What Changes in Your Life After Marriage

After marriage, a lot of things change in your life. When you decide to tie the knot with someone, you expect that there will be major differences from the time that you were single to your new world as one-half of a couple. Are these changes certain?

Yes. But you don’t have to look at it negatively. You have gone to a new level in your relationship with your husband or wife. The best way to go about this is to welcome these developments with open arms together as partners bonded by marriage.

If you are just getting hitched and would like to know the types of changes that may happen to your life after marriage, here they are:

Changes in Your Life After Marriage

1.Legal Matters


This is usually an agreement between the couple regarding the wife’s name change. It is a completely voluntary act for the partner to change her name as a result of marriage. It is quite a tedious process, but marriage knows no bounds. Although state laws vary, you generally need to acquire your marriage certificate as proof that you are wedded. You need to petition your name change. You must fill up all the required forms including the petition form, the order to show cause for the name change, and decree to legally change the name.

Some states require you to formally announce your new name by posting it in the local newspaper. Others just have the courts review it, and you pay the legal fees. After accomplishing this process, they can allow you to change your name. Be sure to check the state laws if you want your name changed.

Also, you may need to fill out the change of information forms of the respective government and private institutions that you are listed in. Have your data updated with the Social Security Administration, your driver’s license, your banks, your creditors, insurance company, investment accounts, passport, and voter’s registration.


Once you get married, you share each other’s properties and estates. As a couple, you own everything together. In case it does not work out for you, and you did not sign any prenuptial agreement on the division of all the possessions and debt, the alimony after separation, and each spouse’s entitlement over the other’s estate, you have no choice but to sort everything out.


You have the option to file taxes jointly or separately. Be sure to sign all legal documents to match the name on the Social Security Card to your name in the IRS. In case of a family business, you can register the enterprise as a partnership wherein the profits go to you both.

Plans and Benefits

You are no longer alone when it comes to insurances and health plans. You can be the beneficiary of your spouse’s paid insurance. You may also receive compensation for your husband’s or wife’s life insurance, pensions, disability benefits, and more.

2.Your Decisions

About the House

When you are living alone, you get to decide the color of the wallpaper, the appliances to buy, the size of TV you want, and the draperies you like to use. But as a married couple, you need to consult your husband or wife first before doing anything drastic in the house.

I once wanted to buy a new oven that I saw online. I was so excited that I readily told my husband about it even while he was still at work. But then, I felt that he was not as enthusiastic as I was. I felt so disappointed all day that I did text him until he was back.

When he got home, he started to talk to me about our capability to pay for it, the pros of getting a new oven, its effects on the electric bills, and the types of food that I can cook on it. Do you know what happened? We ended up buying a more expensive oven with a lot more features and a better deal.

My point is this: never hold back in communicating with your husband or wife. Always make a mutual decision, especially concerning finances.

About Using Conjugal Properties

Every property you have is shared. This includes your car, your real estate, and your home. You should figure out a system for using your property that satisfies both of your needs. Be open with each other’s plans and think about how to manage proper usage.

About the Kids

The life and journey of the kids depend on your decisions as a couple. You must talk to each other about the health care that you want to choose to benefit your kids, the school to go to, and even the use of products like cribs, car seats, boost chairs and others. You should agree on the direction that you want your kids to take.

3.Changes in the Relationship

How you see yourself

Before, it was always an “I.” After marriage, it has transformed into a “we.” According to this article in Huffington Post, individuals who are newlyweds tend to have an identity crisis early on. They are so accustomed to doing things on their own that once they get married, they feel like they are losing themselves in the relationship.

But the change in how you see yourself in marriage is actually good. You don’t lose your individuality in married life. Instead, you just add another aspect to your personality. You are now not just an individual, but someone who extended his life to another person who wants to share everything together with you.

How Others See You

Your parents, siblings, and friends will now look at you in a different way. How is it different?

Your parents may see you as more mature in handling your relationship with your spouse. They don’t interfere with your decisions as a couple. They respect you as a person and your relationship.

Your brothers and sisters no longer see you as that little kid they can bully around. Of course, you can still have fun and enjoy each other’s company—but they are open more to you in terms of relationship issues and problems. You can depend on them whenever you need marital advice. And you are also there for them if they ever need help in their marriages.

Your friends now can not just pick you up and go to the nearest club or coffee shop. You and your spouse are now one entity. You need to keep each other updated about your whereabouts and who you are with. Both of you expect to tell the other person of your plans for the day. If friends ask you to be with them, you will have to inform your spouse about it.

Leveling Up Your Fights

Whether you are married or not, fighting is inevitable in a relationship. Because you are two people with two personalities and characters, you will surely clash on some issues.

It is not on the number of fights you have, but how you handle those situations together.

When my husband was still my boyfriend, one or both of us would just storm out of the room when we couldn’t resolve our conflict. This is how we treat our partners before marriage.

After marriage, there is a bond that links the husband to the wife. There should not be any unsettled arguments or unsolved problems. You need to sit down and talk to each other about your personal concerns.

Sex in marriage

It maybe the hopeless romantic in me who thinks sex more intimate after marriage. It may be because of the vow to stay forever or the promise to love each other for the rest of your lives. But sex in marriage may seem greater for some people like myself.

All the restrictions are taken away when it comes to sex in marriage. You get to explore new things, and you become more open to your spouse about sex. The key here is to communicate with your husband or wife concerning everything about the type of intimacy that you want with him or her.

Your Satisfaction and Happiness

When you were still single, your attitude depends on your own happiness and satisfaction. During marriage, you instantly find joy whenever your spouse achieves something great like job promotions, taking on new hobbies, and even buying new gadgets. Satisfaction in life is not just about you alone anymore. You develop a kind of elation and gladness that did not exist before marriage.


Marriage is about two people choosing to be with each other under one roof and facing each and every obstacle and trial together as one unit. Many changes will come in your life after marriage. It may be about legalities and documentations. It can be about making decisions in your life as a married couple.

How you are perceived by your close friends and family will also be altered. Even your individuality evolves during marriage. What can you do about these changes? Embrace them. Take note of them. Enjoy the changes as they unfold. And be sure to hold each other’s hands as you step into this new season as husband and wife.