Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix-Cost, Lifespan and Temperament

Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix-Everything You Need to Know

Do you love Samoyeds? Do you also love Golden Retrievers? So, maybe you’re wondering what a Samoyed Golden Retriever mix would be like to own.

A Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix (commonly referred to as a Golden Sammy) is a loveable, social dog who will likely make a great addition to your family.

The Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix is a beautiful dog who will provide you many hours of faithful companionship. And if you care for them correctly, they will be part of your family for many years to come.

Physical Characteristics

As with any other hybrid dog, the appearance of a Samoyed Golden Retriever mix can vary — even sometimes within the same litter! Generally, Golden Retriever and Samoyed mix dogs have a large, sturdy body like Golden Retrievers, but have the long, slightly wavy, thick coat of fur of a Samoyed. Their fur can range in color from white or very light (like their Samoyed side) to light red.

Both male and female Golden Sammys stand about 21-24 inches high and weigh between 50 – 75 pounds. Their face is quite striking and typically resembles their Golden Retriever parentage with darker noses like Samoyeds. They have loose, folded down ears and bright, bold eyes that range from hazel to dark brown.


Much like with other larger dogs, the lifespan of a Samoyed Golden Retriever mix is roughly 11 – 14 years. This lifespan can be maximized with proper care, quality food, and exercise.

Grooming Needs

Luckily, a Golden Sammy comes with a fairly low level of grooming needs. Here’s what you need to know to keep your dog looking and feeling great.

Brush their coat a few times a week. Although Samoyed Golden Retriever mixes have long, thick hair they only require brushing about three times a week. They will shed — sometimes quite heavily — so you want to keep up on this brushing.

You’ll notice a huge difference in the smoothness and shininess of their coat when you brush them regularly. You can find brushes at most veterinary offices or pet stores — ask for recommendations for the best type of brush for your Golden Sammy.

Bathe them occasionally. Fortunately, neither Golden Retrievers or Samoyeds are known to be “smelly dogs” so they don’t require frequent bathing. Bathe them every few months (maybe for the change of season) to refresh their coat or whenever they’re noticeably dirty.Use a special dog shampoo and rinse them well to prevent buildup or itching.

Clean their ears regularly. Because of their fold-over type ears, Golden Sammys can be prone to ear infections. So, although they don’t require regular bathing, you should take the time to clean their ears — at least once a month, more if they have issues with their ears.

After cleaning or swimming (whenever their ears get wet) make sure you dry their ears inside completely so no wetness remains. Ask your veterinarian or professional dog groomer for instructions on how to clean your dog’s ears properly at home.

Brush their teeth regularly. Golden Sammys generally aren’t known to have bad mouth odor, however, as with any dog, they can develop dental issues. Brush their teeth a few times a week to ward off any of these problems.

Your veterinarian or professional dog groomer can steer you towards the best type of toothbrush and toothpaste for your Golden Sammy, as well as give you tips on how to clean their teeth effectively. If possible, start brushing their teeth when they’re young so they get used to it and won’t fight you.


Both Golden Retrievers and Samoyeds are known to be loving, loyal, sweet, smart dogs, so it’s no wonder that Golden Sammys have these same characteristics.

However, Golden Retrievers can sometimes act out if they don’t get enough physical activity or attention, and Samoyeds can be quite stubborn — so these characteristics can also be passed along to a Golden Sammy. But don’t worry, their good traits highly outweigh their bad traits!

Exercise Needs

Although Golden Retrievers and Samoyeds both have fairly high activity levels, a Golden Sammy doesn’t generally require excessive amounts of exercise.

Going on a few short to medium length daily walks and having a 30 – 40-minute play session most days of the week is usually enough to keep a Golden Sammy happy and fit.

Health Risks

As with any other dog, a Samoyed Golden Retriever mix can be prone to some health issues — especially as they grow older. These include Elbow or Hip Dysplasia and Retinal Dysplasia. You could potentially see eye problems, as well as hearing loss, come about as your Golden Sammy ages.

Keep a close eye on your dog, especially as they get older. If you notice they look uncomfortable, are hesitating when they play, or don’t seem to respond to your voice like they once did, see your veterinarian immediately to check for health issues. Most issues they are prone to can be cured or managed if they’re caught early.


What you feed your Samoyed Golden Retriever mix is important for their overall health. Here’s what you should know about feeding:

What to Eat?

Choose a high-quality, well-balanced kibble (dry) food that’s appropriate for your dog’s age. Puppies have different nutritional needs than adult dogs do, and senior dogs (after age 7 or 8) have different nutritional requirements than puppies or even adult dogs.

A Golden Sammy will typically eat anything they can find, so be careful not to leave food around for them to get into. And please don’t get in the habit of feeding them table scraps because this is not only bad for their digestive system, but it can turn your dog into a nuisance because they will always beg for more.

When to Eat?

It’s best to feed your Samoyed Golden Retriever mix only once or twice a day. Follow the directions on their bag of food. Feed them at roughly the same time each day so they get to know their feeding schedule.

How Much to Eat?

A Golden Sammy will eat anything they can find so don’t free feed or they will simply gobble it all up. Follow directions from your veterinarian or on the bag of food you buy.

If you notice your dog is becoming either overweight or underweight, don’t cut back or add more food to try to adjust their weight yourself. It’s best to talk to your veterinarian to see about changing to a different food to help them gain or lose weight.

Are Samoyed Golden Retriever Mixes Protective?

Both Samoyeds and Golden Retrievers are very loyal and love their families. And Samoyeds are decent watchdogs — it’s part of what they were originally bred to do.

So, while Samoyed Golden Retriever mixes are not the type of dog to choose if you’re specifically looking for a protective dog, they will offer some level of protection against strangers.

How Much Does A Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix Cost?

The cost of a Golden Sammy will vary a lot depending on where you’re getting the dog from. Although rare, it’s possible you could find this type of dog in a shelter where you would pay a lot less than if you went with a breeder.

However, even if you buy through a breeder, you’re going to see a huge variation in price from place to place. Higher demand for this type of dog will create higher prices and reputable breeders will often charge a little more because of the care they put in — which is well worth the extra cost!

To give a very rough estimate of the cost of a Golden Sammy, it would be about $500 to $700 US.

Best Climate For A Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix

Because they have very thick coats of fur like their Samoyed relatives, a Samoyed Golden Retriever mix does better living and being active in a colder climate. They can be prone to heat exhaustion so watch them carefully if they are doing heavy activity in hotter climates.

The Attention A Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix Needs

These dogs love attention and may lash out a bit (chewing or biting themselves or your furniture or clothes) if they don’t get enough. If you have a good play session with your Golden Sammy once every day or two as well as a few grooming sessions a week that should be enough to satisfy them.

They are also usually quite content to simply sit with you while you watch television or read the daily paper and give them the occasional head scratch.

Compatibility With Kids

Both Samoyeds and Golden Retrievers are well known to be great family dogs who are affectionate, loyal, and playful. Therefore, Golden Sammys make great family pets too. If you are looking for a dog to add to a family with kids this is one of the best choices.

It must be noted, however, that although they do play fairly gently, they can get quite excitable and because of their size and weight could unintentionally hurt very small children while playing. Watch your dog carefully around your child to make sure this doesn’t happen.

Compatibility With Other Animals

Much like with people, Golden Sammys are typically good with other animals, too. They’re a great choice for adding to a family that already has a dog or cat.

It’s best if you can train your dog around other animals early, however. Expose them to a variety of sizes of dogs and cats so they can get used to them from an early age.

Is A Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix Right For Me?

As you can see, a Samoyed Golden Retriever Mix is a great, friendly, loveable dog and will likely make a great addition to any family even if you have other pets or children. Their activity and grooming needs aren’t as vast as other types of dogs and they’re not very expensive to buy or own.

The only time you may want to skip getting a Samoyed Golden Retriever mix is if you’re looking for a dedicated guard dog. These dogs rarely bark and likely won’t be what you’re looking for.

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