Romantic Questions for Couples to Build a Stronger Relationship

Romantic Questions for Couples

Healthy relationships are based on strong communication. If you and your significant other want to be a better couple, you should talk to each other, regularly! Take some time to ask each other important life and romantic questions and get to know your partner (and yourself) better.

Where should you begin? These romantic questions can be a great place to getting you started on making your relationship stronger. Choose a few of these questions to get started.

When you want to start the conversation, make sure your partner is in the mood to have random questions thrown their way. You should also make sure you are in the right place to have it if it turns serious.

Make time for the conversation, and limit your distractions, like cellphones. You should set aside time to discuss these relationship building and romantic questions with your significant other, often, so you can help build a stronger relationship with them with better communication.

Remember- you don’t have to ask all of them, especially ones that do not apply, and you do not have to ask them all at once. These are just suggestions to get you started on the right path.

Conversation Starters

The following are great conversation starters for you and your significant other.

What is The Scariest Thing You Have Done?

Everyone has done something risky or scary in their lives. This question is a great way to break the ice and bring up past events that can lead to future adventures.

What’s Your Idea Of a Perfect Vacation?

Plan a weekend vacation for the two of you and spice things up. This is a wonderful question to help you plan a vacation you all will love.

If You Had Three Wishes, What Would They Be?

This is a wonderful way to determine what your partner dreams of and what they want out of life.

If You Could Do Anything For One Day, And Pay No Consequences, What Would You Do?

This question will help you see your partner’s lighthearted side- or maybe even their darker side! But, either way, it will help you learn more about him or her.

What’s The Worst Job You Have Ever Had?

Work history helps build one’s character and their skills. Learn more about what your partner likes and doesn’t like about the jobs they have had in the past.

What Would You Do If You Won The Lottery?

Financial priorities are huge for couple’s. What does your partner think is the best way to spend money? Find out with this question!

Do You Want Children?Of course, you should probably ask this one before you get too into your relationship, but if you have never asked it before, you should so you two can be on the same page about what you want from the future.

Romantic Questions For Couples

Keeping romance alive is critical for any relationship to thrive. Here are good romantic questions to ask to keep that spark alive.

What is Your Wildest Fantasy?

This may be a bit forward, so your partner may not answer right away, but it will get them thinking about what their fantasies include- and how you fit into them.

What Turns You On The Most?

Make your partner’s day (or night) exciting and do something that they say drives them wild.

What is Your Idea Of a Perfect Date?

Make your date nights better by doing something that makes your partner happy. This question will help you determine what it is they want the most.

What was Your Favorite Part Of Our First Date?  

Reliving moments that make you both happy is a way to endear your partner to you and remind them of the good times you both shared, and good times you can have together in your future.

What’s The Most Romantic Thing Anyone Has Ever Done?

Romance is personal- so what you may find romantic is not what your partner likes. Find out what they like and want!

What Makes You Happy?

Focusing on things that bring joy to your partner- and doing them- is a wonderful way to strengthen your relationship and make new and happy memories together.

What Physical Feature Of Mine Do You Like The Most?

Knowing what your partner likes about you can be a strong boost of confidence, and you can return that favor by answering in-kind.

Would You Rather Questions For Couples

Would you rather questions are fun and give you a sense of where your partner stands on certain issues.

Would You Rather Be Able To Read Minds Or Become Invisible?

Superpower questions ask us to imagine how life could be if we didn’t have physical limitations.

Would You Rather Lose Your Sight Or Your Hearing?

Similar to the superpower question, this will make you and your partner think about your limitations if you lost a sense you depend on every day.

Would You Rather Go for a Week Without Your Phone Or a Week Without Your Car?

Which is more important to your partner and how would they work around losing a modern device?

Would You Rather Be Very Rich Or Very Smart?

Another which is more important question, but this one asks your partner to consider something that could impact their life in a real way. Would money or smarts win out?

Would You Rather Be Unable To Lie Or Unable To Speak?

Lying is a deep part of our social interactions; would she rather “say something nice or not say anything at all”?

Would You Rather Visit The Future Or Visit The Past?

If time travel were real, what would your partner like to do and see?

Would You Rather Be President Or King/Queen?

Which one would your significant other like? This could say a lot about how they handle authority!

Would You Rather Be A Rodeo Clown Or A Rodeo Cowboy?

This is a funny question that can be fun to answer!

Random Questions For Couples

These questions may seem random, but they can be fun ice-breakers that lead to laughs and great conversations.

Who was Your Childhood Best Friend and Are You Still In Touch?

Childhood friends help shape us. Find out about your partner’s childhood and the people they shared it with- and if those people are still in their lives.

What is The Most Expensive Thing You Have Ever Bought?

How someone spends their money is a good way to see their priorities, but splurge purchases can also tell you about how practical or impulsive your partner is.

What is The Most Embarrassing Thing You Have Had Happen To You?

Embarrassment happens. Learning how to deal with it is an essential life skill. How did your partner cope when embarrassment came knocking?

What is Your Favorite Scent?

Smells trigger memories and are closely related to happy memories, specifically. Find out what scents your partner likes and wear them or place them in your home. What is Your Favorite Pair Of Clothing?

Learn what they like wearing and what makes them comfortable. Besides- you may see it a lot! At least you should know why it is their favorite. What is Your Favorite Animal?This will tell you a lot about their personality, and you could even take them to see their favorite animal!

What is One Job You Would Never Do?

Sometimes, money is not as important as joy and skill development. What job will your partner not sacrifice happiness for? This will give you an idea of their morals and priorities.

If You Could Be Anyone for A Day, Who Would It Be?

Find out who your significant other likes and why, and what about this person’s life is so appealing.

Important Questions For Couples

These are important and romantic questions every couple should answer if they want a stronger, happier, more meaningful relationship.

What is One Thing You Would Fix About Our Relationship?

If there is a problem in your relationship, you will want to know so you can fix it. This is a good way to get started.

What is Your Favorite Date We Had?

Help your partner remember the good times- and learn about what you do that makes them happy!

Do You Feel Special In My Family?

Families have a way of getting in the middle of a relationship, but if you find out what your significant other feels about your family- and what they feel when with them- you can make sure your family is making your partner a priority.

Do You Think We are Only Meant to Love One Person? 

This will show you what your partner thinks about love.

What Makes You Feel Jealousy?

Jealousy can be a large part of breaking up a relationship. Find out what makes your partner jealous so you can work on not having jealousy interfere.

Who is The First Person You’d Call If You Needed Help?

This will show you who is important to your partner- and who they trust the most?

What Did You Learn From Your Last Relationship?

Relationships don’t always work out, but when they end, we almost always have a new perspective on life. What did your partner’s last relationship teach them? This will tell you about how they view life.

Learning Questions For Couples

Learn more about each other with these random, romantic questions that are fun and a fun way to learn more about one another at any point in your relationship.

What is Your Biggest Fear?

What does your partner fear most? This is an important question to know what makes your partner tick.

If You Could Change One Thing About Your Past, What Would It Be?

What is a regret they have? How would they fix it? This will tell you more about their personality.

What is The One Compliment You Hate Getting?

Not all compliments are good. Some people hate being told they are pretty, or they have great eyes. What is one your significant other doesn’t like?

Are You Happy In Your Life?

If they are not happy, this is a good time to help them fix what makes them unhappy! If they are happy, this is a good question to ask to see what makes them happiest.

What is Your Best And Worst Quality?

Find out how they view themselves. You may be surprised to learn more about what they think of their features and personality.

What Color Do You Not Like?

Everyone has a favorite color, so make things unexpected and ask your significant other about a color they don’t like. It could help you avoid buying them anything in that color in the future

At The End Of A Bad Day, What Makes You Feel Better?

Everyone has a bad day. How can you help your partner feel better when they have one? Find out with this question!

What is Your Favorite Dessert?

Desserts can make people happy, so find out what your partner likes most and make or buy it for them.

Relationship Building Questions For Couples

Use these questions to expand your relationship or see where it is going.

What Do You Consider Cheating?

People see this differently, so what you think may not be what your partner thinks.

Is It Ever Okay to Lie?

Where’s the line on lying in the relationship? When is it OK to lie, and when is it not? What lies are OK, or are none of them?

Would You Relocate for My Job?

Some things are deal-breakers in relationships, and moving across country can be one. Is it for your partner?

If You Could Live Anywhere, Where Would It Be?  

If you want to make a life together, you need to know what that life would look like.

Would Infertility Ruin Our Relationship?

Infertility happens to many couples. How would your partner handle it? What would they want to do?

What is One Thing That Makes You Instantly Not Like Or Trust Someone?

Is it the way they speak? The way they walk? Sometimes, something about people makes you not like or trust them. What is it that makes your partner instantly not like or trust someone?

How Would You Like To Be Described?

Often, when we speak about our significant others, we mention their beauty, jobs, and things they do for us. But how would your partner want to be talked about if you were describing them to others? This is important, because it can make you appreciate other qualities that they prioritize.

How Do You Like to Work On Conflict?

Do you like to talk things out? What if your partner likes to take a minute to cool off? You need to know how they respond to conflict so the two of you can communicate in a healthy way.

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