20 Essential Prayers for My Wife

Prayers go a long way. If you have not tried to pray for your wife yet, then you should. You can cover her with prayers of love, of comfort, of thanksgiving, and of supplication. Prayers can do great things for your marriage.

20 Essential Prayers for My Wife

  1. Be closer to the Lord.

Lord, I pray for an open heart for her. May she be intentional in building a relationship with You. She is just starting to know You, and I want to maintain her eagerness to understand who You are. Your relationship with her is very important. I pray that You sustain the fire inside her to walk beside You.

  1. Pray for obedience.

My Lord, You have a set of commands that we should follow. It is not for us to be confined to act or be a certain way. But it comes from Your love for us that You have given us a particular set of standards to obey. Please give her a heart of obedience for your commands. May you give her the physical and emotional strength to follow You and be Your obedient child.

  1. Ask for the attitude of joy.

Joy is not based on present circumstances or conditions. It is all about the attitude and the hope that we have in You. I pray that you give her the joy and the completeness in a life that comes together with You. I pray for happiness even in times of trials and troubles. Joy is something that we need in our marriage. May it always be present in our relationship.

  1. Thank God for her life.

Thank You for the life of my wife. She is the blessing that I could never ever deserve. She is the light in my darkness. She is the support that I have, the cheerleader that keeps me going, and the love that lifts me up. Thank You for allowing me to be a part of her life.

  1. Pray to God to bless her more.

I know, Lord, that you have blessed her with so much. May You answer her prayers as long as it is in Your will. I pray for enlightenment in her mind so that You will give her the purpose of her life. I pray that all her aspirations and goals will be fulfilled. May you bless her even more as she pursues her relationship with You.

  1. Pray for a humble heart.

Lord, give her a contrite heart. I know that she has come a long way—in her personal life, in her career, and her ambitions. But keep her grounded. Don’t let her success go to her head. Remind her of what she was before she achieved all her accomplishments in life.

Keep her humble, oh Lord. Instead of creating a distance between herself and other people, may you give her a heart that wants to be closer to the people in need. Make her heart and her hands open to those who long for help. And I pray that she gives the honor that she gains in this world to You.

  1. Pray for a mind of understanding.

Give her an open mind, a mind that comes from You. I pray for clarity in all her decisions as my wife. Don’t let spiritual attacks conquer her thinking. But instead, give her a rational and positive mind so that her next steps will still be for the good of the family.

  1. Pray for protection.

Lord, please keep her safe every day. Don’t let anything bad happen to her at home, when she is going to work, when she is at work, and when she goes home. Shield her from any evil attempts on her. I know, Lord, that I cannot be present every minute to be her protector. I entrust her life to You.

  1. Pray to build her love for me.

A marriage can be filled with love and enjoyment. But there can also be trials and arguments. I pray that her love for me increases as we encounter these concerns in our life as a married couple. Make our relationship stronger and keep our focus on You and on each other. Multiply the love that we have as the years add up in our marriage.

  1. Pray for contentment in what we have.

We have shared our dreams with each other. And I know that we are still a long way from achieving these goals. Please keep our hearts in check. Give us contentment in what we have right now. But keep our motivations raised so that we can depend more on You to reach our individual dreams in life.

  1. Pray to the Lord for peace.

Lord, I pray for peace of mind. Do not let her worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow can worry about itself. Let her mind be focused on today. As she becomes more obedient to You, she will realize that You are in control and You will not leave us astray and longing. You are the Provider and the Giver of our sustenance.

  1. Ask the Lord for a keen sense of motherhood.

This will be a new season in her life as a woman. She will be a mother soon. I know, Lord, that she does not have any experience yet in caring for a baby. Please illuminate her mind so that she will know what to do in particular situations. Give her all the assurance that she needs. Everything will be fine. You have blessed us with a child because You know that we are ready to care for him.

  1. Ask for patience.

Our marriage will be a mix of laughter and tears. Give her the patience that she needs in order to deal with me and my own imperfections. I am also asking for her patience toward our children. I know that they can be troublesome at times, like me. But with godly patience, she will be able to overcome any obstacle that comes our way.

  1. Ask the Lord to maintain truth in the relationship.

Lord, please always remind us to speak the truth in our relationship. Empower us to speak the truth even if it hurts. In the long run, we know that it will strengthen our relationship as husband and wife. Keep our hearts and minds open. Don’t let her think that the words that come from me are ways to attack her. But instead, these truths are ways to uplift the marriage.

  1. Ask the Lord to give her trustworthy and God-fearing friends.

Lord, please lead her into a community of God-fearing people. We cannot do it on our own. We need friends who will remind us of the goodness that my wife and I should have as a couple. Bring us people that will not hurt our relationship, but instead help in keeping our foundations intact.

  1. Pray for her security in the Lord and in our relationship.

Lord, remove any ill-thinking from her about the status of our relationship. I love her so much that I do not want her to think that she is not secure with me. I pray, oh God, that she keeps fear and security in You. As long as we are part of the vine that is You, we will never be led into wrong marital decisions.

  1. Ask the Lord to soften her heart.

I pray that she will have a soft heart in accepting minor and major mistakes. We can have discussions about different concerns and issues. But I hope and pray that she will be very willing to change and make things right when she realizes her faults.

  1. Pray for physical health.

I pray for a long and healthy life for her. Let her lead a life without sicknesses and unusual medical conditions. Keep her away from accidents and from people that may cause her harm. I pray for everyday provisions for her health.

  1. Increase her faith.

Lord, I pray that every single day of her life will be devoted to knowing You more. Yes, Lord, we have our individual lives to live, but make our walk with You more fulfilling and engaging. Increase her faith in You so that it will overflow to me and her children.

  1. Trust in You more.

Lord, I am entrusting her life to You. Please give her the insight of trusting You more. I pray that she will allow more and more of You into her life each day. I pray she will let You take over and give her full dependence on You in leading a righteous life.


Never ever stop praying. Your relationship needs to be blessed every day. Do not feel restricted about your circumstance or condition. All it takes is to utter a word and let your emotions bridge the gap between your mind and your lips.

Don’t forget to say a prayer for your wife. Your relationship will be better and stronger. And you will be more united as a couple and connected in your marriage.