150 Love Messages for Husband and Wife

Sweet love messages sent randomly via snail mail or electronic means never fail to melt a lover’s heart. Sometimes, a short “I love you” note is all it takes to lighten a bad day.

Those three words are just so magical that they can fix even the most unforgivable arguments in married couples. Because most of the time, it is love that matters.

However, as years pass by, some people forget to leave romantic love messages for their partners. Could it be because of the overwhelming work schedule?

Perhaps you’re running out of words to express how much you love your spouse.

Here Are 150 Love Messages to Give You Some Inspiration.

1. I adore your smiles, I cherish your eyes. I love your ways, I like your style. You’re one of a kind—and 24/7, you are always on my mind.

2. If there’s one thing I am sure of, it’s my love for you. I love you so truly and my heart is so sure. And as time passes by, I love you more—your wit, your smile, your loving face. No one can ever take your place.

3. I think I am the luckiest person in the world. Like a hidden treasure, your love is rare to find. I am lucky to have found you.

4. There’s nothing in this world that could change my love for you. You are the only person who helped me find myself and I love how my life has changed with you.

5. No words, no measuring device can tell how much I love you. My love for you is pouring. I just feel it and I hope you feel it too.

6. I love you. You and I have been through so many hardships, and I think we deserve to celebrate life together, happy and in love, after all the pain.

7. When I first saw you, I learned something in me that I never knew existed. I discovered love.

8. I am afraid of heights. But I know I could climb the highest mountains just to see your smile.

9. I’ve always wished for my daydreams to come true. Because in them, I was always with you.

10. Do you believe in shooting stars? It’s time that you do. It works. Trust me on this, because I wished for you.

11. One of my life’s biggest rewards is getting married to you. With your love, I became stronger and more confident in my ability to win life.

12. I hope I can always be with you. To have you as my spouse is life’s greatest blessing to me.

13. All people say love hurts, and I know that to be true. But I would love to take the risk just to be with you.

14. I wish I could grant you access into my heart and mind. Only then would you realize how special you are to me.

15. Do you ever wonder why I am all sweaty when we meet? You just don’t realize how my heart races upon seeing your face, do you?

16. One of my favorite moments in our day is when I catch you looking at me. It feels good to know you are attracted to me. Because I am head over heels for you.

17. My life is a better place now that I have found you. If only you knew how much our little moments matter, you’d realize how you have made my life better.

18. So far, every single day I have spent with you had been nothing but awesome. But I know the best is yet to come.

19. Your love is like a paradise to me. I’d be more than happy to stay stranded in it forever.

20. Did you know? Just when I think that my love for you has reached its epitome, you prove me wrong. I fall more and more in love with you everyday.

21. In this life, I have made difficult choices. But choosing you is the best one I have ever made. I chose you and I will do it over and over again.

22. My love, I don’t need the whole world to love me. Your love is enough and it’s all I need.

23. I never realized you were the one great inspiration I needed. You inspire me to do my best. With you, I became the best version of me.

24. You and I were chosen to be together. No one would ever dare to tear us apart.

25. You are my sunshine. You are my bundle of joy. You are my day and you are my night. You’re everything rolled into one.

26. Love taught me many lessons until I reached your loving arms—where I truly belong.

27. I researched all of Shakespeare’s sonnets to find one that perfectly describes what I feel for you. But there are just no words to tell what’s in my heart. So can I just say “I love you?”

28. I knew that day when I met you that we were meant to be together. When our eyes met and our hands touched, it felt like forever had just begun.

29. Darling, I am grateful to have met you. Some people spent their whole lives searching for their one true love. I am glad it didn’t take long before I found mine.

30. When I tell you my world will shatter without you, know that it’s just my way of showing how much I love you.

31. My mouth will never get tired of telling you I love you. I can do it forever.

32. Loving you is essential to my survival. My life will end if I can’t love you. So allow me to love you, please?

33. All the wonders of world mean nothing to me. Your eyes, your lips, your body, your all. You are everything in my world.

34. My love, when you are far from me, I feel like the stars are shining bright to show me the way to you. But I know, soon you’ll come home. Make it quick. Because I miss you badly.

35. I knew it was love when I realized I want to build a family with you. I am so in love with you.

36. I won’t bug you when you’re busy. I won’t call you if you ask me not to. But don’t ever ask me not to love you. That’s impossible. I will love you no matter what.

37. When I wake up in the morning, I am happy to see you lie down next to me. I must be so good to be rewarded with somebody like you.

38. Falling in love with you was out of my control. You made me love you just like that.

39. My beloved, the only real thing in this world to me is our love. Let me love you until our dying breaths.

40. In my life, I have been offered many roads to take that were difficult to choose from. But when I saw that path to you, I was 100 percent sure that it was the road I had to choose.

41. I don’t know what my life would be without you. So please, can you live with me forever?

42. Loving you is the beginning of all the beauty that has happened in my life.

43. There’s nothing in this world that scares me anymore. When I am with you, I know I am safe in your love.

44. I love coming home to your warm embraces, your sweet kisses, and your beautiful smiles. You spoil me with your love and I am not complaining.

45. I never planned to meet you. But our paths were destined to cross anyways. Because you and I? We are meant to be together.

46. If I only had one wish, I would wish for our love to grow more and more each day. Because with your love, my darling, I know everything is possible.

47. When I wake up everyday beside you, I am reminded how beautiful life is. I feel blessed to be with someone like you.

48. In this very difficult life, you are my only solace. Thank you, my love.

49. You’re the one who calms my soul, the one who lights my darkest days. With you, I can always be myself. I can never thank you enough for the gift of love you give me everyday.

50. At one point in my life, I felt like giving up on finding love. But I am glad I didn’t. Because if I had, I couldn’t have unwrapped the greatest gift that this life had to offer: your love.

51. I am in love with you. I love myself when I am around you. I love you, not just for the way you are, but also for what you’ve helped me become.

52. Life is too short to live with regrets. So I wake up everyday loving you.

53. You know, I really didn’t realize that you have a superpower. You instantly made me fall in love with you the first time we met. You must be so powerful!

54. Darling, you are the love of my life. You truly captured my heart. I don’t know how I can thank you for the happiness you bring to my life.

55. My love, you gave me a piece of my soul that I never knew was missing. I love you.

56. My beloved, tomorrow is not promised. So let me spoil you with my love everyday. And allow me to say I love you at any time of day.

57. From the innermost depth of my heart, let me send you the waves of my love. Baby, I can’t wait to be with you. I love you.

58. You are the one who take me to heights when I’m feeling low. You bring happiness to my saddest days. You have this incredible talent of making my heart melt. You’re just an amazing being who changed my life. I love you, honey.

59. Sometimes, I wake up thinking that my life with you is just a dream. Because I never thought I could be this happy in this lifetime.

60. Your love is the essence of my life. I can’t imagine breathing without you.

61. Honey, I made a vow to grow old with you and I intend to keep that vow. I promise to love you until our hair turns grey. That’s how much I love you.

62. Your love weakens me in the knees. You lighten my world with your smile and beauty. My dear, you really captured my heart. I love you.

63. You know, I think of you every single day. Every minute, I check my phone to see if you called me or texted me. You’ve made me so clingy and I love it.

64. My love, just the thought of my fingers running over your chest drives me wild. I want to be so close to you. I miss you.

65. Babe, you are the most precious gift that this life has given me. Thank you for coming into my life. I will love you forever.

66. If loving you is all that I am left to do in this world, I would gladly do it over and over again. I love you so much, babe.

67. Darling, when we’re together, nothing else matters. You are the sweetest and purest image of love that I’ve ever seen. And I always want to enjoy my moments with you.

68. You are the reason the good times became great and the tough times easy. Thank you for being my best friend, my beloved, my life partner. I will always love you.

69. In a cold and sometimes crazy world, your love is my safe haven. With your love, I find peace and serenity. I love you, honey.

70. Sweetheart, I am the luckiest person in the world to be with someone like you. You changed my life in ways I can never imagine. I am so grateful for your love. So please, let me love you until the end of time.

71. Honey, a part of me aches when you’re not around me. If only I could be with you 24/7, I’d do it gladly. I miss you.

72. My everyday with you are beautiful and sweet—just like you, my love.

73. Babe, you are the reason that I wake up with a huge smile on my face. I adore you and every inch of your perfect body. I am deeply in love with you.

74. My love, know that when you wake up, I am still here and we’ll battle all your fears together. I promise not to leave you, no matter what. It’s you and me against the world.

75. Sweetheart, you are the most important thing to me. Promise me you’ll take care of yourself wherever you go. Because I don’t know what I would do if I lost you.

76. You are the treasure of my heart. My one true love. I wish you knew how much you mean to me. I love you.

77. Loving you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I never thought I could love somebody like this. I’ll always be in love with you.

78. Babe, I love you. Always have, always will.

79. My love, you give me a reason to love you everyday. I hope I can be with you for the rest of my life. You are just one of a kind.

80. It’s amusing how I still fall in love with you every single day. And I don’t want to stop. I just love you so much, honey.

81. You’re the most beautiful person I have set eyes on. I have never met somebody like you. You’re just different and I love the way you are.

82. Darling, every moment I share with you is special. Your funny jokes, your wit, your laughs. You give me so many reasons to love you.

83. Babe, if ever you’re sad, know that someone here is deeply in love with you. My life is consumed by my love for you. I hope that thought keeps you happy in your saddest days.

84. You fill all the emptiness in my heart. I’m so thankful to have you in my life. I love you very much!

85. Your heart is full of love and affection. Your hands are always caring. I am lucky to have you as my wife.

86. I would rather spend one lifetime with you than face all the ages of the world alone. Love you, my dear.

87. When I look at you, I wonder if I did something really good to get such a marvelous gift from God. You have been a blessing in my life and this is just to say I love you.

88. With you, I can be my silliest, best self and never worry about being judged, because you are my better half in the truest sense. I love you!

89. No matter how hard and punishing a day has been, I know I’m going home to the most beautiful person there has ever been. I love you.

90. Every time I look at you, I still can’t believe how much you’ve become a big part of my life. I look at you and I realize how much God loves me, for He gave me the most wonderful gift in the world. I love you so much, darling!”

91. There may be some times that we fight and argue, but just know that my love for you will never fade. I will always be here, loving you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

92. All my days and nights are filled with the wonders of your love. A lovely morning to you and thanks for being that special and wonderful woman in my life. I love you!

93. I always remember the day we were married and I feel that same joy in my heart now. I do not know what I would do without you. I am very grateful that you are a part of me. Love you, my wife.

94. I know that during the years of our marriage, we have faced strong arguments, but in the end we have solved them and so here we are, still together today. I am pretty sure our love is true, as well as what I feel for you. You know you have my heart and I am ready to give everything to you.

95. Three simple words can sum up the feelings of my heart. It was right there from the start—my beautiful wife, I love you a lot. Be my Valentine yet again.”

96. I fall short of words to tell you how much you mean to me. All I can say is that my life revolves around you and nothing else matters.

97. You may hold my hand for a while, but you hold my heart forever, my wife. I love you!

98. I have you in my life is a blessing in disguise. I am truly grateful to God for that. Thanks for being a part of my life. I love you!

99. Just when I think that it is impossible to love you anymore, you prove me wrong.

100. I will love you more and more each day with every beat of my heart, until the day I die and my heart stops beating. I love you, my wife!

101. I want you to know that there’s no one who can replace you. The way you look, the way you always know what I am thinking, the way you gave me hugs when I needed them most, and the way you listen to me is priceless. You have touched me more profoundly than I ever thought you could. I love you.

102. I love you so much that I’m going crazy. I can’t stop thinking and dreaming about you. Only it makes me feel alive and gives my life a meaning. Please, don’t ever take it away from me.

103. Since I’ve met you, I cry a little less, laugh a little harder and smile all the more. Just because I have you, my life is a better place.

104. Life would be such a dark place without you. I love you with all my heart and I want to thank you for every amazing memory you have given me.

105. You’re my paradise and I’d happily get stranded on you for a lifetime.

106. Sometimes I just think back to the first time I laid eyes on you. I knew right then that I had found someone incredible. Ever since that very moment, all I have ever wanted was to be with you. No matter how dark my day is, seeing you always brightens it and makes me realize that with you, I am doing right. Your heart is so pure and so forgiving that it will always be the center of my attention, no matter what else is going on in my life. I look forward to this day and many more just like it for you will forever be in my heart.

107. Love is an unexplainable feeling. It’s so huge that doesn’t fit in any words, especially these three simple words “I love you.” I want our love to be special and unique. I want it to be eternal.

108. Whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy. Your smile radiates into me. Your touch sends little shivers through my body. Your presence pleases my mind and your soul pours peace on mine. I love you…madly, sincerely, completely and with no reservations, in a way that is blissfully wonderful.

109. Love is my everything. It’s everywhere. It’s in the messages you send me, it’s in the words you say to me, and it’s in your eyes when you look at me. Love is in my heart and in my thoughts. Love is you and me.

110. You have gripped my soul with a ferocity reserved for a castaway clinging to a raft in the middle of the ocean. If my soul is the raft, it is your hold that keeps me afloat. Don’t ever let go. I love you.

111. Love is the air I breathe. Without you, my darling, I wouldn’t be alive, because you have a piece of my heart, and that’s why I need you by my side so much.

112. Every single day that I spend being your wife, I realize how lucky I am to live such an amazing life. I love you.

113. I’m so completely in love with you. I wake to think of you and I sleep to see you in my dreams. Everyday seems like a blessing since I have met you. I feel so lucky and honored to be in love with you with all of my heart. Thank you for sharing your love with me. It’s a truly wonderful gift. I will love you always.

114. My life’s biggest security is not just in loving you, but in knowing that you will always be there to love me back no matter what. I love you, baby.

115. My thoughts are free to go anywhere, but it’s surprising how often they head in your direction.

116. Whatever happens in this life, I know what your gentle and caring hands will be there. You’re my support, my beloved woman.

117. There are only two times that I want to be with you: Now and Forever.

118. For the sake of your love, I will get a star from the sky and do any deed. I will be ready to do it! I love you.

119. If my life were a business, entering into an unconditional and irrevocable partnership with you has been the most profitable decision ever. I love you.

120. If I could be anything, I would be your tear, so I could be born in your eye, live down your cheek and die on your lips.

121. Amidst the suffocation caused by life’s problems, your love comes as a breath of fresh air. I love you.

122. I will lay the sky under your feet and create for you a paradise on Earth; you are my everything in this world.

123. Hours, days, months, years and decades can go by, but I will never forget the moment when you held me in your arms, looked into my eyes and whispered I Love You in my ear—it still gives me the shivers. I love you.

124. To the love of my life, I hope you have the best out of today. Perfection in all you set your heart to do. Stay great and lovely for me, dear. Love you.

125. I don’t need money and exquisite jewelry to be happy; the fact that you are healthy and you love me makes me happy.

126. Who cares if opposites attract or not? Even if we weren’t opposites, I would’ve still loved you a lot.

127. I love you as I have never loved another or ever will again. I love you with all that I am, and all that I will ever be.

128. You have become not only a part of my life and my destiny, you have become the part of me, which has brought harmony into my life.

129. I make our marriage organized; you make it outstanding. I make our marriage practical; you make it perfect. I keep it grounded; you give it wings. I love you.

130. In this life or hereafter, wherever your love goes is where my heart in love with you will ever be. We are more than inseparable. I love you.

131. You have been my hottest crush, most awesome date, sexiest boyfriend and most passionate lover. All this put together makes you the most perfect husband ever. I love you.The river of time is fleeting, but you are the person with whom I want to spend all time entrusted to me in this life.

132. Just when I thought of giving up to the fate that true love doesn’t exist, you came and showed me the best of it. Thanks for being you for me.

133. I have never seen your eyes shine so bright as the day when we got married. And I promise that I will do anything to see this sparkle every day.

134. This message won’t express all my feelings for you, I’ll just say that I am proud that I have such a stunning wife like you.

135. It is impossible to describe the range of my feelings for you—you are my universe.

136. Our wedding was the happiest day of my life. I made a right choice; I love you more and more with every passing day.

137. We will go hand in hand through life. Even if you stumble on the road of life, I will always help you, I’ll carry you in my arms.

138. My life is full of daydreams. I tried to stop thinking about you, but I failed each time. I need you here my love. I miss you.

139. Shakespeare would have been right if he said, “A life without true love will be miserable!” Without you, I am nothing but empty. Thanks for being mine. I love you.

140. It doesn’t matter how long I must wait for you because my love is eternal. I will be always there for you, I love you.

141. If sixty seconds make a minute, and 24 hours make a day, I want to spend it all with you throughout the year. I am best with you.

142. I love you, not just because you are my husband, but because I know that you always wish the best for me.

143. You are fascinating, indispensable, classy, and gorgeous—you are the woman who deserves the best! I love you!

144. I have loved you long before the beginning of time and I will love you even when the memories of us have been erased from the face of the Earth.

145. No one else loves me the way you do. No one else makes me feel the way you do. I will love you all my life for this.

146. Your love is sweet and exciting, heartwarming and tingling, passionate and sensational, protective and inspirational, warm and funny, cute and cozy, hot and luscious, charming and delicious. I love you.

147.  My love, I am in love with you dearly. I fought for you, I cried for you, and even for many times, I argued with you, know that my love for you will never end. You are a gift I get to open everyday. You make our marriage organized and perfect. You make me grounded and happy. There’s nothing in this world that I would ever wish for now that I have you in my life. Let my love for you give you joy every single day.

148. If my love is a vehicle, you are surely the fuel that has been giving it all it takes to move. You are my very best forevermore.

149. I smile when I see the sight of the sun each morning, not because it’s a bright day, but because it reminds me of how love glows in my heart. Have a great day ahead, my love.

150. I want to be always by your side; you give me the feeling of completion. I love you more than everyone in this life.


Whether it’s your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or an ordinary day, your spouse would definitely appreciate receiving notes of love curated from deep within your heart. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a pen and a pad and start writing sweet love messages for your beloved today!