How to Keep Birds Away from House? (Helpful Guide and Facts)

How to Keep Birds Away

It’s a no-brainer that birds can be destructive and a nuisance for humans. Sure, some birds are absolutely stunning to look at while other birds produce a beautiful toned chirp, there are however a small portion (or sometimes it feels like a large portion) of birds that can be a complete pain to deal with.

A variety of different methods you can use:

  • Use a scare device.
  • Install sprinklers around your yard.
  • Get household pets involved.
  • Install anti-roosting spikes/bird spikes.
  • Consider trapping birds.

Throughout this article, I cover the basics on how to keep birds away as well as useful information regarding what type of repellents work well for prevention, how to keep certain birds such as vultures away and other interesting facts that can be helpful to know. Continue reading to get started!

Methods Can Help You Keep Any Unwanted Birds Away

  • Use a scare device. You can purchase scare devices from your local garden store or from online vendors such as Amazon.
  • Install sprinklers around your yard.
  • Get household pets involved. Dogs are a great “real life scare device” due to their barking and love for chasing.
  • Remove any attractants as best as possible. Ensuring you frequently clean up any food that may be lying around or removing bird feeders to assist in prevention.
  • Consider installing specific fencing made for birds to keep them away from your property.
  • Install anti-roosting spikes/bird spikes.
  • Apply bird repellent frequently to any target areas.
  • Seal open holes around the exterior and interior of your home where any birds or other pests may be entering through.
  • Consider trapping birds. You can purchase bird traps online.
  • Safely remove any nests as well as materials they may be using to build their nests. If there are chicks inside, consider leaving them alone until they are old enough to leave and then proceed to removing the nest.

When dealing with bird problems, you’ll want to consider what area they’re being a nuisance in the most (such as your yard, garden, garage) and proceed to determine what method may be suitable for you to use. I personally believe it can be helpful to try a few of these methods or alternate between them to give you a better chance of getting rid of them away from your property once and for all.

If you decide that you’d rather use kill methods such as kill traps or shooting birds directly, you should consider researching your local state laws around the rules and regulations for this alternative as depending on the bird, you can incur a hefty fine or jail time.

Although it can be expensive, you could hire a professional to do this job for you. They usually pay by hour ranging from $60 onwards however in return they’ll be able to remove any birds for you and release them as well. You may want to consider this option if you’re not keen on either killing or implementing prevention measures.

Always remember, when handling birds directly or removing their nests you should always wear gloves as well as a safety mask. Birds are commonly known around North America for carrying a variation of diseases therefore in order to prevent yourself from contracting anything, you need to protect yourself and be cautious.

How to Keep Birds Away From Garden?

If you’re dealing with issues around your garden due to birds or other little pests, rest assured there’s a way to keep them away! Luckily, there are a decent amount of options around that you can try in order to keep birds away from your garden and what’s awesome is that they’ll not only work for birds but other animals too that may be roaming around when we’re not looking.

One way to keep birds away from your garden is by using netting. You can purchase nets from your local hardware store or websites online. Simply place your net around the structure of your garden as well as mesh which can lay on top of your garden to stop any birds from picking at it!

A second method you can use to keep birds away from your garden is by spraying bird repellent. Thankfully, there are a variety of bird repellents around which work wonders in the prevention of birds coming back and destroying your garden. You can either purchase bird repellent or you can make your own simply by using ingredients you most likely have in your home. As I briefly mentioned in this article about using repellent, it’s important to frequently spray your garden to ensure effectiveness.

A third method you could use in order to keep birds away is by using scare devices. Purchasing and installing sprinklers work great as the water will most definitely scare away any birds, however, you could also purchase pretend owls, snakes or scarecrows. All you need to do is simply place these devices in or around the structure of your garden and they’ll rid away any unwanted animals. A lot of these devices also come electronically too which works great for all times of the day.

Along the lines of using electronic devices, you could use ultrasonic bird scaring devices. These devices send out high pitched frequencies that are silent to the ears of humans (thankfully) and work exceptionally well for keeping birds away.

Lastly, one other method you can try is using bird spikes. Practically accessible to purchase anywhere, these bird spikes work fantastic for the prevention of birds invading your garden. Simply attach the bird spikes around the structure of your garden and they’ll act as a barrier which prevents them from being able to land.

As I have previously mentioned in this article, I feel the secret for keeping birds away especially from your garden is trying a variation of these methods. If one doesn’t work, try another one and possibly alternate. Sometimes it’s a matter of consistency even if you’ve been trying for days and you’re still having no luck. Keep trying and don’t give up because I can assure you it’ll work eventually.

How to Keep Vultures Away?

Vultures are large birds that contribute to our ecosystem by eating deceased animals which help the prevention of diseases from spreading. In saying that, however, vultures sure can be a pain in the backside for home owners when they scavenge our property looking for food and sometimes causing damage along the way. In order to keep vultures away, you’ll need to implement methods such as scare devices or removal of attractants to prevent them from finding your property attractive.

Using scare devices such as an owl, a snake or a hawk can assist you in the prevention of vultures. You can purchase these decoys from your local garden store and simply set them up around areas any vultures are frequently going to. You can also purchase electronic scare devices which emit high frequency noises that are extremely annoying to vultures. I recommend trying either of these two methods first.

Another alternative you should try in order to keep vultures away is through the attempt of removing open food sources from your property. Cutting down trees that contain fruit, covering your garden with mesh fencing or locking your rubbish bin can all play a role in the prevention of vultures.

Sometimes, if neither of these methods work you’ll need to attempt to scare them away yourself. You can attempt to squirt water at them, yell or shout at them or shake any trees they’re hanging out in as a warning for them to leave. You should frequently apply these tactics to remind them that you’ll keep coming back to scare them away until they leave once and for all.

If you can avoid using traps, do so. I understand it can be frustrating especially if it feels like you’ve tried every method around and nothing seems to be working, however, be patient and consistent and don’t give up. If you’re absolutely at your wits end about it all, consider hiring a professional or calling your local animal wildlife removal to assist you.

How to Keep Woodpeckers Away From House?

Woodpeckers are strong birds that have the ability to peck (or commonly known as drumming) for a variation of reasons. If you’re wondering how to keep woodpeckers away from your house, continue reading to learn what you can do.

1. Install Fencing Around Your Home.

Not the ideal method for everyone, however this is likely the most effective method regarding prevention for woodpeckers coming to your home. You can either install suitable fencing around your home yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. Purchase fencing from your local hardware store and explain to them you’re dealing with woodpecker issues by which they’ll direct you to the correct fencing you should use in order to combat this problem.

2. Implement Scare Tactics!

Purchase decoys such as owls, crows or hawks (using electronic decoys work even better) as a method to scare them away. All of these animals I’ve mentioned above are believed to be what woodpeckers are frightened of therefore it can be extremely useful to install these devices around areas of your property to scare them away when you’re not around.

Other scare tactics you could use are your household pets or the use of sprinklers. Pets are great in order to protect your home from unwanted pests and sprinklers work in a way where the water will scare the woodpeckers from landing.

3. Use Electronic Repellents.

One of the most effective electronic repellents in my opinion is the use of ultrasonic noises. You can purchase ultrasonic repellents online or from your local hardware store and simply install them around the exterior of your house. Woodpeckers despise of loud noises (even though they create loud noises themselves) therefore these repellents work exceptionally well to deter them away. They’re also inaudible to humans so they’re just as amazing!

4. You Can Opt for the Use of Chemical Repellents.

Along with the many benefits chemical repellents have for the prevention of woodpeckers as well as other pests, you will need to make sure to spray any repellents on a frequent basis to prolong efficiency.

After trying all of these methods and you’re still having trouble with woodpeckers causing havoc to your home, consider hiring a local wildlife removal company to rid them for you or seek out other professionals to do the job for you. This will cost you money however, so make sure to get a few quotes prior to booking anyone.

Is it Illegal to Kill a Black Vulture?

Black vultures are a problem to farmers as they’re predominantly known for killing cattle as well as other animals such as lamb, pigs, chickens etc. Not only are they a problem for the killing of animals but they’re also a problem in residential areas, damaging properties in the search of finding food while leaving behind a huge mess of rubbish scattered around our property for us to clean up.

In North America, it is completely illegal to kill a black vulture. As an exception to this law however, you would need to obtain a permit in order to capture or kill a black vulture. Violation of this law will incur a fine or jail time so if you’re considering this option, do your research!

Will Vultures Attack Humans?

A vulture will not sporadically attack a human, therefore they are not a threat or dangerous to us. Similar to other animal instincts however, a vulture will become aggressive or defensive if they feel threatened, anxious or scared.

In general, if you are minding your own business and staying out of their way then vultures will do the same for us. Unless they feel absolutely necessary to attack a human then they will do so without hesitation. In saying that, this habit/defense is similar with a variety of animals as well as humans, so it’s not exactly a shock.

Do Vultures Kill Animals?

As briefly mentioned throughout this article, a vulture will indeed kill an animal. Vultures pose a huge threat towards livestock by their sporadic killing and ganging up on farm life animals. Black vultures are the main culprits for this type of behaviour. Turkey vultures however, prefer to eat deceased animals and wouldn’t bother attacking livestock. All in all, it depends on the type of vulture to determine whether or not they’ll kill an animal.

Why is a Woodpecker Pecking On My House?

If you’re dealing with a woodpecker pecking on your house, I understand first hand just how frustrating that constant sound can be! A woodpecker can become attracted to your house if they’re..

  1. Marking their territory and attempting to find mates.
  2. Seeking out insects.
  3. Enjoy the noises their pecking sounds are creating against your house.
  4. Looking to create a nest for nesting season.

No matter the reason for their pecking (commonly known as drumming), it’s downright annoying and can create unnecessary damage to your property which could also attract other unwanted animals!

If your house is wooden, then it’s possible that the woodpecker is obsessed with their own drumming sounds against your house. To combat this issue, try installing ultrasonic repellents in their target area to rid them from coming back. I mention other methods on how to keep woodpeckers away from your house further up in this article.

If a woodpecker is seeking out insects, then it means you are dealing with bug infestation inside of your home and you’ll need to hire someone to deal with that issue.

Remember, one you’ve successfully dealt with any woodpeckers pecking on your house you should seal any holes immediately to prevent animals such as squirrels from entering inside of your home and creating more damage.

Are Woodpeckers Afraid Of Owls?

Yes, woodpeckers are afraid of owls. If you’re dealing with woodpecker issues, you should install an electronic scare device such as a decoy owl around target areas of your property to assist in scaring any woodpeckers away.

It is believed, however, that if you leave a decoy still for too long that the woodpecker will become accustomed to it therefore defeating its purpose to scare it away so you should change the owl’s position every so often to avoid this from happening.

Is it Illegal to Kill a Woodpecker?

Yes, it is against the law to kill a woodpecker in North America. An exception to this rule however is only if you obtain a permit, allowing you the right to either capture or kill a woodpecker. If you are resorting to killing a woodpecker, I would recommend seeking out other alternatives like the ones mentioned throughout this article prior to making a final decision.

Do Woodpeckers Attack Humans?

Woodpeckers sure don’t mind attacking. They’ll peck at wood, poles, rubbish bins or any other random object you can think of.. thankfully however, a woodpecker will not attack a human regardless of the situation.

Do Woodpeckers Kill Other Birds?

Although a woodpeckers ideal diet consists of fruits, nuts, veggies and plants.. On the odd occasion (and depending on the type of woodpecker), a woodpecker will indeed eat nestling birds meaning yes they have the capability of killing other birds.

What is the Best Bird Repellent?

In my opinion, the best bird repellent is the use of ultrasonic bird repellents. As previously mentioned and explained throughout this article, ultrasonic bird repellents send out high frequency noises inaudible to humans, piercing enough to rid birds from coming back to your home! Not only do these high frequency noises rid birds, but they work well for the prevention of multiple pests such as squirrels, possums or similar animals.

Other great bird repellents that you could opt for using are:

  • Chemical bird repellent. (This option has the ability for DIY)
  • Lure or glue bird repellent.
  • Liquid bird repellent.
  • Bird spikes.
  • Scare devices.
  • Reflective scare tape.
  • Solar water repellers.
  • Bird repellent hanging dishes.

All of these options are completely humane and can be used around multiple areas of your home. Remember to keep in mind that when using bird repellents such as chemical or lure, you should re-apply on a frequent basis (at least every 3 days) to prolong effectiveness. Although this method can be time consuming at times, it’s more cost effective compared to hiring a professional and humane compared to killing or trapping birds.

Will Windchimes Keep Birds Away?

Yes! Windchimes work as a great natural repellent to keeping birds away. Not only that, but they’re also lovely and calming to listen to on a sunny yet breezy afternoon.

Why are Birds So Loud?

A bird can create loud and prominent noises throughout different times of the day, but the most common is the morning! Have you ever been woken up at 5am to the sound of birds chatting away and thought to yourself, “Why the heck are you so damn loud? I’m trying to sleep here!”.

The reason isn’t as weird as we may assume, bird’s just love to chat and sing. Regardless of the time, a bird will become loud mainly if they’re singing. Birds have emotions too, and their singing is a form of expression. There are other reasons for a bird to chat or sing loudly such as they are claiming their territory, attempting to attract a mate or simply trying to converse with other birds.

What is the Most Dangerous Bird in the World?

It is believed that the most dangerous bird in the world is a Cassowary (Casuarius). These birds are found most commonly in Australia and New Guinea, where they have extremely sharp claws used to slash through a human if necessary. Although it is extremely rare for a cassowary to attack a human, there have been cases in the past where this particular bird has indeed killed humans.

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