How to Seduce Your Wife: 9 Practical Tips

How to Seduce Your Wife

In the book Every Woman’s Battle by Shannon Ethridge, it is indicated that women crave emotional intimacy. They need to have their body, soul, mind, and heart enticed and cared for because these are all intricately connected.

Being the husband, you must continually seduce your wife so that her attention and love will regularly be filled and satisfied. It not always the grand things that can make her happy. It is the everyday stuff and your consistency that can make a world of a difference.

What they see, hear, and experience with you is critical in making your marriage and your intimate relations grow. You should make every effort possible every day so that your sexual life remains interesting even years down the road.

Have a Mindset of Seduction.

You must understand that for these tips to work, you must actually want to seduce your wife. Seducing simply means winning her heart and her love every day. It does not mean that you want to seduce her for the purpose of just having sex.

Seduction is more than physical intercourse. Seducing your wife means reminding her the reasons why she gave up her freedom of singlehood for you. Enticing your wife is giving her the love that she deserves every day.

By reminding yourself that you are doing these things because you love your wife, it will be easier to make an effort to seduce her.

Know Your Wife’s Likes.

Whether you have been married for a decade or for just a few months, your goal must be to know the likes and dislikes of your wife. It is not just because you want to please her, but also a way to build your relationship with your wife.

You should know the things that make your wife laugh and smile. You must understand when she reacts positively and when she responds negatively. By identifying her likes, you can definitely know the different ways to seduce your wife.

Just a little note, though. Just like you, your spouse’s likes continuously evolve and change. This is actually the joy of relationships and marriage. By talking and doing things with your wife, you can also determine her current favorites and dislikes.

Take Control.

I think most women will agree on this: they want men to lead and to take control—not just in sexual activity, but in everyday tasks and chores. They want their men to be strong and firm in their decisions.

You have to take charge of your relationship and your marriage. As the husband, you must be accountable and responsible for your wife. You should be critical in the direction of your marriage and determine the right path for your relationship.

As your wife sees that you are very hands-on in your marriage, it will definitely be a turn-on for her. She views you not only as her lover, but also as the leader of your relationship.

Be Affectionate.

I do not know about you, but I can honestly say that I am not a natural when it comes to showing physical affection to my wife. I literally have to make an effort to hug and kiss her.

Early on in the marriage, when I hugged and kissed my wife, my only intention was to do these things so that they would eventually lead to sex. But my wife reiterated that I should also make an effort to do these acts just for the sake of doing them.

Women love hugs. They can feel the warmth and the love that you have for her if you just hug her tight. Wrap your hands around her to make her feel secure and protected. Hugs will also give her the comfort that she needs, especially when she is tired or stressed.

Another way of showing affection is by kissing her on different parts of her body. You can give her a peck on top of her head when she is reading, at the nape of her neck when she is washing the dishes, on the lips when she is not looking, on the cheeks when in public, on the hands when she is going out of your car, and on her forehead when she feels beaten and defeated.

You may see these are just minor acts of affection, but to your wife, these are affirmations of your love to her. You are definitely seducing your wife when you do these every day.

Give, Give, Give.

When I say give, it does not only pertain to material possessions. You should be a giver in different aspects of your relationship as a couple. What do I mean when I say that you must be a giver?

The most obvious way would be sex-related. You must do everything that is pleasurable for her. The key here is communication. If you are not sure whether the things you do in bed are good for her or not, you can just ask her. You might be surprised and enticed by the things that she will suggest to you.

Foreplay is something that is crucial in your physical intimacy with your spouse. You cannot just go to your bed, do the deed, and sleep. Touching and stroking is very important to her. Massages are great starters.

Another way to be a giver is by letting her decide on some of the things in the household, like the color of the room, the type of drapes, and what kind of sofa to buy. Giving her the power to choose makes her feel empowered. It also makes her a true partner in the family.

Challenge Her Intellectually.

Another way to seduce your wife is by challenging her intellectually. You ought to know that most women want to be stimulated in their thoughts and minds. You must understand her way of thinking and talk to her about what arouses her the most.

If she loves talking about movies, then you can make an effort to watch the genre of movies that she likes. If she loves books, then you can try to read her favorite novels or fiction stories. If she loves biking or outdoor activities, then you can read some magazines about gears, apparel, destinations or popular personalities.

Text Her.

Instead of the usual “I am coming home” or “What’s for dinner?” texts, you can send her a message saying “I love you” or “I can’t wait to see you.” Women always want to be surprised, even in texts.

By building up the anticipation and sensuality of your messages, you will make her more than eager to see you after work.

Compliment Her Looks.

No matter how many years you have been married, you should always see your wife as the one you fell in love with. Do not ever stop complimenting her dresses, her shoes, her makeup, and her overall appearance. You can see how much effort she puts into fixing herself up. Reward her by telling how beautiful she looks.

And you should not only compliment her in her aesthetics. You can also say to her that you appreciate her for being there for you in times of trouble, or say something nice like “Thanks for being by my side” or “I love the way you take care of me.”

Date Her.

Another way to seduce your wife is by making a romantic dinner reservation. Plan the day ahead by purchasing flowers or buying a nice dress for her. Make the night more memorable by dancing with her or walking with her on the way home.

You also do not have to spend much for a dinner date. You can cook for your wife and set up your dinner table. Dim the lights, prepare some nice music, and get some candles to make the ambiance more romantic.

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