17 Ways on How to Get Your Husband in the Mood (Helpful Guide)

Ways on How to Get Your Husband in the Mood

It does not take much to get your husband to bed. All it takes is a little nudge, a wink, and you have your husband hooked. But as years go by, you may need that extra effort to set everything right and get things going.

Your husband will definitely appreciate the things that you do for him in order to get him in the mood. Vary these tips for each day that you want to entice him. Keep him guessing every time. He will surely enjoy seeing you make an effort for him.

Don’t Keep the Flirting inside the Room.

You must flirt with your husband at every moment possible. You should remove the mindset that you can only think about sex inside the four corners of the bedroom. You should build the excitement in the kitchen, in the garage, or even in the office or supermarket. A simple sensual touch to his back or a suggestive whisper can get your husband in the mood.

Kiss Him for no Apparent Reason.

You can get his motor running by kissing him out of nowhere. A kiss should not be a prerequisite for something else. As he is doing something in the living room or backyard, you can tap him on the back and give him a nice wet kiss.

According to Wisetoast.com, you have 20 types of kisses to choose from. But in order to entice your husband, I suggest that you do either the French kiss, single lip kiss, earlobe kiss, seductive kiss or the bite and nibble. Any of these types can send a signal to your husband that you want more.

Prepare a Candlelit Dinner.

I don’t know about you, but in my experience, a candlelit dinner is a great mood-setter for couples. The dimmed lights, nice food, flowers, and perfectly set table can create an ambiance of love and romance.

If you can cook, you can buy the ingredients early in the morning so that you will have enough time to prepare the food. If you, on the other hand, are not blessed with a chef’s hand, I would suggest that you get takeout. You don’t want to ruin the dinner with burnt food. Your focus tonight is getting your husband in the mood.

Text Him of Your Plans Tonight.

Another way to get your husband in the mood is by initiating the foreplay even when he is still at work. You can text him the things that you will do for him when he gets home. You can also increase his libido by telling him what you are currently wearing.

Wear Lingerie.

Men are generally visual. According to scientists, men’s sexual drive may be partly caused by the connections of motivation to the subcortical reward system. It is also based on the instincts of men that they react sexually when they are stimulated visually.

You can ask him about the lingerie that he wants you to wear. Or you can just surprise him altogether one night by wearing perfectly fitted undies. His mind will be blown when he sees your gift to him.

Get a Nice-Smelling Bath Soap or Gel.

Another way to stimulate your husband is through his sense of smell. If you smell good when you come out of the bathroom, you will trigger your husband’s brain to make him want to smell you more. This seemingly nice body exploration can definitely lead to making love.

Join Him in the Shower.

Husbands and wives who have been married for so long are accustomed to keeping the doors unlocked. What you can do is gently go in the shower and surprise him. You can do some make out sessions while bathing yourselves with soap and water, then continue your intimate relations inside the bedroom.

Give Him a Massage.

You can stimulate his sense of touch by giving your husband a nice relaxing massage. I would recommend the aromatherapy massage. This type of massage is a Swedish massage wherein the oil used is combined with essential scented plant oils. Swedish massage is great because it is composed of long, smooth hand strokes, kneading, rolling, and lifting. Your husband will have a comfortable and calming night, which makes his mood prepared for a long night ahead.

Go to a Hotel.

When you have kids, it is sometimes difficult to get yourselves in the mood for making love. The baby may wake up in the middle of the night. One kid may enter your room without knocking to sleep beside you. Or your children will wake you up unceremoniously to ask you to fix them breakfast. No more room for early morning cuddling and hugging.

The best way to get cozy with your husband is by reserving a room in a hotel where you and your husband can get some alone time without the kids. You will have the freedom to do whatever you want without worrying about what your kids may be doing. Just be sure to hire a babysitter or bring your kids to their grandparents to properly take care of your kids.

Send a Sexy Picture of Yourself.

Can’t wait for him to go home? You can be playful and send your husband a sexy picture of yourself. When he sees the picture, he will definitely be interested in what is happening to you at home. He will surely be in the mood when he gets out of work.

Try Sexting.

You can seduce your husband by talking about sex through chat or text. His mind will be totally focused on you and what he will do when he gets home. Do not hold back when sexting. It will benefit your lovemaking when he arrives home from work.

Talk About a Sex Memory.

A past sex event can get your husband in the mood. His memories will be revitalized with things that happened between you. You can initiate the talk and be as detailed as possible about what happened.

Call Him.

You can call him at work and, with a sexy voice, talk to him about what you want to do to him at that very moment. This will be especially tricky if you are also at your office. Just make sure that no one else is hearing you as you try to seduce your husband.

Find His Love Language.

Are you aware of what love language means? Gary Chapman, the author of the book The 5 Love Languages, said that there are five love languages that a person can have. These are words of affirmation, quality time, gifts, service, and physical touch. Assess the love language of your husband and focus on his love language to get him in the mood.

Words of affirmation mean that he enjoys compliments or words of affection for him. Quality time means that he loves spending time with you, whether you are doing something together or not. If his love language is receiving gifts, he loves getting items from you. It does not matter if it is expensive or not, as long as you give him gifts.

Acts of service mean that he likes doing things for you. And that goes the same for him, too. If you want to get him in the mood, you must do acts of service for him. The last is physical touch. If he is the person who shows his love through touching, then you must also be physical when it comes to showing your love for him.

Tell Him that You Forgot to Wear Undies.

This is very useful when you are working in the same office. Gently whisper in his ear that you forgot to wear your undies. Once he hears that statement, his mind will be full of images and sexual stuff.

Include His Interests.

If he has a sweet tooth, you can incorporate chocolates, honey, or candies in your activities. It will make you more irresistible for him. If he likes certain characters in movies or TV shows, you can also play dress up to develop his interest more.

Be Naked.

I think this is the easiest way to get him in the mood. You also do not have to put in a budget. You can do this in two ways. You can either be naked before he comes home from work or you can take off your clothes when he is in front of you. Try either way to increase his drive.

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