8 Prime Reasons Why My Wife is The Best

My wife is the best. I am deeply in love with her. She owns the whole of me—and there is nothing in this world that I wouldn’t do for her.

But I would be lying if I told you that I haven’t caused her pain and heartaches during the course of our marriage. I have had a fair share of mishaps in our relationship.

In those times, we struggled. We were broken. We were bent. But it is our love that out shined our brawls.

Well, I am a lucky man. She stayed with me even at my worst. No words can describe how grateful I am for that.

Now that I’ve learned more about marriage, I definitely can say that my wife is the best. I know that she is the only woman I will love in this lifetime. I don’t see myself leaving our home and have her hating me forever. That just can’t happen.

I love my wife and she is just irreplaceable. I can make a long list of the ways how she makes me love her more every day.

But to sum it all up, I’ll just say she is the best wife there is for me. Do you wonder why I keep saying that?

8 Prime Reasons Why My Wife is The Best

1.She has ambitions.

It is a pervading stereotype, even in our modern world, that ambitious women intimidate men. Well, it’s time we erase that permeating connotation, as most men of today do not see ambitious women as intimidating. As a matter of fact, a Forbes report said that men find a woman’s drive, energy and determination to reach her ambitions attractive.

Though our society has been dismissive of ambitious women in the past, it didn’t stop the female population from challenging the negative belief that a woman with ambition was unlikable to the male population. That is why in the current generation, women who have the will to reach their goals are perceived as the more appealing ones.

And I am thankful that my wife is one of the many women who were not afraid to set their ambitions and goals. She is ambitious, and I support her in whatever it is she wants to achieve in her life as long as it will do no harm to our marriage and family.

2.She is intelligent.

My wife is intelligent. I admire her smarts and wit.

For most men, intelligence is probably not a priority when choosing a life partner. A Bustle report revealed that only 13 percent of men see intelligence as a top factor to consider in picking a wife.

But personally, I appreciate intelligent women. I believe that girls who receive education and put it to good use are interesting and desirable.

They enhance a man’s life. They introduce us to new heights that shall help us improve the quality of our lives.

A smart woman is a treasure. They give us relief that we don’t have to face everything alone. They share meaningful ideas to lighten our load. What could be better than that?

3.She has a sense of humor.

A survey conducted by Menshealth.com found that more than 75 percent of their readers believe that sense of humor is a must-have trait in women. It feels good to be with someone who laughs at your jokes and who also knows how to throw jokes at you, doesn’t it?

Humor is important to release daily stresses and pressures of life. It helps individuals maintain optimism and positive feelings every day.

That’s why I know I am blessed that my wife has a sense of humor. When I’m feeling low, she makes an effort to make me smile and she does it flawlessly. Her humor brings laughter into our home and it somehow lightens the burden I carry on my shoulders.

4.She is sociable.

In the same Forbes report mentioned above, it was said that men and women search for life partners who are sociable. I couldn’t be more surprised.

Some people can’t stand living life alone, like me. I am a social person. I love being with friends, and I knew from the beginning that the woman meant for me is someone as sociable as me.

My wife is sociable, and thank Heavens that she is. She has her own set of friends and I have mine, but we do socialize with each other’s friends. It actually makes us feel more connected.

And apart from that, I believe constant interaction with people promotes better mental health. It kills boredom and it can save us from mental deterioration and depression. It feels great to be able to socialize and share your feelings to somebody instead of just keeping it all in.

5.She has a career.

We are living in an era when women have become so strong and powerful that they can balance career and motherhood. What’s not to admire in that?

I love my wife and I believe she is the best because she can perfectly take care of our family while nurturing her career. Well, some people would say that women can’t do well at both, and that they have to at least pick between family or career.

But my wife doesn’t have to. She can handle both so well. I won’t ask her to drop anything that makes her happy.

And honestly, I think her career doesn’t negate her motherhood. She is flawless at both, so I let her be.

6.She’s got good looks.

My wife is and will always be beautiful in my eyes. She’s not an Angelina Jolie beauty or a Blake Lively pretty, but she’s got good looks.

Although not every man finds good looks as top priority in looking for a partner, 18 percent of them voted that it should be the number one priority.

If I’m being honest, I agree that physical attractiveness is important. It boosts a woman’s self-esteem and confidence, which can benefit not just herself, but her husband and her family as well.

But being physically attractive, for me, is not the number one factor to consider when looking for a wife. Maybe it should be a factor, but not a priority because attractiveness is a lot more than a woman’s physical appearance.

If you were to ask me, I’d go for maturity over good looks. I am just lucky my wife has both.

7.She is mature.

As I mentioned above, one of the traits I like in women is maturity. That is why I am grateful that my wife is mature enough. But what is maturity?

In Psychology, maturity is when a person can respond to the environment appropriately. It is when you know when to pause or act upon a matter and you understand how to behave in front of different circumstances.

A mature wife is a role model. She decides her actions and words based on rational principles and not on her feelings. She is guided by her values and she makes wife choices.

My wife is mature. She is dependable. She knows her priorities, and I know I can always trust her decisions when it comes to our family.

8.She likes children.

Did you know? Women who want to build a family or to have children are less attractive to men.

This is quite a surprise for me, because when I decided to marry my wife, I knew that I wanted to build a home with her. And in that home, I dreamed of seeing a mini-me and mini-her running and playing around.

My wife is the best because she likes children. From the moment she got pregnant, motherhood has flattered her.

I saw how she took care of her belly as it grew bigger. I witnessed how she prioritized our child more than herself when the baby was so small and weak.

I don’t understand why men find women less attractive if they have a desire for homemaking. Maybe it’s because the younger generation are more focused on work or career status. There’s no way of knowing for sure. But what I know is that I am proud that my wife is a good mother to our children and I love her for that.


What attracts a husband to his wife, I guess, varies from one man to another. Each one of us has our own preference for women. But many young men probably make the mistake of thinking that a woman’s most attractive quality is her physical beauty.

So if I were to give my unsolicited advice to men out there, I would say that it’s always better to get to know the woman you like before diving into a relationship. Physical attraction can be deceiving.

There are lots of traits you can find in a woman that will make you fall in love with her. You need to focus on them, too, so that when physical beauty becomes encrusted with marital problems, you will always have something to love in her. That way, your marriage has high chances of surviving the hardest struggles life will throw at you.