5 Must-Know Facts About Online Marriage Counseling

In the process of saving marriage, couples of today are constantly on the lookout for easily accessible marital counseling options. And when it comes to accessibility, online marriage counseling is definitely a crowd favorite.

Online marriage counseling is similar to face-to-face relationship counseling except that it is done remotely via email, Skype, or other online means. It has gained popularity among couples with busy lifestyles who are struggling in their marriage.

Obviously, when work and life responsibilities seem to drain the energy out of two individuals, squeezing marriage counseling into a schedule isn’t a piece of cake—especially if the therapist isn’t within reasonable driving distance. Thus, it is not surprising to see many married couples choosing online marriage counseling over traditional counseling options.

However, if you are looking to try online marriage counseling to stave off a divorce, you should get a good understanding of it first. Here are some questions to ask:

How should I choose an online marriage counselor?

Is it as effective as traditional counseling?

Is it safe?

What are the pros?

How about the cons?

Looking for answers?

Get The Lowdown on Online Marriage Counseling Below.

How should I choose an online marriage counselor?

Choosing an online marriage therapist is crucial, as it greatly affects the outcome of your counseling sessions. Hence, the qualification of your chosen counselor is something to thoroughly research.

When selecting a marriage counselor, you have to bear in mind that marital therapy is different from individual therapy. Ergo, you must you be looking for someone who has proven records of service in the specific field—marriage counseling.

He/she should have expertise in dealing with marital issues and helping individuals cope with such difficulties. He/she must also be trained and skilled at directing couples to find unbiased solutions to their problems.

Depending on the gravity of your marriage issues, you might want to consider searching for the best available online marriage counselor. Someone with significant years of experience is a suitable candidate.

One who has received positive reviews from clients is also a better choice. Feedback and reviews are readily available on some counseling websites, so it wouldn’t be too painful to do a quick search.

Additionally, it is important that your marriage therapist is professional and not someone who’s just after your money. Counseling takes time and a number of sessions. But there must be progress as the therapy moves forward.

Therefore, you have to find a therapist who will focus on helping you solve your marital problems rather than someone who will just ask you to visit him/her every week to earn without actually helping your marriage.

Is online marriage counseling as effective as traditional counseling?

Online psychotherapy or talk therapy, in general, is believed to be as effective as its face-to-face counterpart.

In a study conducted by clinical researchers from the University of Zurich, it was found that the outcome of online psychotherapy is on par with the results of conventional therapy. The findings, however, were only concluded from subjects who were suffering from moderate depression.

Although the study was not focused on couples with marital difficulties, it can still be concluded that online psychotherapy or counseling actually works. There’s no doubt about it.

If online general counseling works, then online marriage counseling has good chances of being effective, too. Especially after research confirmed that couples therapy plays an important part in treating marital disorders.

Basically, online marriage counseling offers the same therapy that people can get out of the traditional method—but again, choosing the right professional is key.

Also, it is worth noting that the outcome of marriage counseling doesn’t necessarily rely on the therapist and the manner it was received. When a couple seeks help from a professional relationship counselor, they enter a collaboration with their therapist to fix their problems.

The therapist should be an aid to the couple in understanding their struggles and finding solutions to fix their marriage. It must be clarified that the duty of actually “fixing marriage” is not the therapist’s but the couple’s.

Having said that, it doesn’t matter how and when and where the therapy was given. As long as the couple receives proper counseling, online or not, they should be able to learn and apply their learnings in their marriage.

Is online marriage counseling safe?

Because therapy applications and sessions are done through online platforms, the couple’s information is definitely exposed to cyber threats. This makes online marriage counselling a little unsafe.

As in any other communications and transactions done over the internet, online couples therapy has its own hazards. It is not 100 percent safe, despite any website’s claim that it is. Almost anything stored in the world wide web can be hacked.

The internet is not always reliable. Viruses and glitches do occur from time to time and they pose unforeseen risks to client information.

However, you still hold the power of choosing your online marriage counseling provider to avoid such issues. There are modern technologies that can be used to protect confidential client information from cyber crime.

Mostly, the best companies invest in these innovations to ensure the safety of the services they provide. That is why it is paramount that you pick only the best if you have the means.

What are the pros of online marriage counseling?

Apart from ease of access as mentioned above, online couples therapy also offers convenience.

Apparently, some people are reluctant to seek help from a couples therapist because they feel overloaded and exhausted with everything in their lives. And then, there’s this pile of marital issues, which could be very daunting to fix. Bone-tiring, it is!

Therefore, having the luxury of sitting in front of a computer for marriage counseling online is a relief. It is, indeed, a huge convenience to be able to attend marriage therapy sessions without leaving home.

Speaking of not having to leave home, some couples love to embrace privacy and confidentiality. There are people who actually opt not to seek marriage counseling because they just can’t talk about their private lives openly to anyone.

They don’t have to courage to divulge confidential information, even to a professional. And they are more comfortable speaking to therapists through online platforms rather than face to face. These individuals will surely benefit from online couples counseling.

Another thing that attracts couples to online marriage counseling is the freedom to choose schedules that work for them. They can flawlessly set appointments whenever they need them,even outside typical working hours, because everything is done online.

Last, the cost of online therapy is likely less expensive than conventional marriage counseling. Without having to hire office staff and spend on office rent, online marriage therapy companies can offer their services for a real bargain.

What are the cons of online marriage counseling?

With online couples therapy, everything is facilitated over the internet, which makes it susceptible to fake accounts or fake therapists.

Because it’s easy to fake images of diplomas, certificates, and IDs, you cannot easily tell if someone is a real professional or not. Well, the best thing to do is to do a background check and make sure that you only select a reputable company or professional.

Meanwhile, the ease and convenience of setting appointments ostensibly also comes with cons. Since all the conversations and sessions are done online, some people may take it less seriously. They might think that it’s okay not to attend their sessions because they can simply hop on their computer and reschedule the appointment.

Some couples may also see it as “informal” because they don’t get to meet the marriage counselor face to face. There are individuals who need personal interaction to become more engaged in something.

Last but not least, it’s a challenge to observe a couple’s reaction and movements via online means. The therapist may miss significant body language that tells them more about the couple, which could make it easier for him/her to better understand the clients.


As per a survey report by the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists, 90 percent of clients who received marriage and family therapy came out with improved mental health. Most of them reported an overall improvement in their relationship as a couple and the ability to function better at their workplace.

Based on the findings, it is safe to conclude that couples counseling does help people. So if you feel the need for marriage help, don’t hesitate to ask.

Because of the birth of online marriage counseling, time constraints are no longer an excuse for not getting help. If you have even the slightest thought that couples therapy could better your relationship, give it a chance. Make no excuses.

The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes. You might regret it when you reach the point when everything can no longer be fixed.