8 Tips on How to Handle a Wife That Can Save Your Marriage

In marriage, I become we, mine becomes ours, you become us. But most importantly, a woman becomes a wife.

So what happens when the lady you’ve been dating for long months finally becomes your wife? What is there to expect?

Will she be sweeter? More thoughtful and loving? Or will she become one of your greatest fears: a nagging spouse?

Unlike women, men are known to be straightforward. They don’t read between the lines. We should take their words as they are because most of the time, they mean exactly what they say.

But women are the opposite. They tend to nag and say something only to mean another thing.

They nag to get their way and they nag if they feel their partners don’t understand them. Some of them even throw tantrums at age 30! Sometimes, or perhaps most of the time, they are difficult to understand.

But couples must know that nagging is thought to be a marriage killer. It is actually one of the reasons why some couples opt for divorce rather than working it out.

What’s important to note, however, is that men can do something about it. If they don’t like their partners nagging, then there are ways they can deal with the problem—that is, of course, if they are committed to working out their relationship.

Here Are 8 tips on How to Handle a Wife That Can Save Your Marriage.

1.Treat Her Well All The Time

Jim Burns, the author of “Creating an Intimate Marriage,” said that husbands must treat their wives “exceptionally well.” This is in spite of any marital issues they are currently battling.

To do this, a man must always instill words and acts of appreciation in their everyday lives. He should do his best to see the beauty in everything that his wife does.

Treat her kindly and give her compliments when she did a great job. Sooner or later, your wife will get used to the kindness and may reciprocate the favor. Win-win, right?

2.Respect Her No Matter the Situation

After a few years of marriage, couples may find themselves in a mess where both of them no longer respect each other because of the unresolved differences that have piled up. This is when they become unreasonable and unfair.

Unsurprisingly, experts say women are more likely to nag than men. It is one the many reasons why men sometimes get fed up with a relationship.

However, men who are experiencing this difficulty should know that no matter the problem, his wife needs his respect. And the proper way to show respect to a nagging wife is to look past her wrongs and see the situation on a lighter note.

Only respond with kind words. Be patient and try to understand your wife. Remember, none of your marital problems will be resolved if you let anger control the both of you.

3.Know When She Needs Help

If your wife always nags even at the littlest things you do, then maybe it’s time to consider the thought that she needs professional help. Women, especially after giving birth, commonly experience depression.

Postpartum depression or postpartum blues actually affects roughly 10 to 15 percent of women. It is a time when you guys seem to think that your wife is going crazy. But it is during this most troubled mommyhood phase that your wife needs your comfort and help the most.

So if you guess your spouse is undergoing this kind of depression or any other kind of depression, then be comforting enough to make her feel that you are there for her. Also, convince her to seek medical help as necessary.

Apart from depression, other conditions may cause similar symptoms such as problems of the heart, blood, and diabetes, which is why consulting a physician is recommended.

4.Support Her

Once you’ve figured out that your wife is indeed suffering from a medical condition, it is crucial that you support her through the medications, therapies, and counseling process. Things will be easier if she knows you are there to walk with her in her battle.

Whether or not she’s sick, a husband must support and encourage his wife to help her succeed. Keep in mind that the success of your spouse is also a success of your family.

Also, being partners in life, it is your duty to be a shoulder she can depend on when she needs support in every endeavor she decides to take.

5.Hear Her Comments from a Different Perspective

If you always come home to a nagging wife, we understand if you can’t fight the urge to lash back. But you know this cannot solve anything, right?

Instead of responding with anger, how about hearing her comments from a different perspective? We understand that words are powerful and they can hurt anybody’s feelings. But throwing unpretty accusations at each other will not do you any good, either.

Besides, you’re not even sure if your wife intends to hurt you with her words. Maybe she doesn’t mean anything negative. It’s possible that she just wants to give her honest feedback about your actions.

So don’t be critical with her comments. Look at them from a different perspective. You might even learn from her grumbling.

6.Pay Attention to Her Words And Actions

Women love to get the attention of their partners. You may find it immature but usually, they act out just to get their lovers to notice them.

Having said that, husbands must pay attention to the words and actions of their wives. Master the art of reading between the lines.

The changes in her behavior and the things she says could have more meaning in them. Your task is to get her to communicate her real feelings to you. Make her feel that you are there to listen so she doesn’t really need to act out. Communication is key.

7.Be Gentle

A husband should always be a gentleman. He must treat his woman in the same gentle way he treated her from the beginning.

Talk to her with kind words. Resolve conflicts in the most peaceful manner that you can. This should promote peace and harmony in your relationship.

8.Be Faithful

Husbands must be faithful. Period.

Before deciding to get your wife’s hand in marriage, you should have already made peace with the fact that you are no longer allowed to be attracted to another woman. Further, you must have accepted that a part of your commitment is to be faithful to your spouse.

Wives who feel that their husbands are being unfaithful resort to nagging. They throw all the resentments at their spouse and blame them for making their lives miserable. This is a common scenario in failed relationships. And it’s actually sad to see couples end this way because of infidelity.

Well, we all know that this is not how marriage should look like. In marriage, there should only be two people: the husband and the wife. And in their family, there should only be them and their kids. No other men and women joining the party.

Be faithful. We don’t really need to drop all the reasons why a husband needs to remain faithful. But if there’s one thing we want to point out, it’s that cheating hurts big time.

You can’t expect a wife to be happy when she knows her husband is seeing another woman. It is even very hard to recover from the heartbreak brought about by a partner’s infidelity.


Marriage doesn’t require two perfect people who perfectly love each other. It only requires two individuals who are committed to loving each other even in their most imperfect ways.

So don’t ever think for a second that once you feel your relationship is failing, then it’s time to let go. No, no.

In marriage, there should be commitment and that commitment involves your will to fix marital problems that are getting between you and your spouse. Learn how to handle each other’s differences. It may take a long process to finally master how to deal with your problems, but you will get there.