A Heartfelt Letter to My Wife During Hard Times (3-minute Read)

A Heartfelt Letter to My Wife During Hard Times

The married life is really tough. You cannot expect only beautiful flowers and butterflies every day. Your relationship will be tested. Your patience will be pushed to the limit. And there will come a time when you will feel that you have had enough. But, as a husband, you need to stand strong and keep your marriage deeply founded in love and understanding.

A letter can be the only way to express your love to your wife. A lot of things may already be going on in her mind. She needs your encouragement as a husband. She must also have a stronghold so that hope will be in your marriage.

Give her a letter to assure her that everything will be fine. Send her all the motivation and the boost of her morale. Your gestures will certainly not go unnoticed.

A Heartfelt Letter to My Wife During Hard Times

My loving wife,

I adore you. You are the love of my life. Do you remember the words that I said when we got married? I shall be your stronghold, your anchor, your wind vane and your friend. This is still true today.

We are now in a season of hardship and trials. I know that it has been rough these couple of months. We were both not expecting what happened. But all of these events have all passed and gone. And now, we are left with a seemingly insurmountable problem in front of us.

I have not figured all of these things out yet, to be honest. To be vulnerable, I will say that I do not have a solution yet for our problem. But we will keep faith that everything will be okay. I will do my best to solve this. I promise you that, after all of these are through and done, we will just laugh about it and think of it as another step that made our relationship stronger.

I am your stronghold. Do you remember my favorite collection of movies? Most of them are about wars and battles. The soldiers always go to their stronghold if they want to cure those that are injured, get more ammunition or pack up rations. Soldiers who are weary and tired also take rest in the stronghold.

I know that you are injured, not physically, but emotionally. Our problems have taken a toll on your heart. Yes, things are hard, and there have been no concrete answers to our concerns yet. But I will be strong for you, my dear.

Rations are supposed to rejuvenate our physical bodies. I know that you are also physically weak, my darling. Our problem has lasted more than we could ever hope for. What do you need to be reinvigorated? Just tell me and I will do the best I can to supply you with it.

Stress can definitely hurt us because of these hard times. Stress has a way of causing our bodies to react negatively to situations. It can fool our cells into fighting with each other, causing illnesses to us. Even if you hide it, I know that your mind is stressed. Just like what I am doing, you are also figuring things out.

We should not let our bodies give in to these problems. I care so much about your physical status. If we are to sustain our marriage, we should keep ourselves healthy. Whenever you are tired or weary, just come to me. I will exert all of my available energy to bringing back the strength that you lose as we go through these hard times.

I am your anchor. I will keep our marriage in its position even when the tides go high. Nothing can ruin this marriage, I promise you that. Even if the winds blowhard, I will keep on holding on. Even if the water pushes our ship, I will restore it because of the love in my heart for you. These are truly hard times, my dear.

The storms in the midst of the sea are very powerful. But, you know what? The hurricanes in our lives are what makes our foundations stronger. The winds will test our relationship. The waters will wobble our faith in each other. But we will get through this, I promise that to you.

I am your wind vane. The winds will come and go. We will just sway where our paths will bring us. But I will point you to the right direction. This I promise you. We may be in a situation where it seems that the odds are against us. But we will push and conquer this problem that we have. We will figure something out.

I am your friend. You should not have to go too far to find a companion to talk to. I am here for you. It is fun to talk about funny stories and exciting events in our daily lives. But, just like in any other marital relationship, nothing is perfect.

You should come and open up to me. What is really wrong? What are you feeling? How was your day? Where do you want to go to? What are you thinking about? These are just some of the questions that you can ask me. I will never, ever judge you by what you say. I accepted all of you the moment we got married. And I will keep doing that to you.

Even if we will not talk, you can just go to me to find your rest. Sit by my side or lie on my lap, it does not matter. In these hard times, we all need some time to just take a breather and free our mind a bit. Come here and rest for a while.

Everything in this world will change. Our circumstance will change. This will not last forever. This is just a season in our lives as a married couple. This situation is just a part of marriage. All husbands and wives undergo different problems. It just appears that this type of problem has come our way.

But this will also change. If it feels that this is the bottom of the barrel, then there is nowhere else to go to but upwards. When we are pushed against the wall, the only thing we can do is push back. Our lives will get better, you can be sure of it.

My love for you has also changed. At the start of our marriage, I already loved you. You are my spring and my sunshine. You are my one and only heart.

Throughout the years, we have faced countless problems. As more trials and obstacles come, our love for each other has only grown stronger. During these times, we hold on to each other’s hands instead of letting go. We stick to one another instead of being more and more apart. These problems increase the quality of our marriage.

Nothing will separate us, my love. As long as we have each other, we will never succumb to these glitches in our lives. Our faith and love will overcome anything that blocks our way. We just need to hold on.

Everything has a purpose. Every little stone or boulder that seems to stumble us has a reason why it is there in front of us. It should not persuade us to give up. Instead, it should only make us more determined to remove it. The more stones we remove from our path, the more we get stronger and better.

Again, my love, this is just a season of our lives. It has a beginning. It has a length. And it has an ending. We got past the beginning. It was tough when it started, but we got through it. Now, we are in the middle of the season. A lot of hurt, a lot of wrong moves and a lot of miscommunication have transpired. But those are all part of working things out for the better.

Treat the whole length of the season as a journey full of tests and trials. In it, we will learn more about life. We will also learn more about each other and how we cope with these types of problems. In it, we recognize our strengths and weaknesses. I will complement your life with my strengths, and you will help me with yours. We will build each other up during these times.

Eventually, we will reach the end of this season. I cannot imagine how happy we will be once we get past this part of our lives. Until that day comes, you can rely on me to keep holding on to you, caring for you and protecting you.

I love you. I am yours, always and forever.

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