RV Rental Prices: How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV?

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV

Traveling by RV is a great way to get around, and when you consider the eye-watering price tag of brand new RVs, it’s no wonder that more and more campers are opting for rental RVs for their adventures.

So how much does it cost to rent an RV? It depends on the age of the RV and also on the specific type needed for your travel plans – i.e. a travel trailer for low-key solo camping or a Class A RV to take the whole family, including pets! Here are the current average rental costs for each kind of RV:

  • Class A RV: $175-$275 per night (10 years and older) or $350-$450 per night (Newer)
  • Class B Motorhome: $100-$200 per night (10 years and older) or $200-$350 per night (Newer)
  • Class C Motorhome: $150-$200 per night (10 years and older) or $225-$400 per night (Newer)
  • Fifth Wheel: $60-$150 per night (10 years and older) or $150-$300 per night (Newer)
  • Travel Trailer: $50-$125 per night (10 years and older) or $125-$200 per night (Newer)
  • Pop Up Camper: $50 per night (10 years and older) or $75-$100 per night (Newer)
  • Toy Hauler: $99-180 per night (10 years and older) or $200 plus per night (Newer)
  • Truck Camper: $100 per night (10 years and older) or up to $250 per night (Newer)

As well as renting the RV itself, you’ll need to consider extra costs like gas, cleaning fees etc. Whatever your plans on the open road, there’ll be a rental RV to suit you – just be sure to do your research to make sure you don’t run into hidden costs.

Average RV Rental Prices In Outdoorsy

Outdoorsy was first started by an RV-loving couple and operates a little bit like Airbnb but for motorhomes. Co-founders and married couple Jeff and Jen began Outdoorsy to connect with like-minded RV lovers and help make the process of renting a motorhome much more personable.

Outdoorsy now works with tens of thousands of renters offering rental options across the US, UK, Canada and Australia.


  • Cheaper than many of the traditional RV rental companies
  • Great reputation for customer service      
  • Offers the best insurance of any camper rental company
  • Warm community feel – you meet fellow RV enthusiasts


  • Peer-to-peer dealing means the standard isn’t as consistent as using a traditional rental company

Outdoorsy’s Average Rental Prices Per Night:

  • Class A RV: $175-$275
  • Class B Motorhome: $100-$200
  • Class C Motorhome: $150-$200
  • Fifth Wheel: $60-$150
  • Travel Trailer: $50-$125
  • Pop Up Camper: $50-$100
  • Toy Hauler: $100-$200

Average RV Rental Prices In RVshare

RVshare was co-founded in 2012 by honeymooners Mark and Rachel who fell in love with RV life and wanted to share the experience. Realizing there was no existing platform for RV renting, RVshare was born and became the first peer-to-peer RV rental company, allowing renters and RV owners to browse listings, set up profiles and share their feedback with others.


  • Prices start as low as $10 per night (dependant on age and make)
  • Simple peer-to-peer renting similar to Outdoorsy
  • They offer a cash-back loyalty program and 24/7 roadside assistance


  • Fewer options in less populated areas
  • RV owner profiles can be slim on details. Not as thorough as Outdoorsy profiles

Average RVshare Rental Prices Per Night:

  • Class A RV: $170-$280
  • Class B Motorhome: $95-$205
  • Class C Motorhome: $145-$205
  • Fifth Wheel: $55-$155
  • Travel Trailer: From $10 up to $130-200 for newer models
  • Pop Up Camper: $45-$105

Average RV Rental Prices In Apollo RV

Apollo RV rentals was founded in 1985 and has grown to be one of the largest leisure vehicle renters in the world with 7 branches across the US. Though they have been around for more than 30 years, Apollo RV’s reputation has taken a hit over the years due to claims of poor customer service and failing to live up to the standards of the Australian and New Zealand branches of Apollo RV, which have a glowing rep in terms of vehicle maintenance and customer satisfaction.


  • Over 3 decades worth of RV rental expertise
  • They offer newer vehicles at competitive rates


  • Reputation for unfriendly and lackluster customer service
  • Several mentions of hidden charges not discussed upfront
  • Doesn’t live up to the hype compared with international Apollo branches

Average Apollo RV Rental Prices Per Night:

  • Class B Motorhome: $100-$150
  • Class C Motorhome: $150-$200
  • Travel Trailer: $50-$150
  • Pop Up Camper: $50-$100

Average RV Rental Prices In Cruise America

Cruise America is a corporate RV rental company and owns a fleet of RVs across the US and Canada. Unlike the inconsistent quality of peer-to-peer rental companies, Cruise America guarantees that each RV will be in great condition before it is passed on to the customer – pristine clean and checked for safety.

Uniquely, Cruise America also provide a one-way RV rental option to help you get a good deal on certain one-way trips (though you would need to make your own arrangements to drive or flying back home).


  • Guaranteed to receive RV in pristine condition
  • 4 RV categories for easier selection


  • Pricey compared to other rental companies (high mileage fees)
  • Fewer locations compared with peer-to-peer rentals

Average Cruise America Rental Prices Per Night:

  • Class A RV: $200-$450
  • Class B Motorhome: $150-$250
  • Class C Motorhome: $200-$400
  • Travel Trailer: $100-$200

Average RV Rental Prices In El Monte RV

If you refuse to travel on the open road without your four-legged friends, then you’ll appreciate El Monte RV’s pet-friendly policy – as unlike many peer-to-peer dealings, all of the El Monte RV’s allow pets on board.

As another corporate RV rental company, you can also expect a cleanly, high quality RV experience – although the lack of RV variety in their fleet could be a bit of a downer. It should also be noted that El Monte RV only has 29 locations across 14 states, so this could be an issue in your location.


  • All RVs are pet-friendly
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Offers airport transfers for some rental locations


  • Lacks RV variety compared to other corporate rentals
  • High fees for mileage and basic necessities

Average El Monte RV Rental Prices Per Night:

  • Class A RV: $175-$275
  • Class C Motorhome: $75-$200
  • (Starter Kit) Fifth Wheel: $20-$60

Average RV Rental Prices In USA RV Rental

USA RV Rentals is a lesser-known company but is well-liked for its ease of use and highly competitive pricing. USA RV Rentals is a marketplace site that consolidates the best of corporate RV rental companies (including Cruise America and El Monte RV) to help users find the best deal. Due to their lowest price match guarantee, customers will often receive a high-quality RV at prices that are closer to peer-to-peer companies.


  • User-friendly easy to navigate website
  • Has a BBB rating of A+ essentially meaning the company ranks high for trust
  • Peer-to- level pricing for corporate standard RVs


  • Added liability insurance fee
  • Quality and amenities vary depending on the rental company

Average USA RV Rental Prices Per Night:

  • Class A RV: $200-$275
  • Class B Motorhome: $100-$300
  • Class C Motorhome: $150-$250
  • Fifth Wheel: $50-$200
  • Travel Trailer: $50-$175
  • Pop Up Camper: $50-$100
  • Toy Hauler: $100-$200
  • Truck Camper: $100-$225

Average RV Rental Prices In Motorhome Republic

Motorhome Republic is an online travel agency specializing in RVs and motorhomes and operates in 38 countries around the world.

The agency boasts having a team of dedicated motorhome experts on hand to help customers find the best deals on their RV rentals – but while this may be true of the online booking process, some customers have reported finding the after-care customer service less helpful to deal with.

Inconsistencies in their cancellation policy and RV quality are other red flags linked to Motorhome Republic.


  • Easy site interface – lets you browse multiple rental companies with expert guidance
  • Competitive prices


  • Reputation for poor customer service
  • Inconsistent RV quality
  • Unclear cancellation policy

Average Motorhome Republic Rental Prices Per Night:

  • Class A RV: $200-$450
  • Class B Motorhome: $100-$350
  • Class C Motorhome: $150-$400
  • Fifth Wheel: $50-$300
  • Travel Trailer: $50-$200
  • Pop Up Camper: $75-$100
  • Toy Hauler: $100-$200

Other Fees & Prices to Consider

RV Camp-ground Rates:

Like staying in a hotel room, you’ll need to pay a fee to park your RV for the night. Rates will vary based on campsite locations, but you can usually expect to pay between $25 to $80. Many camp-grounds will have electricity and shower facilities which will come in handy if your modest RV doesn’t have certain amenities.

Cleaning Fees:

If you opt for a peer-to-peer rental company like Outdoorsy, it will be up to the RV owner’s discretion to clean the RV themselves after use or charge you a cleaning fee. Usually traditional RV rental companies will include a cleaning fee ranging between $50 to $100, so always check the fine print!

Setup/Delivery Fees:

Depending on your location and specific arrangements, rental companies give you the option to have your RV delivered to a specific RV camp-ground for you to pick up. They can also set up the RV for you i.e. connect power and water systems etc for you if you’re still new to RV basics. This extra service can cost around $150 to $200.

RV Setup


Fuel costs can add up quickly, especially if you’re driving the larger Class A motorhomes (which can hold up to 150 gallons) so the cost per gallon and how long you’ll be on the road for are factors to consider.

You should also note that many rental companies ask that you fill up the tank before returning your RV and could slap you with a hefty fee if you forget!

Mileage/Price Per Mile:

Most RV rental companies will provide a mileage allowance or provide a premium fee to cover your mileage. But once you go over a certain number of miles, you can begin to be charged a flat rate for every mile thereafter – typically ranging between $0.25-$0.75 per mile.


As with most services, RV use will be taxed, and the tax rate will be based in the state you rented the RV from. For example, if you live in Wisconsin but are renting in Minnesota, you will pay Minnesota state taxes.

Rental Insurance:

Some companies offer phenomenal rental insurance policies (renting with Outdoorsy, for example, automatically gets you up to $1 million in insurance protection). Others aren’t so transparent about what they offer though and may sell it as an additional extra.

Looking into damage protection policies is especially recommended when renting a luxury RV for instance, and these policies can cost between 6.5-7% of your total RV rental fee.

Is Renting an RV Cheaper Than a Hotel?

The answer depends on so many factors such as location, family size and RV type. While RV life saves you money when it comes to making meals for yourself versus room service and restaurants, the type of RV you drive and your travel plans will impact the overall cost in terms of mileage fees, gas and camp-ground costs.

Is It Worth to Rent an RV?

If you prefer the outdoors and love taking road trips over hotel stays, then renting an RV can be well worth a try. There are many RV types to suit all budgets and going with fair-priced peer-to-peer rental companies like RVshare or Outdoorsy can be a great way for beginner RV travelers to take the plunge.

What Do I Need to Know About Renting an RV?

Do all the research you can in terms of additional fees and the most appropriate RV for your family size and individual budget.

How Many People Can Fit in an RV?

The largest of RVs (Class A motorhomes) can fit up to 8-10 people on board, whilst more modest travel trailers and pop-up campers may only fit between 1-3 inside.

How Much Does It Cost to Rent an RV Cross Country?

When you consider gas, food and campsite fees etc, cross country trips with your RV can range between $1,000-$1,500.

Can You Park Your RV at Walmart Overnight?

Yes, RV parking is allowed for 24 hours at most Walmart stores.

What Do You Need for Your First RV Trip?

You can have a fun stress-free first RV outing if you try the following tips:

  • Use apps to compare and save on gas prices on your route
  • Take enough groceries for camp meals and cook-outs
  • Try boondocking and park your RV for free at stunning spots
  • Travel during off-peak seasons to save
  • Download maps and instructions in case of poor phone receptions
  • Look into RV memberships for perks and additional savings

What is the Most Popular Size RV?

Generally, Class C motorhomes are the most popular-sized RV in the USA and a good beginner option – they are compact to drive but built with slide-outs to extend the living space for a more comfortable experience.

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