20 Fun and Romantic Games for Couples (Helpful Guide)

Romantic Games for Couples

Whether you are at parties or spending time at home, you need to have some fun with your partner by enjoying some games with him or her.

Doing these fun and romantic activities will lighten the mood and make you happier. They will also make the relationship stronger because you can laugh and appreciate each other’s company while you play these games.

Having a relationship is hard enough. Once in a while, you should take a breather and play some games with your partner. Here are our 20 recommendations for romantic games for couples like you:


This is one of the oldest games on this list. It has been around for a long time for a reason—it is so much fun! If you are not aware of this game, it is quite easy.

Couples will pick a category on which the word or phrase will be based. An example of a category is “Movie.” Then, the couple will pick a title from a set of phrases prepared beforehand. One-half of the couple will make some gestures to describe the words in the title without speaking. Couples will have 30 seconds to guess the word or phrase.

In this game, couples will develop and level up their communication skills in an effort to identify the phrase or word.


You can turn the seemingly ordinary Scrabble into a romantic board game. For every word that you form in the game, you have to use it in a sentence that will describe your feelings for each other. Use your creativity to make your game full of romance and love!


Are you fond of playing card games? How about poker? This is a nice pastime for couples. You can play mind games with each other. You can also outsmart one another by bluffing or betting all-in.

With poker, you also need to get chips to make the whole poker game more realistic and amusing. You can spice things up by betting different things, like making your partner do something.

Truth or Dare

Another great pastime for couples is the game Truth or Dare. With this game, you can choose to either be asked a question or be dared to do something funny or silly. Because of the number of questions that you can ask and actions that you can make your partner do, you will have an all-nighter full of laughter and hilarity.

Scavenger Game

This is a romantic game that couples can do at home. The mechanics of the game are simple. You just need to write as many sweet messages as possible on pieces of paper. You will both then hide these messages in different parts of the house or apartment.

During game time, you will both look for each message. When the time is up, the one with the highest number of messages collected is the winner.

This is a nice game where you can give loving messages to your partner or spouse. You will also have a great time as you look for the messages all over your space.

Giver and Receiver

This is another passionate game for a couple. You will decide who is the giver and the receiver. The game can last for 30 minutes to an hour.

The giver will then prepare a set of actions to do. He will ask permission from the receiver to do the action.

If the receiver says Yes, the giver can do the action once. If the receiver says No, then the giver cannot do the action. If the receiver says Maybe, the giver can try to persuade the receiver to allow the action. If the receiver says Please, the giver can do the action again.

This game can lead to a night of romance, sensuality, and even entertainment. It provides a way for couples to become silly or make their partner do things that they have never done before. This game is quite fascinating and explorative.

Stare Down

This is a simple game for couples who want to test their attraction for one another. In this game, couples are made to look at each other in the eyes and see who will look away first.

This is excellent for new couples who are not as comfortable with one another as those who have been together for a number of years. As a consequence, you can put powder or lipstick on the face of your partner. You can also dare him to do something funny as punishment.

How Well Do You Know Your Partner?

In this game, you will need 20 pieces of paper with one category on each like “favorite color,” “favorite cuisine,” and “favorite movie.” You can give 10 categories to one half of the couple and the other 10 to the other.

Fold the paper in half. The one holding the paper should put his answer on the category. Then, the couple will exchange papers. The other one will guess what the other one placed. The couple with the most number of correct answers will be the winner.

Copy the Scene

You can bring your usual movie night to a whole new level. You can watch your favorite romantic comedy movies and reenact some of the scenes. Have hilarious moments as you try to imitate the dialogue and possibly the accents of the main characters.

A Picture Means a Thousand Words

You can get different photos from your collection and see how much you remember about each particular image. You should each choose pictures that you are familiar with so that you know whether your partner remembers the details of the photo or not.

Trivial Pursuit

Instead of the usual trivia and questions about history and general information, you can each think of personal details of your life. You may include your grandmother’s real name or your first dog’s breed. You can also include the first restaurant that you dined in or the dress you were wearing at that time.

Tease me or Not to Tease me

This is a very sensual game between couples wherein one will just sit or lie down without moving an inch, while the other will do all the things that are pleasurable to him or her. It’s quite funny and enticing at the same time as you see your partner groan and moan as he or she stops him/herself from doing something.

Love and War

Love and War uses a normal deck of cards. You will put the deck face down on top of the table. You will each pick a card from the top. The person that has a higher value card can ask any question to his partner. If you both have the same value as the card, you will need to take 3 cards from the deck. The one with a higher value can then ask the other to perform a dare.

Why Do you Love me?

This is a nice game for couples who adore one another. This is also great for those who have been in a relationship for quite some time.

The game is simple. Each one of you will take turns as you give reasons why you love each other. For example, “I love you because of the way you dream with me,” or “I love you because of your soft lips.”

Naked Hide and Seek

The name speaks for itself. The mechanics of the game is the same. You will have to hide somewhere inside the house and your partner will try to look for you. But the twist of the game is that you should both be naked.

You will have tons of fun as you hide in different places—but without hurting yourself, being naked and all!

Jenga with a Twist

You can get your old Jenga game and turn it into something that you both can enjoy. Paint your Jenga white and then put some silly ideas on each piece. For example, you can write “kiss your opponent non-stop for two minutes” or “give a short back massage.”

Quiz Show

How about giving your spouse a quiz? You can each write personal questions on a piece of paper and quiz each other. Prepare a “romantic punishment” for the loser of the game.

Kissing Game

This is another movie-related game. Before the movie, you will each have to decide on an action or word. An example of an action would be seeing characters punch, sit, or run. An example of a word would be “bye” or “hello.”

Once you see the action or hear the word, you will need to kiss each other. The game is fun and quite exciting, to say the least.

Dice ‘em up

You will need to list 6 different actions on a piece of paper. Examples would be “kiss” or “touch.” Create another list consisting of body parts like “neck,” “elbow,” or “tummy.” You can then roll the dice twice and see the action and the corresponding body part to which will you need to apply the act.

Mystery Massage

Blindfold your partner. You can then massage him or her using a particular body part. Your partner has to guess which body part you used. It will be quite entertaining to just speculate which part your partner is using!

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