Signs That Can Tell Me My Wife Cheated on Me

Take a good look at your wife. You know in your gut that there is something oddly different in her actions and how she behaves towards you. But you cannot particularly pinpoint what it is and the reason behind it. Well, maybe she is cheating on you, and you still have no idea that this has happened.

Signs That Can Tell Me My Wife Cheated on Me

  • She keeps her phone near her anywhere she goes. Before, she just left her phone on the table when she gets home. Now she carries it with her because she might be afraid that you see her texts or answer the phone from unknown callers.
  • She gives you a lot of space. She wants you to do anything that you want. Great, right? But that means that you also have to give her a lot of space. She can say that you should also have the same kindness that she has for you.
  • She does not tell you where she goes. If you ask her about her whereabouts, she would just say that you have to trust her and not ask every time where she is.
  • She fights with you more. Because of her dislike with you, she often initiates the arguments – even if they are just petty and can easily be resolved.
  • Jealousy is not shown anymore. A wife should show some form of jealousy when you are with some women or on some business trip. If she does not become jealous of anything that you do with your officemates or friends, then that can be a sign that she is cheating on you.
  • She gets more defensive when you ask her what she did all day. A simple question may go a long way. An honest question like “how was your day” can be quite piercing for someone who is cheating. She might say that she demands more privacy in her dealings with other people. Or she just avoids the question altogether.
  • She always seems to work long hours every day. This can be a seemingly sudden change of work schedule, especially if she has not been promoted or assigned to some other position.
  • If you find new lingerie and you have not seen her wear it, this is a revealing sign that your wife is cheating on you. Lingerie is supposed to be displayed only to the husband. If you have seen the lingerie or underwear for quite some time and has not seen her wear it, then she might be having extramarital affairs.
  • She demands more time with her “friends.” There is nothing wrong with letting her spend time with her friends. But if she gets the time from a portion when she should be with you, then it can be a telltale sign.
  • She has the look of someone with a newly found love. Surprisingly, she has an aura or glow of a person who is in love. You may ask yourself if you have done something to make her look that way. If you changed nothing on your side, then her actions are questionable.
  • When you look at her phone, all her incoming and outgoing calls and texts are deleted. All the missed calls and previous texts are wiped clean. It seems like the evidence has been cleared.
  • She does not bother talking to you. When you were in love, you can’t wait to know about what each other did or what one wants to do. Now, she becomes aloof and does not want to know anything about your day and what you did.
  • Sex is virtually non-existent. Women mostly demand affection and physical intimacy before the actual act of sex. Now, if sex ever comes between you, it is quite fast without showing any love or warmth at all.
  • She suddenly changed her look to become more appealing. When she decides to wear makeup, buy new clothes and fix herself up with no known reasons, this can be a sign that she wants to look good for someone else.
  • You see her very excited when she goes out. Before, when she went to work, she was dragging herself to do her job or her errands. Now, she is very eager to go out of the house.
  • Money becomes an issue with her. She suddenly asks you where the money has gone. It may be because she has been doing some spending on her own and does not want to be found out.
  • You have not heard her say “I love you” in a long time. If you have not said some words of affirmation toward each other for months or years, then it can be a sign that she is cheating on you. She is reserving her words for the person she thinks deserves her love.
  • She does not want to date you anymore. No more movie nights, dinner dates, or out-of-town travels. All she wants is to stay away from you. She does not care about building your marriage and your relationship.
  • You feel that she is avoiding you at home. When you try to be intimate with her, she gives a lot of reasons not to be with you. When you want to talk, she goes away. It feels like she wants to keep her time all to herself.
  • If she is religious, she suddenly does not want to go to church anymore. She sees her sins and she feels dirty and hates what she is doing. But she cannot stop because she is very deep in her emotions and her feelings toward another person. To avoid this, she just avoids church in order to not feel any kind of condemnation or conviction.
  • If she has a sexually transmitted disease that you have not caused. If she contracts a disease that is transmitted sexually, then she is definitely cheating on you.
  • When you demand more time with her, she responds negatively to it. Time is one of the requirements to make marriages work. You need to give extra time for one another so that you keep close in your relationship. But if she is the one who does not want to spend time with you, then something is definitely wrong.
  • When she starts talking a lot about a certain friend. She can’t stop talking about her newly found friend from office or from her volunteer organization. She laughs at his jokes and feels quite emotional when he talks about his own family.
  • If she suddenly goes back to her old habits. Stress is one of the causes of addiction. According to one article from Psychology Today, chronic stress from relationship or work may result indifferent kinds of addictions. If she resorts back to her drinking or smoking habits, it can be because of the stress of keeping details of her extramarital relationships.
  • If you notice odd credit card payments with you knowing. You can take a look at her credit card bills and see whether she is making some purchases that you do not know about. Check if there are dinners paid for, men’s tools or stuff, or other things that you do not see inside the house.
  • When she answers her phone, she goes outside and away from you. Marriages should revolve around being transparent in everything that you do. This involves work, friendships, and even family-related issues. If someone calls her and she suddenly goes outside or speaks softly, then she might be cheating on you.
  • If she starts going to the gym. Women want to look nice for other people. And there is nothing wrong with going to the gym to stay fit and look great physically. But if she just decides to go and exercise, it is a bit odd and strange. You can ask her if you can join her. If she resists, then it can be a sign that she is cheating on you.


It is really up to what you do next. If you see that your wife is showing these signs in your marriage, then you have to keep your eyes peeled. The moment you truly prove that she cheated on you, then you should confront her about it. She can either repent or continue in her misdeeds.

Either way, you have to decide whether to continue pursuing her or not. Whatever happens next, you should just accept it and move on with your life.