Is Crocheting a Good Hobby? (Reasons and Costs)

Crochet – the art of creating textiles with yarn and other materials using a hooked needle – has enjoyed a resurgence in recent years due to social media and vintage trends, but is this the hobby for you?

Absolutely! Not only is it affordable and accessible to people of every skill level, crochet can be very soothing and meditative since you often work with repetitive stitches. Crochet is also very eco-friendly since you can make your own garments, accessories, and homeware.

Crocheting is a hobby that opens up so many possibilities – with the skills you develop you can create an entirely handmade wardrobe, decorate your home, make cute cuddly toys and gifts for people, or just use it as a way to relax and be mindful. Keep reading to find out what makes this such a great hobby, plus the costs involved (spoiler alert: not much!)

7 Reasons Why Crocheting is a Good Hobby

The Possibilities are Endless!

Even on a relatively minor budget, crocheting allows you to experiment with hundreds of different stitches and color schemes and you have a wide range of projects to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can choose to make adorable toys and cute accessories or make jewelry, bags, purses, cushions, vests, socks, shawls, blankets, lampshades and so much more!

You Can Make Inexpensive (But Thoughtful) Gifts for Friends/Family

When birthdays and Christmas roll around and you’re stuck for gift inspiration, even beginner crocheters can make cute little gifts like coasters, face scrubbies, basic scarves, beanie hats, mug holders etc

You Have a Handmade Item to Cherish

In an age of fast-fashion and tech, there’s great satisfaction in holding something you’ve made with your own two hands. In a matter of hours or days, you can be the proud owner of a new toy, accessory, or blanket that’s entirely your own style – something money can’t buy!

It’s Open to All Ages

In previous decades, crochet was viewed as old-fashioned and something “only your grandmother did”. Thankfully attitudes have changed and now people aged 9 to 90 are seen crocheting – it’s colorful, addictive, and fun!

Crocheting is Great for the Planet

As you become more and more skilled with crochet, you may get to the stage where you’re making more items than you are buying. A new sweater or hat for winter? Crochet it. New toys for your children or socks for your husband? Hook it up!

You can also use yarn to patch up and upcycle your old clothes that would normally be headed for the landfill, helping you reduce your waste even further!

It Can be Very Therapeutic

Crochet can be a wonderful form of therapy and has been shown to help people with various mental health issues and medical disorders ranging from anxiety and depression to insomnia and dementia.

The repetitive, soothing nature of creating several rows/rounds of the same stitch can be akin to painting or playing a musical instrument in terms of focus and escapism. The rainbow of colorful yarn you can work with too also provides a much-needed sense of joy and calm.

Crocheting Connects You with a Wonderful Community

You get to meet so many incredible and interesting people through crochet. Social media channels like Instagram and YouTube have introduced crocheting to a whole new generation and these communities are filled with friendly, wildly talented designers and hobbyists sharing their makes and advice.

Is Crochet a Cheap Hobby? (Costs)

Initial Costs

For the most part, crochet is a very cost-effective hobby when you’re starting since all a beginner really needs to start practicing their craft and learn new techniques is one 100g ball of yarn (which you can normally buy for $1-2 at the Dollar Tree, CVS, Walmart or equivalent discount store) and a crochet hook (you can buy a full set of 14 crochet hooks for under $8 here!).

You can also buy crochet hooks individually at most hobby and craft stores or online for around $1-2, so for the first few weeks or months of learning to crochet, this hobby will set you back no more than $10-15!

As you progress and take on bigger crochet projects e.g. a large blanket for your bed, the project will require more yarn which, depending on the brand and type of yarn you choose, could cost you up to $50-$100 per project.

Cost of Crochet Patterns

As for crochet patterns, there are hundreds of free crochet patterns on sites like Lovecrafts, Pinterest, and Yarnspirations. YouTube is also a goldmine for free and easy crochet pattern tutorials that range from complete beginner levels to more challenging, intermediate patterns.

Depending on your preference and the type of learner you are, crochet patterns are available as video tutorials you can follow along with or written PDFs you can download and print out which will cost you next to nothing in printer ink!

It’s important to note that some crochet patterns (especially more skilled, intermediate level ones) will charge a price, which could be in the range of $1-5 for a small amigurumi toy, accessory, or basic baby blanket or up to $10 and more for items that include more complex patterns and techniques such as sweaters and large homeware pieces like Queen-size blankets, rugs or intricate wall décor.

For the most part, these prices are set by independent crochet designers themselves and will reflect the time and love put into their handmade item, so it’s worth every penny – especially when you’ll take a new skill from the experience too!

To recap, here’s a brief breakdown of the costs involved in a crochet hobby. (Bear in mind that some of the following items are optional and won’t be entirely necessary until you are more experienced/have the budget):

Beginner Essentials:

  • Yarn (50/100g ball) – $1-2 at discount stores for standard 100% acrylic yarn, ranging up to $5 or more per ball for brand yarns and more expensive yarn fibers i.e. acrylic/cotton mixes, genuine wool, mohair, alpaca, silk etc.
  • Crochet hook – $1-2 or $8-10 for a set
  • Craft scissors and darning needles – $4-5
  • Tape measure – $1-2
  • Pattern to follow – mostly free! (but certain patterns will charge a small, reasonable fee)

Total: $10-25

Optional Items

  • Yarn ball winder – $20-30
  • Yarn bowl – $20-60
  • Stitch markers/counters – $2-3 (for packs of 10-20)
  • Gauge swatch ruler – $10-15
  • Project bags/totes – $10-15
  • Luxury yarn – $10-20 or more per ball
  • Luxury crochet hooks (made from bamboo, premium acrylic) – $20-30 (each)
  • Tunisian crochet hooks – $30-60 (for a set)
  • Hook organizer case (some beginner sets come with these, but you can buy fancy storage pouches/cases) – $10-50+
  • Pattern and stitch/technique books – $15-30
  • Project planners/notebooks – $10
  • Blocking mats – $30-40
  • Pom-pom makers – $10-15

Total: $200-350

So all things considered, crochet is a cheap hobby since it can be as affordable as you wish it to be. Costs are relatively low for beginners and after that, your budget and experience will dictate how much or little you wish to spend.

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