8 Reasons Wives Celebrate Their Spouses on Husband Appreciation Day

8 Reasons Wives Celebrate Their Spouses on Husband Appreciation Day

Husband Appreciation Day is celebrated to show appreciation to the man of the house in marriages without children. This event is held every third Saturday of April.

Husband Appreciation Day is a prime opportunity for wives to show their spouses how appreciated they are. Women should grab this special day to compliment their husbands for being a good life partner.

Although husbands have their fair share of mishaps in marriage, they do deserve to be valued and loved.

He is Hardworking.

In a survey conducted by National Today, 1035 women were interviewed about the qualities they like the most about their husbands. Interestingly, 69 percent of them revealed that being a hard worker is what they most appreciate about their husbands.

It’s true that hardworking men are well appreciated by women. Apparently, the more time a husband spends working in the office, the more he can bring home for his wife.

As a matter of fact, a study confirmed that women reap the benefits when their husbands work hard. Researchers studied 4000 middle-aged couples and found that a wife’s life improves if her man works longer hours in the office.

This reason behind is that when a man earns more, the wife gets extra money to pay for house cleaners. She can then have more time to focus on her health and well-being. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why wives become happier when their husbands are hardworking.

He Makes You Comfortable.

A good husband makes his woman comfortable and confident. He lets his wife do her “thing” without judgment.

In the same survey by National Today, 62 percent of women said they like the fact that they can be themselves around their husbands.

Well, life is stressful enough. Your home should be a safe haven where you can just be yourself and not worry about what other people would say.

At home, you should be confident and free to be the uncensored version of yourself. You must have no fear of being judged by your husband for your flawed ways and crazy habits. So, lucky are those women who find a man who they can be comfortable with.

He Can Make You Laugh.

A wife’s everyday mental stress is staggering enough to drain all the energies inside her body. A sense of humor is key to lightening her load and helping her carry on through difficult days.

A husband who can make you laugh is a gift you get to open every day. Sense of humor is said to improve one’s emotional health. It apparently allows one to release stress and be optimistic.

More importantly, a sense of humor is thought to reinforce relationships. It allows for positive feelings to overcome anger and worries.

With husbands and wives, humor seems to be a pill that keeps pressures and life stressors away. Well, they say laughter is the best medicine.

Having said that, it is no surprise why 61 percent of surveyed wives appreciate husbands who can make them laugh.

He is Smart.

A study conducted by Jaako Aspara and colleagues of the Hanken School of Economics (Finland) suggested that smarter men make better partners. Do you agree?

The above study found that women are more attracted to men who have higher intelligence. These men have greater ability to impress women and they are able to produce larger income.

Well, women would naturally want smart men. We just cannot deny the fact that smart men are advantaged over those who aren’t so smart.

Being smart, however, doesn’t mean that a person knows everything under the sun. A smart person is someone who’s clever. He is quick at making well-thought decisions and actions.

Wives appreciate smart husbands. Who doesn’t like smart?

He Supports You.

Every wife needs a supportive husband—which is why it is no surprise that 52 percent of women appreciate men who support them with their goals and desires.

Generally speaking, support is important to each one of us. We have all been through difficult times and it is support from the people who cared that helped us win our battles.

In marriage, the husband and the wife need each other’s support. They both need to have someone to believe in them and someone they can depend on during tough times. They also need each other to encourage them to reach their dreams and fulfill their life’s desires.

A wife who has a supportive husband should be grateful for having this blessing.

He is Sexy.

On Husband Appreciation Day, wives won’t forget to celebrate the fact that their husbands are sexy! As it appears, many women appreciate their husbands for being sexy.

In case you didn’t know it yet, the ideal waist-to-hip ratio of men should be 9:10. Oh, that’s sexy!

However, sexy is not just about the physique. For some, being smart is sexier than being physically fit. And there are also people who think humor is sexy, as well as being kind and real to one’s self.

But no matter how women view sexy, men will surely feel appreciated if their wives think they are sexy. Consequently, they would feel good about their bodies and continue taking care of themselves.

He Knows How to Handle Finances Properly.

It is no secret that financial problems put a huge strain on marriage. Couples who’ve been in “money wars” know how troublesome it can get if you both don’t realize how important it is to manage finances properly.

Certainly, money matters matter. In fact, the Institute of Divorce Financial Analysts named money issues as one of the three leading causes of divorce.

About 200 CDFA professionals were surveyed to identify the main reasons why their clients are getting divorced. And unsurprisingly, 22 percent shared that the root cause of their client’s separation was financial disagreements. In the report, a respondent even revealed that most couples lack the skills to effectively communicate about their financial matters.

Sad as it is, this is the reality for many couples getting divorced. Thus, it is paramount for couples to manage their finances efficiently.

For these reasons, wives who’ve found themselves a husband who knows how to handle finances the right way feel lucky and grateful. Actually, around 31 percent of women said that one of the things they appreciate about their spouse is that they are good with money.

Truly, a man who knows how to manage the budget is a gem.

He Buys You Things.

About 29 percent of surveyed wives admitted that what they appreciate most about their husbands is the routine of buying them things. Well, most men really love gifting their loved ones on random days.

They don’t really need special occasions to buy their wives a present. They are just romantic and sweet that way. Any woman would appreciate this gesture, right?

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