Shiba Inu Pug Mix-Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament

Shiba Inu Pug Mix

Designer dogs are all the rage these days. Purebreds are brought together for a night of hot passion and the result is a brand new breed. The Shiba Inu Pug mix or Pug Shiba as they’re commonly known is just one example of a designer dog that came to by accident.

If you like Pugs, then the Pug Shiba is the second-best breed to the real thing. Pug Shibas get along fairly well with children and adults in the house. They do have a shedding problem, although not a major one. And they won’t tire you out with their consistent demands for exercises and activity.

As the product of two contrasting parents in terms of appearance and personality, the Pug Shiba is an interesting breed to own. You could end up with a small dog with a muscular physique but has the distinct face of the Pug and the shrill yelps of that breed. So what do you need to know before you embark on a journey with this unusual companion in your home?

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

Shiba Inus are hunter dogs. They have the physique and looks that match their role in life. Pugs, on the other hand, are diminutive dogs with a goofy and clownish personality that makes them a delight to have around the house. So what does the offspring of such two different breeds look like?

In terms of looks, the Pug Shiba is more Pug than Shiba Inu.


It’s a dog that comes in only one size, small, and weighs anything between 11 and 14 pounds even after a full meal. The compact body doesn’t exceed 15 inches in length no matter how far it stretches its non-existent neck.


The dog can have all shades of red, white, or tan.

Marks and Patterns

The eyes would have the same black patterns that Pugs are famous for. The round and compact face has the innocence and cuteness that make Pugs a desired breed.


The chest is more Shiba Inu than Pug. It’s broad and well-toned giving the dog a powerful look that its Pug parent lacks. The dog is usually chubby like a regular Pug.


The ears of the Pug Shiba are pointy and give it an alert and sharp look which it takes from the Shiba Inu side of the gene pool.


It has the same flattened snout that distinguishes the Pug dynasty.


This designer breed has short legs and they are quick. It’s always amusing watching a Pug Shiba patter about on its stubby legs.


The Pug Shiba has the same life expectancy as both its purebred parents. Both Shiba Inus and Pugs can live anything between 12 and 15 years. Their designer spawn doesn’t improve on that and usually wouldn’t live a day beyond 15.

To ensure your Pug Shiba reaches this ripe old age, you need to take care of its hygiene, give it the necessary vaccinations, watch its weight, and ensure it has a healthy and varied diet as we will discuss later.

Grooming Needs

This is where the fun comes to an end and your responsibility as a carer for the Pug Shiba starts to take shape. For one thing, this is a dog that sheds, like a lot. It also needs constant care in terms of appearance and hygiene.


While Pugs are not known for leaving clumps of hair around the house, the Pug Shiba is a different story. They get their plush coating from the Shiba Inu. They seem to fight off that excess hair constantly and have a tendency to shed it where you least expect it. You’ll need to brush the fur daily to remove the fallen hair.

Oral Hygiene

Brushing your designer dog’s teeth a few times a week is a must. It keeps their breath fresh and also prevents dental issues such as gum disease and rotten teeth.


You’ll need to keep track of the dog’s paws and trim those nails once every two weeks. The nails are hotbeds for germs and dirt which the dog would spread all over the furniture and your clothes as well.

Ear Wax

The sharp and pointy ears collect wax and that pileup can impact the dog’s hearing and cause an ear infection. Clean their ears as often as you clip their nails.


You won’t need to bathe the Pug Shiba that often. These are not very active dogs so they don’t sweat a lot nor do they get dirty enough to warrant regular bathing. Bathe only when necessary.


The Pug Shiba retains the attractive features of the Pug such as alertness, hyperactivity, and tendency to fool around and desire to please. However, since mix-breeds are not always a slam dunk, you might get a dog with a quirky personality.

Shiba Inus are independent dogs with an aloof personality. And your Pug Shiba might be a combination of both. The lovable clown that gets along well with kids of all ages. And the fastidious dog that makes a fuss wherever it goes and at times seems hard to please.

Whichever side your dog leans to temperament-wise, depends on its parents. You might need to investigate the temperament of the family it hails from to get a good idea of the dog’s mood and sociability. One thing for sure, though, your Pug Shiba is a loyal dog. Its energy and lively disposition make it a welcome addition to every home.

Exercise Needs

As far as exercise requirements are concerned, the Pug Shiba is not the kind of dog to put you out or force you to change your lifestyle to accommodate theirs. If you’re the homey type who enjoys the couch on their day off, your Pug Shiba won’t object to your life choices.

In fact, it has no problem joining you on a Netflix marathon all day if that’s what you’re into. But just because it’s a laid back dog that doesn’t bark at you and scratch at the door demanding to be let out, doesn’t mean you should ignore its innate need for exercise.

A short walk every day or every other day will suit the dog fine, keep its weight under check and help maintain its cheerful spirits high as always. A game of fetch in the backyard is a good way to bond and help the pup get its share of exercises.

Health Risks

One of the best features of this hybrid is that they’re not prone to serious health issues like other designer dogs. Thanks to the good genes of their purebred parents, the Pug Shiba is expected to live a long life in dog years without suffering from health conditions.

Allergies are the most common problem that this breed is susceptible to. They usually pick these allergies from fleas so good hygiene is paramount if you want to spare your designer dog the misery of allergies.

Eye problems such as cataracts, entropion, and glaucoma, as well as dental issues also crop up when you neglect to groom and maintain your Pug Shiba. Regular checkups are recommended with this breed as they are with many other pets. And don’t forget to brush the dog’s teeth a few times a week.


Food is another aspect of this breed that makes them appealing. Regarding what food they eat, the Pug Shiba is not fussy. It eats just about any formulated food as the next dog. As long as it has no dental issues or allergies, the pup will wolf down its bowl of food with obvious relish.

Puppies are recommended to be fed formulated food until they become adults. After that, the adult dog will thrive on a diet high in animal protein. Avoid a diet packed with carbohydrates since that leads to obesity.

You can give your adult Pug Shiba two meals a day but no more than that. Factor in any treats you give it and watch out for snacks. This is not a very active dog so any unburnt calories will soon show up as excess fat and give them a pudgy look.

As for how much food to offer. Each meal should be around one-third of a cup. That should be enough to give the dog the needed nutrients to keep it energetic and lively throughout the day.

Are Shiba Inu Pug Mixes Protective?

Not in the slightest. They’re goofy dogs that enjoy the lighter side of life and try to get by with the least amount of drama possible. Yes, they get along fine with everyone in the family including the unknown visitors as well.

But they’re far from being territorial. Their independent streak, if it happens to stick with them from the Shiba Inu parent, is usually not strong enough to make them repel those around them. This covers both humans and animals in the household.

Pug Shibas are only too happy to share their toys with other pets. If the mean cat takes their bed, they’ll just move to another space to lie down without making a fuss. These easy-going designer dogs are extremely low-maintenance and rarely get into fights or make a mess in the house.

How Much Does a Shiba Inu Pug Mix Cost?

This small designer dog is not very expensive to buy or grow. The upfront cost of owning one would set you back around $350 or $400 if they come from a reputable breeder.

Food and upkeep don’t cost much either since the dog isn’t a fussy eater and it eats less than a cup of food every day. Between $15 and $20 a week, sounds like a decent budget.

Is a Shiba Inu Pug Mix Right for Me?

To get a good answer to this question, you need to analyze your personality, know in advance what you’re looking for in a dog, and compare that to the personality and characteristics that distinguish the Pug Shiba.

  • Natural Disposition: The Pug Shiba isn’t the most demanding dog. It’s happy with small amounts of food and doesn’t require a ton of grooming.
  • Maintenance: If small clumps of hair on your pillow or the couch will bother you then this isn’t the right breed for you. It sheds moderately but it can still be a mess.
  • Lifestyle Needs: This is not the right companion for the hunter or hiker. If that’s what you’re looking for then a Shiba Inu or an Akita will suit you fine. This dog is happier on the rug than out in the woods.

In summation, this is a lively companion that makes everyone’s life more fun with its high energy and willingness to please you at their own expense. It’s more suited for the homey person who doesn’t have plenty of time to lavish on their pet companion.

Best Climate for a Shiba Inu Pug Mix

Most designer dogs that are the product of a Shiba Inu and another breed inherit the Shiba Inu’s double coating and plush hair. That makes the hybrid automatically averse to hot climates. For a small dog that doesn’t like the outdoors, having a thick coat is a problem.

Moderate to cold climates are better suited to the Pug Shiba’s physique and temperament. They get warm easily and start panting. They don’t have a drooling problem but when they’re hot they become restless.

The Attention a Shiba Inu Pug Mix Needs

As a homey dog that prefers the company of others over being alone, this is a dog that craves attention and rewards you with abundant love and gratitude. That said, the Pug Shiba will make do with just about any companion.

If your job demands that you leave your peg dog at home for long hours, having another pet in the house will make it much easier for the hybrid to while the time away as it waits for your imminent return. Make sure the dog has enough food and water while you’re away. Also leaving a few toys lying around will keep it busy for hours.

Compatibility with Kids

Of all the dog species that you can think of, the Pug Shiba is one of the best companions for children of all ages. Ranked high along with Golden Retrievers, the Pug Shiba is fun to have around kids.

Its small size and moderate temperament along with its goofy nature delight children and adults alike. You can leave it with a toddler or a child that can barely walk without worrying about them in the least. This is a dog that makes friends easily and loves to have humans around no matter what their age.

You also have nothing to worry about health-wise. Pug Shibas are healthy dogs and as long as you keep them clean and flea-free, your child won’t catch anything from the hybrid.

Compatibility with Other Animals

The magnanimous nature of the Pug Shiba extends to other pets in the house as well. The only thing you have to worry about is to keep it safe from other less friendly animals. Because the Pug Shiba is prone to making a fool out of itself, it can rub other animals the wrong way.

So if you have a mean cat or a larger animal that doesn’t suffer fools easily, you’d need to keep an eye on them around the Shiba Pug. The complacent nature of this designer dog means they’d give up their favorite toys and even their food to accommodate other animals.

However, this can impact the Shiba Pug’s mood and sunny disposition if they get bullied by another animal. So if this buffoon seems out of sorts or doesn’t greet you with the usual enthusiasm, watch out for the other pets in the house. One or more of them must be taking advantage of the easy nature of the Shiba Pug.

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