How to Make Your Wife’s Birthday Special: 11 Awesome Celebration Ideas

There’s no better way of remembering the day you were born than to be surrounded by the people you love. But for some individuals, throwing a fabulous party or going on an out-of-town trip adds more fun to their special day.

Well, there are people who have lost interest in birthday celebrations. It seems as they grow older, birthdays just don’t matter anymore. There are a lot more important things to think of than the day they were born, apparently.

For others, however, celebrating birthdays is a big deal. They just can’t let this day slide without throwing a party or allowing themselves indulge in huge treats.

So what is it for your wife? Is she someone who sees her birthday as another ordinary day? Or does she love spending this day in a special manner?

Well, birthdays only happen once a year. It’s not too much for a woman to expect something out of the ordinary on her day—especially if she spends 365 days taking care of you and your family, right?

Therefore, she would surely appreciate if you spent some effort in turning her birthday to something memorable or festive.

Here Are 11 Celebration Ideas on How to Make Your Wife’s Birthday Special.

1.Make gift-giving extra exciting.

Women like gifts, even if they don’t say so. And most of the time, it’s not the monetary value of the gift that matters—it’s the thought that counts!

So, to make your wife’s birthday special, try different gift-giving gimmicks. Leave small presents in random places around the house where she can easily discover them. Write notes on each gift and I’m pretty sure she would love it.

The gifts need not cost an arm and a leg. You can buy her a lipstick, a new book, a small piece of jewelry, chocolates, and flowers maybe?

2.A memory wall is an excellent gift!

Speaking of gifts, if you have enough time to collect and print images of your wife and your family, it would be a really sweet idea to create a memory wall for her. A memory wall celebrates her and your family. It’s a perfect personalized gift!

3.Get her a makeover voucher!

Who doesn’t like makeovers?

4.Pamper sessions are one of the best gifts!

A trip to the spa salon to have your manicure and pedicure done is surely a relaxing way to celebrate birthdays. Let your wife dive in to this serenity on her special day.

5.Give her some “me time” to do anything she likes.

Sometimes, what women need is a huge break from being a wife and a mom. But it’s not possible because motherhood runs in their blood.

If your wife can’t make time to take care of herself, help her do this. On her birthday, she would love to have some “me time” to do all things she had forgotten to do for herself. If you have kids, take them out to the mall or to the park so mommy can spend her day worrying about nobody but herself.

6.Cook a special dinner.

Unleash the Gordon Ramsay in you and head to the kitchen to whip up a special dinner for two! Make your wife’s birthday momentous with a bottle of wine and a gourmet meal prepared by you.

7.Impress her with a planned weekend getaway.

Wives are often the ones who prepare the itinerary every time the family goes on an out-of-town trip. From choosing hotels or cabins to making the list of things to bring, it’s the wife who usually does it all.

On her birthday, isn’t it impressive if she finds out that you are going on a weekend getaway and all she has to do is bring herself? It would definitely make her gush!

8.Put your kids to bed early so she can spend the night doing anything she pleases.

Some wives are just not into fancy-schmancy birthday celebrations. If your wife is this kind, then maybe giving her some alone time at the night of her birthday would make her really happy.

Put your kids early to bed so wifey can read her favorite book peacefully or watch Netflix with you. Just let her do anything she pleases.

9.Food deliveries!

If your wife works in an office, it will be awesome if you send her favorite meal to her workplace. It should make her heart and tummy jump with joy, especially if she’s bummed with a lot of tasks on her birthday.

10.Hire a professional to clean your house.

Have your wife’s mind blown when comes into a clean and sparkling home! It’s a relief for moms not to think about cleaning the entire house on the weekend.

11.Write her a love letter.

This may be old-fashioned, but who doesn’t like words of love imprinted on a beautiful piece of paper? It’s so romantic for a man to make an effort doing this.

Make your wife’s heart swell as she reads every single word articulated from your heart. Write her a love letter and seal it with a kiss.

What’s the origin of birthday celebrations?

The Egyptians, the Greeks, Ancient Romans, Christians, and the Germans had their fair share of contributions on how birthdays are celebrated today.

Historically, Egyptians thought that their pharaohs somehow become gods when they are crowned. This coronation day is apparently considered as their “birth” day, and the bible spoke of a pharaoh’s birthday with some sort of celebration. So, it’s believed that the Egyptians who first threw a party for birthdays.

However, it’s the Greeks who started lighting candles as part of a birthday celebration. Lighting candles came about as their tribute to Artemis. They had to recreate the radiance of the moon, and lighting a candle just did the job for them. What a brilliant idea, right?

The Ancient Romans, on the other hand, are the first to share birthday parties with regular people. The Egyptians and Greeks attached the idea of a celebration to their pharaohs and gods. But with Ancient Romans, friends and families could celebrate their birthdays with cakes, honey, and cheese.

But if the Egyptians, Greeks, and Ancient Romans see birthdays as special events to be celebrated, the Christians thought the opposite. They believed that it was evil to commemorate birthdays, as humans were born with “original sin.” They also thought that birthdays were tied to Paganism.

Celebrating birthdays is originally a Pagan tradition. Pagans conjectured that evil spirits pay a visit to people who are experiencing major changes in their lives, such as birthdays.

To sway away these bad spirits, people blow candles, bringing light in the darkness.

However, Christians warmed up to the idea of celebrating birthdays around the 4th century. Since then, most of them started throwing parties on born days without linking the special day to any Pagan belief.

Meanwhile, it’s the Germans who began the tradition of children’s parties. Thanks to them, we had the taste of fun and excitement at a kid’s party when we were young.

It all started with an event they called “Kinderfeste,” where they honored a “kinder’s” or a child’s first birthday. They offered the kid a cake and a candle. They followed this tradition every year and added a candle to signify each year of the child’s life.


Our history has a lot of stories to tell about how birthday celebrations started. Our ancestors, clearly, have different ways of throwing a party on their born days.

And as our society changes, birthday celebrations continue to change. Actually, it now varies from one person to another—which is why it can get tricky to craft a surprise celebration or gift for your wife.

We all have different preferences when it comes to spending our special day. But what’s important is that we’re happy and grateful for another year that has been added to our life.

When you think of ways on how to make your wife’s birthday special, maybe you need to drive your thoughts on how to make her happy and feel grateful for her life with you. From there, you can surely think of something unique that she will, indeed, appreciate.