How to Keep Foxes Away from House? (Helpful Guide and Facts)

How to Keep Foxes Away

Foxes remind me of that one annoying ex who keeps trying to come back into your life no matter how many times you attempt to get them to leave you alone. Foxes are curious, relentless animals that require you to relay the message that they’re unwelcome multiple times until they finally understand and leave you be.

Using these different methods to keep foxes away from your house:

  • Make Your Area Less Attractive.
  • Optimise Scare Devices.
  • Build a Fence.
  • Consider Trapping.
  • Incorporate Household Pets.
  • Whip out the repellent.
  • Use your sprinklers.

Throughout this article, I cover a variety of methods you can easily try to successfully keep foxes away from your home and other areas surrounding your property. As well as learning how to keep a fox away, I briefly mention fun facts and other interesting knowledge about foxes.

A Few Options You Should Consider When Attempting to Rid a Fox from Your Property.

1. Make Your Area Less Attractive.

The first step you should take is to make sure your property is not a haven for foxes. Cut down any trees that may be harvesting fruit, lock your rubbish bin securely with a padlock and ensure to remove any food sources that may be around your area. By making sure your house is less attractive for a fox, the higher your chances are for keeping them away.

2. Optimise Scare Devices.

Opt for using scare devices you may already have in your yard such as sprinklers or flashing lights. Another common alternative is using ultrasonic devices, which send out high pitched frequencies to deter not only foxes but other lingering animals too. These frequencies are inaudible to humans (thank goodness) and work exceptionally well for scaring foxes away as they are afraid of loud noises.

3. Build a Fence.

Another fantastic option for protecting your property is simply by building a fence! Make sure the fence goes deep enough underground to avoid foxes from digging underneath it and strong enough where they won’t be able to chew through.

You could also install electric fencing which have proven results coming from others who too have dealt with fox issues around their property.

4. Consider Trapping.

Depending on your state laws, you may be able to trap any roaming foxes causing havoc on your property. Considering it is ok for you to capture and release a fox in your county/state, the best cage to use are 1 or 2 door live capture cage traps which you can purchase on websites like Amazon.

Simply use bait or lure to entice the fox into your trap, and the door will lock shut once it’s inside. Make sure to check on your trap at least every 2-3 days to avoid any captured foxes from being deprived if kept inside for too long.

5. Incorporate Household Pets.

Dogs serve as a fantastic guard for your property especially when they bark or make loud noises, which are strong enough to scare away any foxes. Dogs are also great protectors for any other animals you may have, such as rabbits or chickens.

Keep in mind that not ever method you decide to use will work immediately, as some of these methods require you to continuously re-apply or check up on which can be time consuming. As long as you remember to be consistent with your efforts then you will see results eventually!

NOTE: If you’ve decided that you’d rather go for the killing route, you’ll need to do your own individual research around your state laws as it is illegal to kill, capture or trap certain animals depending on your area.

You may want to consider hiring a wildlife specialist or professional to rid the fox for you which will help you to avoid dealing with any legal issues if the situation arises.

How to Keep Foxes Away From Chickens?

I am not surprised that you are looking for ways to keep pestering foxes as far away from your chickens as possible. Unfortunately, chickens become prey for foxes due to their size and inability to run away when in danger.

The best thing to do in order to keep a fox away from chickens is investing in good quality materials.

Head on over to your local gardening supply store, and enquire to the sales rep about purchasing fence to install around your chickens home. You want to make sure the fence is secure and deep enough to ensure foxes as well as other animals can not dig their way inside.

If the situation is getting out of hand, it’s probably best to purchase an electric fence which will surely do the trick!

A second alternative for keeping foxes away from your chickens is by building a roof on top of your chicken coop (for an open chicken coop). Purchase the supplies needed by visiting your local hardware store.

Keep your chickens locked up every night! This will ensure their safety from any unwanted foxes roaming your property at night time.

In addition to this, you could also purchase electronic doors that will lock shut at night as well as unlock and open in the morning. The doors are automatic because they can be set by using an in-built timer which you can set depending on your schedule.

Keep in mind that this will be an expensive option, however, sometimes it may be necessary considering your circumstances so take some time to decide if this would be a suitable alternative for you.

Use lights to scare away any fox! Foxes hate light especially in the night time, which is when they’re usually out and about looking to hunt. If you purchase flashing light sensors, simply place them in or around your chicken coop. This is a great tactic in preventing foxes from attempting to attack, however, you will want to be mindful of any neighbors.

Get your pets involved! Take advantage of your dog and use them as a “safety dog” or a “guard dog” by simply allowing them to roam the area of your chickens which in return should confuse any foxes by allowing them to think that another animal is close by which will cause the fox to retreat.

Other alternatives you can use for around the structures of your chicken coops are through the use of repellent or glue. You will want to make sure that these repellents are chicken friendly and are sprayed in suitable areas such as the structures or yard. If you do decide to use repellent, spray on a frequent basis to prolong effectiveness.

Remember, you should always attempt to deter foxes through the use of humane methods first and if you do decide to opt for kill traps or kill repellents, you should do your own independent research prior.

How to Keep Foxes Away From Garden?

I’ve witnessed first hand my garden become annihilated due to a hungry fox, therefore I understand the feeling of desperately trying to search the internet for methods on how to keep foxes away from your garden.

The frustration and annoyance that can arise when proud gardeners or homeowners observe their beautiful garden being destroyed due to the presence of a fox can cause shock waves, therefore continue reading to find out how you can stop them from coming back to your garden!

Fence Your Garden!

Although foxes are still able to make their way into your garden simply by a few hops, skips and jumps, you can attempt to place fencing around your garden as well as garden spikes underneath your dirt to avoid them from roaming around.

Whip out the Repellent.

A second fantastic alternative, is investing in chemical fox repellent repellent. You can purchase chemical repellent from your local garden store or online websites such as Amazon. You can also spray repellent around the structures of your garden to increase your chances. Be sure to take care when using repellent ensuring it is not lethal (as that is illegal in some states).

Try Electronic Repellent.

Devices such as ultrasonic repellers are absolutely amazing for deterring foxes as well as similar animals away from your garden! Ultrasonic repellers work in a way where it sends out high frequency noises inaudible to humans which will irritate and scare away any culprits away.

Use Your Sprinklers.

Obviously it depends on your layout, however, sporadic bursts of water from your sprinkler work as a great scare device to get persistent foxes away from your garden.

If you’ve tried all the methods above and you’re still dealing with annoying fox issues, you may want to consider hiring a wildlife removal company or a professional to take over the job for you.

Please consider using humane methods during any removal or prevention of foxes prior to the use of harmful alternatives.

How to Keep Foxes Away From Rabbit Hutch?

Rabbits as well as other similar animals, become instant prey for foxes due to their size and inability to run away fast enough if being chased. It’s important to learn how to keep foxes away from your rabbit hutch to avoid them from being attacked or eaten.

In my opinion, the best way to keep foxes away from your rabbit hutch is by installing a concrete base. This option will obviously cost money, however, it ensures foxes as well as other pests complete inability to dig their way underneath the hutch and attacking.

Throughout the day, I recommend using your household pets to keep a watchful eye on your rabbits throughout the day. During the night time, I recommend locking them up or even better bringing them inside of your home.

It may be easier to get your rabbits professionally trained in order for you to be able to keep them inside of your house (considering the fox situation is serious). The average cost to train a rabbit ranges from $100-$400 per rabbit depending on their age and species. Rabbits are easily trainable and love to please their owners.

Another way to maintain your rabbits safety is by investing in a high quality wire (or electric fence) to go around your hutch. These are good options when you are not around to watch them and especially for the night time.

If worse comes to worse, you should seek out your local wildlife removal company or hire a professional to rid away any foxes for you. It can be extremely frustrating to have wildlife causing havoc around your property but you should try your best to refrain from killing foxes.

How to Keep Foxes Away From Campsite?

Camping can be an amazing experience to share with friends, family or even just exploring alone, however, you want to make sure you are fully prepared if you experience any wildlife animals, especially foxes throughout your camping trip. Continue reading to find out more on how to keep a fox away from your campsite.

Once you’ve established a suitable area to serve as your campsite, you should immediately spray repellent around your tent. You may also want to consider scattering coffee grounds, peppers, garlic (or anything spicy/potent) around your area to repel both foxes and similar unwanted pests. These work as a great precaution measure due to the fact that foxes hate strong stinky smells.

Seemings you can’t just opt to “build a wire fence” or “install sprinklers” around your campsite, you’ll want to make sure you do everything possible to avoid foxes from appearing in the first place. Such necessities that will require of you to do are:

  • Rid leftover food!
  • Store food in a storage bin than can lock. For added protection, you may want to tie a chair or rope around it for extra security.
  • If you’re strapped for bins or areas to rid possible attractants, keep those items inside your car for the time being.
  • Make sure your tent is damage free (no holes or rips) to avoid foxes as well as other animals from entering.
  • Always wash your hands to help remove your odor from the area. You should also avoid using strong perfumes as this can attract pests. Opt for using unscented items where possible.
  • Carry a flashlight or any item you could use if you needed to defend yourself from a fox if it’s acting aggressive/nervous towards you. (Hopefully this will not happen).

Don’t let any sneaky foxes ruin your camping trip! Simply apply these methods and you’ll be well equipped to repel foxes as well as other animals away from your campsite and enjoy your trip peacefully without worrying!

What are Foxes Afraid of?

For the most part, foxes are afraid of humans as well as other household pets such as dogs or cats. There is a misconception about foxes being dangerous to humans, however, I believe they are more afraid of us than we assume.

A fox also despises of bad odors, which is funny because they smell terrible themselves. If you’re dealing with fox issues and are wanting to scare them away, try using potent smells such as garlic or peppers to rid them from your area of concern.

In addition to that, foxes are afraid of loud noises. If you’re looking at ways to scare off any foxes you’re dealing with, try installing ultrasonic repellents or similar scare devices around your property or target area.

Water sprinklers are also a good alternative to scare away foxes as they are afraid of the sporadic spurts of water.

Why Do Foxes Scream?

Have you ever heard a fox scream, either late at night or during a random time of day? Why do foxes scream you may ask? A fox will scream for different reasons, but the main one is during their mating season which is around the month of January.

Reasons why foxes may scream

  • During mating season.
  • To communicate with each other.
  • When becoming territorial.
  • During or after an attack on certain prey.

Do Foxes Dig Under Fences?

In general, foxes do not dig under fences simply due to the fact that they’re too lazy, however, they can and will dig out random holes anywhere between 7 – 10 inches (17.8 – 24.4 cms).

If you’re dealing with constant holes being dug underneath your fence and you’re thinking it may be the work of a fox, make sure to truly determine whether or not it is indeed a fox as there are many other animals such as opossums, skunks or raccoons who are all major culprits of digging holes underneath fences.

After determining that it is indeed a fox that is digging underneath your fence, use some of the methods listed in this article to help you repel them from coming back.

Do Foxes Attack Dogs?

For the most part, domestic foxes do not attack dogs. Foxes are neither a threat towards humans or pets, however, there have been instances reported where wild foxes have attacked household dogs.

Foxes in general, will keep to themselves as long as you do the same. That goes the same for dogs or other household pets.

If anything, a fox is much rather interested in “playing” with your household dog instead of thinking about eating it… simply because a fox does not see household animals as prey due to their size and ability to chase after them. In saying that, however, like many other animals if a fox feels threatened, if they’re in a large group or if it’s a wild fox, there is a possibility that it could be dangerous for your dog, animal or yourself.

If you do witness an aggressive fox, refrain from capturing it and walk away as quick as possible. If you’re ever bitten or scratched by a fox, seek immediate medical attention as they’re known for carrying diseases and side effects can be lethal for both humans and pets.

Why Do Foxes Smell?

If you’re wondering why foxes smell terrible most of the time then the answer may not be as shocking as it may seem, foxes overall are just stinky animals! Most species of foxes have active scent glands that they use to discern themselves with when feeling territorial.

It is believed that a foxes stinky odor will never fully disappear, however, you can reduce the smell by neutering them.

Are Foxes Related to Dogs?

Foxes are indeed related to dogs, as they both come from the family Canidae. Animals that consist of the canidae family range from foxes, dogs, coyotes, wolves and many more animals both extant and extinct.

Can You Tame a Fox?

Different areas throughout North America have different rules regarding foxes, therefore it’s important you do your research around your state laws prior. Considering you live in a state where it is legal to care for a fox, you can indeed tame a fox.

In saying that, however, a fox can be difficult to tame to begin with as they’re generally afraid of humans. Unless you’re adopting a domestic fox from a VET, you should be cautious if trying to tame a wild fox (as they’re known for being more aggressive).

What Do Foxes Do for Humans?

Although there is no doubt that a fox is completely annoying, especially when it comes to our property, gardens and yard. Foxes do, however, contribute to our ecosystem by controlling the population of their prey and helping to protect farmland animals from pests.

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