Horoscope Matching for Marriage: Does It Work?

The desire to uncover the secret to a successful marriage is a hunger that’s never fully satisfied. Each marital union is unique, and only couples experiencing it can truly discover what is necessary to nourish their relationship.

But for most men and women, a failed marriage can be prevented by making sure not to fail on the first step—selecting a mate. Understandably, if you hit the bulls eye when choosing the one to marry, it’s highly likely that your union will meet future success.

However, there’s no specific guideline for choosing a husband or a wife. For this reason, some ladies and gentlemen rely on compatibility tests and predictions to make sure that the person they intend to marry will not turn into their life’s greatest mistake.

And speaking of compatibility tests, perhaps one of the most popular among couples is the Kundali Matching technique. It’s a horoscope matching for marriage that hails from India, and it is believed to be useful and effective in finding one’s perfect match.

But the real question is: How true is horoscope matching for marriage? Is this technique really effective?

Horoscope Matching for Marriage: Does It Work?

Kundali Matching

Marriage is hard work. And because we all know how tough it can get, some couples resort to the belief of horoscope matching for marriage, such as Kundali matching—a widely-known Vedic astrology used among the Hindu societies in India. It’s a common practice to use this technique for couples who are not able to choose their mate.

Arranged marriages are common in the country of India. Men and women are not given the option to choose their marriage mate, and often, it is the family or parents who elect their child’s fiancé.

Sadly, arranged marriages usually do not flower out of love. That is why to ensure a couple’s favorable marital fate, horoscope matching for marriage is deemed necessary.

With Kundali matching, the Hindus have a way of knowing whether or not the stars of the prospective bride and groom align in compatibility. The Vedic astrology also allows people to identify how the heavenly bodies shall influence a couple’s marriage.

Additionally, the assessment of astrological signs is important so that the future bride and groom can take necessary measures to prevent a failed marriage in case their stars do not complement each other.

It is important to note, however, that Kundali matching is also being utilized by men and women who are given the free will to choose their spouse. For these people, the technique is useful in making an informed decision about whether or not to marry their mate of choice.

How Kundali Matching Is Done

Kundali Matching for marriage is done through a process called Gun Milan. Gun Milan is a set of unique tests carried out on prospective couples, and it generates scores that will be used in checking compatibility.

An acceptable match should score an average of 18 to 24, while a 25 to 32 score is said to be a good match. A score below 18 is believed to denote incompatibility, whereas a score of 36 implies that the partners are identical in nature.

The Gun Milan assesses eight parameters in each test. The eight parameters are Varna (ego development), Vashya (mutual attraction), Tara (health), Yoni (biological compatibility), Graha Maitri (Intellect and spirituality), Gan (temperament), Bhakut (family) and Nadi (physical).

The parameters have a certain weight according to their importance. Therefore, scoring each test manually is actually a bit tricky.

Naturally, you may not expect the scoring process to run smoothly if you use the traditional method. But because of technological advancements, Kundali Matching for marriage is made available through online websites and apps that are readily accessible.

Does Kundali or Horoscope Matching for Marriage Work?

Many in Hindu communities have relied on Kundali since the Vedic astrology was made prominent in India. Some people find it an effective tool in making a better and wiser decision pertaining to marriage.

However, Kundali Matching or any other horoscope matching for marriage is a form of astrology. It is not science. That means that there are no specific and scientific roots or explanations for it.

However, just because something is not scientific doesn’t mean it should not exist. Kundali exists, and it continues to fascinate astrology enthusiasts because of the probability that what it reveals can be true.

So—does Kundali work? Perhaps yes, probably no.

Maybe Kundali, works depending on how you make it work. If you and your mate scored a 17 on your Gun Milan but you know you are compatible in many ways, would you leave your relationship because of the result?

To make the Kundali work, you should not decide to leave a happy and satisfying relationship. Instead, you can review your Gun Milan tests and find out which parameters affected your low score. You can use the Gun Milan parameters as a guide and not an absolute determiner of your marriage fate.

But if you do decide to let go of what could be a fruitful union because of a low Kundali score, then no, Kundali shall not work for you. A blind decision based on this probability can rob you of the opportunity to build a joyful and lasting relationship with someone you love.

Basically, you’re not making the Kundali work if you choose to end relationships whenever a Gun Milan score hits lower than 18. It shouldn’t happen that way.

And you cannot blame it on Kundali if you grow into an old maid by doing this. After all, horoscope matching for marriage is astrology and again, it’s not a science. You cannot consign your fate to something that has no scientific proof.

What Is Astrology?

The term astrology has been mentioned a few times in this post,but what is astrology? Why is it not a science?

Astrology is a belief system based on the idea that the alignment of planets and other heavenly bodies affect an individual’s personality, life, and mood according to one’s birth date. It’s a study of the influences of astronomical objects on human lives.

For many years, astrology has been surrounded with controversies, with many terming it bogus or fake. Some people look at it as some sort of magic and a science.Plenty of scientists have engaged in debates, claiming astrology is not a science. But because there are individuals who insist that astrology readings affect their lives, astrologers are firm that astrology does indeed has a scientific basis.

However, scientists contest that astrology only uses scientific procedures in studying the alignment of the sun, moon, stars and other planets. It doesn’t employ a scientific method when identifying how these heavenly bodies affect an individual’s life. Therefore, it cannot be treated as a science.

Can Astrology Affect Your Marriage?

We have already established what astrology is, but do you think it can actually affect your marriage?

Although science has condemned the idea that astrology can affect one’s life, it can still have a certain impact on people and their lives.

The belief in horoscopes can generally create a placebo effect, giving hope to failing marriages, which may open a door to improvement.

When you read your horoscope for the year and you are presented with exciting opportunities waiting for you and your spouse, it creates a form of hope that you can hold on to despite your current struggles.

Knowing that there’s some good waiting at the end of your journey may give you enough happiness to look forward to tomorrow. It can make you confident and optimistic enough to continue working on your relationship.

Astrology can also act as your guide. Astrologers regularly release horoscopes per zodiac sign every year to guide people in their finances, careers, health choices, and romances.

So, although astrology is not a science, there are some uses to it. We can take advantage of those uses and turn them into our own benefits.


Peace, harmony, and happiness are perhaps what make two people find content and satisfaction in a marriage. The problem, however, is that no matter how hard we try to ensure marital bliss, there will always be inevitable challenges that will present themselves in the course of marriage.

This is perhaps the reason why some individuals rely on astrology or horoscope matching for marriage.

But it’s pretty much a gamble to marry blindly based on the horoscope. Therefore, it is still best to follow your heart and mind in choosing a marriage mate.