Should You Tip on Postmates and How Much? (Quick Facts)

Should You Tip on Postmates and How Much

Technology has made it several novel conveniences possible. For example, with a company like Postmates, you can get local deliveries of restaurant-prepared meals, groceries, alcohol, or other goods, delivered right to your home. The best part is that all you need to do to take advantage of this service is place the order from the comfort of your home.

When you receive a delivery on Postmates, though, should you tip? And how much is it OK to tip? Well, because tips make a sizeable portion of most delivery drivers’ income, it is only fair to tip them for good service. Postmates recommends a tip of 10 to 20% of the total fee charged.

This article will focus on tipping etiquette when using Postmates’ delivery services. Keep in mind that the delivery fee that is added automatically to your order is not part of the tip. This charge is absorbed directly by Postmates as part of their fees.

What is Postmates and How Does It Work?

Postmates is an online platform specializing in deliveries which has been functional since 2011. It is accessible on its website or its mobile phone application. Based in the United States, Postmates is a company offering local delivery for not only restaurant-prepared meals but also other goods.

Postmates is present in more than 100 areas in the USA, and operates in over 2900 cities. It relies on mobile phone apps as well as their Global Positioning System that helps match inventories with consumer demand. Unlike many online delivery companies, Postmates is an on-demand company, whose services are only available at the moment the customer is making the order.

Postmates’ on-demand delivery services are available 24/7, no matter where you are, as long as you are in the United States. You could be craving your favorite KFC takeout, or you could be out of cleaning supplies, Postmates will always have your back. You may even be desperate for a care package on sick days, and all you need to do is make a few clicks.

This platform’s business model is similar to Uber’s business model, except in this case instead of taxis, you are able to get goods from a local store of your choice. Goods are delivered with the help of their human messenger networks. That makes it possible for customers to make orders from any place within the city.

Like an Uber driver, a Postmates courier gets an order notification on their mobile device, then GPS is used by Postmates to match supply and demand in the shortest time possible.

When you make an order on Postmates, you will pay whatever the restaurant charges as well as additional Postmates fees:

  1. A delivery fee, depending on how far you are from your desired restaurant.
  2. 9% service fee
  3. You have a choice of tipping your driver via the app as soon as the order is complete. A 10%-20% tip amount is suggested by the app.

If, for example, you want to buy food and have it delivered by Postmates, here are the steps to follow:

  • Select the restaurant

The options are many to choose from, and the restaurants are sorted by type of cuisine, location, and so on. You could also enter the restaurant’s name in the search bar. It could be Chick-Fil-A or Nobu: Postmates will get you anything you want from anywhere. They will even get you liquor from your desired store.

  • Share the details of your order

This feature of the app is amazing because you are able to view a restaurant’s entire menu via Postmates. It is also very easy to modify your order.

  • Confirm your order

Here, your order is summarized and an estimate is given concerning how long it will take. The total cost of your order is also indicated.

  • Track your order

Once you have placed your order, you are connected to a driver who will confirm your order. Through the app, you can keep track of their progress as they make their way to the restaurant, pick your order and proceed to drive to your location. Since your contact details are included in your profile, the driver will call or text you when they get near you to arrange for the pick-up.

All payment is sorted through the app and a rating system is included for you to give feedback about the service. This ensures that drivers do an excellent job.

  • Enjoy your order

When your order is delivered, you can now enjoy your meal comfortably at your own pace.

Do You Have to Tip Postmates and How Much?

Most Postmates delivery drivers earn about $4 a delivery. Even for those able to complete two deliveries in an hour, they will only earn a little over the Federal minimum wage. Not to forget, the drivers use their own vehicles and fuel to ensure your goods make it to your place in perfect condition. When you combine all these factors, it makes a lot of sense to always tip your driver.

You should know that the delivery fee of Postmates is not the same as the tip. Moreover, it is good practice to always tip any delivery person for their time and the care they took with your items. As mentioned earlier, tipping can be done when you are placing an order, but you can still tip the driver after they have delivered your order. A 10% tip is recommended for take-out drivers, but you can adjust your tip with regard to the quality of service offered.

When tipping on Postmates, you can select between defaults of 10%, 15%, and 20% or set a custom tip. If you discover an issue with your order, you can report it in place of tipping.

Here is a summary of how tipping is done on Postmates:

  • When your order arrives, you will receive a notification that prompts you to rate and tip the driver. Tap this notification to open the app.
  • Select one of the three tip amounts, which are 10%, 15%, or 20%. You could also tap on ‘OTHER’ to leave your custom tip.
  • When you are satisfied, click “Send Tip”. However, if the service offered was not satisfactory, you can always opt to “Report an Issue”.

Can Postmates Accept Cash Tips?

One thing with Postmates is that their services are cashless. If you wish to tip the driver that made your delivery, you need to use the digital tipping feature on the app or on the website either before making your order or once the order is complete. Postmates makes it easy to tip and calculates the amount for you depending on the percentage you selected. This is optional if you would like it.

However, you may choose to tip your driver via cash if you like. Besides, many Postmates drivers prefer cash tips because it allows them immediate access to the money. When you tip through the app, the drivers have no choice but to wait until the money is transferred to their accounts. In the end, how and when you decide to tip your driver is up to you. Your driver will appreciate it if you tip with either option.

What Happens If You Don’t Tip on Postmates?

Tipping is something voluntary to do, and it all depends on the quality of service you received. For example, if the driver was rude or mismatched your order, leaving a smaller tip is justifiable. Just ensure you are not punishing the driver for something that was not their fault.

Nothing will happen if you tip $0. However, it is common courtesy to appreciate your delivery driver for bringing you your order in one piece with a tip. Sometimes, Postmates drivers will go out of their way to contact you directly with queries related to your order preferences. Having this in mind, there is no decent excuse not to tip your driver.

Can Postmates See Your Tip?

All delivery drivers own a Postmates Fleet app that gives them a notification whenever someone tips them. They are therefore able to know how much was tipped so as to plan on what to expect.

Does Postmates Give Tips to Drivers?

When you tip your driver using the digital feature, 100% of tips go directly into the driver’s account. The tip is different from all the other fees. In this way, the tip gives you the opportunity to thank the delivery driver for their exemplary services.

What Can Postmates Deliver?

Postmates can have just about anything delivered to your doorstep, from ready-made meals to large electronics like television sets. The only thing that cannot be delivered are controlled substances, live animals, people, weapons, and gift cards.

What Stores Use Postmate?

Postmates works with a broad network of stores, including Starbucks, McDonalds, Apple, Chipotle, Walgreens, and more. Many local restaurants also use Postmates to broaden their customer base.

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