Samoyed Chow Mix-Physical Look, Lifespan and Temperament

Samoyed Chow Mix–Everything You Need to Know

There are lots of interesting dog breeds out there, and they become even more interesting when you mix different breeds together.

This is the case of the Samoyed Chow; it’s the mix between the Chow Chow and a Samoyed, which are both nomadic dogs that do well in snow. They turn out to be strong, obedient, and loving dogs that will gladly follow the lead of a strong caretaker.

These dogs are friendly and love to play, but there is more to the Samoyed Chow than what meets the eyes.

Physical Characteristics (Size and Physical Look)

The height of a Samoyed Chow is approximately 18-23 inches tall at the shoulder, and they weigh anywhere within the range of 40 to 70 pounds.

They tend to feature the coat of their Samoyed parent, with it being fluffy and white with long hair strands; and their coats also tend to have the same type of puffiness that the Chow Chow is so famous for.

They are medium sized dogs, although they can appear a bit larger when you see them for the first time.

Since the Chow Chow and the Samoyed are both similar looking dogs to begin with – outside of their size difference – their facial features blend well, with a Samoyed Chow mixed dog resembling both the sides of their family tree.


For a designer breed, the Samoyed Chow lives a pretty standard canine lifestyle for the average length of 12 to 14 years, 15 at absolute best.

What makes it possible for your Samoyed Chow to live its most optimal lifestyle is for it to be healthy in all ways possible.

Allowing it to move around for as long as it needs too, while feeding it adequate and appropriate food will provide their body with the nutrients and stamina to continue growing strong for a longer time.

Additionally, keeping an eye out and taking care of any health concerns play a major role in your Samoyed Chows’ life. Correcting any physical issue(s) that your furry friend may be having sooner than later can mean the difference between a couple years of life and passing.

Grooming Needs

I have some news for you, if a Samoyed Chow is the right dog for you, prepare to bring out the vacuum, whether you want to or not, because these furry pups have long strands of hair, along with a double coat; which means more hair for you to clean up.

Because of their amazing, yet high-maintenance coat, this also means that you will be doing plenty of brushing throughout the week; approximately 3 to 4 times if you want your house to stay as hair-free as possible.

Here’s a tip, brush them outside to allow the hair to float away in the wind. Oral hygiene is must, so taking them to the dentist twice per year is recommended; along with bathing them as needed and using hydrating shampoos and conditions to keep their skin and coat hydrated.


The source of their personality is their parents, and a Samoyed Chow has the “pack” trait thanks to its parents; meaning that they prefer to be somewhere within your vicinity because, to them, you are considered the “pack leader” and they want to feel like they are part of the group.

Good news is you probably will not mind this because Samoyed Chows are very loving and strong dogs that aim to please their caretakers.

They respond well to positive reinforcement – like hugs, rubs, and vocal affection – and take this as a reason to keep listening to you and obeying your commands.

They are good at working in a group, seeing that they are of spitz heritage, and do well with other animals and humans when properly trained for social interaction.

Exercise Needs

Having a Samoyed Chow mix means moderate exercise every day for at least an hour; two if you really want to have some peace when you get back to the house.

Samoyed Chows are very energetic dogs, and when that energy becomes balled up, it can cause them to become antsy, and cause them to start destructive-like behaviors like digging in couches or unnecessary barking and howling.

The point is to get as much energy out of your canine companion as possible so engaging in activities such as jogging, walking, throwing and catching, racing, or even a little rough-and-tumble play in the backyard goes a long way in letting their energy out.

Exercise is also an important part of their life because it’s what is necessary for them for them to continue living a healthy life, and it’s a big aid in keeping their muscles and bones strong too.

Health Risks

Similar dogs tend to have similar health issues. Both the Samoyed breed and the Chow Chow Breed are prone to disorders that can genetically be passed down to their designer offspring.

So, it’s recommended that you always purchase for a reputable breeder and take good care of the dog. Some of the health risks connected to Samoyed Chow mixed dogs are hip/joint dysplasia, patellar luxation, and thyroid issues.

Samoyed Chows are also known to be the victims of cataracts and retinal atrophy; both are degenerative eye diseases that break down your pups overall sight.


As a pup, you’ll want to make sure that your Samoyed Chow mix has a regular feeding structure. It will promote regularity for your Samoyed Chows’ body, as well as make it more prone to accepting different foods for optimal physical growth.

One to two cups per day is a recommended amount that will satisfy your Samoyed Chow for the day. As they grow and physically mature, you can increase their meals to 2 to 3 cups per day.

Eating while the sun is up is optimal for their regularity as well and reduces the chances of obesity. High protein and digestible carbs are your go-to meals; with water-based fruits and vegetables mixed in for fiber and sweetness.

Are Samoyed Chow Mixes Protective?

Based on their parent breeds, Samoyed Chows are moderate protectors; meaning that they will bark when someone is approaching and relax once they are comfortable with them.

The Samoyed in your mixed pup will want to defend you at all cost and has a bold sense to approach the animal or human with caution.

While the Chow Chow, one the other hand, is more prone to become comfortable quicker than the Samoyed, yet still has the sense to stick around and keep an eye out.

Although they are not the best guard dogs for commercial reasons, they are well-versed in personally defending those that they care for.

How Much Does a Samoyed Chow Mix Cost?

With both the Samoyed breed of dog and the Chow Chow Breed being considered exclusive breeds, the cost of their puppies can range within the same premium range as their own.

The cost of a healthy Samoyed Chow can cost anywhere between 3,000 and 9,000 dollars.

Now this is considering that puppy or dog is within good health; and if not then some haggling to reduce the price can be done. Puppies are usually more affordable than adult dogs, and whether they are trained can also affect the overall cost of a Samoyed Chow mix dog.

Is a Samoyed Chow Mix Right for Me?

To answer this question, consider a few things: are you willing to move around for a while everyday with your furry pal?

If so, then a Samoyed Chow could be right for you. Can you provide a cool environment that is suitable for the physical needs and comfort of a double-coated Samoyed Chow mix?

Then it will do well with you. Samoyed Chows are bold dogs, yet they can show compassion, attention, and sensitivity to those that show it respect and positivity.

Also, if you are willing to clean up dog hair daily, then a Samoyed Chow will become your new best friend.

Best Climate for a Samoyed Chow Mix

A double coat can handle a range of temperatures and the best part is that the colder it is, the better it works!

Since they have two layers of fur, their bodies do very well at keeping heat within the coat; with that being said, the best climate for a Samoyed Chow Mix is cold to subtropical, or temperatures near freezing to the mid-70s in Fahrenheit.

Within this range, your mixed dog will be able to thrive in a variety of temperatures, while most of them are cold, warmer temperatures are included as well.

Caution: once it starts to hit mid-80s, it’s best to find a cool place for your Samoyed Chow to chill and provide it with plenty of cold water to rehydrate its body.

The Attention a Samoyed Chow Needs

Samoyed Chows are incredibly good communicators and expect the same thing in return. They are known to be persistent in making sure that they receive an adequate amount of attention from you, their “pack leader”.

To them, it’s your job to guide them on what to do next, and that requires physical and vocal interaction between the two of you. After a while, your Samoyed Chow may want a few moments to themselves to rest or get some peace and quiet from a noisy room.

This is very possible for them to do, but they will still be nearby in your line of vision, as they are instinctively known to do as a pack animal that sleeps in groups.

Compatibilities with Kids

With proper training, Samoyed Chow mixed dogs do wonderfully with kids. They tend to be around the same size, so it’s easy for them to play around with each other.

Additionally, kids have more energy than the average adult, which means that the kids would do a great job at exercising and jostling around to get rid of some of the excess energy that they have roaming inside of them.

Training for Samoyed Chows should start as early as they can respond to commands. With the amount of fun and affection that kids give, Samoyed Chows would have a field day with them.

Compatibility with Other Animals

Samoyed Chow mixes are naturally interactive dogs that are bound to go over and say “hello” to another animal at some point in time; this is because they are used to being in a group, and do well with other dogs around, so long as they are not a threat.

Domestically, social training may be necessary in order to ensure that they can interact correctly with any animals that they encounter.

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