Is Yunnan Baiyao Safe For Dogs? (Dosage and Side Effects)

Is Yunnan Baiyao Safe For Dogs

Has your dog ever suffered from a serious misfortune and ended up in pain? Whether it be an accident or a sudden action, dogs are prone to becoming hurt at some time and may need a strong solution for their pain.

Yunnan Baiyao is an ancient medicine that is safe for dogs in the correct dosage. Medicating your dog twice a day with three to five treatments has many benefits to your dog’s overall health and can relieve their internal pain.

There’s more to know about how yunnan baiyao works, so join me to find out what you should know.

What is Yunnan Baiyao Used For in Dogs?

Yunnan Baiyao is a plant from China. It has been used for centuries in China and many other countries as a potent form of healing serious wounds and internal pain.

Yunnan Baiyao has been used in humans for various reasons, including internal bleeding, ruptures, muscle pain and even headaches. Once this medicine was found to work heavenly on humans, it was experimented on animals to see if the plant would have the same effect on them as it did a human.

The medicine men and farmers would have dogs around that had experienced some form of pain, so they were the best candidates. In dogs, yunnan Baiyao is used to treat serious pain from injuries that they may have experienced.

Yunnan Baiyao has been used in dogs for centuries to help relieve the pain associated with epistaxis, hemoabdomen, and pericardial effusions.

How to Use Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs?

You should know that yunnan baiyao is a strong medication for any dog that takes it, so you should consult with your veterinarian first to see if yunnan baiyao is a good source for them.

Once your veterinarian analyzes and approves the medication for your dog, you will receive it in a packaged form of capsules. The capsules are an easy method of delivery for administering the yunnan baiyao to your dog without hassle.

The capsule is filled with ground yunnan baiyao and has a moderate bitter taste to it. The ground yunnan baiyao is wrapped in a cellulose wrap that won’t harm your dog or perpetuate the hurt in their body.

You can choose from two methods of delivering the medicine. One way is by  putting it in their food and allowing them to eat it on their own. Another way to deliver it is to place the capsule in the palm of your hand and allow them to eat it directly from you.

Dosage of Yunnan Baiyao for Dogs

The dosage of yunnan baiyao that you give to your dog is based on particular factors including the breed of your dog, the size of them, and their weight. This information is determined by your veterinarian and should only be administered after consulting with them.

Generally, the guidelines for giving yunnan baiyao to dogs as a form of medication can be used across various species of canine, unless your dog has a special medical consideration.

  • For dogs small dogs – those under 10 pounds – one capsule per day by mouth is recommended because the medication will move through their body faster.
  • For medium size dogs – those between 10 and 30 pounds – one capsule by mouth twice a day is the proper dosage due to their heavier weight.
  • For large dogs over 30 pounds, depending on the potency of their pain, one capsule twice a day, or one capsule three times in a 24-hour period will provide your dog with relief from their internal wound and pain.

How Long Can a Dog Take Yunnan Baiyao?

For dogs, yunnan baiyao can be taken up to three times per day without it having a negative effect on your dog’s health. Typically, the average length of time that a dog can take yunnan baiyao is five to seven days.

However, the length of time your dog takes yunnan baiyao can differ based on their size and their ailment. If your dog is experiencing pain from a mild wound, the typical time for your dog to take yunnan baiyao is two to four days.

If your dog is experiencing moderate internal pain from a wound that they have, your veterinarian can increase the length of medicating to the average five to seven days.

In some cases, your dog may have been in a major accident and may need a longer length of time for the medication to kick in.

In these cases, your dog can take yunnan baiyao from ten to fifteen days. If this is the case, some veterinarians will suggest giving your dog the medication for five consecutive days, then taking the next five days off, then repeating the cycle.

Side Effects of Yunnan Baiyao For Dogs

Although some studies say that there are no adverse effects of your dog taking yunnan baiyao, you will want to watch out for these minor reactions.

Does Yunnan Baiyao Make Dogs Thirsty?

Yes, in typical cases yunnan baiyao can make your dog thirsty. Remember that yunnan baiyao has a bitter taste to it, so it has the power to dry out your dog’s mouth.

When this occurs, your dog will drink more than you’d expect, which is totally normal because of the taste and medicinal effects of yunnan baiyao.

Can Yunnan Baiyao Cause Diarrhea in Dogs?

Yes, in some cases, yunnan baiyao can cause diarrhea in dogs. This may occur due to the excess amount of medicine that they have in their body.

If there is too much in their system, it will be forced out by means of significant and frequent defecation.

Can Yunnan Baiyao Cause Upset Stomach in Dogs?

The yunnan baiyao medication can cause your dog’s stomach to be upset. This is because of the bitter taste that comes with yunnan baiyao.

Once it reaches your dog’ s stomach, the bitter component of the herb may not mix well with their stomach acid, thus causing them to experience an upset stomach.

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