80 Ways on How to Show Your Wife You Love Her

80 Ways on How to Show Your Wife You Love Her

Your love for your wife can be felt only through your actions toward her. And it is nice to express the love that you feel for her. You can do a lot of things to express this feeling that you have for your wife.

What matters is that you intentionally do something to make her feel appreciated. You have various options on how to show your wife you love her. It does not always have to be expensive. It does not always have to be a physical item that you can give her. It can be words. It can be a thought. Or it can be something that she hopes to have.

You may want to consider these 80 great ideas to show your wife that you love her:

How to Show Your Wife You Love Her? (80 Ways)

Tell her how much you love her. You can look into her eyes and speak the warmest words that she will hear from you.

Cook her favorite dish for her. The best meals are ones with your loved one. Spend the whole day preparing for dinner. This can be done on her birthday or your anniversary. Better yet, do it even on normal days to surprise her more.

Give her time alone. Sometimes, showing your love means giving her the time that she needs to do her favorite pastime. Her leisure time gets shorter and shorter, especially if you have kids. Give her some space and some alone time by caring for your kids while she does her hobby.

Give her a handwritten letter. I still believe that letters should be handwritten. The added emotions in writing the letter will give it more meaning.

Support her dreams. Being married should not prevent her from reaching and achieving her dreams. Instead of holding her down, you should lift her up! Encourage her and nurture her aspirations.

A proud husband gives her the love that she needs. Hold her hand in public to prove to everybody else that you are with your wife. Keep your wife close to you even when doing normal things like errands or buying from the grocery store.

Surprise her with an out-of-town date. Just tell her to clear her schedule for the day and bring her somewhere nice.

Take her to an expensive restaurant. Make sure to schedule this in advance. This is because it is very difficult to reserve a table in a prominent restaurant. Second, you should make sure that the kids have a baby sitter for the night.

Write a list of things that you love about your wife. Do this very late in the evening and post this in a place where she will immediately see it, like the fridge or bedroom mirror.

Use sticky notes to give her a reminder throughout the week. Examples would be “ Drink your coffee,” “I took out garbage,” “Smile,” and “I love you!”

Take her shopping. An all-time favorite, shopping is something that she will surely enjoy. Let her pick nice clothes that she can use.

Text her about what you are doing. It is a show of love when you consistently update her regarding what’s going on with you. This is especially true when you are on business trips or you work in different states. It keeps her calm and secure.

Do you write songs? Write a love song for her.

How about a poem? If you think you can’t sing, then a lovely poem will do.

Do you have a nearby park in the vicinity of your house? You can bring her there and enjoy nature together.

Ask her what she needs for the day and buy all of it for her.

Do you remember the movie that she has been bugging you to watch with her? Go with her and see the movie together.

When you get home, put your jacket on the clothing rack and keep your shoes well-kept and clean.

Come home early from work.

Compliment her for dinner. No matter how many years you have been together, it still takes her some effort to cook for the family. Tell her how much you love her cooked food.

Appreciate her looks every day. She does her best to fix herself up and be beautiful for you. The least you can do is tell her how good she looks.

Be a gentleman and open the door of the car for her.

Reminisce with her about the first time you met.

Give her a massage after a hard day’s work. Relieve the pain of her shoulders and muscles.

Take out the trash.

Buy her the appliance that she wants. It will not only make her happy, but it will also make her more efficient in her household chores.

Does she like manicures and pedicures? Bring her to a spa and have her nails done.

If she owns a car, do her a favor and clean its interior and exterior.

Ask if she has a wish list for her birthday. Surprise her by picking one or two from the list and giving them to her as a gift.

Make your wife your phone’s lock screen and background.

Listen intently to her problems. Sometimes, a solution is not what she is looking for. She just needs someone who will lend an ear to her.

Guard yourself against other woman. Whether intentional or not, woman may tend to get close to you. Be aware when these situations happen. Don’t let other women have a chance to flirt with you.

Bring the clothes to the laundry. Ease her burdens and initiate the cleaning of your clothes.

Praise her in front of your friends. One thing that wives appreciate is the husband bragging about her to his friends.

Flirt with her daily. Your wife should know that you still find her sexy after all these years.

If she likes relaxing on the tub, prepare a nice tub full of her favorite soap and aroma.

You can open the door for her. She will feel special when you do it.

When you both have a full day ahead, you often forget to make the bed. Surprise her when you both get home and find out that you prepared it in the morning before you left.

A loving husband is a loving dad. Tuck your kids into sleep.

Have you tried leaving a trail of roses for her? It will surely make her day.

Give her a free tank of gas.

Text her that you love her.

Her family is as important as you are to her. Treat her family kindly. Don’t ruin her ties and relationships with her parents or her siblings.

Make her laugh. It can be a joke, a crazy face or a funny story.

You can set a day of relaxation. Get a spa where she can be pampered.

Even if she tells you that she’d rather have chocolates, it’s nice to give flowers once in a while.

Consider her opinion when making a decision for the family. Treat her thoughts and words as importantly as you do your love for her.

After a day’s work, you can offer to rub her feet. Do this even if they don’t smell good!

Post on social media how much you love her.

Respect her resting time. If you can do things yourself, you should not bother her to do it for you.

If she likes books, get her a signed book from her favorite author.

Do not text other women to flirt. The only one who should have your attention is your wife.

Take some time to understand and try her hobbies. If she loves painting, you can try to paint. If likes crocheting, understand the basics of crochet and do a little project on your own.

Remind her to eat right. A healthy body will keep her from getting sick and going to the hospital. You can spend longer retirement years if she stays healthy.

Do some exercises together. You not only spend the time together, but you are also developing your stamina and overall strength.

If you have been married for 10 years or more, you can ask her to marry you again. You can renew your vows to each other.

Take care of her the same way you take care of your newborn son or daughter.

Always sleep in the same bed together. It is important to develop the habit.

As much as possible, carry all the load from the car to the house. She already has a lot to handle with your kids. Do the heavy lifting for her.

Slowly slide your hands from her neck to her backside. She’ll love that.

Cheer her when she is doing something on her own. It can be a presentation, a sport, or even something she is doing at home. You just encourage her to win.

Earn extra money so that you can buy something special for her, even if there is no occasion.

Prepare a barbecue party for her.

Give her a day off from house duties.

Be vulnerable to her. There is no one that you can trust more than your spouse.

Clean the garage. She will truly appreciate the gesture.

You can turn a room or corner into her own personal sanctuary. She can place anything she wants on that space.

Prioritize her. Your work is important. But she is more valuable to her than anything or anyone in this world.

Keep her happy.

Don’t let petty arguments last more than a day. If it is your fault, admit it and say sorry.

Communicate your own dreams with her. If you trust her with your aspirations, she will feel that you are building your trust in her.

Accept her weaknesses. Throughout your life, you will find that your wife is not perfect. But she is surely perfect for you. Learn her weaknesses and encourage her with your own strengths.

Show up in the most important events. Whenever she needs you beside her, you should be there.

Talk to her friends. These are people who are important to her. Know them and, if possible, be friends with them also.

Tell her that there is no one in the world that you want to be with other than her.

When you need to correct her, you must be careful with your words. Choose statements that can build her up.

Date her as much as possible.

Always talk to her about your future plans for the family.

Be humble when you do something wrong. Do not force her to accept your apology. Be deliberate in restoring the love in the relationship.

Challenge her, but do not belittle her. Help her achieve her full potential in the things that she loves doing. Encourage her and give her your full support.

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