Marriage is Beautiful: 10 Signs You Have a Great Spouse

Marriage is beautiful—and even more so when you have a great spouse.

So, what makes a great husband or wife? It’s kind of hard to answer, really. Because marriage, unfortunately, doesn’t come with a manual.

Although you have no list of the exact qualities a great spouse should possess, you should pretty much know what your heart desires. When you know what you want, you know what to look for, right?

However, we all need reminding, sometimes, that life’s not a fairy tale. There’s no Prince Charming coming to get you and save your life from a wicked Queen, nor a beautiful princess patiently waiting for your arrival in a dark old castle.

These stories remain in the books and the movies.

The point is, don’t expect that the partner you’ve been dreaming of will be as ideal as you thought him or her to be. Your expectations must stay in the real world. No fantasies, no wishful dreams, etc.

You also have to keep in mind that a beautiful marriage is not founded only on the good things. It is built by two individuals who are committed to being the best partner there is for each other.

Marriage is Beautiful: 10 Signs You Have a Great Spouse

1.Your spouse is careful with words in every argument.

Always, never, and whatever. These three words seem to have replaced “I love you” during arguments.

“You always come home late.” In fact, your spouse was early for dinner last night.

“You never spend time with me.” Didn’t you just catch a movie the other week?

“Whatever!” This seems to put an end to an argument, but it actually commences an unresolved conflict that may be reheated in later fights.

See, when you use these three words in an argument, you create more hurt than you imagine. You unknowingly throw accusations that your spouse might not be guilty of.

A good spouse is careful with words. He/she doesn’t add more pain to the wounds. He/she remains silent and chooses the right words in pacifying an angry spouse.

2.Your spouse trusts you.

Trust is a must in marriage. Although this is an open knowledge to couples, it is surprising that only 10 percent of married women actually trust their partners.

A spouse who trusts you is someone who won’t restrict you from doing things that you love. He/she won’t snoop into your mobile device to see who you’re talking to every single day.

But we all understand that trust is earned. It’s not just given. One can’t give trust blindly. It’s too precious to give away just like that.

So, if your spouse trusts you, be grateful for it and don’t ever think of breaking it.

3.Your spouse knows how to compromise.

Relationship experts agree that compromise should be a standard in marriage. When you decide to get married, you are agreeing to a contract of not just love, but also compromises.

In marriage, two different people will be living as one. You should expect changes and problems that might require one of you to give way. But it should be okay.

A great spouse knows how to compromise. He/she won’t lash out if the situation calls him/her to do it.

4.Your spouse is a great influence in your becoming a better person.

We all aim to be better—but let’s face it. Sometimes, if not most of the time, we need help to achieve the better version of ourselves.

If your spouse helps or influences you to transition in a better you, then you’ve got yourself a great life partner.

A good spouse is someone who’s honest in telling you how you can improve. He/she doesn’t criticize. Instead, he/she builds you up and supports you when you need it.

5.Your spouse values your worth and doesn’t compare you with anyone.

It’s true that there are a lot of men and women who could be better than you. But you have your own worth that needs to be valued.

A spouse who sees your own unique value and who doesn’t compare you with anybody (even his dad or mom) is a gem. You’re lucky if your partner chooses to see the good and the beautiful in you.

6.Your spouse gives gratifying sex.

How much of sex do couples really need in a week?

It varies from one marriage to another, actually. We all have different sexual drives.

Some people are content with a few sessions of sex per week and some just need more. But what’s important here is the satisfaction the couple gets after doing the deed.

Marriage is beautiful, especially if your spouse feeds your sexual desires. Backed by research, sexual satisfaction highly impacts marital satisfaction.

Basically, a majority of couples who find their sex life satisfying also find satisfaction in their marriage overall. A wife/husband who understands that gratifying sex is important in marriage is for keeps. Don’t let him/her go away.

7.Your spouse does things that make you happy and loved.

We all have emotional needs and a great spouse is someone who makes sure these needs are satisfied. He/she invests time and effort in doing things that make you happy and loved even if you didn’t even ask for them.

8.Your spouse remains faithful.

Experts revealed that infidelity is one of the top-cited reasons for marital problems. Consequently, it is also the most common cause of divorce.

Be it emotional or physical infidelity, it is still infidelity and it hurts any kind of relationship. In fact, a Gallup poll showed that only 10 percent of Americans are willing to forgive their spouses for marital infidelity.

The sad part is that 38 percent are definitely packing their bags and not turning back once they discover their spouse’s unfaithfulness. The rest of the subjects are not sure whether to forgive or not. But still, if the numbers are added, 64 percent of them are leaning toward the “not going to forgive” side.

That is why it is recommended for couples to build marriage around the foundation of love and faithfulness. The idea of marriage is two people building a family. No other woman or man should be joining the club.

If your spouse knows the value of fidelity in your relationship, you’ve got yourself a great husband/wife.

9.Your spouse gives unconditional love.

True love is unconditional. It is not selfish.

It selfless and kind. Sometimes, it is sacrificial.

A love that’s real is not received as a reward for a good behavior. It is constantly flowing, regardless of whether one of the spouses is not doing his/her part.

10.Your spouse appreciates your time together.

If your spouse appreciates your quality time together, he/she puts an effort into spending it with you.

Quality time is important to maintain the connection and happiness between married couples. The busyness brought by careers and kids can easily take a toll on the marriage. Therefore, it is crucial for couples to make a point to spend quality time together to keep their happiness going.


When you get married, expect your lives to face constant irreversible changes. It will be up to the both of you to decide whether you will let your life together decay or allow love to cultivate and fill your home with joy and life satisfaction.

Remember, marriage is beautiful and complicated at the same time. It is an infrastructure of love that requires building. How you build it will determine how strong it can become.

So build your marriage beautifully with simple acts of love in the everyday walk of life. Even the tiniest displays of affection matter.

Make it strong by showering your spouse with love, understanding, and happiness. And most of all, be committed to staying together even if it comes to you and your spouse against the world.