8 Must-Know Tips on How to Be a Better Wife

Every woman wants to be a better wife, and probably every man dreams to marry a good wife. But what you may not know is that most of the primary characteristics of a good wife are innate in every woman. Some of them just need to be developed, while some need to be learned.

What are the qualities and skills you need to possess to be the perfect wife in the eyes of your husband? A better wife respects her husband,compliments her husband,understands the role of sex,loves unconditionally,doesn’t nag.  Also a better wife is supportive,committed, loyal,and trustworthy.

Every marriage is unique and every husband has different needs. Here are 8 must-know tips on how to be a better wife.

A Better Wife Respects Her Husband’s Interests and Beliefs.

Respects Her Husband’s Interests

A good wife respects her husband’s core beliefs and interests. She understands that she and her spouse may not have similar points of view on certain matters, but that doesn’t mean they have to fight about it.

It’s pretty uncomfortable to live under the same roof with someone who has conflicting ideas with you. We get that. However, once you agree to marry, you must have prepared yourself for a life where it’s no longer about you, but about your marriage.

Therefore, as a good wife, you must learn to accept your husband’s interests and beliefs and see things from his perspective. Or, if you are aiming for the perfect wife trophy, then you can try to engage yourself in his interests as well.

Don’t get us wrong, though. Men wouldn’t want to marry an exact copy of themselves. Instead, they need someone who will not oppose their opinions and who will do her best to understand their ideas and judgments.

A Better Wife Compliments Her Husband.

Compliments Her Husband

There is magic in compliments. In fact, they are powerful. Here’s why.

One of the ways you can show love to your husband is by complimenting him. In fact, it’s the simplest, most costless way to make your husband feel how much you love him.

Know that when you give your partner compliments, you are not merely giving out good comments about a job well done. You are also boosting his courage and self-confidence on the side. If you continue doing this, your husband’s self-esteem and self-worth increase.

Compliments also make your husband feel more valued. As a result, he feels good about himself and continues to make himself better.

Therefore, compliments are not just beautiful and nice feedback coming out of your mouth. They are sincere comments that yield positivity and appreciation, which creates a friendly and loving atmosphere between couples.

A Better Wife Loves Unconditionally.

Loves Unconditionally

In an ideal marriage, the man and the woman love unconditionally. So in the context of being a good wife, the wife is expected to give her husband an unconditional kind of love.

Every person has their own definition of love. Lucky are those who get to receive love the way they define the word.

But if we are talking about a typical marriage, a love that gives without expecting any benefit in return is the standard. It’s called unconditional love.

Therefore, a good wife is someone who is capable of bestowing unconditional love to her spouse.

She makes her husband feel secure that no one is walking out the door despite whatever storm the future holds, because someone who loves unconditionally never abandons in times of difficulty. She always stays and never lets anger and annoyances override her love for her husband.

A Better Wife Doesn’t Nag.

Nagging your husband doesn’t work. As a matter of fact, it can potentially kill your husband.

A new research says that men who were subjected to constant demands and nagging from their spouses were at a higher risk of mortality within 10 years compared to husbands in less stressful marriages. The researchers found that hundreds of extra deaths annually were attributable to the burdens of demanding partners.

The findings of the study didn’t actually come as a surprise, because nagging can cause stress and stress is very well known as a risk factor for a number of health issues. That is why, ladies, you must understand that there is a better mode of communication and nagging is not it.

To tell the truth, nagging can just make things worse. Persistent complaints and demands can form feelings of being attacked, which, in return, puts your spouse in a defensive stance. If this happens, it’s more than possible for you to start a terrible fight rather than finding resolutions to your issues. So yes, nagging doesn’t work and a good wife doesn’t nag.

A Better Wife Understands the Role of Sex in Marriage.

the Role of Sex

Intimacy is a necessity for a marriage to flourish. For married couples, intimacy is increased when there’s an abundance of sex.

A better wife understands the role of sex in marriage. She knows that sexual intimacy can enhance the romance in their relationship, which is beneficial for their marriage to thrive.

She is aware that sexual intercourse does not only satisfy their sexual needs. It also increases the bond between her and her husband because sex facilitates the release of oxytocin and endorphins.

Oxytocin is the “love hormone” which plays a role in bonding and orgasm. Endorphins, on the other hand, are neurotransmitters that act similarly to morphine, causing feelings of love and euphoria. With these two combined, married couples are left with positive feelings and satisfaction after their sexual activities.

A better wife recognizes all the benefits of sex in their marriage. Therefore, she makes sure that she and her husband have a healthy sex life.

A Better Wife is Supportive.

In a practical sense, the husband and the wife make a team. In a team, each of the members must show genuine support for each other in order for the unit to succeed.

On that account, a better wife must show support for her husband because as mentioned above, you are a team. Nobody in a team should be taken for granted or left behind.

So how do you support your husband? For one, give him sincere encouragement in his work or tasks. Sometimes, men won’t tell you they are struggling at work. So, always make it a point to encourage him and motivate him every day with positive words and compliments.

Next, you need to trust him in his decisions. If you do know that he is doing his best every single day to provide for you and your family, trust him and support him.

Your husband needs continual affirmation that he is doing a great job at being a husband or a father – and you, by always supporting him and staying by his side, give him just that.

A Better Wife doesn’t Fight with Her Husband Over Text.

A study found that communicating through text, especially complicated and serious matters, proves no good for couples. In fact, it disconnects them.

But even without the support of surveys and research, important issues about life and marriage should be communicated in person rather than through text. Texting allows for the messages to flow, but the feelings and emotions of the reader and sender are blocked and unseen from the backside of the screen.

If this is how couples communicate all the time, it would be difficult for them to analyze and comprehend the ideas and opinions of each other. That is why it is common for arguments to fire up when couples talk about their problems through texting.

A better wife realizes this. Therefore, she doesn’t fight with her husband through text.

Arguments are normal in every relationship. But fighting through texting should be minimized or deleted completely. So if you have something important to discuss with your husband, get his attention and do it at home – not through your phones.

A Better Wife is Committed, Loyal, and Trustworthy.

As if this needs more explanation, all people in marriage must be committed, loyal and trustworthy. A better wife realizes this, so she has no plans of having an affair with any other man but her husband.


There’s no fool-proof recipe to become a better wife. But if you are serious about becoming one, you surely would discover what you need to be one.

However, do know that there’s a lot more you can do to become a better wife for your husband. Just give yourself time, get to know him more, and you’ll realize what else you need to be a better wife to your husband.

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