Marriage Retreat and How It Benefits Couples

Whoever told you that marriage is going to be easy must be poking fun at you. I have been married for almost a decade now, and I can fairly say that it ain’t child’s play.

Marriage is a battlefield of disappointment, discontentment, heartache, and betrayals with no surrender. Not to mention, enduring the pains can be exhausting. So would you take the ticket to this roller coaster ride?

Well, if you have the determination to brave the rocky road until its end, then you’ll definitely embrace an immeasurable amount of happiness and success at the finish line. Some couples are strong enough to battle through these troubles and manage to survive. But there are some who give in to defeat and just run away.

Now that you know that marriage is hard work, you must know when to give yourself a break. The journey can leave you dead-tired, and worse, it exhausts all the energy you need to continue the fight.

This is where a marriage retreat should come in.

At some point in your relationship, you may question why you even bother bearing all the burdens when you can simply escape the tiresome marital course. Why do you have to keep fighting for your spouse when all you end up with is pain and suffering?

Don’t get yourself freaked out. Have a break and give yourselves time for some reflection.

Here Are The 5 Benefits of A Marriage Retreat.

1.It Shifts Focus Back Onto Your Marriage.

Often, we get caught up in the daily grind, forgetting that our loving spouse is waiting for our love and attention at home. I’d be lying if I told you I am not guilty of this.

As a matter of fact, my husband once told me how unhappy he is living his “life with a zombie.” Yes, he likened me to a zombie—a living corpse who walks, talks, eats and sleeps but displays no emotional connection to anything or anyone.

When my husband told me this, it felt as if a huge rock had fallen onto my head. I was hit with an inexpiable guilt. It left an almost unbearable sadness in my heart.

I never wanted my husband to feel deprived of my love. I love him sincerely and I can’t stand the thought that it was me who caused him too much pain.

So I did my best to make it up to him.

I searched for support groups in our community to help me win back my spouse. Fortunately, I met a doctor who was also in the process of salvaging his marriage. He sent us an invite to a 5-day marriage retreat and, of course, I was so willing to go.

It was one of the best decisions I made in my marriage.

The marriage retreat was the perfect getaway to improve our relationship. It was the proper time-out we needed to concentrate on the two of us without the interruptions of our daily work duties.

The quiet atmosphere and the series of presentations about the importance of intimacy, communication, and time helped us both realize how much we were lacking on the essentials of marriage. Gladly, the escape from the city buzz allowed us to focus on our relationship and learn what needs nurturing to renew our union.

2.It Provides Tools to Improve Marriage.

Knowing the areas of improvement in your relationship is not enough. You also must learn the right tools and skills to iron them out.

A marriage retreat benefits couples by providing them with lectures on how to enrich their relationship. Each session in packed with wisdom and useful advice that can help anyone salvage their marriage.

The inspirational stories shared by speakers will enable couples to start reconnecting with each other and talk about their issues freely, with no taints of awkwardness. Because on a retreat, married men and women are made to feel that they are not alone in this kind of struggle. Others have been there and survived. So it’s fair enough that they try to work on their issues too.

On a marriage retreat, couples can also learn the principles that should guide them in reigniting and strengthening their connection. They are encouraged to open up and accept their weaknesses to find resolutions to their marital problems.

In fact, when my husband and I joined a marriage retreat for the first time, we felt a strong push to communicate our thoughts with each other. Instantly, we were relieved after talking about our resentments. It seemed as if the retreat house was a safe space for us.

In my head, I thought that if ever one of us burst into an uncontrollable anger or hate, somebody with expertise on marriage could guide us through. It’s truly a helpful avenue for us to address our difficulties that were left unnoticed and unsaid for years.

3.It Increases Intimacy.

A couple’s retreat doesn’t only carry out sharing sessions to teach men and women the proper skills to fix their marital issues. It also promotes intimacy among husbands and wives through activities that shall engage them in working together.

These exercises are particularly effective in encouraging couples to feel one with each other again. It allows them to find the spark that once ignited their love.

The challenges are usually designed to be intense, which should allow participants to find the correct strategies for healing past wounds. The activities are also strategically devised to allow couples to learn important skills in resolving current marital issues.

Through retreat activities, husbands and wives are walking their way back into each other without even realizing it. It increases intimacy, which is very important to bind the couple’s connection and security that might have diminished over time.

Intimacy is a critical foundation of marriage. The absence of it leaves a cold, empty hole in a relationship.

Married couples must always nurture their intimacy to prevent their union from crumbling and falling like icebergs off a glacier. A refreshing retreat is a great medium to help them realize the importance of it.

4.It Promotes Forgiveness.

It is no secret that forgiveness is hard to give away, especially when you’re wounded so badly. But in a marriage retreat, couples are pushed to set their hearts free by forgiving their better half for the wounds they have caused in the past.

Never is it okay to live in yesterday’s heartaches. Dragging your present into the pains of the past will merely add more salt to the cut.

That is why marriage retreats furnish materials that may help married men and women walk out from the stage of resentment. The workshop teaches skills for letting go of hate and anger to find forgiveness in their hearts.

Although it is true that forgiving is never easy, it is your duty as a spouse to give it away. Forgiveness is necessary for the survival of your marriage. Therefore, if you want to keep your union for a lifetime, you must learn how to forgive your marriage mate.

In a marriage retreat my husband and I attended, an exercise allowed us to find forgiveness through communication techniques. We were tasked to talk about the wounds we received from friends, families, and even colleagues in the past.

The goal was to know ourselves deeply. Why is it hard to forgive? Why are we behaving this way toward our partners? How were we able to blame our wife/husband?

Through communicating, we were able to identify our pains and gain a deeper understanding of who we are today. We realized how our unhealed wounds have affected our inner person.

After the exercise, it felt good to release the hurts. I actually felt renewed, like a huge arrow had been removed from my heart. The process was purposefully healing, and I believe that every couple who struggles in forgiving should try it.

5.It Is Fun.

If there’s one thing I really love about marriage retreats, it’s the unique dose of happiness it gives to couples. Imagine entering a workshop with marital burdens on your shoulders and coming out like newlyweds—that’s so fun, right?

The time away from our regular lives fostered a refreshing bond between my husband and I. The challenging activities made us concentrate on finding answers, but they also gave us a good laugh. It is really an extraordinary kind of fun you feel when you have accomplished something positive with your spouse.

It feels good. It’s exhilarating to be with the one you love with your guards down and nothing to worry about.

The openness that a marriage retreat forges is one thing that husbands and wives should always possess. Without it, the home becomes dark and lonely. So, I really think that couples who are lacking in fun must schedule a marriage retreat to rediscover what it feels like.

Happiness is an important cornerstone of marriage. The joy you feel when you and your spouse are on pretty good terms is powerful. It creates a rippling effect that radiates through your work and daily activities.


A marriage retreat reminds husbands and wives of the significance of their partners in their lives. It opens a door to yesterday and allows them to peek at the kind of happiness they once felt when everything was a mere clean slate.

Couples who are aware that they are trapped in deep marital troubles must consider going to a retreat to arrest any difficulties that could progress to permanent damage. If the thought of divorce turns your stomach, then you better find a couples retreat to get some help before anything ugly comes into your marriage.