Most Marriages Would Fail Without These 8 Qualities of a Good Husband

There’s no secret formula in searching for a good husband. No cheat sheet. No foolproof method of finding Mr. Right.

Even blind dates and dating apps are not 100% useful in your search for a knight in a shining armor. It’s a trial and error thing, and yes, it can be tiring and frustrating.

Well, frustrating is an understatement if you’ve been on the lookout for long years. Some women actually wait ages before meeting “the one.” There are girls who even went through broken engagements prior to finally finding their perfect groom.

Perhaps, it’s real tough to find a good husband. Women nowadays don’t just settle, right?

But maybe the quest for Mr. Right will be a little easier if you know exactly what you’re looking for. As the saying goes, “Knowing what you want is the first step towards getting it.”

Here Are 8 Qualities of a Good Husband That Every bachelorette Must Know.

1.A Real Lover

A real lover is someone who is committed to perpetually love his other half. He is a man who shares not only the bed of his wife, but also her burdens.

A good husband should be a real lover. He should see the gift of love and life in his wife and be her sweet haven on Earth.

To be a real lover, a husband must learn to appreciate his woman. He must accept her strengths and weaknesses and learn to celebrate her every day.

He should love her unconditionally and realize that his wife does not belong to him. He must give her freedom to live a life outside their marriage.

He should also understand that everything he says and does will greatly affect their relationship. Thus, he must make his wife a priority when he makes important decisions in life.

A real lover is a good husband. He feels truly blessed and grateful for waking up every single day with his wife.

2.A Friend

A study led by John Helliwell of the University of Vancouver suggested that couples who claimed to be best friends generally find more satisfaction in life. The correlation is actually not surprising, as true friends are hard to come by. If you have one at home, a forever friend you can depend on, isn’t that a reason to appreciate life more?

Following marriage, a good husband becomes more than a real lover. He also switches roles and becomes his wife’s best friend.

He is the only person his wife can be brutally honest with. He is always there when his woman needs a crying shoulder.

A good husband is his wife’s best friend. They share laughter and joy together.

3.A Good Listener

A good listener is a responsive listener. He listens closely to his wife’s disclosures and turns them into a conversation by sharing his thoughts on the matter.

A good husband should be a good listener.

Doesn’t it feel good when you know that your lover trusts you with his/her thoughts and feelings? And doesn’t it feel great to realize that there’s always someone who gets you? The bond created by listening and responding increases intimacy in a marriage.

A good listener is a good husband. He makes sure to spend time and actively listen to his wife’s feelings.

And he doesn’t end the conversation with “I have no time for this.” Instead, he sits with his wife, validates her thoughts, and comforts her as needed.

4.A Faithful Lover

Getting married is never a guarantee that your partner will stay faithful in love. Unfortunately, only a few couples remain faithful lovers after years of marriage.

An infidelity statistic actually claimed that in 2017, almost ⅓ of the married population have cheated. Additionally, 22 percent of these men admitted to being unfaithful to their partners.

What’s more interesting is, 35 percent of the cheating spouses are highly likely to cheat again. Hmmm. A bite of the forbidden fruit, perhaps, is hard to resist.

But a good husband should be a faithful lover. He should not seek other women for comfort and pleasure. He must find reasons to stay committed to his wife even in the most difficult times.

A faithful lover is a good husband. He respects his wife and their vows to stay committed. In sickness and in health, through the good and bad.

5.Sense of Humor

They say life is better when you’re laughing, and I strongly agree. A marriage filled with laughter is one that every woman dreams of.

However, early psychologists apparently believed that humor is a form of vulgarity and a shield to hide one’s real feelings. Well, the good news is that recent researches debunked such theory.

Today, a sense of humor is framed as a character strength. This strength can promote intimacy, lower stress levels, and increase a person’s emotional well-being.

A man with a strong sense of humor is one that you should keep an eye out for. Marriage never gets boring with a husband who knows how to make you laugh.


Relationship experts agree that it is not sacrificing that should be a standard in marriage. Instead, it is compromising.

A good husband should be compromising. He should know that in marriage, there are things he has to compromise on, and that should be okay.

A man who knows how to compromise is a good husband. He realizes that his wife has also compromised a lot for their relationship. So he understands that he must have his fair share of compromises.

Compromising, however, is not the same as sacrificing. To sacrifice is to completely give up something.

To compromise, on the other hand, is to reduce one’s demands. An example of a husband’s compromise is to ditch a night with friends when the wife needs help with house chores or when the wife is sick.

Sacrifice is different. Sacrifice is when a husband turns down a job opportunity overseas just so he doesn’t have to leave his wife alone.

A good husband is compromising but not necessarily one who sacrifices a lot.


A growth-oriented man is a good husband. He realizes that growth should be a constant thing and that he should continuously evolve into a better person for his wife and family.

He focuses on gaining new skills and reaching new heights. He knows that his abilities can be developed to achieve greater success.

A woman needs a growth-oriented husband, especially when they start having kids. Simply because nothing is constant in this world. As the society progresses, their family should be anchored forward and not left behind.


A research study from the University of Maryland School of Medicine found that children with active and involved fathers grow with fewer behavioral problems. They benefit socially and academically compared to kids with uninvolved fathers. Also, they proved to be better in language skills.

A family-oriented man is a father who is involved with his children’s lives. He makes sure to allot quality time with the family and participate in their activities.

A woman needs a family-oriented husband. She needs to have someone who can help her build a home.


There’s no perfect husband and we can’t always find what we are looking for in a man. However, it’s always okay to search for the ideal.

After all, you’re the one who’s going to set sail with your captain, so you must pick the best of the best. You wouldn’t want your ship to sink because you picked the wrong captain, correct?

But remember, although a good husband is hard to find these days, you can turn any man into a good husband if you, yourself, are also a good wife. It definitely won’t be easy, but at least it’s doable.