Should You Tip Grubhub Drivers and How Much? (Quick Facts)

Should You Tip Grubhub Drivers and How Much

Restaurant workers in the U.S. rely on tips to support themselves. Servers, baristas, bartenders, and delivery drivers all depend on the gratuities they earn from the services they provide. This is different from much of the world where tipping in restaurants is not a custom. In fact, many visitors to the States are unaware of tipping etiquette especially for food delivery.

Delivery drivers who drive for Grubhub are no exception to tipping rules. They make most of their money from customer’s tips. So, you should be tipping them just as you would any other person who provides you a service. In the case of food delivery drivers, this is 20 percent. Some people tip on the total amount and some on the pre-tax total. Both are fine. Many Grubhub users also include extra money for speedy service or when weather conditions are bad.

Read on for more information on how Grubhub works, what and how to tip when using the app, and other information on this popular and convenient food delivery service.

How Much Should You Tip My Grubhub Driver?

The standard tip amount for a delivery driver is 20 percent of the order total with $5 being the minimum amount you should tip. Some may tip on the pre-tax total, or the subtotal before any fees are added. This is assuming everything goes well with the delivery. You don’t need to reward rude or slow service.

Keep in mind, however, that the driver did not make the food or pack it up, they just delivered it, so you are tipping for that service alone. You can also reward a driver with an additional tip for bad weather, if you have an extra large order, or if they have to climb a lot of steps to get your food to you.

Grubhub offers suggestions on what amounts to tip for delivery in bad weather or when the driver has to go above and beyond the norm. They suggest an additional $3 to $5 when the weather makes driving difficult and an extra 3-5 percent when the order is extra big (think 25 pizzas as opposed to one or two). They also suggest adding a buck or two when the driver has to walk up more than a few flights of stairs.

Do Grubhub Drivers See the Tip?

Yes. While they may not see the actual amount, drivers can figure out the tip based on their base pay. Typically, the base pay of a Grubhub delivery driver is $3-$5 plus .50 cents per mile. Keep in mind, any additional delivery charge from a restaurant does not go to the driver.

It is also helpful to know that drivers can view this information before accepting an order. If they see that there is either no tip at all or that it is less than 10 percent, they may not accept the order. If enough drivers pass on the order, this could result in your order being delayed.

For the best service, you should add a tip. This does run contrary to the whole idea of a tip being a reward after good service has been given, but in this age of mobile food ordering, it’s just a part of the delivery process.

What is Grubhub and How Does it Work?

Grubhub is an online and mobile food-ordering and delivery service. The company partners with restaurants to deliver their food to diners in over 3,000 cities in the U.S. Customers use the Grubhub app or website to order food from their favorite restaurants.

All orders and payments are handled by them and customers can pay in cash or through the app. It’s a very simple process, really.

What is the Grubhub Delivery Charge?

Technically, Grubhub does not set a delivery charge, the participating restaurant does. Depending on the restaurant, this charge is between $4 and $8. Grubhub recommends restaurants keep their delivery fees low or do away with them altogether. They believe this appeals to consumers and makes them more likely to order.

Can You Edit Tip on Grubhub?

It is possible to change, add, or revoke a tip after your food has been delivered. In fact, you have up to 24 hours to do so. If you are revoking a tip, makes sure you are not punishing the driver for something they did not do or had no control over. Did they forget to give you all of your food or did the restaurant not pack the order correctly? If it was not the drivers’ fault, then why revoke their tip?

At any rate, you can contact Grubhub directly with changes to the tip. If you’d like to add a bigger tip at the door, you can also tip the driver in cash.

Also, customers who repeatedly lower or revoke tips after delivery earn a reputation among Grubhub drivers. This will make it much less likely that your order will be accepted in a timely fashion.

What Happens If You Don’t Tip Grubhub?

Nothing really, but it’s not a very nice thing to do. In theory, your food should be delivered quickly and correctly either way. That said, drivers can choose not to accept an order with no tip which may slow down your order. If you want to tip in cash, make a note of it in the order so the driver sees it.

Why is Grubhub Tip So High?

The recommended 20 percent tip for delivery service is pretty standard across the industry. This is used to determine the tips for servers and bartenders when patronizing bars and restaurants too. Whether you consider that high or not depends on your attitude towards the tipping system, but keep in mind, this is how the driver makes their money.

You may not agree with tipping, in fact, many people think this needs to change to a system where the restaurants pay their employees a higher wage instead of relying on customer gratuities. The flipside of this is that many, probably most, restaurants would be forced to raise their prices to compensate. The customer would undoubtedly end up paying the same in the end.

Is Mcdonalds on Grubhub?

Yes, McDonald’s partners with several delivery companies to get their food to hungry customers. Grubhub is one of them. Use the Grubhub app or website to find the McDonald’s location nearest to you.

What is the Difference Between Grubhub and DoorDash?

Grubhub has more partnerships with restaurants than its competitor DoorDash. Both services charge fees, although with DoorDash you may have to pay a fee to both them and the restaurant. Both services allow customized tipping.

DoorDash has more special money-saving offers and incentives for its users. Both apps now offer subscription services, but DoorDash requires a minimum order of ten dollars before the delivery fee is waived.

Does Grubhub Have a Minimum Order?

Grubhub does not require a minimum order. The decision on whether or not to charge that fee, and how much to charge, is set by the individual restaurant. That said, Grubhub actually encourages their partner restaurants to keep the minimum order amount at zero. Grubhub believes this encourages more orders. Of course, they do not require their partners to do this. It is just a recommendation.

Can You Tip Grubhub in Cash?

Yes, you can tip in cash, but be sure to make a note of it when you place the order. That can make a difference in how fast the order is accepted by a driver. Again, the recommended amount is 20 percent of the order, but a minimum of $5 is also recommended. Keep in mind, the majority of the drivers’ pay comes from tips.

Will Grubhub Leave Food at the Door?

Yes, Grubhub offers contact-free delivery. Customers can choose this option when they order and the driver will leave their order on the doorstep, in the lobby, or wherever is indicated by the customer. Choose the contact-free delivery option by checking the box on the order page. You’ll be able to add instructions there as well.

Does Grubhub Charge a Monthly Fee?

Grubhub does offer a subscription program where customers can pay a monthly fee to participate.

For $9.99 the Grubhub+ program allows diners unlimited free delivery plus 10 percent cash back. Of course, free delivery is only available from restaurants that participate in the Grubhub+ program. The program also allows you to make donations to No Kid Hungry which has a goal of ending child hunger in America. Donations are matched by the company. Participants also get access to Grubhub’s Elite Care support service.

Additionally, as a part of the program, you can cancel anytime. Students at 150 campuses across the country get Grubhub+ for free.

Can Grubhub Drivers Text You?

Drivers can call and text diners and the reverse is also true. Both phone numbers are masked so neither party can see them. Calls and text will come from a 312 area code no matter what part of the country you live in.

Customers can text or call drivers to get updates on the status of their orders or to provide additional delivery instructions. Drivers can call or text customers with questions or to inform them of any delays due to traffic or bad weather.

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