Is Sewing a Good Skill? (10 Reasons Why and Benefits)

Sewing isn’t something “only your grandmother” does – in our modern age of fast fashion, carbon emissions, and everything becoming more and more expensive, being able to make and mend items with needle and thread is invaluable and has rightly gained new popularity among a new generation thanks to crafters and bloggers.

Being able to sew is an amazing but simple life skill that offers many benefits. Learning to sew and repair worn clothes means less waste is sent to landfill. Sewing also provides a relaxing, creative outlet, allowing you to make your own clothes and gifts.

Sewing is a relaxing and rewarding hobby and can not only save you money on buying new clothes once the old ones wear and tear but learning to sew can also make you money if you step out of your comfort zone and design your own items! Let’s find out why sewing deserves all the hype…

10 Reasons Why Sewing is a Good Skill

1. You Can Repair your Favorite Clothes

Do you or your kids have a favorite pair of jeans that fit like a glove, only to find a big rip it in? A lot of people’s first instinct would be to throw the jeans away but this is where sewing comes in! You can hold on to the wardrobe pieces you adore for many years to come by saving and repairing your clothes before one rip turns into twenty!

2. Old Clothes Can be ‘Upcycled’ Into Something New

Old t-shirts and shirts can become brand new skirts (or vice versa). Being able to sew allows you to think outside the box and see opportunities in places you might miss. Have a top you’re no longer loving? See if you have enough material to turn it into something different.

3. It’s Beneficial for the Mind and Soul

Sewing helps you problem solve (and have fun doing so) since it involves planning out a project, measuring your fabric, and learning different stitches to make it all come together. It also gets you into a mindful, zen-like state of focus which can be hugely therapeutic.

4. You Can Unleash Your Creative Side

Sewing isn’t just about mending or making clothes, this is a skill that can open up a whole wealth of different projects. If you’re into your home décor you can learn to make homeware pieces like cushions, tablecloths, or stool covers. You can also make toys, decorations, pot holders, pencil cases, sleep masks, and so much more!

5. It Can Generate a Little Extra Income

We can all do with a few extra pennies in our pocket and picking up even a few of the basic sewing stitches and techniques can help you make small gifts and stocking stuffers for friends and family. If you enjoy sewing and you develop your confidence in gifting/selling to people in your community, you can then branch out to market stalls and online sales.

6. You’ll Help Save the Planet

Did you know that globally we discard around 92 million tonnes of textile waste every single year? That’s the equivalent of one garbage truck full of clothes being dumped on a landfill site every second.

7. You’ll Save Money

As we’ve mentioned, our clothes waste adds up to an eye-watering amount, and we also waste a staggering amount of money replacing perfectly fine clothes with a whole set of new ones. Sewing gives you the skill to catch and repair every tear, rip, and break in your clothing, homeware, and bags, so you can hold off on the shopping spree until absolutely necessary.

8. You Get to Make Things That Last

You may have noticed that most of the things we buy nowadays don’t last. Industries like fast fashion are the worst since they are often made from cheap, low-quality materials like polyester which degrade pretty quickly. With a needle and thread at your disposal, though, you can make clothing pieces that will stand the test of time (once you practice anyway!)

9. It’s Easy to Get Started

It couldn’t be easier to pick up the skill of sewing – all you need is a good quality needle, thread, and piece of fabric. With those simple elements, you can learn all kinds of stitches and techniques to help you create a whole range of different items and there’s so much free help available to beginners.

10. You’re Able to Make Something Entirely Unique!

Making your own stuff means there’s no one else with clothes, toys, or bags like yours. This can be especially liberating in the field of dressmaking since you can truly make clothes to fit and flatter your shape.

Is it Worth Learning to Sew?

If you want to do your bit for the planet and live a little more sustainably by cutting down on waste and spending and learn a relaxing new skill that will come in handy for decades to come, then yes it is definitely worth learning to sew.

The sense of accomplishment and greener living far outweighs the joys of filling your home with new factory-made ‘stuff’. Sewing teaches you to think frugally and creatively – who wouldn’t want this as a life skill?!

Is Sewing Good for Your Brain?

Absolutely! Learning the complexity of certain stitches and the problem-solving element that goes with it stimulates several areas of the brain and has even been found to enhance the brain’s ability to generate new brain cells, since each time we learn something new, new neural pathways are created from the connections we form during certain tasks.

This enhancement to brain health also means that the risk of developed degenerative neurological disorders such as dementia, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s decreases, with studies revealing that those in old age are 45% less likely to develop cognitive impairment if they engaged in sewing and other crafts compared to those who don’t.

Sewing is also remarkable for the brain in terms of the dopamine hit delivered to us when we engage in a new skill and finish with something to show for it. It lights up the reward center of the brain telling us “We should try this again!”

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