How to Truly Love Your Wife

The moment you say “I do,” you no longer exist as one person. There is a union that happens when you agree to be with your wife for the rest of your life. All of your decisions will now not just be affecting you, but also your loved one. It is through your actions, that the love that you have for your wife will be reflected.

What is love?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, love is a strong affection for another because of kinship or personal ties. It is also an unselfish loyal and benevolent concern for the good of another.

For those who read the Christian bible, love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy or boast. It does not dishonor others. It is not self-seeking or easily-angered. It keeps no record of wrongs. It always protects, trusts, hopes, and perseveres.

You can also see different definitions of love in movies. In Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer, Robbie showed how much he loves Julia by chasing her in the airplane and wooing her to come back. In the movie Twilight, love is defined as fighting against all odds. Sandra Bullock, in the movie The Lake House, said that love gives us the courage to withstand that which we never thought we could.

Personal meaning of love

They are all great definitions of love. You need to be loyal and kind to one another. You should maintain your patience. You must also honor your wife. Loving means doing everything you can to keep the relationship and withstanding anything that comes into your relationship.

As for my personal experience, I can define love in the simplest way possible. Love is seen in the smallest things that I do for my wife. Yes, love is all about emotions and feelings. But true love is only shown to a spouse through actions.

Why actions?

Because actions are the ones that your wife sees that you do. Even non-actions are actions. If you choose not to do anything, this will also be an action that you show to your wife. The key here is not just telling your wife that you love her, but proving it with your deeds.

Is it difficult?

Some tips that I will share with you here are difficult to do. Some involve discipline. Some involve spending money. Others will entail you to put in the extra mile to show your wife how much you love her.

Is it worth it?

Of course. Bring yourself back to the time when you first met your wife. She is this beautiful woman that you want to take out to dinner. She is a lovely pearl that you want to take care of for the rest of your life. She is the one who caused you to make the decision to become one with her.

She chose to stay with you not because of what you are or what you do. She opted to be with you because she loves you so much. The love that she has for you needs to be reciprocated through your actions.

How to Truly Love Your Wife,Here Are Some Tips and Ideas That You Can Follow :

1.Do household chores

You must do your part in the house. Washing the dishes, cleaning your bedroom, taking out the trash and laundry- these are some of the things that you can take responsibility for. You do not rely on your wife to clean the house. When you enter into this partnership, you both promised to help each other. Household chores are but a simple way to contribute to the maintenance of the house.

2.Fix the roof, repair the plumbing, and clean the garage

These are just some of the activities that your wives depend on you to do. Yes, you did a lot of work in the office. But you have to also be accountable for your tasks at home. It is not necessary that you do this on your own. You can hire someone to fix your house, as long as you monitor it and make sure to get things done.

3.Do something extraordinary

Surprising her can make her feel appreciated and loved. Think of something that you do not do every day. Do you seldom cook in the house? Do you usually not take part in her personal interests like crochets or crafts? Do you not join her when she watches romantic movies?

Do things out of the ordinary. Set apart a portion of your time each day to spend it with her. Try to cook, or do crafts, or sit with her as she watches her favorite shows or movies. Give her time and try to understand why she is into these interests. It will not only show your love for her, but it will also allow you to get to know your wife better.

4.Provide her with the things she wants

The things we buy and do are often based on the money we earn. Sometimes, as the husband, we control the way the family spends. But don’t let these restrictions stop you from making your wife happy. If she wants to buy makeup, an appliance, a phone or anything she likes, sometimes, we just need to give in to what she wants.

But you still need to talk about how you will divide the expenses. You can allot money first on your utilities, house expenses, and other needs. Then, you should also keep a portion to spend on the things that can make your wife happy.

5.Be honest every time

If you feel tired, you can tell her. If you feel rejected at work, you need to share it with her. If someone is making a move on you, you should also tell her about it. Marriage is all about communication.

To truly love your wife, you should be an open book to her. Do not let pride or image keep you from sharing your thoughts and aspirations with your wife. By keeping the lines open and talking to her, you are showing that you trust her and you love her enough to be vulnerable about what you feel and think, with her.

6.Don’t have affairs

This may seem like a far-fetched tip for a husband who loves his wife so much. But do you know that affairs do not start readily? No one in his right mind would say that he is planning to have an affair later in the afternoon, right?

But if you do not guard your feelings and yourself, you can be too deep into an affair before you even know it. How is this possible?

Picture this: you are in the office and you get to meet a lovely newly hired employee. She is young, good-looking, and easy to get along with. Your boss then says that you will be in-charge of training her. What would you feel? Will you get excited? Or will you ask your boss to find another one to mentor her?

Loving your wife does not mean showing it while she is near you. The challenge of truly loving your wife is when she is not around.

Set up a boundary between you and other women. Make it clear to them that you are married, you have children, and you don’t have any intention of playing around. Don’t get too physically close with other female employees and keep your distance so that your actions will not be misconstrued.

I, personally, do not let other women sit beside me in the car. In cases where a woman needs a lift to her home or to the office, I will politely ask her to sit at the back. This is to avoid any accidental physical contact and to put a wall between you and another woman who is not your wife.


Loving your wife involves doing the smallest things. It also includes intimate talks and honest revelations. Loving your wife also means protecting her through your actions when you are not with her. The grand actions are appreciated by your wife, but it is the everyday things that will make her really feel loved and cared for.

Do not let anything hold you back from completely loving your wife. She is the girl of your dreams. And she also said I do, to someone like you. Trust her. Share everything with her. Keep holding on to your relationship. Continue to love her truly and honestly.