love you anymore. But sometimes, he will not tell you that he now has this feeling toward you until he feels that the timing is right.

Here are the telltale signs that your husband doesn’t love you anymore:

He Forgets Special Occasions of Your life

Yes, this is a common problem for husbands. If he normally forgets special events like birthdays or anniversaries from the very first year of marriage up until today, then you have no reason to worry. But if your husband is a guy who usually remembers these things, but all of a sudden changes, then it can be a sign that he does not love you anymore.

When He Jokes a Lot About Getting a Divorce

Jokes are usually half-meant. If he constantly jokes about wanting to divorce you, then you should question yourself whether there are problems that may cause him to want to initiate a divorce.

He Does not Want to Be with You

Remember the time when you just couldn’t get enough of each other? When the feeling of your husband changes, and it is okay for him not to spend time with you, then it is a sign that he does not love you anymore.

He Gets Irritated a Lot

If he gets irritated for no apparent reason, then you should ask him what the matter is. It is good if he brings up a particular situation or event wherein he was offended or turned off by any of your actions. But if he can’t pinpoint anything, but is still irritated with you, then it can be an indication that he doesn’t love you anymore.

He does not Even Call You When He is Away

Work can sometimes be a hassle. How much more difficult would a business trip or a long-distance relationship be if your husband was required by his company to go to different states or countries? If he does not even send you a text, a Facebook message, or a short call, then it can be a telltale sign.

He does not Want to Have Sex with You

Sex is sharing physical intimacy with one another. You feel connected and in tune when you have sex with your spouse. According to this article from, when wives have sex with their husbands, it makes them feel loved and desired. It also gives them confidence, acceptance, and joy.

Now, husbands generally enjoy having sex with their wives. If you feel that it has been a long time since you had sex with your husband, then it can be a cause of alarm for your marriage.

He is Usually Outside

Most husbands typically find their home a place of peace and tranquility. It provides a space for them to unwind and take a breather from a long day of work. If you notice that he does not want to stay in the house anymore, you should be concerned about the status of your relationship.

You Suspect that He is Cheating

Have you heard about women’s intuition? According to PsychologyToday, female intuition can be relied upon because of a woman’s ability to observe her surroundings. Because of social power, she is able to discern actions and assess nonverbal cues.

When you suspect that he is cheating, it is usually correct. You must confront him with this matter and determine if he does not love you anymore by cheating with somebody else.

He is Cold

Try to flirt with him. Do various things to be intimate with him. If he does not budge, then it can be a sign that he does not love you anymore.

He is Inattentive

You don’t want to have a husband that does not listen to a word that you are saying. He should be open enough to listen to what you have to say. He should be concerned about how your day was and what you did in the house or at work. If he seems inattentive to what you are saying, it can be a warning for your marriage.

He Asks for Space

You can have the biggest house or the longest distance to work, but husbands don’t usually ask for space. Men think differently than women.

Husbands generally box their minds. If he is working, he puts out the work box. If he wants to unwind, he pulls out the unwind box. He can sit in the living room, watching TV, and still acquire personal space to think about certain things and calm his mind.

When a husband asks for space, it can be alarming for the marriage. You can still give him the space that he requests. But you should observe the next steps that he takes with the space.

He Brings His Phone Everywhere He Goes

Husbands have different levels of interaction with technology. Some use phones only for work. Some use them for playing games and using apps. Your husband may be on-call for his work, but it does not require him to bring his phone everywhere. If he is very concerned about leaving his phone and not locking it in, then you should be concerned.

He does not Do Anything for You Anymore

Husbands are usually the most reliable people that wives know. Who else can they depend on in simple and difficult situations? When you cannot rely on your husband to do anything for you, you should alert yourself that it can be a sign that he does not love you anymore.

When He Seems Hopeless

Relationships should give the couple hope that everything will be okay at the end. You can ask your husband how he views your relationship. If he describes it as a hopeless case or just completely shrugs the question off, it can be a telltale indication that he doesn’t feel the love he once had for you.

He does not Say Sorry

A marriage is a connection between two people. It is a relationship full of mistakes and faults. It is far from perfect. Both the husband and the wife can do things in the marriage that may cause hurt or despair to one another. When he is no longer concerned about your well-being, and he does not utter the word ‘sorry’ anymore, then you should be seriously alarmed.

He does not Hold Your Hand

If you are used to not holding your hands together, whether privately or publicly, then this should not cause you to worry. But if your husband is very affectionate, then turns into someone that does not want to hold your hand anymore, then be aware that his feelings toward you have changed.

He does not Care About You

He does not worry about your health or your current status anymore. If you are stranded in your office or working late at night, he does not even call to check on you. He does not care about you anymore.

He does not Share His Dreams with You

Before, you talked for countless hours about your dreams and aspirations in life. But as time goes by, the time that you spend talking about it declines. If he does not love you anymore, he does not share and involve you in his dreams and personal goals.

He is Very Guarded

When you ask him about his work, he does not share much information. When you inquire about his whereabouts, he becomes angry or agitated. Some of the simplest questions that you ask can make him limit his answers to avoid making mistakes in the details. He may be hiding something that he does not want you to find out.

He does not Help

If you have raised a concern regarding the incompleteness of your marriage, you expect your husband to do his best to make things right again. If he does nothing and just keeps on what he is doing without being alarmed, then it can be a sign that he does not love you anymore.


These are just a few signs that may indicate that your husband does not love you anymore. But before you assume anything, you should really sit your husband down and have a heart-to-heart talk with him. You should clear everything out.

Communication is still the best way to know the feelings and the thoughts of your spouse. Only then can you truly determine whether he still loves you or not.