80 Love Poems for Him to Make Your Man Love You Even More

Poems of love can be stuffy and complicated. But it’s still a classic way of expressing one’s thoughts that’s well appreciated today.

Which is why there’s no wonder why many lovers favorite poetry as a mean to communicate feelings. In fact, love poems are regularly used in emails of affection, texts of romance, and letters of love.

So if you’re feeling a little cheeky and want to show your man some loving, try writing a short poetry! Check our 80 love poems for him you can send to your boyfriend.

80 Love Poems for Him

  1. All the love I have, I pledge only to you

I will be faithful all my life for you

Never will I hurt you

Never will I lie to you

In my heart there will always be you

I love you, you, you and only you

  1. Today as you open your eyes

I only have one wish

And that’s for you to know

That from this moment on

My love for you will continue to grow

  1. Good morning my boyfriend

I wish you know

That I missed you all night

And now that you’re awake

I want to hug you so tight

So can you please hurry up

And pick me up now?

  1. Staring at you while you nap

Gives me so much joy

I watch how peaceful you are

And it makes me realize

I am a lucky woman

To be with a man

Who’s an angel sent from above

  1. All I night I waited

To see you in the day

So I can shower you with kisses

And my endless embraces

  1. You my love is my destiny

The one true love I’ll have for eternity

You my love is my sun rise

The one who fills my life with surprise

So let me love you until forever

There’s nothing I worry about when we’re together

  1. My heart is full of love for you

And though you are far away

Know that whatever happens in our days

You’ll still come home to a lady who loves you

Now and forever

It’s you and me together

  1. It’s only you that I want

Only you that I need

I live to see your smiles

And to see you succeed in life

Darling, I am so in love with you

So please don’t leave me, will you?

  1. You will always be the best

The best half of me

I will love you more than your eyes can see

I am in love with you more than your heart can feel

I love you, my darling

Thanks for the love that we are sharing

  1. I am in love with you

I do, babe, I really do

I don’t want to wait any longer

To walk down the aisle and say I do

I want to spend my life with you

As your wife, your girl, and your best friend too

  1. I never knew what true love was until I met you

You showed me I am beautiful

And I’m someone who deserves to be loved like you do

So honey, please never doubt my love for you

It’s because of you I learned that love exists and that it’s true

  1. Of all the love stories ever written

I believe our love is the best

It is genuine and everlasting

It stands so strong, no matter the test

  1. My love for you is so strong

It runs deep down in me

My love for you is like sunshine

It brightens the darkest areas of me

My love for you is my saving grace

It helped me keep up with life’s difficult phase

My love for you is endless

Because sweetie, you are the best

14. When I opened my eyes this morning

I realized one special thing

That I cannot continue living

If you are not the one I’m seeing

I love you and there’s no one else

It’s only you I will love for the rest of my days

I will love you every moment of my life

Your love, babe, is all that I want

  1. I can’t imagine a life living without you

It’s your love that I always seek

It’s your love that also makes me weak

I cannot live a day with no you

So can you live here with me

Just for a week?

  1. I know our love is true

Because the love that you have given me

Made me secured and whole

It seems like I am attached with you forever

And it feels like it’s just you and me together

In this journey of life, through better or worse

I am your girl, and you are my amour

  1. I feel like I am not myself without you

See, I love you so deep and true

I mean it now and always, really

I’m nothing without you and I am not going crazy

And don’t even think I am silly

I am just so in love with you honey

  1. You and me are inseparable

Our love for each other is incredible

I never knew love could be this magical

I never knew you could be so special

So let’s dance through the night and celebrate

The one thing that will never depreciate

Our love for each other that’s so great

A love that won’t let us ever separate

  1. Our love story is the best story written ever

Because you, my love, is a perfect lover

No matter what happens, I know we’ll have each other

Through ups and downs, for richer and for poorer

This is a love story we have written together

And one that we will cherish forever

  1. Sometimes I wonder why you love me

It’s an unsolved puzzle and mystery

You are just so sweet and so good to me

That’s why I think that you are not deserving of me

A girl like me that’s simple and plain

Couldn’t be so special to a man like you

But I am grateful that even if there is nothing I am doing

There is you, and you love me truly

  1. With you in my life, I found order

With you in my life, I can brave the bad weather

With you in my life, I am never afraid and sad

With you in my life, I am never lonely and mad

Because with you in my life, I am happy

With you in my life, I am satisfied

  1. You are a rare blend of kind and sexy

That’s why I really feel so lucky

That you are my man and I am your lady

And baby, I am now ready

To spend my life with you for eternity

  1. I love you honey, you’re my first and last

I hope our love will always surpass

The trials of life and all the sadness

That we will face for the rest of our days

Just promise me that you will never leave me

I am all in, honey, I am in love with you truly

  1. Every minute and every single day

I feel enthusiastic, jolly, and gay

Because I have you, my kind and sweet boyfriend

Who will never leave me until the end

Thank you, my love for showing me true love

You are a real angel sent from the heavens above

  1. I think of you, my sweetheart

Every minute of every day

Every second, every time

Without you, there’s pain in my heart

So let me spend the rest of my life

With you and only you, my Valentine

  1. The bright blue sky and clean fresh air,

This morning’s dewdrop so cool and fair,

Makes me want to kiss and smell you hair

And stay in that moment forever

My love, waking up with you next to me,

Gives me full joy and gladness you see,

Right now, all I feel is my heart beating,

For you and only you my sweet sexy thing

  1. If only you were next to me

I will pull you close and hug you tightly

If only you were here beside me

I will kiss you and say I love you truly

That’s what I’ll do if you were with me

So baby, come back to me

  1. There’s a million stars that are shining in the skies

But there’s only one that catches my eye

That star is you, my one true love

The only star that made me fall in love

  1. Honey, my feelings for you are real

It’s only you who made me feel

This feeling of happiness and goodness

Because of you, I forget all the sadness

That’s why I am willing to spend

All my money, my time and my life

To find you and be with you

Until the end of time

  1. Our love story is exceptional

It’s not magical but specials

Our love story is great

It’s not perfect but is oh so real

I am so proud that our love story is like this

There’s nothing I want more than this

  1. You, darling, owns a heart that I can trust

Because of you, my life’s filled with true love and not lust

You and me to be together forever is a must

Eternity is for ours to share no matter the odds

  1. Your love letters are more than words that inspire

They special, magical and making me perspire

I will love you always and promise I’ll never retire

We’ll build a love together that’s hotter than fire

  1. I found the safest haven in this world

In your arms my amour

You are the most beautiful harbour

Into the cloud 9, it’s me you anchor

I’m glad I am the one you favoured

Because darling, you rock my world

  1. Don’t ask me why I love you

I just know I do

I cling more to you as time passes by

And I really still don’t know why

But what I also know is that

You’re the one I want to be with all the time

To you, I can never say goodbye

Without you, I just might die

  1. To you, my love, I give my all

It’s only in your arms I want to fall

I stopped wondering how far we can both go

When you asked “do you love me” and I replied I do

Because when I admitted I love you too

I was all ready to go wherever with you

  1. My heart loves you truly

I speak of my feelings genuinely

I promise to always do you right

I’ll  be with you whether you turn left or right

There’s a future for us, one that’s so bright

So baby, please never go out of my sight

  1. My heart is full of essential goodness

All it wants is to give you the best

All it wants is to share all special things and nothing less

And to offer you my love and my sweet caress

  1. Does true love exist?

Yes, it does. Love does exist

Perhaps you just have to ask from above

To meet that someone you’ll love

And pretty sure your wish will be granted

Because that’s what I did and “you” happened

  1. When I met you, my life’s course changed

My happiness, that’s what you became

You’re the only person I near near

My day is filled with joy when you’re here

I am in love with you, I hope you can hear

And I will always take care of you, my dear

  1. It’s real love that binds us

It’s affection that’s wrapped around us

You are the perfect man for me

The one I always want to be with

And of all the things around me

It’s only you that I see

I don’t care what life has to offer

Without you, all of them I would spare

I just want you and me to together

From now until forever

  1. If there’s one thing on Earth to you I can offer

It’s my special love for you forever

In my heart, there is really no other

Leaving you is something I wouldn’t do ever

  1. Searching from North down to South

There’s nobody I can care about

But only you and baby don’t doubt

It’s what’s in my heart inside and out

  1. I have loved you with no doubts

You’re someone I cannot live without

You’re the man I always care about

So stay with me here until the lights go out

  1. I wish someday I could walk down the aisle

And see you at the other side, waiting for a long while

As I pass through the long carpet of the church in excitement

Cherishing a wonderful and very special moment

  1. I honestly think that our love is so amazing

It makes my days and nights very exciting

In my head there’s only one thing

A picture of you that’s dazzling

And every morning I keep reminishing

Our moments together because I’m missing

The touch and feel of your body

That belongs to me, and only to me

  1. Your love is killing me softly

Because you love me oh so good and tenderly

I never thought someone would love me truly

Just as you do for me, baby

  1. I feel like our love is a bait

It trapped me in a cage where I want to live forever

To walk down the aisle for you I cannot wait

Because I want you and me for eternity together

  1. Your love is what refreshes my life anew

You showed me affection and care like that I never knew

So darling, loving you always is what I’ll do

And I promise I will love you oh so true

  1. My love, I am in love with you forever

To break your heart is something I wouldn’t do ever

To leave you is one I’ll do never

I promise we will always be together

  1. Baby, I always want you near

With you here, I have no fear

With you here, there’s nothing I cannot bear

With you here, I feel love and care

So I want you so stay with me baby

From now, until eternity

  1. All my love and care, to you I give

To see you happy is why I live

I am glad that in this life I received

A someone like you who always believed

That I’m the most special woman in this world

And to me, you vowed to give your world

So thank you honey for the gift of love

You are truly a special angel sent from above

  1. You are a one true testimony

That pure love exists truly

You love me unconditionally

You can for me so truly

So let me love you back baby

And I will do this for eternity

  1. You and me are one forever

Because you and me will always be together

When you became mine and I became you

We made one of us not two

That’s why to you, I will stay closer

And I will do this forever and ever

There’s nobody else I will love so true

Like what I feel for you, darling, I love you

  1. Baby, I would never leave you

Because I don’t ever want to lose you

The thought of living a day without you

Is so painful and makes me blue

Trust me, I would never hurt you

Because my feelings for you is true

  1. I love you honey, I want to be your own

You are the best guy I have ever known

Lovely to me, you will always be

Our love is something I will cherish truly

  1. Honey, I am never leaving you

Even if you ask me to

You’re the only man I love so true

On the altar, to you, I’ll say “I do”

  1. My love for you keeps me wide awake

You’re in my mind and in every breath I take

I can’t just get you out of my head

Even when I’m lying in bed

So, my love, I hope you soon come home

  1. To love you forever, I will

You and I are a done deal

We are a perfect match made in heaven

Everything about us is even

I am ready to be with you for eternity

Oh babe, I am love you truly

  1. Babe, I will be your strength in good times and the bad

I’ll stay close to you when you are sad

I’ll be around you even when you’re mad

Because being with you is what makes me glad

  1. What I feel for you is more than attraction

It’s love, my heart’s serious reaction

To you, a huge and happy distraction

and my life’s greatest addition

  1. You are my forever

I promise that we’ll never have to part with each other

It’s you and me together no matter the weather

I will love you forever and ever

  1. I’ll take care of you

I’ll never let you sad and blue

Baby, my love for you is all true

I give my all to you

  1. What I offer you is love that you deserve

My heart for you is reserved

To live without you, I don’t have the nerve

Even if loving you makes me a nerd

  1. Thank you for loving me unconditionally

Thank you for loving me truthfully

The love you give to me is no ordinary

That’s why I will love you always and faithfully

  1. I love you in the colds nights of winter

I love you in the hot mornings of summer

I love you in the day and the night after

I love you always and forever

  1. My love is a true embodiment

Of the real feelings and sentiments

And even the joy and merriment

That my heart feels from the moment we met

  1. There is nothing that you can say

That can make me go away

With you, for life I will stay

Today, tomorrow, and the following days

  1. For you, I am giving all my love

To me, you have given all you have

Each day I live, I am embracing

A life with you that’s so amazing

You and I are truly meant to be

So baby don’t you ever blame me

If sometimes I don’t want us to part

Because you leaving me breaks my heart

But I shouldn’t worry right?

Because one day, I will be your wife

And you and I will live together

In this lifetime forever and ever

  1. Loving you makes my heart bleed

It’s only you that my heart needs

To be with you my heart always pleads

It’s only you that my heart wants, indeed

  1. Falling in love with you is all I want to do

That’s a lovely task I would do for you

Because what I feel for you is pure and true

There’s noone in this world that I love more than you

  1. I will love you for eternity

I will love you to infinity

My love for you is the truest reality

That a woman can love so true and purely

  1. Thank you, my love, for showing me the way

The way to a genuine love everyday

Thank you, my love, for your love that’s amazing

In my life, you are truly a blessing

  1. The course of true love is a long journey

It’s not a smooth road you can walk on effortlessly

You must understand and love your partner truly

Because if you don’t, you’ll fail undoubtedly

That’s why with you my love, I am not afraid

To walk this road of love and faith

I love you and my feelings will never frail

Even if I have to walk with you a thousand miles away

  1. Your love is what keeps me going everyday

Your love is what makes me happy and gay

You always turn my bad mood into good

You always make me smile as often as you could

You love me even when the going gets rough

How can I ever thank you enough?

  1. Your love saved me from a living hell

A hell of loneliness where I fell

My heart is so grateful to you that words can’t tell

How much you make it swell

Everytime you remind me

That the only girl you love is me

So let me just thank you, baby

For loving me truly and unconditionally

  1. My love for you is unconditional

What I feel for you is something very special

Our love for each other is magical

This feeling we have is not typical

More and more we love each other everyday

To each other, we always show and say

A love that brings good into our bad days

A love that no one can ever take away

  1. If only I can give everything to you my love

I will take all the stars from above

And wrap them inside your blanket at night

So you will be surrounded with bright lights

And you will never be out of my sight

  1. Perhaps, meeting you is a privilege

But since then, you put me in a cage

A cage of love and inspiration

That gave my life a sense of direction

So, darling, in this note let me mention

That depth of my feelings and affection

Will never ever ever change

Even if you and I grow in age

  1. To love you for life is the best task I ever had

I promise I will never ever make you feel sad

It is my greatest pleasure to have known you

So i wouldn’t want to turn your days blue

For you, I am always willing to do

Everything that brings happiness to you

  1. Loving you has its pros and cons

But I’m grateful it has more pros than cons

I love you


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