Marriage 101: How to Romance Your Husband (Helpful Guide)

Marriage 101 How to Romance Your Husband

Failed marriages that root from constant misunderstanding and lack of interaction are rampant these days. And sadly, a lot of couples just give up and fail to save the commitment they are supposed to share for a lifetime.

Men naturally want romance. But remember that when you have been married for a long time, he shouldn’t be the only one who should initiate. As a wife with obligations, you should also be able to “ignite the fire.”

So what are some of the easiest and most fun ways you can romance your husband? And how are these methods applied and maintained to be effective? Let’s get down to it.

Slip a “Love Note” in His Wallet.

What better way to do a cute gesture for him than to do it old-school style? suggests you write a brief letter or just a cute (but sensual) hello note with a smiley face. Your husband will surely find himself smiling, and he will head on to work with such a good mood for sure.

The note could be a direct invitation to a date night or dinner, or even an invitation to go to bed. Write it in such a way that he will look forward to something nice at the end of the day. Oh, and be sure to put it where he will see it.

Give Him a Massage or a Foot Rub.

What you are after is a moment where you both can feel close and warm. A massage or even just a quick foot rub would make him feel really nice, especially when he comes home from work.

This will not only relax him, but also heighten your tactile sensation, which is a great thing for husbands and wives. Do this every night, if you can. And perhaps you can light a few candles and even play some sexy background music while you’re at it.

Give Him a Passionate Kiss.

If you have been married for years, your kisses might have already fallen short of passion. That is natural, but can still be changed. Keep the intimacy going even with small gestures like kisses.

Before he leaves he house, hold his face with both your hands and give him a long and passionate kiss—a kiss that will surprise him and even give him some goosebumps. Do this often, too. It helps save you both from bad days.

Do Blindfolding.

Why not play some silly games too? On a special occasion or just an ordinary night, try to surprise him by blindfolding him and bringing him somewhere sexy—perhaps a hotel room?

Or if you are on a budget and would just like to look cute, blindfold him while you change into a super sexy cat costume. This will definitely spark some huge sexy flames later on.

Laugh at His Jokes, Even When They’re the Worst.

This one posts a little challenge on your part, especially when humor is important to you. It’s hard not to be sarcastic sometimes, right? But spare your husband some chance and hear his jokes out.

Try to laugh at them, or at least acknowledge the effort. This helps especially when he’s having a bad day. A well-received joke boosts a man’s ego. And we all know how men are when their egos are taken care of.

Send Him Random Cute Text Messages.

You may have been so used to texting your husband a grocery list or questions like, “Hru?” and “What time r u going home again?” If this feels more like a routine, change them up a bit to spice things up.

Send him a random “When?” to play with his naughty mind while he’s at work. You’ll find yourself smiling with the thought of his replies, for sure.

Cook His Favorite Meal.

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach—this has been proven true by a lot of wives out there. Do this even on regular days and not just on his birthday. You can surprise him by adding a little twist to your usual recipe.

Or perhaps you can open a bottle of wine to pair your dinner with. This is a really sweet gesture that your man will be thankful for.

Light Candles.

Tired of your usual bland bedroom? Try to decorate it with fancy intimate stuff or just light a few candles. When he gets home and sees the candles, he will certainly feel different.

Be sure that the candles are scented too, so that the ambiance is complete. This will drive him so crazy.

For Once, Try to Stop Talking.

Yes, you read that right. We all know how hard it is for wives to just shut up and not say something to their husbands. But why not change your habits for a day or two to remind your husband that he’s not always wrong?

Instead of yelling at him for not putting the toilet seat up or for forgetting about the PTA meeting, keep it down for a while. Start your day smiling at him without saying anything.

This might just be the most romantic gift you can ever give him—the gift of a light and easy day. Try it and see yourself having a nice day as well.

The Need for This List

First things first: why is there even a need for us to talk about keeping romance alive?

It’s true what they say: marriage is tougher than what you think. When you enter this whole different chapter of your life, you must be ready physically, emotionally, and mentally. These may sound cliché, but they’re all factual.

Married couples should always feel a certain level of connection—a connection that is strong and doesn’t wither with time. This bond enables them to feel that they are one.

Naturally, though, the feeling of togetherness becomes less strong as the couple gets used to living under the same roof. You don’t want to be tied up to your partner in bed all the time, because you also have individual lives to live, right?

However, romance helps couples remain united and in the same direction. Even during tough times, getting intimate brings a husband and a wife closer to remind them that what they have is exclusive and very special.

You don’t only romance your husband to spice things up or to respond to the needs of your physical body. You do it because it reminds you that you are not alone in your journey, because you have a partner who can hold you and with whom you can feel warm.

Intimacy also brings forth a feeling of completeness. Even when you think you’ve had enough of seeing your spouse sometimes, your body and subconscious feel otherwise. Believe it or not, when you touch and feel your partner, a feeling of satisfaction comes with it.

According to, romance is an important foundation in a husband-wife relationship. They likened marriage to a house and romance to the walls of that house. Without the walls, no house will remain upright and steady.

The thing is, it takes hard work and effort to keep your and your spouse’s romance alive. There is no one-size-fits-all method to it. The efforts should come from both of you.

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